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Abbreviation : FID
Long Form : free induction decay
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Characterization of Microstructural Changes on Biglycan Induced Mice Bone by Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. GAGs, PGs
2022 Development of a method to determine the SFC in the fat phase of emulsions using TD-NMR FID-CPMG deconvolution. O/W, SFC, W/O
2022 Diagnostic performance of edited 2HG MR spectroscopy of central glioma in the clinical environment. 2-HG, CRLBs, FWHM, IDH, MEGA-PRESS, MRS, SNR
2022 FID-calibrated simultaneous multi-slice fast spin echo with long trains of hard pulses. MB, SMS-FSE
2022 Proton metabolic mapping of the brain at 7 T using a two-dimensional free induction decay-echo-planar spectroscopic imaging readout with lipid suppression. EPSI, MRSI, SNR
2022 Real-time B0 compensation during gantry rotation in a 0.35-T MRI-Linac. MRIgRT, nRMSEs, SNR
2022 SpecDB: A relational database for archiving biomolecular NMR spectral data. SpecDB
2021 Achieving high-resolution 1H-MRSI of the human brain with compressed-sensing and low-rank reconstruction at 7 Tesla. MRSI
2021 An optimized free induction decay signal sensing coil and its matching circuit for miniaturized Overhauser geomagnetic sensor. ---
10  2021 In Vitro 31P MR Chemical Shifts of In Vivo-Detectable Metabolites at 3T as a Basis Set for a Pilot Evaluation of Skeletal Muscle and Liver 31P Spectra with LCModel Software. 2,3-DPG, ADP, ATP, G1P, G6P, GPC, GPE, PC, PCr, PE, PEP, Pi, PtdC, UDPG
11  2021 Inter-subject stability and regional concentration estimates of 3D-FID-MRSI in the human brain at 7 T. CRT, CVs, ROIs
12  2021 JOM-4S Overhauser Magnetometer and Sensitivity Estimation. DNP, EMI, SNR
13  2021 NMR relaxometry in an investigation of the kinetics of the recrystallization of a three-phase system. NMR
14  2021 Optimizing a rapid shutdown module for pre-polarization current in surface nuclear magnetic resonance. PSNMR, SNMR
15  2021 Spatially resolved free-induction decay spectroscopy using a 3D ultra-short echo time multi-echo imaging sequence with systematic echo shifting and compensation of B0 field drifts. PDCF, RF, UTE
16  2021 Systematic and statistical uncertainties of the hilbert-transform based high-precision FID frequency extraction method. NMR
17  2020 B0 field homogeneity recommendations, specifications, and measurement units for MRI in radiation therapy. ANOVA, DSVs, FWHM, MR, MRI, pk-pk, RT, SD, VRMS
18  2020 Compressed sensing based tuning algorithm for the sensor of proton precession magnetometers. OMPCS, OMPCS-FIDR, PPMs
19  2020 Efficient noise reduction for the free induction decay signal from a proton precession magnetometer with time-frequency peak filtering. PPM, PWVD, SNR, TFPF
20  2020 Frequency-stabilized chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging with real-time free-induction-decay readout. APTw, CEST, FS-CEST, GRE, MTRasym, NFS-CEST
21  2020 On the theory of deuteron NMR free induction decay of reptating polymer chains: Effect of end segment dynamics. ---
22  2020 Sensitivity to myelin using model-free analysis of the water resonance line-shape in postmortem mouse brain. EPSI
23  2020 Signal Deconvolution and Noise Factor Analysis Based on a Combination of Time-Frequency Analysis and Probabilistic Sparse Matrix Factorization. NMR, PSMF, SNR, STFT
24  2020 Use of the 1H NMR technique to describe the kneading step of wholewheat dough: The effect of kneading time and total water content. CPMG, NMR, WWF
25  2019 A Fast and Efficient Measurement System for Nuclear Spin Relaxation Times in Atomic Vapors. GUI, NMR
26  2019 A fusion of principal component analysis and singular value decomposition based multivariate denoising algorithm for free induction decay transversal data. PCA, PCAD, SVD
27  2019 Clinical High-Resolution 3D-MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Brain at 7 T. CRLBs, CRT, MRSI
28  2019 Controlling susceptibility mismatch effects, signal lifetimes, and SNR through variation of B0 in MRI of rock core plugs. SNR
29  2019 Exploring the crystallinity of different powder sugars through solid echo and magic sandwich echo sequences. ---
30  2019 Fast backward singular value decomposition (SVD) algorithm for magnetocardiographic signal reconstruction from pulsed atomic magnetometer data. BSVD, FFT, SVD, ZM
31  2019 Field drift correction of proton resonance frequency shift temperature mapping with multichannel fast alternating nonselective free induction decay readouts. IQR, PRFS-MRT
32  2019 Functional spectroscopic imaging reveals specificity of glutamate response in mouse brain to peripheral sensory stimulation. BOLD
33  2019 Non-Cartesian GRAPPA and coil combination using interleaved calibration data - application to concentric-ring MRSI of the human brain at 7T. CRLBs, MRSI, SNR
34  2019 Propagating molecular rotational coherences through single-frequency pulses in the strong field regime. E-PVN
35  2019 Pulse sequence considerations for quantification of pyruvate-to-lactate conversion kPL in hyperpolarized 13 C imaging. ---
36  2018 A subband Steiglitz-McBride algorithm for automatic analysis of FID data. ---
37  2018 Multi-objective optimization for an automated and simultaneous phase and baseline correction of NMR spectral data. NMR
38  2018 Study on water proton distribution and flow status of starch during the hydration process. IR
39  2018 Waveform reconstruction with a Cs based free-induction-decay magnetometer. FM, OPM
40  2017 31 P T2 s of phosphomonoesters, phosphodiesters, and inorganic phosphate in the human brain at 7T. ---
41  2017 Elimination of digital and analog artefacts from time-domain signals. ---
42  2017 Initial investigation of glucose metabolism in mouse brain using enriched 17 O-glucose and dynamic 17 O-MRS. 18F-FDG, HLSVD, MRS, PET
43  2017 Non-water-suppressed 1 H FID-MRSI at 3T and 9.4T. MRSI, NAA, SAR, TE
44  2016 Magnetic resonance imaging of myelin using ultrashort Echo time (UTE) pulse sequences: Phantom, specimen, volunteer and multiple sclerosis patient studies. IR-UTE, MBP, MS, UTE
45  2016 Magnetic resonance imaging provides sensitive in vivo assessment of experimental ventilator-induced lung injury. ALI, ARDS, MRI, VILI
46  2016 Nuclear paramagnetism-induced MR frequency shift and its implications for MR-based magnetic susceptibility measurement. ppm
47  2016 Overhauser Geomagnetic Sensor Based on the Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Effect for Magnetic Prospecting. DNP
48  2016 Prospective head motion correction using FID-guided on-demand image navigators. MP-RAGE
49  2016 Quantitative velocity distributions via nuclear magnetic resonance flow metering. NMR
50  2016 Symmetrically biased T/R switches for NMR and MRI with microsecond dead time. RF, T/R, ZTE
51  2015 Accuracy and Precision of Head Motion Information in Multi-Channel Free Induction Decay Navigators for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. ---
52  2015 Generation of brain pseudo-CTs using an undersampled, single-acquisition UTE-mDixon pulse sequence and unsupervised clustering. FCM, UTE
53  2015 Lipid suppression via double inversion recovery with symmetric frequency sweep for robust 2D-GRAPPA-accelerated MRSI of the brain at 7 T. IR, SNR
54  2015 Nanoscale probing of dynamics in local molecular environments. PTFE
55  2015 Respiration artifact correction in three-dimensional proton resonance frequency MR thermometry using phase navigators. MRgFUS, PRF, seg-EPI
56  2015 Visualizing unresolved scalar couplings by real-time J-upscaled NMR. ---
57  2015 [Study on three different species tibetan medicine sea buckthorn by 1H-NMR-based metabonomics]. ---
58  2014 Chemical shift encoded imaging of hyperpolarized (13) C pyruvate. ---
59  2014 Coupled circuit numerical analysis of eddy currents in an open MRI system. MRI, NMR
60  2014 Depth-resolved surface coil MRS (DRESS)-localized dynamic (31) P-MRS of the exercising human gastrocnemius muscle at 7 T. ATP, DRESS, PCr, Pi
61  2014 Physical characterisation of high amylose maize starch and acylated high amylose maize starches. CMPG, HAMS, HAMSA
62  2014 Reduction of motion artifacts in carotid MRI using free-induction decay navigators. ADC, CNR, IRB, MRI, TSE
63  2014 Two-dimensional spectroscopic imaging with combined free induction decay and long-TE acquisition (FID echo spectroscopic imaging, FIDESI) for the detection of intramyocellular lipids in calf muscle at 7 T. BM, GM, IMCLs, PUI, SOL, SUB, TA, UI
64  2013 Adiabatic multi-echo P spectroscopic imaging (AMESING) at 7 T for the measurement of transverse relaxation times and regaining of sensitivity in tissues with short T₂ values. AMESING, PDE, PME, SNR
65  2013 Chirped-pulse millimeter-wave spectroscopy: spectrum, dynamics, and manipulation of Rydberg-Rydberg transitions. CPmmW
66  2013 Coil combination of multichannel MRSI data at 7 T: MUSICAL. SNR
67  2013 Effect of a weak static magnetic field on nitrogen-14 quadrupole resonance in the case of an axially symmetric electric field gradient tensor. LP
68  2013 FID modulus: a simple and efficient technique to phase and align MR spectra. ---
69  2013 Functional neuroimaging of inner fields-of-view with 2D-selective RF excitations. 2DRF, SE
70  2013 In vivo chlorine and sodium MRI of rat brain at 21.1 T. ---
71  2013 Increasing sensitivity in determining chemical shifts in one dimensional Lorentzian NMR spectra. ---
72  2013 Lineshape-based polarimetry of dynamically-polarized (15)N2O in solid-state mixtures. CSA, DNP
73  2013 Low resolution 1H NMR assignment of proton populations in pound cake and its polymeric ingredients. CPMG
74  2013 Multispin correlations and pseudo-thermalization of the transient density matrix in solid-state NMR: free induction decay and magic echo. ---
75  2013 Near-field infrared vibrational dynamics and tip-enhanced decoherence. PTFE, s-SNOM
76  2013 NMR spectroscopy with force-gradient detection on a GaAs epitaxial layer. ARP
77  2013 Probing alpha-relaxation with nuclear magnetic resonance echo decay and relaxation: a study on nitrile butadiene rubber. MSE, NBR
78  2013 Real-time automated spectral assessment of the BOLD response for neurofeedback at 3 and 7T. fSVPS, LNLCSF
79  2013 Spin echo measurements of the extravasation and tumor cell uptake of hyperpolarized [1-(13) C]lactate and [1-(13) C]pyruvate. ---
80  2013 T₂ distribution spectra obtained by continuum fitting method using a mixed Gaussian and Exponential kernel function. ---
81  2012 Algorithms for characterizing brain metabolites in two-dimensional in vivo MR correlation spectroscopy. ---
82  2012 An exact analytical solution for the evolution of a dipole-dipole interacting system under spherical diffusion in magnetic resonance experiments. ---
83  2012 Eigenmodes in the long-time behavior of a coupled spin system measured with nuclear magnetic resonance. ---
84  2012 Observation of infrared free-induction decay and optical nutation signals from nitrous oxide using a current modulated quantum cascade laser. QC
85  2012 On the theory of the proton free induction decay and Hahn echo in polymer systems: the role of intermolecular magnetic dipole-dipole interactions and the modified Anderson-Weiss approximation. ---
86  2012 Quantification of holmium-166 loaded microspheres: estimating high local concentrations using a conventional multiple gradient echo sequence with S₀-fitting. HoMS, MGE, qUTE
87  2012 Quantitative 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the human breast at 7 T. ---
88  2012 Ultraslow dynamics at crystallization of a room-temperature ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide. ---
89  2011 Application of double spin echo spiral chemical shift imaging to rapid metabolic mapping of hyperpolarized [1-C]-pyruvate. RF, spCSI
90  2011 Chirped-pulse millimeter-wave spectroscopy of Rydberg-Rydberg transitions. ---
91  2011 Coherent control of spin precession motion with impulsive magnetic fields of half-cycle terahertz radiation. ---
92  2011 Direct detection of a single evoked action potential with MRS in Lumbricus terrestris. fMRI, NMFs
93  2011 Influence of the FID and off-resonance effects in dense MRI. ---
94  2011 Photon echo without a free induction decay in a double-Lamda system. RASE
95  2011 Prospective and retrospective motion correction in diffusion magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain. MRI
96  2011 Quantification and compensation of eddy-current-induced magnetic-field gradients. ---
97  2011 Single Voxel Proton Spectroscopy for Neurofeedback at 7 Tesla. CNR, EPI, fSVPS, ROI
98  2011 The Time-Domain Matched Filter and the Spectral-Domain Matched Filter in 1-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy. MF, SNR
99  2010 Application of a Bayesian deconvolution approach for high-resolution (1)H NMR spectra to assessing the metabolic effects of acute phenobarbital exposure in liver tissue. ---
100  2010 Improved determination of FID signal parameters in low-field NMR. NMR