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Abbreviation : Dyn A
Long Form : dynorphin A
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Dynorphin A induces membrane permeabilization by formation of proteolipidic pores. Insights from electrophysiology and computational simulations. ---
2022 Estrogenic impregnation alters pain expression: analysis through functional neuropeptidomics in a surgical rat model of osteoarthritis. BK, CGRP, OA, PWT, SP, SST, SWB
2021 Functional Characterization of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Associated Dynorphin A Mutant Peptides. KOR, PDYN, SCA23
2020 Effects of Ovariectomy and Sex Hormone Replacement on Numbers of Kisspeptin-, Neurokinin B- and Dynorphin A-immunoreactive Neurons in the Arcuate Nucleus of the Hypothalamus in Obese and Diabetic Rats. ARC, HFD, KP, NKB
2020 Reduced Levels of Intestinal Neuropeptides and Neurotrophins in Neurotoxin-Induced Parkinson Disease Mouse Models. BDNF, CCK, MPTP, PD
2019 Cortical endogenous opioids and their role in facilitating repetitive behaviors in deer mice. ASD, CMS, DA, DOPAC, FC, GLUT, OCB, PFC, TS, VMS
2018 Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonist Administration in Olfactory Bulbectomized Mice Restores Cognitive Impairment through Cholinergic Neuron Activation. ---
2017 Design, synthesis, and opioid activity of arodyn analogs cyclized by ring-closing metathesis involving Tyr(allyl). RCM
2017 Expression of hypothalamic kisspeptin, neurokinin B, and dynorphin A neurons attenuates in female Zucker fatty rats. ARC, LH, NKB, ZF, ZL
10  2016 Cyclic non-opioid dynorphin A analogues for the bradykinin receptors. BRs
11  2016 Discovery of Stable Non-opioid Dynorphin A Analogues Interacting at the Bradykinin Receptors for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain. BK, i.th
12  2016 Dynorphin-Dependent Reduction of Excitability and Attenuation of Inhibitory Afferents of NPS Neurons in the Pericoerulear Region of Mice. CeL, KOR, KOR1, LC, NPS
13  2016 Gait abnormalities, ADHD, and environmental exposure to nitrous oxide. ADHD-CT, KOR, TD
14  2016 Separation of dynorphin peptides by capillary electrochromatography using a polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride gold nanoparticle-modified capillary. GNP
15  2016 Structure-Activity Relationships of [des-Arg7]Dynorphin A Analogues at the kappa Opioid Receptor. KOR, SAR
16  2016 [Anti-inflammatory and synovial-opioid system effects of electroacupuncture intervention on chronic pain in arthritic rats]. beta-END, CIA, DOR, EA, KOR, met-ENK, MOR, qPCR
17  2015 A high performance system to study the influence of temperature in on-line solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis. MET, SPE-CE
18  2015 Analgesic roles of peripheral intrinsic met-enkephalin and dynorphin A in long-lasting inflammatory pain induced by complete Freund's adjuvant in rats. CFA, CRF, IL, Met-ENK
19  2015 Blockade of non-opioid excitatory effects of spinal dynorphin A at bradykinin receptors. BK, BRs, KD, SAR
20  2015 Characterization of endoproteolytic processing of dynorphins by proprotein convertases using mouse spinal cord S9 fractions and mass spectrometry. BDyn, PCs, WT
21  2015 Dynorphin activation of kappa opioid receptor reduces neuronal excitability in the paraventricular nucleus of mouse thalamus. aPVT, KOR, MOR, pPVT, PVT
22  2015 Immunoelectron microscopic observation of the subcellular localization of kisspeptin, neurokinin B and dynorphin A in KNDy neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the female rat. ARC, GnRH, LH, NKB
23  2014 Direct detection of neuropeptide dynorphin A binding to the second extracellular loop of the kappa opioid receptor using a soluble protein scaffold. KOR
24  2014 Direct inhibition of hypothalamic proopiomelanocortin neurons by dynorphin A is mediated by the mu-opioid receptor. GIRKs, KOR, KOR-2, MOR, nor-BNI, POMC
25  2014 Discovery of amphipathic dynorphin A analogues to inhibit the neuroexcitatory effects of dynorphin A through bradykinin receptors in the spinal cord. BK, BRs, CNS, i.th, KD, SAR
26  2014 Evaluation of fritless solid-phase extraction coupled on-line with capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry for the analysis of opioid peptides in cerebrospinal fluid. CSF, End1, MET
27  2014 Modification of amphipathic non-opioid dynorphin A analogues for rat brain bradykinin receptors. BRs, SAR
28  2014 Structure-activity relationships of non-opioid [des-Arg(7)]-dynorphin A analogues for bradykinin receptors. BRs, CNS, SAR
29  2013 Direct inhibition of arcuate proopiomelanocortin neurons: a potential mechanism for the orexigenic actions of dynorphin. NPY, POMC
30  2013 Membrane interaction of disease-related dynorphin A variants. CD, DMPC, DMPG, NMR
31  2012 Lateralized response of dynorphin a peptide levels after traumatic brain injury. SHAM, TBI
32  2012 Perivascular expression and potent vasoconstrictor effect of dynorphin A in cerebral arteries. BAs and MCAs, Dyn B, NORBI
33  2011 Fluorescence imaging with single-molecule sensitivity and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy of cell-penetrating neuropeptides. FCS, KOP
34  2011 Perturbations of model membranes induced by pathogenic dynorphin A mutants causing neurodegeneration in human brain. ---
35  2011 Pharmacological characterization of a nociceptin receptor from zebrafish (Danio rerio). NOP, OFQ
36  2010 Deletion of Ac-NMePhe(1) from [NMePhe(1) ]arodyn under acidic conditions, part 1: effects of cleavage conditions and N-terminal functionality. ---
37  2010 Deletion of Ac-NMePhe(1) from [NMePhe(1) ]arodyn under acidic conditions, part 2: effects of substitutions on pharmacological activity. ---
38  2009 Comparative studies of the neuro-excitatory behavioural effects of morphine-3-glucuronide and dynorphin A(2-17) following spinal and supraspinal routes of administration. M3G, SD
39  2009 Design, synthesis, and pharmacological activities of dynorphin A analogues cyclized by ring-closing metathesis. AllGly, RCM
40  2008 Agonist-promoted Lys63-linked polyubiquitination of the human kappa-opioid receptor is involved in receptor down-regulation. CHO, CYLD, DN, hKOR
41  2007 Possible roles of epidermal opioid systems in pruritus of atopic dermatitis. AD, PUVA, VAS
42  2006 Big dynorphin as a putative endogenous ligand for the kappa-opioid receptor. Big Dyn, CSF, Dyn B, KOR, RIA
43  2005 Big dynorphin, a prodynorphin-derived peptide produces NMDA receptor-mediated effects on memory, anxiolytic-like and locomotor behavior in mice. Big Dyn, Dyn B
44  2005 Change of dorsal horn neurochemistry in a mouse model of neuropathic cancer pain. ---
45  2005 Development of highly potent and selective dynorphin A analogues as new medicines. GPB, GPI
46  2004 Effects of extracellular pH on the dynorphin A inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes. NMDA
47  2004 Identification of stabilized dynorphin derivatives for suppressing tolerance in morphine-dependent rats. HPLC
48  2003 Conversion of delta-, kappa- and mu-receptor selective opioid peptide agonists into delta-, kappa- and mu-selective antagonists. Dhp
49  2003 Dynorphin A inhibits NMDA receptors through a pH-dependent mechanism. ---
50  2003 Effects of the substitution of Phe4 in the opioid peptide [D-Ala8]dynorphin A-(1-11)NH2. ---
51  2003 Opioid peptides modulate the response of neurons of the superficial laminae of the rat spinal dorsal horn to GABA. beta-FNA, MENK, nor-BNI, NTI
52  2003 [Treatment of lumbar intervertebral disk prolapse by estradural injection of mailuoning and its influence on dynorphin A in cerebrospinal fluid]. CSF
53  2002 Conditioned opioid withdrawal decreases nociceptin/orphanin FQ levels in the frontal cortex and olfactory tubercle. MEAP, RIA
54  2002 Site and mechanism of action of dynorphin A-(1-13) and N-methyl-D-aspartate on ACTH release in fetal sheep. NMDA
55  2001 [2',6'-Dimethyltyrosine]dynorphin A(1-11)-NH2 analogues lacking an N-terminal amino group: potent and selective kappa opioid antagonists. Dhp, Dmt
56  2000 A solid-phase synthetic strategy for the preparation of peptide-based affinity labels: synthesis of dynorphin A analogs. PEG-PS, PS
57  2000 Chronic exposure to antibodies directed against anti-opiate peptides alter delta-opioid receptor levels. alpha-MSH, AOP
58  2000 Interactions of dynorphin A-(1-13) and nociceptin with cardiac D2 binding sites: inhibition of ischemia-evoked release of noradrenaline from synaptosomal-mitochondrial fractions. ---
59  1998 Dynorphin A(6-12) analogs suppress thermal edema. ---
60  1998 Dynorphin block of N-methyl-D-aspartate channels increases with the peptide length. NMDA
61  1998 Electrospray ionization mass spectrometric and liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric studies on the metabolism of synthetic dynorphin A peptides in brain tissue in vitro and in vivo. ESI-MS
62  1997 Dynorphin A-mediated reduction in multiple calcium currents involves a G(o) alpha-subtype G protein in rat primary afferent neurons. DRG
63  1997 Dynorphin peptides: antagonists of melanocortin receptors. ACTH, MC
64  1997 Opioid peptides modulate GABA(A) receptor responses in neurons of bullfrog dorsal root ganglia. beta-FNA, DRG, nor-BNI, NTI
65  1996 Design, synthesis, and biological activities of cyclic lactam peptide analogues of dynorphine A(1-11)-NH2. GPB, GPI
66  1996 Differential biotransformation of dynorphin A (1-17) and dynorphin A (1-13) peptides in human blood, ex vivo. ---
67  1996 Effects of modifications of residues in position 3 of dynorphin A(1-11)-NH2 on kappa receptor selectivity and potency. ---
68  1996 Interactions of dynorphin A and related peptides with cardiac ouabain binding sites. Leu-Enk
69  1996 Responses of somatostatin, beta-endorphin and dynorphin A to a glucose load in two groups of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. beta-EP, PCOS, SS
70  1995 Enhancement of phagocytosis by dynorphin A in mouse peritoneal macrophages. alpha Neo-End, beta Neo-End, DynB, FCM, Leu-Enk, Met-Enk
71  1995 Synthesis and opioid activity of conformationally constrained dynorphin A analogues. 1. Conformational constraint in the "message" sequence. GPI
72  1995 [Responses of somatostatin, beta-endorphin and dynorphin A to A glucose load in two groups of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome]. beta-EP, FSH, LH, PCOS, SS
73  1994 Design, synthesis, and biological properties of highly potent cyclic dynorphin A analogues. Analogues cyclized between positions 5 and 11. GPB, GPI
74  1994 Matrix-assisted laser desorption mass spectrometry of biotransformation products of dynorphin a in vitro. ---
75  1994 Prediction of the conformational requirements for binding to the kappa-opioid receptor and its subtypes. I. Novel alpha-helical cyclic peptides and their role in receptor selectivity. ---
76  1993 Design and synthesis of highly potent and selective cyclic dynorphin A analogs. 2. New analogs. GPI
77  1993 Pentobarbital administered intracerebroventricularly antagonizes morphine-induced antinociception in mice. GABA, i.c.v
78  1993 Synthesis and opioid activity of dynorphin A-(1-13)NH2 analogues containing cis- and trans-4-aminocyclohexanecarboxylic acid. trans-ACCA
79  1993 [Possible involvement of atrial natriuretic factor and vasopressin in antihypertensive mechanism of clonidine in humans]. ANF, MBP, VAS
80  1992 Central non-opioid physiological and pathophysiological effects of dynorphin A and related peptides. ---
81  1991 Effect of low- and high-frequency TENS on Met-enkephalin-Arg-Phe and dynorphin A immunoreactivity in human lumbar CSF. CSF, ir, MEAP, TENS
82  1991 Intrathecal administration of dynorphin A and its fragments increase heart rate and arterial pressure in the urethane anesthetized rat: mediation by a nonopioid mechanism. bpm
83  1990 Alterations of heart dynorphin-A in the development of spontaneously hypertensive rats. ir, SHR, WKY, WR
84  1990 Competitive and non-competitive NMDA antagonists limit dynorphin A-induced rat hindlimb paralysis. i.t, NMDA, SCI
85  1990 Design and synthesis of highly potent and selective cyclic dynorphin A analogues. ---
86  1990 Dynorphin A and substance P in the cerebrospinal fluid of schizophrenic patients. BPRS, CSF, SP
87  1990 The immunostaining for the hypothalamic vasoactive intestinal peptide, but not for beta-endorphin, dynorphin-A or methionine-enkephalin, is affected by the glucocorticoid milieu in the rat: correlation with the prolactin secretion. beta-EP, DEX, Met-Enk, PRL, PVN, SCN, VIP
88  1989 Hypothermia elicited by some prodynorphin-derived peptides: opioid and non-opioid actions. ---
89  1988 Neurological dysfunction after intrathecal injection of dynorphin A (1-13) in the rat. I. Injection procedures modify pharmacological responses. i.t
90  1988 Neurological dysfunction after intrathecal injection of dynorphin A (1-13) in the rat. II. Nonopioid mechanisms mediate loss of motor, sensory and autonomic function. ---
91  1988 TRH fails to antagonize the acute paralytic effects of intrathecal dynorphin A and substance P antagonists in the rat. i.t, TRH
92  1987 Actions of mu, delta and kappa opioid agonists and antagonists on mouse primary afferent neurons in culture. DRG
93  1987 Beta-endorphin and dynorphin participate in the stress-induced release of prolactin in the rat. beta-END, beta-FNA, EOP, i.c.v, Met-Enk, PRL
94  1987 The degradation of dynorphin A in brain tissue in vivo and in vitro. PAG
95  1986 Different effects of dynorphin A on in vitro guinea pig hippocampal CA3 pyramidal cells with various degrees of paired-pulse facilitation. ---
96  1986 Intrathecal dynorphin A (1-13) and (3-13) reduce spinal cord blood flow by non-opioid mechanisms. i.t
97  1985 A monoclonal antibody specific for a dynorphin precursor. Dyn B
98  1985 Characterization of dynorphin A-induced antinociception at spinal level. ---
99  1985 Dynorphin peptides in human substantia nigra. Dyn B, ir-dyn, RIA
100  1984 Cardiovascular effects of dynorphin A-(1-8), dynorphin A-(1-13) and dynorphin A-(1-17) microinjected into the preoptic medialis nucleus of the rat. ---