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Abbreviation : FSIQ
Long Form : Full Scale IQ
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A validated WAIS-IV short-form to estimate intellectual functioning in myotonic dystrophy type 1. ---
2022 Bimanual performance in children with unilateral perinatal arterial ischaemic stroke or periventricular haemorrhagic infarction. PAIS, PVHI, USCP
2022 Biomass fuel use for cooking in Nepalese families and child cognitive abilities, results from a community-based study. ---
2022 Domain-specific effects of prenatal fluoride exposure on child IQ at 4, 5, and 6-12 years in the ELEMENT cohort. ELEMENT, GCI, GEE, PIQ, VIQ
2022 Neurocognitive function and survival in children with average-risk medulloblastoma treated with hyperfractionated radiation therapy alone: Long-term mature outcomes of a prospective study. HFRT, IQ, PQ, SD, VQ
2022 Temporosylvian arachnoid cysts in children. Part 1: Cognitive profile of children with a temporal cyst and impact of the cyst in daily life. A prospective study in 100 consecutive children. TAC
2022 Ten-year follow-up study found that motor-free intelligence quotient declined in children with mild-to-moderate cerebral palsy. IQ, RCI
2022 The stability of the Bayley scales in early childhood and its relationship with future intellectual abilities in a low to middle income country. CCCs, ICCs, WPPSI
2021 Assessing IQ in adolescents with mild to moderate cerebral palsy using the WISC-V. CP, GMFCS
10  2021 Association Between Early Amino Acid Intake and Full-Scale IQ at Age 5 Years Among Infants Born at Less Than 30 Weeks' Gestation. OR
11  2021 Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder of All Ages, Levels of Symptom Severity and General Cognitive Ability Display Low Processing Speed Index Scores Warranting Special Educational Assistance. ASD, PRI, PSI, VCI
12  2021 Disruptions in global network segregation and integration in adolescents and young adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. ARND, CNTRL, FAS, FASD, fMRI, FNC, GICA, IC, MRI, PAE, WASI
13  2021 Effects of hydroxyurea on brain function in children with sickle cell anemia. BOLD, GM-CBF, HbF, SCA, SCI, TCD
14  2021 Head circumference, total cerebral volume and neurodevelopment in preterm neonates. HC, M-ABC, NICU, TCV, TEA, VIQ, WMI
15  2021 Human milk feeding and cognitive outcome in preterm infants: the role of infection and NEC reduction. MBM, NEC, PIQ, PTF, TF, VIQ
16  2021 Impaired Neurocognitive Performance in Children after Liver Transplantation. ---
17  2021 Long-term stability of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-fifth edition scores in a clinical sample. VCI, VSI
18  2021 Patterns of psychopathology and cognition in sex chromosome aneuploidy. CBCL, SCAs
19  2021 Preconception micronutrient supplementation positively affects child intellectual functioning at 6 y of age: A randomized controlled trial in Vietnam. FA, IFA, MMs, PRI, PSI, VCI, WMI
20  2021 Prevalence and Characteristics of Borderline Intellectual Functioning in a Cohort of Patients With Polysubstance Use Disorder. BIF, PSUD, SCL-90-R, SWLS
21  2021 Succinic Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase Deficiency: Review of the Natural History Study. ---
22  2021 The effect of sevoflurane anesthesia for dental procedure on neurocognition in children: a prospective, equivalence, controlled trial. DGA
23  2020 A methodological perspective on the cognitive outcome of epilepsy surgery in children and adolescents. AED, CI, IQ
24  2020 An abbreviated WISC-5 model for identifying youth at risk for intellectual disability in a mixed clinical sample. BD, ID
25  2020 Cognitive Function in Children With Idiopathic Subclinical Hypothyroidism: Effects of 2 Years of Levothyroxine Therapy. PIQ, SH, VIQ
26  2020 Correlates of Cognitive Function in Sickle Cell Disease: A Meta-Analysis. CI, SCD
27  2020 Editorial: Important First Look at Population-Based Trajectories of Youths With Autism. SNAP
28  2020 Encoding of facial expressions in individuals with adult-onset myotonic dystrophy type 1. FDR
29  2020 Examination of five- and four-subtest short form IQ estimations for the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth edition (WISC-V) in a mixed clinical sample. SF
30  2020 Examination of the Flynn effect in German patients with epilepsy assessed with the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) III and IV. IQ, WAIS
31  2020 Examination of the genetic factors underlying the cognitive variability associated with neurofibromatosis type 1. NF1
32  2020 Intelligence quotient (IQ) among children with epilepsy: National epidemiological study - Sudan. ILAE, IQ, NVIQ
33  2020 IQ predictors in pediatric opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome: a large international cohort study. OMS
34  2020 Predictive Value of the BSID-II and the Bayley-III for Early School Age Cognitive Function in Very Preterm Infants. Bayley-III, BSID-II, MDI
35  2020 Sex chromosome aneuploidy alters the relationship between neuroanatomy and cognition. CT, SA, SCA
36  2020 The relationship between epilepsy and cognitive function in benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes. BECTS, FC, GT, MEG, PCC, PRI, PSI, VCI
37  2020 Verbal Short-Form FSIQ Estimations for Possible Use With Individuals With Motor and Visual Impairment or in Virtual Environments. SF
38  2019 Clinical and Molecular Differences between 4-Year-Old Monozygous Male Twins Mosaic for Normal, Premutation and Fragile X Full Mutation Alleles. FXS, MZ, NS, PCR, PM, VIQ
39  2019 Cognitive Function in Pediatric Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. HLHS, PIQ, VIQ
40  2019 Cognitive Function in Sickle Cell Disease Across Domains, Cerebral Infarct Status, and the Lifespan: A Meta-Analysis. SCD
41  2019 Cognitive outcomes of childhood primary CNS vasculitis. cPACNS
42  2019 Comparison of models of premorbid IQ estimation using the TOPF, OPIE-3, and Barona equation, with corrections for the Flynn effect. TOPF
43  2019 Estimating premorbid intelligence in persons with traumatic brain injury: an examination of the Test of Premorbid Functioning. TBI, TOPF, VCI
44  2019 General Educational Development (GED) and Educational Attainment Equivalency for Demographically Adjusted Norms†. GED, TOPF
45  2019 Impact of age at surgery on neurodevelopmental outcomes in sagittal synostosis. GQs, PIQ, SS, VIQ
46  2019 Prenatal and childhood exposure to poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and cognitive development in children at age 8 years. HOME, PFAS, PFHxS, PFNA, PFOA, PFOS
47  2019 Prospective, longitudinal comparison of neurocognitive change in pediatric brain tumor patients treated with proton radiotherapy versus surgery only. CSI, PRI, PRT, PSI, VCI, WMI
48  2019 Relation between adaptive function and IQ among youth with histories of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure. AE, CON
49  2019 The Effects of Radiation and Sex Differences on Adaptive Functioning in Adult Survivors of Pediatric Posterior Fossa Brain Tumors. DSF, OSDMT, RT, SIB-R, WASI-II, WMS-III
50  2019 Toddler Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Are Associated With School-Age IQ in Children With Single Ventricle Physiology. BSID, MDI, SV, WISC
51  2019 Topological Modification of Brain Networks Organization in Children With High Intelligence Quotient: A Resting-State fMRI Study. HIQ, PRI, VCI
52  2019 Using kinematic analyses to explore sensorimotor control impairments in children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. 22q11.2DS, ASD
53  2018 "Complementary exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses of the French WISC-V: Analyses based on the standardization sample": Correction to Lecerf and Canivez (2018). CFAs, EFA, FR, PS, VC, VS, WM
54  2018 Children and adolescents with phenylketonuria display fluctuations in their blood phenylalanine levels. IQ, PKU
55  2018 Cognitive characteristics of mitochondrial diseases in children. IQ, IQR, PIQ
56  2018 Construct validity of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children - Fifth UK Edition: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses of the 16 primary and secondary subtests. CFA, EFA
57  2018 Detrended connectometry analysis to assess white matter correlates of performance in childhood. GCV, PIQ, VIQ
58  2018 Estimated IQ Systematically Underestimates Neurocognitive Sequelae in Irradiated Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors. EIQ
59  2018 Intragenic DNA methylation in buccal epithelial cells and intellectual functioning in a paediatric cohort of males with fragile X. BEC, FREE2, FXS, WG
60  2018 Multimodal neuroimaging measures and intelligence influence pedophile child sexual offense behavior. CSO, CT, FA, NPC, P-CSO, SA
61  2018 Preterm Neuroimaging and School-Age Cognitive Outcomes. CI, cUS, OR
62  2018 Proactive control as a double-edged sword in autism spectrum disorder. ASD, AX-CPT, TYP
63  2018 The intellectual profile of abused and neglected children in the Philippines: An analysis of SB5 IQ scores of sexually abused, physically abused and neglected children. Kn, NVIQ, QR, VIQ, VS
64  2018 The Relationship Between General Intelligence and Cortical Structure in Healthy Individuals. CFT, CG, CSA, CT, CV, VIQ
65  2017 Accuracy of WISC-III and WAIS-IV short forms in patients with neurological disorders. SFs
66  2017 Alteration of Monoamine Receptor Activity and Glucose Metabolism in Pediatric Patients with Anticonvulsant-Induced Cognitive Impairment. IQ, PIQ, VIQ
67  2017 Assessment of executive function in ADHD adolescents: contribution of performance tests and rating scales. ADHD, EF, VCI
68  2017 Cognitive functioning following stabilisation from first episode mania. PIQ, VIQ
69  2017 Complementary exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses of the French WISC-V: Analyses based on the standardization sample. CFAs, EFA, FR, PS, VC, VS, WM
70  2017 Development of the Korean Adult Reading Test (KART) to estimate premorbid intelligence in dementia patients. AD, CN, CNc, CNv, KART, MCI
71  2017 Intellectual development in preschool children with early treated congenital hypothyroidism. CH, IQ, PIQ, VIQ
72  2017 Intelligence profiles of Chinese school-aged boys with high-functioning ASD and ADHD. ADHD, ADHD, HFASD, IQ, PRI, TD
73  2017 Long-term cognitive functioning in individuals with tyrosinemia type 1 treated with nitisinone and protein-restricted diet. MDI
74  2017 Neurobiology of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in GAD: Aberrant neurometabolic correlation to hippocampus and relationship to anxiety sensitivity and IQ. ASI, CG, DLPFC, GAD, HIPP
75  2017 Silent cerebral infarct definitions and full-scale IQ loss in children with sickle cell anemia. CI, SCA, SCI
76  2017 Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Intelligence Quotient in Early-Treated Individuals with Classical Galactosemia. CG
77  2017 The effect of demographic variables on the assessment of cognitive ability. ---
78  2017 The effects of maternal and children phthalate exposure on the neurocognitive function of 6-year-old children. CPT, MBP, MEHHP, MEOHP
79  2017 The reliability of multidimensional neuropsychological measures: from alpha to omega. ---
80  2016 Age-related commonalities and differences in the relationship between executive functions and intelligence: Analysis of the NAB executive functions module and WAIS-IV scores. EFI, GAI, NAB, PRI, VCI, WMI
81  2016 Associations Between the KIAA0319 Dyslexia Susceptibility Gene Variants, Antenatal Maternal Stress, and Reading Ability in a Longitudinal Birth Cohort. ---
82  2016 Bifactor model of WISC-IV: Applicability and measurement invariance in low and normal IQ groups. ECV
83  2016 Biomarkers in a Taurine Trial for Succinic Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase Deficiency. SSADH, TMS
84  2016 Cognitive function in Nigerian children with newly diagnosed epilepsy: a preliminary report. IQ
85  2016 Cognitive functions in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs in utero - Study in Georgia. AEDs, IQ, PIQ, VCI, VPA, WAIS-R
86  2016 Consequences of Correcting Intelligence Quotient for Prematurity atAge5Years. GA, PIQ, PSQ, VIQ
87  2016 Estimated cognitive decline in patients with schizophrenia: A multicenter study. WAIS-III
88  2016 Factors Associated With Accidental Injuries in Children With ADHD-Combined Type: More Than a Motor Problem? ADHD-CT, ASD, MABC-2
89  2016 Intellectual Functioning in Children with Congenital Heart Defects Treated with Surgery or by Catheter Interventions. CHD, SES
90  2016 Intellectual functioning of adolescent and adult patients with eating disorders. AN, ED, EDI-II, PIQ, VIQ
91  2016 Neurocognitive outcomes in congenital diaphragmatic hernia survivors: a cross-sectional prospective study. CDH, ELC
92  2016 Pediatric traumatic brain injury affects multisensory integration. TBI, TC
93  2016 Persistent maternal depressive symptoms trajectories influence children's IQ: The EDEN mother-child cohort. CES-D, EPDS, PIQ, VIQ, WPPSI-III
94  2016 Preschool Assessment of Preterm Infants Treated With Darbepoetin and Erythropoietin. ESAs, TCs
95  2016 Sex differences in the intellectual functioning of early school-aged children in rural China. PRI, PSI, VCI, WMI
96  2016 The National Adult Reading Test: restandardisation against the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth edition. low, NART
97  2016 Utility of the General Ability Index (GAI) and Cognitive Proficiency Index (CPI) with survivors of pediatric brain tumors: Comparison to Full Scale IQ and premorbid IQ estimates. CPI, GAI, RT
98  2016 Visuoperceptual sequelae in children with hemophilia and intracranial hemorrhage. HH, HIC, PIQ
99  2015 Accuracy of Short Forms of the Dutch Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence: Third Edition. IQ, WPPSI-III-NL
100  2015 An examination of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales, Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) in individuals with complicated mild, moderate and Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). PSI, TBI, WMI