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Abbreviation : DIGE
Long Form : difference gel electrophoresis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 2-D DIGE Combined with Pro-Q Diamond Staining for the Identification of Protein Phosphorylation for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii : A Successful Approach. ---
2021 An Integrated-Omics/Chemistry Approach Unravels Enzymatic and Spontaneous Steps to Form Flavoalkaloidal Nudicaulin Pigments in Flowers of Papaver nudicaule L. IGL, UPLC-HRMS
2021 Comparative Analysis of Proteins of Functionally Different Body Parts of the Fish Parasites Triaenophorus nodulosus and Triaenophorus crassus. ---
2021 Differential Association of 4E-BP2-Interacting Proteins Is Related to Selective Delayed Neuronal Death after Ischemia. 4E-BPs, ADK1, CA1, DRP2, eIF, HSC70, IR, MALDI-TOF, NDKA, RhoGDI, UCHL1
2021 New insight to the rol of alpha-enolase (Eno-1) as immunological marker in rainbow trout fry. ---
2021 Proteomic analysis of thyroid tissue reveals enhanced catabolic activity in Graves' disease compared to toxic multinodular goitre. GD, MALDI-TOF, TMNG
2021 Systemic sclerosis biomarkers detection in the secretome of TGFbeta1-activated primary human lung fibroblasts. 2D-PAGE, ECM, NL, SSc, SSc-PF
2020 Plasma-Based Proteomics Profiling of Patients with Hyperthyroidism after Antithyroid Treatment. A1BG, ANOVA, ApoA1, APOL1, C1R, CLU, FGB, FGG, Hp, HPX, IGHA1, IPA, ITIH4, MALDI-TOF, MAPK, MS, NF-kappaB, PLG
2020 Vasectomy and Photoperiodic Regimen Modify the Protein Profile, Hormonal Content and Antioxidant Enzymes Activity of Ram Seminal Plasma. GPx, GRd, SP
10  2019 Proteomic Landscape Has Revealed Small Rubber Particles Are Crucial Rubber Biosynthetic Machines for Ethylene-Stimulation in Natural Rubber Production. DAPs, iTRAQ, NRB, REF, SRPP, SRPs
11  2019 Proteomics approach to investigate dynamic protein profile involved in high fat diet-induced fatty liver disease in rats. GO, NAFLD
12  2019 Quantitative profiling of regional protein expression in rat retina after partial optic nerve transection using fluorescence difference two‑dimensional gel electrophoresis. MS, pONT, RGC
13  2019 Serum Clusterin and Complement Factor H May Be Biomarkers Differentiate Primary Sjogren's Syndrome With and Without Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. CFH, NMOSD, pSS
14  2019 [Biomarkers screening for viral myocarditis through proteomics analysis of plasma exosomes]. VMC group
15  2018 Applications of Difference Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) in the Study of Microorganisms. ---
16  2018 Changed Expression of Cytoskeleton Proteins During Lung Injury in a Mouse Model of Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection. ---
17  2018 Comparison between endometrial protein profile in Holstein-Friesian heifers and female prepubertal calves. ---
18  2017 Comparative DIGE Proteomics. ---
19  2017 Comparative proteomic analysis of Gib2 validating its adaptor function in Cryptococcus neoformans. ---
20  2017 Comparative Two-Dimensional Fluorescence Gel Electrophoresis. CoFGE
21  2017 Differential proteomic screening and identification for non-traumatic necrotic femoral osseous tissue. ApoA1, PRDX2
22  2017 DIGE Analysis of Immunodepleted Plasma. BALF
23  2017 DIGE Analysis of ProteoMinerTM Fractionated Serum/Plasma Samples. ---
24  2017 DIGE Saturation Labeling for Scarce Amounts of Protein from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissue. FFPE
25  2017 DIGE-Based Phosphoproteomic Analysis. ---
26  2017 Downregulation of Calcium-Binding Protein S100A9 Inhibits Hypopharyngeal Cancer Cell Proliferation and Invasion Ability Through Inactivation of NF-kappaB Signaling. HPC
27  2017 Effects on pig immunophysiology, PBMC proteome and brain neurotransmitters caused by group mixing stress and human-animal relationship. NH, PBMC, PH
28  2017 Elucidating Cellular Metabolism and Protein Difference Data from DIGE Proteomics Experiments Using Enzyme Assays. ---
29  2017 Enzyme Assay Methods to Validate DIGE Proteomics Data. ---
30  2017 Immunoblot Analysis of DIGE-Based Proteomics. PVDF
31  2017 Preliminary study on plasma proteins in pregnant and non-pregnant female dogs. 2-DE, MALDI-TOF MS, MS
32  2017 Protein Digestion for DIGE Analysis. ---
33  2017 Proteome of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Date Palm. ---
34  2017 Proteomic Analysis of Lung Tissue by DIGE. LPHS
35  2017 Proteomic Profiling Comparing the Effects of Different Heat Treatments on Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Milk Whey Proteins. RT
36  2017 Proteomic profiling of the antifungal drug response of Aspergillus fumigatus to voriconazole. IA
37  2016 "Young at heart": Regenerative potential linked to immature cardiac phenotypes. ---
38  2016 Differential Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) Evaluation of Naphthoimidazoles Mode of Action: A Study in Trypanosoma cruzi Bloodstream Trypomastigotes. ---
39  2016 Down-regulation of ABCG2 and ABCB4 transporters in the placenta of rats exposed to cadmium. Cd
40  2016 Global serum glycoform profiling for the investigation of dystroglycanopathies & Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. CDG, MD
41  2016 Identification of cytotoxic mediators and their putative role in the signaling pathways during docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-induced apoptosis of cancer cells. 2-DE, AKR1B8, DHA, GSTP1
42  2016 Increased serum VDBP as a risk predictor for steroid resistance in asthma patients. AUC, ELISA, SR, SRA, SSA, VDBP
43  2016 Markers of early endothelial dysfunction in intrauterine growth restriction-derived human umbilical vein endothelial cells revealed by 2D-DIGE and mass spectrometry analyses. IUGR
44  2016 Native DIGE proteomic analysis of mitochondria from substantia nigra and striatum during neuronal degeneration and its compensation in an animal model of early Parkinson's disease. PD
45  2016 Proteomic Profile of Brucella abortus-Infected Bovine Chorioallantoic Membrane Explants. CAM
46  2016 Proteomic Profiling for Identification of Novel Biomarkers Differentially Expressed in Human Ovaries from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients. IHC, PCOS, PGRMC1, RBP1, WB
47  2016 Proteomic response of beta-lactamases-producing Enterobacter cloacae complex strain to cefotaxime-induced stress. CTX, MIC
48  2016 Synthesis and dephosphorylation of MARCKS in the late stages of megakaryocyte maturation drive proplatelet formation. KO, MARCKS, MKs, PKC, PMA
49  2015 2D DIGE Does Not Reveal all: A Scotopic Report Suggests Differential Expression of a Single "Calponin Family Member" Protein for Tetany of Sphincters! GERD, IAS, MS, RSM
50  2015 A comparative proteome analysis reveals flagellin, chemotaxis regulated proteins and amylovoran to be involved in virulence differences between Erwinia amylovora strains. ---
51  2015 Differential abundance analysis of mesocarp protein from high- and low-yielding oil palms associates non-oil biosynthetic enzymes to lipid biosynthesis. ---
52  2015 Effects of Lon protease down-regulation on the mitochondrial function and proteome. DNPH
53  2015 Identification of potential plasma biomarkers for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by a proteomic method. AHSG, ESCC, LRG
54  2015 Proteomic analysis of Pteropus alecto kidney cells in response to the viral mimic, Poly I:C. iTRAQ
55  2015 Proteomic approaches to identify substrates of the three Deg/HtrA proteases of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. WT
56  2015 Quantitative differential proteomics of yeast extracellular matrix: there is more to it than meets the eye. yECM
57  2015 Unravelling the effect of sucrose and cold pretreatment on cryopreservation of potato through sugar analysis and proteomics. RFOs
58  2014 A combination of metabolic labeling and 2D-DIGE analysis in response to a farnesyltransferase inhibitor facilitates the discovery of new prenylated proteins. FTIs
59  2014 A proteomic analysis of excreted and circulating proteins from obese patients following two different weight-loss strategies. ---
60  2014 Brain proteomics identifies potential simvastatin targets in acute phase of stroke in a rat embolic model. ---
61  2014 C-terminally truncated form of alphaB-crystallin is associated with IDH1 R132H mutation in anaplastic astrocytoma. ---
62  2014 Deciphering the proteomic signature of human endometrial receptivity. ANXA6, ERA, HRT, NR, PGRMC1, WOI
63  2014 Differential proteomics of Helicobacter pylori associated with autoimmune atrophic gastritis. AAG, ATP, DU, GC, HP, HSP70, MALDI
64  2014 Discovery of new membrane-associated proteins overexpressed in small-cell lung cancer. IHC, MAPs, SCLC, WB
65  2014 GnRH agonists induce endometrial epithelial cell apoptosis via GRP78 down-regulation. LA
66  2014 HSP70, Peroxiredoxin-3 and -6 are upregulated during renal warm ischaemia in a donation after circulatory death model. A2HSG, DCD, FD, I/R, WI
67  2014 Identification of differentially expressed proteins in sulfadiazine resistant and sensitive strains of Toxoplasma gondii using difference-gel electrophoresis (DIGE). ---
68  2014 Identification of the proteins related to SET-mediated hepatic cytotoxicity of trichloroethylene by proteomic analysis. TCE
69  2014 Identification of virulence factors in Leishmania infantum strains by a proteomic approach. ---
70  2014 Phosphorylation of pyruvate kinase A by protein kinase J leads to the altered growth and differential rate of intracellular survival of mycobacteria. Ms, Mtb, PK
71  2014 Potential lipid accumulation and growth characteristic of the green alga Chlorella with combination cultivation mode of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). ---
72  2014 Proteomic approaches to identify cold-regulated soluble proteins. 2-DE
73  2014 Proteomic profiling of macrophages by 2D electrophoresis. ---
74  2014 Quantitative proteomics and protein network analysis of A549 lung cancer cells affected by miR-206. ---
75  2014 Usefulness of DIGE for the detection of protein profile in retained and released bovine placental tissues. MALDI
76  2013 2D-DIGE to identify proteins associated with gestational diabetes in omental adipose tissue. ANXA5, GDM, LDHB, LUM, NGT, PLIN1, SBP1
77  2013 Comparative proteomic analysis implicates eEF2 as a novel target of PI3Kgamma in the MDA-MB-231 metastatic breast cancer cell line. eEF2, IGF-1R
78  2013 Comparative proteomics lends insight into genotype-specific pathogenicity. ---
79  2013 Differential in gel electrophoresis (DIGE) comparative proteomic analysis of macrophages cell cultures in response to perthamide C treatment. ---
80  2013 Identification of a molecular target of a novel fungal metabolite, pyrrolizilactone, by phenotypic profiling systems. MorphoBase
81  2013 Identification of Besnoitia besnoiti proteins that showed differences in abundance between tachyzoite and bradyzoite stages by difference gel electrophoresis. MS
82  2013 Identification of new pathogenic candidates for diabetic macular edema using fluorescence-based difference gel electrophoresis analysis. ELISA
83  2013 Identification of novel downstream molecules of tissue factor activation by comparative proteomic analysis. EF-2, FVIIa, PAR-2, TF
84  2013 Identification of plant growth-promoting bacteria-responsive proteins in cucumber roots under hypoxic stress using a proteomic approach. PGPB
85  2013 Impact of the antiproliferative agent ciclopirox olamine treatment on stem cells proteome. CPX, ESCs, maGSCs, RA, SCs
86  2013 Increased annexin A1 and A2 levels in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid are associated with resistance to respiratory disease in beef calves. BALF
87  2013 Pathogen induced changes in the protein profile of human tears from Fusarium keratitis patients. ---
88  2013 Proteomic analysis of differences in barley (Hordeum vulgare) malts with distinct filterability by DIGE. ---
89  2013 Proteomic signature of Arabidopsis cell cultures exposed to magnetically induced hyper- and microgravity environments. ---
90  2013 Quantitative analysis of the Brucella suis proteome reveals metabolic adaptation to long-term nutrient starvation. ---
91  2013 Screening for drug-induced hepatotoxicity in primary mouse hepatocytes using acetaminophen, amiodarone, and cyclosporin a as model compounds: an omics-guided approach. ER
92  2013 Serum immune-related proteins are differentially expressed during hibernation in the American black bear. ---
93  2013 The response of Asterochloris erici (Ahmadjian) Skaloud et Peksa to desiccation: a proteomic approach. TEM
94  2012 2D DIGE for the analysis of RAMOS cells subproteomes. DN, SHM
95  2012 A proteomic study of protein variation between osteopenic and age-matched control bone tissue. ---
96  2012 Analysis of protein posttranslational modifications using DIGE-based proteomics. PTMs
97  2012 Analysis of proteins using DIGE and MALDI mass spectrometry. MALDI, MS
98  2012 Application of DIGE and mass spectrometry in the study of type 2 diabetes mellitus mouse models. ---
99  2012 Assessment of the red cell proteome of young patients with unexplained hemolytic anemia by two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE). HNSHA
100  2012 Changes on the Caco-2 secretome through differentiation analyzed by 2-D differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE). NPC2, TCTP