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Abbreviation : DF
Long Form : dominant follicle
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Body status and blood metabolites profiles during resumption of postpartum ovarian activity in yak (Poephagus grunniens). BFT, BHB, BW, CL, NEFA, OV, PP
2021 Evaluation of infrared thermography combined with behavioral biometrics for estrus detection in naturally cycling dairy cows. L-hip, Raw IR, Res IR, S-hip
2021 iTRAQ-based proteomic analysis of bovine pre-ovulatory plasma and follicular fluid. FF, HE2, LE2, PL
2021 iTRAQ-Based proteomic dataset for bovine pre-ovulatory plasma and follicular fluid containing high and low Estradiol. DAVID, FF, iTRAQ, PANTHER, PL
2021 Progesterone release profile and follicular development in Holstein cows receiving intravaginal progesterone devices. EB
2021 Standard feeding strategies with natural insemination improved fertility in repeat breeding dairy cows. AI, NI, RB, STD
2020 Day of prostaglandin F2α administration after natural ovulation affects the interval to ovulation, the type of ovulated follicle, and the failure to induce ovulation in cows. PG
2020 Follicular wave dynamics and Growth factors gene expression in Braford heifers. BMP15, CL, FC
2020 Functional effects of Tribbles homolog 2 in bovine ovarian granulosa cells†. ANKRD1, CTGF, GCs, OFs, SF, TRIB
10  2020 Influence of ipsilateral coexistence of the first wave dominant follicle and corpus luteum on ovarian dynamics and plasma sex steroid hormone concentrations in lactating dairy cows treated with human chorionic gonadotropin. CG, CL, hCG, IG
11  2020 P4/E2-based protocol for synchronisation of ovulation of mares during the breeding and non-breeding season. NBS
12  2020 Timed artificial insemination in crossbred mares: Reproductive efficiency and costs. CAI, CAIG, hCG, PRID, TAI, TAIG, US
13  2019 Double ovulation rate of the first follicular wave follicles is higher in the first follicular wave dominant follicle in the ovary contralateral to the corpus luteum treated with human chorionic gonadotropin five days after estrus in lactating dairy cows. CG, CL, hCG, IG
14  2019 Effect of progesterone administration during growing phase of first dominant follicle on follicular wave pattern in buffalo heifers. IOIs
15  2019 Intraovarian spatial and vascular harmony between follicles and corpus luteum in monovulatory heifers, mares, and women. IOI, LO, RO
16  2019 Ovarian follicular changes and hemodynamics in Egyptian buffaloes under CIDR-PGF2alpha and Ovsynch-CIDR estrus synchronization treatments. CIDR, CL, MFD, PDP, TBF
17  2019 Physiological characteristics and effects on fertility of the first follicular wave dominant follicle in cattle. CL
18  2019 Proteomic characterization of bovine granulosa cells in dominant and subordinate follicles. GCs, GO, KEGG, SF
19  2019 Unraveling proteome changes and potential regulatory proteins of bovine follicular Granulosa cells by mass spectrometry and multi-omics analysis. GCs, SF
20  2019 Use of color-Doppler ultrasonography for selection of recipients in timed-embryo transfer programs in beef cattle. BP, Doppler-US, ET, P/ET
21  2018 Angiocoupling between the dominant follicle and corpus luteum during waves 1 and 2 in Bos taurus heifers. CL
22  2018 Effect of time of eCG administration on the fate of ovarian follicle in Holstein heifers. eCG, FFW
23  2018 Effects of human chorionic gonadotropin treatment after artificial inseminations on conception rate with the first follicular wave dominant follicle in the ovary ipsilateral to the corpus luteum in lactating dairy cows. AI, CG, CL, hCG, IG
24  2018 Molecular and endocrine factors involved in future dominant follicle dynamics during the induction of luteolysis in Bos indicus cows. CL, SF
25  2018 Uterine artery flow velocity waveform, arterial flow indices, follicular dynamics, and sex hormones during preovulatory period in synchronized ovulatory cycle of Bos indicus beef cows. BFV, PI and RI, UtA
26  2017 Blood flow and echotextural differences between the future dominant and subordinate follicles before the beginning of diameter deviation in heifers. SF
27  2017 Effects of GnRH, a progesterone-releasing device, and energy balance on an oestrus synchronisation program in anoestrous dairy cows. CL, GnRH, GPG, IGF-I, NEFA
28  2017 Effects of rumen-protected methionine and choline supplementation on steroidogenic potential of the first postpartum dominant follicle and expression of immune mediators in Holstein cows. ---
29  2017 Gene expression profiling of upregulated mRNAs in granulosa cells of bovine ovulatory follicles following stimulation with hCG. GC, hCG, OF
30  2017 Ovsynch Plus protocol improves ovarian response in anovular Murrah buffaloes in low-breeding season. eCG, FTAI
31  2017 Systemic and intrafollicular components of follicle selection in mares. SF
32  2016 An intraovarian mechanism that enhances the effect of an FSH surge on recovery of subordinate follicles in heifers. CL, LO, RO
33  2016 Characterizing emergence and divergence in the first follicular wave in a tropically adapted Bos taurus breed. SF
34  2016 Functional angiocoupling between follicles and adjacent corpus luteum in heifers. ---
35  2016 Interactions of side (left and right ovary) with the number of follicles per ovary and with the intraovarian relationships between dominant follicle and corpus luteum in heifers. CL, LO, RO
36  2016 Molecular determinants of a competent bovine corpus luteum: first- vs final-wave dominant follicles. ---
37  2016 The theory of follicle selection in cattle. IGF1
38  2015 Characterization of ovulatory capacity development in the dominant follicle of dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius). ---
39  2015 Effects of conversion of follicular activity from wave 1 to wave 2 and proximity of wave 2 follicles to CL in heifers. CL
40  2015 Ovulation of the preovulatory follicle originating from the first-wave dominant follicle leads to formation of an active corpus luteum. CL, GC
41  2015 Spontaneous and experimental conversion of a regressing subordinate follicle of wave 1 to the dominant follicle of wave 2 in heifers. SF
42  2015 Synchronisation of the follicular wave with GnRH and PGF2alpha analogue for a timed breeding programme in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius). GnRH, TB
43  2014 Blood flow to follicles and CL during development of the periovulatory follicular wave in heifers. RI
44  2014 Conversion of intraovarian patterns from preovulation to postovulation based on location of dominant follicle and corpus luteum in heifers. CL, PF
45  2014 Effect of intraovarian proximity between dominant follicle and corpus luteum on dimensions and blood flow of each structure in heifers. PF
46  2014 Embryological aspects of oocyte in vitro maturation. ATP, CC, EGF
47  2014 Evidence that the dominant follicle of the first wave is more active than that of the second wave in terms of its growth rate, blood flow supply and steroidogenic capacity in cows. BF, BFA, FF
48  2014 Expression of receptors for BMP15 is differentially regulated in dominant and subordinate follicles during follicle deviation in cattle. DFs
49  2014 Intraovarian effect of dominant follicle and corpus luteum on number of follicles during a follicular wave in heifers. CL
50  2014 Intraovarian factors associated with switching of a future dominant follicle to a subordinate follicle during induced luteolysis in heifers. ---
51  2014 Short communication: Development of the first follicular wave dominant follicle on the ovary ipsilateral to the corpus luteum is associated with decreased conception rate in dairy cattle. AI, CG, CL, IG
52  2014 The expression pattern of microRNAs in granulosa cells of subordinate and dominant follicles during the early luteal phase of the bovine estrous cycle. ---
53  2013 Characterization of follicle and CL development in beef heifers using high resolution three-dimensional ultrasonography. FSH, US
54  2013 Complex interrelationships among CL, preovulatory follicle, number of follicular waves, and right or left ovaries in heifers. IOI, PF
55  2013 Effects of equine chorionic gonadotropin on follicle development and pregnancy rates in suckled beef cows with or without calf removal. CIDR, CR, PR
56  2013 Follicle stimulating hormone secretion and dominant follicle growth during treatment of Bos indicus heifers with intra-vaginal progesterone releasing devices, oestradiol benzoate, equine chorionic gonadotrophin and prostaglandin F(2alpha). BN, FSH, IPRD, ODB
57  2013 Influence of Trueperella pyogenes in uterus on corpus luteum lifespan in cycling cows. T. pyogenes
58  2013 Ovarian follicular dynamics and hormones throughout the estrous cycle in Thai native (Bos indicus) heifers. CL, FSH, SF, TNH
59  2013 Ultrasonographic characterization of follicle deviation in follicular waves with single dominant and codominant follicles in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius). SF
60  2012 Characterization of ovarian follicular dynamics in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius). IWI
61  2012 Effect of progesterone from induced corpus luteum on the characteristics of a dominant follicle in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius). CL
62  2012 Fertilization, embryo development, and clinical outcome of immature oocytes obtained from natural cycle in vitro fertilization. IVM
63  2012 Gene expression pattern of adiponectin and adiponectin receptors in dominant and atretic follicles and oocytes screened based on brilliant cresyl blue staining. AF
64  2011 Changes in follicular blood flow and nitric oxide levels in follicular fluid during follicular deviation in cows. FF, NO, SF
65  2011 Mechanisms of follicle selection and development. AMH, COC, FSH, GC, IGF, IVM, LH
66  2011 Ovarian Follicular Dynamics during the Estrous Cycle in Jennies in Upper Egypt. ---
67  2010 Follicular dynamics and oestrous detection in Thai postpartum swamp buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). PP, TUS
68  2010 Oestrous cycles in Bos taurus cattle. ---
69  2010 Ovarian follicular dynamics, follicle deviation, and oocyte yield in Gyr breed (Bos indicus) cows undergoing repeated ovum pick-up. COCs, NDF, OPU
70  2010 The effect of offering an energy and protein supplement to grazing Canchim beef cows either postpartum or both pre- and postpartum on lipid blood metabolites and folliculogenesis. BCS, DM, TC, TLIP, TRIG
71  2010 The normal menstrual cycle in women. ---
72  2009 Isolation and culture of ovine and bubaline small and large pre-antral follicles: effect of cyclicity and presence of a dominant follicle. PFs
73  2008 Different intervals of ovum pick-up affect the competence of oocytes to support the preimplantation development of cloned bovine embryos. COCs, IVM, MII, OPU
74  2008 Differentiation of the bovine dominant follicle from the cohort upregulates mRNA expression for new tissue development genes. COH, SAGE, SF
75  2008 Effects of body condition score at parturition and postpartum protein supplementation on estrous behavior and size of the dominant follicle in beef cows. ---
76  2008 Follicle deviation and ovulatory capacity in Bos indicus heifers. SF
77  2008 Mechanisms for dominant follicle selection in monovulatory species: a comparison of morphological, endocrine and intraovarian events in cows, mares and women. ---
78  2008 Selection of the optimal day for oocyte retrieval based on the diameter of the dominant follicle in hCG-primed in vitro maturation cycles. IVM
79  2007 Effect of early luteolysis in progesterone-based timed AI protocols in Bos indicus, Bos indicus x Bos taurus, and Bos taurus heifers. EB
80  2007 Relationship between metabolic hormones and ovulation of dominant follicle during the first follicular wave post-partum in high-producing dairy cows. ---
81  2007 The bovine dominant ovarian follicle. ---
82  2006 Induction of alpha-caveolin-1 (alphaCAV1) expression in bovine granulosa cells in response to an ovulatory dose of human chorionic gonadotropin. alphaCAV1, Cav-1, CL, GC, hCG, OF, SF
83  2006 Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 8 (LRP8) is upregulated in granulosa cells of bovine dominant follicle: molecular characterization and spatio-temporal expression studies. CL, GC, LDL, LRP8, OF, SF
84  2006 Molecular evidence that growth of dominant follicles involves a reduction in follicle-stimulating hormone dependence and an increase in luteinizing hormone dependence in cattle. ---
85  2005 Effect of the dominant follicle aspiration before or after luteinizing hormone surge on the corpus luteum formation in the cow. CL, LH
86  2005 Identification of downregulated messenger RNAs in bovine granulosa cells of dominant follicles following stimulation with human chorionic gonadotropin. GC, OF, SSH
87  2004 Distribution of estrogen receptor alpha in the dominant follicles and corpus luteum at the three stages of estrous cycle in Japanese black cows. aGC, CL, ERalpha, MGC, TE, TI
88  2004 Dynamics and histological observation of first follicular wave in Japanese black cows. GC, SF, TC
89  2004 Follicular development after ovum pick-up and fertilizability of retrieved oocytes in postpartum dairy cattle. OPU, PP
90  2004 Follicular development: the role of the follicular microenvironment in selection of the dominant follicle. MW, PAPP-A, rb
91  2003 Effects of nutrition and metabolic status on circulating hormones and ovarian follicle development in cattle. ---
92  2003 Effects of suckling frequency and breed on productive performance, follicular dynamics and postpartum interval in beef cows. AS, PPI, RS
93  2003 Endocrine regulation of ovarian antral follicle development in cattle. IGF
94  2003 Estradiol benzoate delays new follicular wave emergence in a dose-dependent manner after ablation of the dominant ovarian follicle in cattle. EB, FSH
95  2003 Gene expression profiling of differentially expressed genes in granulosa cells of bovine dominant follicles using suppression subtractive hybridization. GCs, SSH
96  2003 Hormonal dynamics and follicular turnover in prepuberal Mediterranean Italian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). SF
97  2003 Ovarian follicular dynamics in buffalo cows (Bubalus bubalis). CL, RIA
98  2003 The effects of varying the interval from follicular wave emergence to progestin withdrawal on follicular dynamics and the synchrony of estrus in beef cattle. CL
99  2002 Exogenous hormonal manipulation of ovarian activity in cattle. GnRH, PGF2 alpha
100  2001 Effects of maturity of the potential ovulatory follicle on induction of oestrus and ovulation in cattle with oestradiol benzoate. IPI, ODB