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Abbreviation : EDCs
Long Form : endocrine disrupting compounds
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A comprehensive insight into the application of white rot fungi and their lignocellulolytic enzymes in the removal of organic pollutants. PAHs, PhACs, WRF
2021 A hybrid computational intelligence approach for bioremediation of amoxicillin based on fungus activities from soil resources and aflatoxin B1 controls. AF, ANFIS, CCD, EPs, RF, RP, RSM, RT
2021 A simple, rapid and sensitive method for the simultaneous determination of eighteen environmental phenols in human urine. LLE, LOD
2021 A toxicogenomic data space for system-level understanding and prediction of EDC-induced toxicity. ---
2021 Anti-androgenic compounds in breast milk and cryptorchidism among Norwegian boys in the HUMIS birth cohort. AR, HUMIS
2021 Application of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in the Analysis of Waters and Wastewaters. MIPs
2021 Assessment of 17α-ethinylestradiol effects in Daphnia magna: life-history traits, biochemical and genotoxic parameters. ---
2021 Bioaccumulation of phenolic endocrine disruptors in the clam Rangia cuneata: Storage in shells and influence of size and sex. 4-NP, 4-t-OP, BPA
2021 Chemico-nanotreatment methods for the removal of persistent organic pollutants and xenobiotics in water - A review. ---
10  2021 Developing and applying a classification system for ranking the biological effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on male rockfish Sebastiscus marmoratus in the Maowei Sea, China. 4-NP, 4-t-OP, BPA, FES, VTG
11  2021 Effects of ultraviolet-filters on Daphnia magna development and endocrine-related gene expression. BP-3, OMC, UV
12  2021 Electrochemical degradation of a methyl paraben and propylene glycol mixture: Interference effect of competitive oxidation and pH stability. MeP, PG
13  2021 Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and the neuroendocrine system: Beyond estrogen, androgen, and thyroid. ---
14  2021 Endocrine disrupting chemicals and breast cancer: a systematic review of epidemiological studies. BPA, DDE, DDT, PBDEs, PCBs, PFAS
15  2021 Endocrine Disruptor Compounds-A Cause of Impaired Immune Tolerance Driving Inflammatory Disorders of Pregnancy? Treg
16  2021 Endocrine Disruptor Impacts on Fish From Chile: The Influence of Wastewaters. PPME, WWTP
17  2021 Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds in Fish Physiology, with Emphasis on their Effects on the Arginine Vasotocin/Isotocin System. AVT/IT
18  2021 Enhanced removal of phenolic endocrine disrupting chemicals from coastal waters by intertidal macroalgae. BPA, NP
19  2021 Environmental impact of the effluents discharging from full-scale wastewater treatment plants evaluated by a hybrid fuzzy approach. EIAs, GHG, WWTP
20  2021 Exposure to endocrine-disrupting compounds such as phthalates and bisphenol A is associated with an increased risk for obesity. BPA
21  2021 Exposure to xenoestrogens alters the expression of key morphoregulatory proteins of oviduct adenogenesis in the broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris). alpha-SMA, BPA
22  2021 Fabrication of thermoresponsive metal-organic nanotube sponge and its application on the adsorption of endocrine-disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals/personal care products: Experiment and molecular simulation study. DBP, DFT, PCMX, PPCPs
23  2021 Genotoxic activity of endocrine disrupting compounds commonly present in paper mill effluents. BBP, BPA, DBP, DEHP, DEP, DMP, NP
24  2021 Identification of known and novel nonpolar endocrine disruptors in human amniotic fluid. AF, GC-HRMS
25  2021 Improvement of wastewater and water quality via a full-scale ozonation plant? - A comprehensive analysis of the endocrine potential using effect-based methods. EBMs, MPs, ROB
26  2021 Inhibition Properties of Arylsulfatase and β-Glucuronidase by Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorite, and Peracetic Acid. PAA
27  2021 Killing two birds with one stone: Pregnancy is a sensitive window for endocrine effects on both the mother and the fetus. DOHaD
28  2021 Latest Advances in Determination of Bisphenols with Nanomaterials, Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Aptamer Based Electrochemical Sensors. BPA, BPs, EU
29  2021 Legislation against endocrine-disrupting compounds in drinking water: essential but not enough to ensure water safety. ---
30  2021 Levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in water and sediment from open city drains in Makurdi Metropolitan Area, North Central Nigeria. PBDEs, POPs
31  2021 Lignin peroxidase in focus for catalytic elimination of contaminants - A critical review on recent progress and perspectives. LiP, POPs
32  2021 Magnetic layered double hydroxide/zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 nanocomposite as a novel adsorbent for enrichment of four endocrine disrupting compounds in milk samples. ---
33  2021 Modeling estrogenic activity in streams throughout the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. CBW, PRW
34  2021 Monitoring estrogen and androgen residues from livestock farms in Phayao Lake, Thailand. EEQs, MT, RQs, SPE, TEQs
35  2021 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs act as endocrine disruptors in Astyanax lacustris (Teleostei: Characidae) reproduction: An ex vivo approach. DCF, hCG, IBU, MIX, NSAIDs
36  2021 Phthalates and fetal growth velocity: tracking down the suspected links. DEHP
37  2021 Preparation of multivariate zirconia metal-organic frameworks for highly efficient adsorption of endocrine disrupting compounds. d-SPE, MTV-MOFs
38  2021 Processing of natural fibre and method improvement for removal of endocrine-disrupting compounds. ---
39  2021 Recent advances in understanding endocrine disruptors: DDT and related compounds. ---
40  2021 REPRODUCTIVE TOXICOLOGY: Endocrine disruption and reproductive disorders: impacts on sexually dimorphic neuroendocrine pathways. HPG
41  2021 REPRODUCTIVE TOXICOLOGY: Impact of endocrine disruptors on neurons expressing GnRH or kisspeptin and pituitary gonadotropins. GnRH, PCBs, PFAS
42  2021 Simultaneous determination of a suite of endogenous steroids by LC-APPI-MS: Application to the identification of endocrine disruptors in aquatic toxicology. RIAs
43  2021 Toxicant exposure during pregnancy increases protective proteins in the dam and a sexually dimorphic response in the fetus. ---
44  2021 UV-B Filter Octylmethoxycinnamate Alters the Vascular Contractility Patterns in Pregnant Women with Hypothyroidism. HUA, OMC
45  2021 Zebrafish Optomotor Response and Morphology Are Altered by Transient, Developmental Exposure to Bisphenol-A. BPA, dpf, hpf, OMRs
46  2020 17α-ethinylestradiol and 4-tert-octylphenol concurrently disrupt the immune response of common carp. ---
47  2020 A green air assisted-dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of a novel low viscous ternary deep eutectic solvent for the enrichment of endocrine disrupting compounds from water. CCF, GAPI, HBA, HBD, TDES
48  2020 A selective and highly sensitive high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence derivatization approach based on Sonogashira coupling reaction for determination of ethinyl estradiol in river water samples. EE, HPLC
49  2020 Associations of urinary levels of phenols and parabens with osteoarthritis among US adults in NHANES 2005-2014. BP-3, BPA, CI, OA, OR, TCS
50  2020 Bi-enzymatic virus-like bionanoreactors for the transformation of endocrine disruptor compounds. VLPs
51  2020 Biodegradation of diethyl-phthalate (DEP) by halotolerant bacteria isolated from an estuarine environment. DEP, SES
52  2020 Bisphenol A induces protection through modulation of the immune response against the helminth parasite Taenia crassiceps. BPA
53  2020 Challenges for Safe and Healthy Drinking Water in China. DBPs, PPCPs
54  2020 Co-exposures to trace elements and polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) impacts North American river otter (Lontra canadensis) baculum. BMD, PACs
55  2020 Comparative endocrine disrupting compound removal from real wastewater by UV/Cl and UV/H2O2: Effect of pH, estrogenic activity, transformation products and toxicity. BPA, TOC, TPs, WWTP
56  2020 Developmental instability is associated with estrogenic endocrine disruption in the Chilean native fish species, Trichomycterus areolatus. FA
57  2020 Distribution and mass loads of xenoestrogens bisphenol a, 4-nonylphenol, and 4-tert-octylphenol in rainfall runoff from highly urbanized regions: A comparison with point sources of wastewater. 4-NP, 4-t-OP, BPA, WWTP
58  2020 Effect of environmental contamination on female and male gametes - A lesson from bovines. AFB1, ATZ, MEHP
59  2020 Effects of bisphenol A, diethylhexyl phthalate and pentabrominated diphenyl ether 99 on steroid synthesis in cultured bovine luteal cells. BPA, DEHP, PBDE 99
60  2020 Efficiency of selected wastewater treatment processes in removing estrogen compounds and reducing estrogenic activity using the T47D-KBLUC reporter gene assay. EEQ, SPE, WWTPs
61  2020 Endocrine disrupting compounds in the middle and lower reaches of the Lhasa River Basin: Occurrence, distribution, and risk assessment. BPA
62  2020 Endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the aquatic environment of China: Which chemicals are the prioritized ones? ATZ, PCPs, PPCPs, TCC, TCS
63  2020 Endometriosis, endocrine disrupters, and epigenetics: an investigation into the complex interplay in women with polybrominated biphenyl exposure and endometriosis. PBB
64  2020 Environmental pollutants: an immunoendocrine perspective on phthalates. ---
65  2020 Evaluation of the Possibility of Using Hydroponic Cultivations for the Removal of Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants. ASE, MWWTPs
66  2020 Genome-Wide Analysis of Low Dose Bisphenol-A (BPA) Exposure in Human Prostate Cells. BPA, DE, PrECs, XEs
67  2020 In utero estrogenic endocrine disruption alters the stroma to increase extracellular matrix density and mammary gland stiffness. BPA
68  2020 Long-term effects of in ovo exposure to an environmentally relevant dose of atrazine on the thyroid gland of Caiman latirostris. ATZ
69  2020 Making waves: Improving removal performance of conventional wastewater treatment plants on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs): their conjugates matter. ---
70  2020 Maternal exposure to mixtures of dienestrol, linuron and flutamide. Part I: Feminization effects on male rat offspring. AGD, DIES, FLU, GD, LIN, NR, PND
71  2020 Maternal exposure to mixtures of dienestrol, linuron and flutamide. Part II: Endocrine-related gene expression assessment on male offspring rat testes. DIES, FLU, GD, LIN, PND
72  2020 Mechanistic understanding of highly selective adsorption of bisphenols on microporous-dominated nitrogen-doped framework carbon. ---
73  2020 Multi-approach assessment for the evaluation of spatio-temporal estrogenicity in fish from effluent-dominated surface waters under low instream flow. ECC, VTG, WoE, WWTP
74  2020 Neonatal exposure to a glyphosate-based herbicide alters the uterine differentiation of prepubertal ewe lambs. GBHs, IGFBP-3, PND, SS
75  2020 Nonylphenol induced individual and population fluctuation of Caenorhabditis elegans: Disturbances on developmental and reproductive system. C. elegans, NP
76  2020 Occurrence and assessment of environmental risks of endocrine disrupting compounds in drinking, surface and wastewaters in Serbia. BPA, RQs
77  2020 Occurrence and seasonal distribution of five selected endocrine-disrupting compounds in wastewater treatment plants of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, Mexico: The role of water quality parameters. 4-NP, 4-t-OP, BOD, BPA, COD, GC-MS, MAM, SPE, TSS, WWTPs
78  2020 Occurrence of multiclass endocrine disrupting compounds in a drinking water supply system and associated risks. ---
79  2020 Octylphenol facilitates fermentative volatile fatty acids recovery from waste activated sludge. OP, VFAs, WAS
80  2020 Perinatal exposure to bisphenol A at the intersection of stress, anxiety, and depression. BPA
81  2020 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of 17α-ethinylestradiol and estrone under UV and visible light using nanotubular oxide arrays grown on Ti-0.5wt%W. PC, PEC, UV
82  2020 Pilot study of global endocrine disrupting activity in Iowa public drinking water utilities using cell-based assays. AhR, AR, ER, GR, TR
83  2020 Plastics derived endocrine-disrupting compounds and their effects on early development. DBP
84  2020 Surveillance of plasticizers, bisphenol A, steroids and caffeine in surface water of River Ganga and Sundarban wetland along the Bay of Bengal: occurrence, sources, estrogenicity screening and ecotoxicological risk assessment. BPA, PAEs
85  2020 Tap water contamination: Multiclass endocrine disrupting compounds in different housing types in an urban settlement. ---
86  2020 The detrimental effect of microplastics on critical periods of development in the neuroendocrine system. ---
87  2020 Theoretical Study of Ozonation of Methylparaben and Ethylparaben in Aqueous Solution. EPB, MPB, TST
88  2020 Transgenerational epigenetic effects from male exposure to endocrine-disrupting compounds: a systematic review on research in mammals. ---
89  2020 Yeast-Based Fluorescent Sensors for the Simultaneous Detection of Estrogenic and Androgenic Compounds, Coupled with High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography. EGFP, HPTLC
90  2020 [Risk Ranking of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care Products in the Aquatic Environment of the Yangtze River Basin]. PPCPs
91  2019 A review of toxicity induced by persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. C. elegans, POPs
92  2019 Analysis of Environmental Protection Agency priority endocrine disruptor hormones and bisphenol A in tap, surface and wastewater by online concentration liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. BPA, SPE
93  2019 Aquatic macroinvertebrates under stress: Bioaccumulation of emerging contaminants and metabolomics implications. ECs
94  2019 Assessment of estrogenic compounds in paperboard for dry food packaging with the ERE-CALUX bioassay. BBP, BPA, DBP, NPs
95  2019 Association between the exposure to phthalates and adiposity: A meta-analysis in children and adults. BMI, WC
96  2019 Autism spectrum disorders, endocrine disrupting compounds, and heavy metals in amniotic fluid: a case-control study. AF, AhR, AR, ASD, ER, FDR, OR, PFAS, PFOS
97  2019 Bioaccumulation of endocrine disrupting compounds in fish with different feeding habits along the largest subtropical river, China. 4-NP, 4-t-OP, BAFs, BPA, SPM, TCC, TCS
98  2019 Biosorption and Biodegradation of the Environmental Hormone Nonylphenol By Four Marine Microalgae. NP
99  2019 Comparative Overview of the Mechanisms of Action of Hormones and Endocrine Disruptor Compounds. ---
100  2019 Contaminants of emerging concern in freshwater fish from four Spanish Rivers. CECs, dw, HFRs, PFASs