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Abbreviation : DPAA
Long Form : diphenylarsinic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Diphenylarsinic acid induced activation of MAP kinases, transcription factors, and oxidative stress-responsive factors and hypersecretion of cytokines in cultured normal human cerebellar astrocytes. NHA, NRA
2021 Toxicokinetic characteristics and effects of diphenylarsinic acid on dopamine in the striatum of free-moving mice. DA
2020 Contrasting effects of iron reduction on thionation of diphenylarsinic acid in a biostimulated Acrisol. ---
2019 A chronic toxicity study of diphenylarsinic acid in the drinking water of C57BL/6J mice for 52 weeks. ---
2019 Design and synthesis of novel tellurodibenzoic acid compounds as kidney-type glutaminase (KGA) inhibitors. KGA
2019 Sorption mechanisms of diphenylarsinic acid on ferrihydrite, goethite and hematite using sequential extraction, FTIR measurement and XAFS spectroscopy. EXAFS, FTIR, SEP
2018 Decreased regional cerebral blood flow in patients with diphenylarsinic acid intoxication. CBF, CBF-SPECT
2017 A carcinogenicity study of diphenylarsinic acid in F344 rats in drinking water for 104 weeks. ---
2017 Diphenylarsinic acid exerts promotion effects on hepatobiliary carcinogenesis in a rat medium-term multiorgan carcinogenicity bioassay. ---
10  2017 Dysregulation of MAP Kinase Signaling Pathways Including p38MAPK, SAPK/JNK, and ERK1/2 in Cultured Rat Cerebellar Astrocytes Exposed to Diphenylarsinic Acid. MAP
11  2017 Long-term accumulation of diphenylarsinic acid in the central nervous system of cynomolgus monkeys. ---
12  2016 A chronic toxicity study of diphenylarsinic acid in F344 rats in drinking water for 52 weeks. ---
13  2016 Photodegradation of diphenylarsinic acid by UV-C light: Implication for its remediation. EPR, HA, TOC
14  2016 Phytoremediation of diphenylarsinic-acid-contaminated soil by Pteris vittata associated with Phyllobacterium myrsinacearum RC6b. ---
15  2016 Solid-solution partitioning and thionation of diphenylarsinic acid in a flooded soil under the impact of sulfate and iron reduction. STXM
16  2015 Diphenylarsinic acid contaminated soil remediation by titanium dioxide (P25) photocatalysis: Degradation pathway, optimization of operating parameters and effects of soil properties. ESR, PCO
17  2015 Diphenylarsinic Acid Induced Activation of Cultured Rat Cerebellar Astrocytes: Phosphorylation of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases, Upregulation of Transcription Factors, and Release of Brain-Active Cytokines. MAPKs
18  2015 [Photo-catalytical degradation of diphenylarsinic acid by TiO2 (P25)]. ---
19  2015 [Ten-years records of organic arsenic (diphenylarsinic acid) poisoning: epidemiology, clinical feature, metabolism, and toxicity]. CNS, PET, SPECT
20  2014 Detection of diphenylarsinic acid and its derivatives in human serum and cerebrospinal fluid. CSF, PAA, PMAA
21  2014 Sulfate-reducing bacteria mediate thionation of diphenylarsinic acid under anaerobic conditions. DPTAA
22  2014 [Subjective symptoms and miscarriage after drinking well water exposed to diphenylarsinic acid]. ---
23  2013 Adsorption and desorption characteristics of diphenylarsenicals in two contrasting soils. ---
24  2013 Determination of diphenylarsinic acid, phenylarsonic acid and inorganic arsenic in drinking water by graphite-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry after simultaneous separation and preconcentration with solid-phase extraction disks. GFAAS, iAs, PAA, SPE
25  2013 Developmental subchronic exposure to diphenylarsinic acid induced increased exploratory behavior, impaired learning behavior, and decreased cerebellar glutathione concentration in rats. ---
26  2013 Diphenylarsinic acid, a chemical warfare-related neurotoxicant, promotes liver carcinogenesis via activation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling and consequent induction of oxidative DNA damage in rats. AhR
27  2013 Formation of diphenylthioarsinic acid from diphenylarsinic acid under anaerobic sulfate-reducing soil conditions. DPTA
28  2013 Residual central nervous system damage due to organoarsenic poisoning. CNS, SWJ
29  2012 Diphenylarsinic acid increased the synthesis and release of neuroactive and vasoactive peptides in rat cerebellar astrocytes. ---
30  2012 Diphenylarsinic acid promotes degradation of glutaminase C by mitochondrial Lon protease. GAC, KGA
31  2012 Enhanced transformation of diphenylarsinic acid in soil under sulfate-reducing conditions. ---
32  2011 Diphenylarsinic acid produces behavioral effects in mice relevant to symptoms observed in citizens who ingested polluted well water. ---
33  2011 Transformation of diphenylarsinic acid in agricultural soils. ---
34  2009 Biodegradation of diphenylarsinic acid to arsenic acid by novel soil bacteria isolated from contaminated soil. PAA
35  2009 Natural attenuation potential of phenylarsenicals in anoxic groundwaters. HPLC-ICP-MS, PAA
36  2009 Systemic distribution and speciation of diphenylarsinic acid fed to rats. ---
37  2009 Uptake of aromatic arsenicals from soil contaminated with diphenylarsinic acid by rice. AAs, DMPAO, MDPAO, MPAA, PAA
38  2008 Urine analysis of patients exposed to phenylarsenic compounds via accidental pollution. PMAA
39  2007 Degradation of arylarsenic compounds by microorganisms. ---
40  2007 Distribution and excretion of arsenic in cynomolgus monkey following repeated administration of diphenylarsinic acid. HPLC-ICP MS
41  2007 Down-regulation of glutaminase C in human hepatocarcinoma cell by diphenylarsinic acid, a degradation product of chemical warfare agents. ALDH1, CCT, GAC, PAG
42  2007 [Behavioral analysis of chronic exposure to diphenylarsinic and associated influence on central nervous systems]. IR
43  2006 The role of glutathione on the cytotoxic effects and cellular uptake of diphenylarsinic acid, a degradation product of chemical warfare agents. DMPS, SH
44  2005 A rapid and sensitive analysis of diphenylarsinic acid in water by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. GC/MS, PFTP, SIM
45  2005 Identification and quantitative determination of diphenylarsenic compounds in abandoned toxic smoke canisters. ACW, BDPAO
46  2005 [Determination of phenylarsenic compounds in environmental samples by high performance liquid chromatography]. PAA, PAO, TPA