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Abbreviation : FXIa
Long Form : factor XIa
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 DAKS1, a Kunitz Scaffold Peptide from the Venom Gland of Deinagkistrodon acutus Prevents Carotid-Artery and Middle-Cerebral-Artery Thrombosis via Targeting Factor XIa. D. acutus, SBPs, tMCAO
2021 Detecting factor XIa in immune globulin products: Commutability of international reference materials for traditional and global hemostasis assays. CAs, FG, Ig, NAPTT, RRs, TG
2021 Discovery of Milvexian, a High-Affinity, Orally Bioavailable Inhibitor of Factor XIa in Clinical Studies for Antithrombotic Therapy. ---
2021 First-in-human study of milvexian, an oral, direct, small molecule factor XIa inhibitor. MAD, PDs, PKs, SAD
2021 Identification of an alpha-1 antitrypsin variant with enhanced specificity for factor XIa by phage display, bacterial expression, and combinatorial mutagenesis. AAT
2021 Improved efficacy/safety profile of factor XIa inhibitor BMS-724296 versus factor Xa inhibitor apixaban and thrombin inhibitor dabigatran in cynomolgus monkeys. APTT, CT, i.v, KBT, NHP, PT, TT, TWR
2021 Lignosulfonic Acid Sodium Is a Noncompetitive Inhibitor of Human Factor XIa. APTT, LSAS
2021 Milvexian, an orally bioavailable, small-molecule, reversible, direct inhibitor of factor XIa: In vitro studies and in vivo evaluation in experimental thrombosis in rabbits. APTT, BT, CBF
2021 ONO-7684 a novel oral FXIa inhibitor: Safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in a first-in-human study. APTT, FIH, FXI
10  2021 Selection and in vitro and in vivo characterization of a Kunitz protease inhibitor domain of protease nexin 2 variant that inhibits factor XIa without inhibiting plasmin. KPI, KPIHSA, TTO
11  2021 Stepwise Reversion of Multiply Mutated Recombinant Antitrypsin Reveals a Selective Inhibitor of Coagulation Factor XIa as Active as the M358R Variant. KAL, RCL, SI
12  2021 WPK5, a Novel Kunitz-Type Peptide from the Leech Whitmania pigra Inhibiting Factor XIa, and Its Loop-Replaced Mutant to Improve Potency. ---
13  2020 Combined thrombogenic effects of vessel injury, pregnancy and procoagulant immune globulin administration in mice. Ig
14  2020 Discovery of a High Affinity, Orally Bioavailable Macrocyclic FXIa Inhibitor with Antithrombotic Activity in Preclinical Species. PK, SAR
15  2020 Discovery of Benzyl Tetraphosphonate Derivative as Inhibitor of Human Factor Xia. ---
16  2020 Enabling accurate measurement of activated factor XI (FXIa) in therapeutic immunoglobulin products. IVIG
17  2020 Hemodialysis Does Not Induce Detectable Activation of the Contact System of Coagulation. FXIIa, PMMA, PP, TAT
18  2020 Microfluidic hemophilia models using blood from healthy donors. FIX, FVIII, TF
19  2020 Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation: Insight Into the Intimate Mechanisms of Coagulation. AF, FVIIa, FXIIa, PAF, TF
20  2020 Role of Factor XIa and Plasma Kallikrein in Arterial and Venous Thrombosis. PK, PKa
21  2019 A synthetic heparin mimetic that allosterically inhibits factor XIaand reduces thrombosis in vivo without enhanced risk of bleeding. SCI
22  2019 Endogenous Procoagulant Activity in Trauma Patients and Its Relationship to Trauma Severity. ISS, TF
23  2019 Potent, Orally Bioavailable, and Efficacious Macrocyclic Inhibitors of Factor XIa. Discovery of Pyridine-Based Macrocycles Possessing Phenylazole Carboxamide P1 Groups. ---
24  2019 Purification and characterization of a novel anti-coagulant from the leech Hirudinaria manillensis. APTT, FXa, FXIIa, ORF
25  2018 Asymmetric Synthesis of Silanediol Inhibitors for the Serine Protease Coagulation Cascade Enzyme FXIa. FIX
26  2018 Coagulation factor XI induces Ca2+ response and accelerates cell migration in vascular smooth muscle cells via proteinase-activated receptor 1. p-APMSF, PAR1
27  2018 Effect of rosuvastatin on risk markers for venous thromboembolism in cancer. CRP, FIXa, FVIII, TF, VTE
28  2018 Improving the understanding of plasma kallikrein contribution to arterial thrombus formation using two plant protease inhibitors. ADP, APTT, AsTI, Dr, DrTI, huPK, PK, TIs
29  2018 Recent advances in the discovery and development of factor XI/XIa inhibitors. ASOs, FXI
30  2018 Removal of the C-Terminal Domains of ADAMTS13 by Activated Coagulation Factor XI induces Platelet Adhesion on Endothelial Cells under Flow Conditions. FRETS, vWF
31  2018 Underestimation of N-glycoPEGylated factor IX one-stage clotting activity owing to contact activator-impaired activation. APTT, FIX, OS, PEG
32  2017 An update on factor XI structure and function. FIX, FXI, PK
33  2017 Discovery of a Parenteral Small Molecule Coagulation Factor XIa Inhibitor Clinical Candidate (BMS-962212). ---
34  2017 Discovery of Chromen-7-yl Furan-2-Carboxylate as a Potent and Selective Factor XIa Inhibitor. ---
35  2017 Generation and characterization of aptamers targeting factor XIa. SELEX
36  2017 Macrocyclic factor XIa inhibitors. APTT
37  2017 Platelet amyloid precursor protein is a modulator of venous thromboembolism in mice. APP, KO
38  2017 Prochemerin cleavage by factor XIa links coagulation and inflammation. PRP
39  2017 Selection and characterization of a DNA aptamer inhibiting coagulation factor XIa. FELIAP, FIX, SCRAPT
40  2017 Structural Principles in the Development of Cyclic Peptidic Enzyme Inhibitors. PK
41  2016 An application of mass spectrometry for quality control of biologicals: Highly sensitive profiling of plasma residuals in human plasma-derived immunoglobulin. Ig, TEE
42  2016 Characterization of IXINITY (Trenonacog Alfa), a Recombinant Factor IX with Primary Sequence Corresponding to the Threonine-148 Polymorph. FIXa, FVIIIa, FX, Thr-148
43  2016 Factor XIa inhibitors: A review of the patent literature. ---
44  2016 Orally bioavailable pyridine and pyrimidine-based Factor XIa inhibitors: Discovery of the methyl N-phenyl carbamate P2 prime group. ---
45  2016 Synergy Between Tissue Factor and Exogenous Factor XIa in Initiating Coagulation. E-FXIa, TF
46  2015 Allosteric inhibition of factor XIa. Sulfated non-saccharide glycosaminoglycan mimetics as promising anticoagulants. SPGG
47  2015 Creating novel activated factor XI inhibitors through fragment based lead generation and structure aided drug design. ---
48  2015 FXIa and platelet polyphosphate as therapeutic targets during human blood clotting on collagen/tissue factor surfaces under flow. FIX, FXIIa, polyP, TF
49  2015 In vitro, antithrombotic and bleeding time studies of BMS-654457, a small-molecule, reversible and direct inhibitor of factor XIa. APTT, BT
50  2014 Allosteric inhibition of human factor XIa: discovery of monosulfated benzofurans as a class of promising inhibitors. ---
51  2014 Designing allosteric inhibitors of factor XIa. Lessons from the interactions of sulfated pentagalloylglucopyranosides. SPGG
52  2014 Fasxiator, a novel factor XIa inhibitor from snake venom, and its site-specific mutagenesis to improve potency and selectivity. ---
53  2014 Quantifying the thrombogenic potential of human plasma-derived immunoglobulin products. IgG, TEEs
54  2014 Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as potent and selective factor XIa inhibitors. THQ
55  2014 The mechanism underlying activation of factor IX by factor XIa. FIX, fIXabeta, FXI
56  2013 Activation of the contact system in patients with a first acute myocardial infarction. AMI, AT, C1-INH
57  2013 Discovery of allosteric modulators of factor XIa by targeting hydrophobic domains adjacent to its heparin-binding site. GBPs, HBS, QAOs, SAMs
58  2013 Flebogamma() DIF (intravenous immunoglobulin) purification process effectively eliminates procoagulant activities. fr, IVIG, NAPTT, PKA, TGT
59  2013 Ongoing contact activation in patients with hereditary angioedema. C1-INH, FXIIa, HAE
60  2013 Quantitative determination of activated coagulation factor XI as an impurity in therapeutic immunoglobulins from Chinese blood fractionation companies. IVIG
61  2013 Sulfated pentagalloylglucoside is a potent, allosteric, and selective inhibitor of factor XIa. ---
62  2012 A sequential mechanism for exosite-mediated factor IX activation by factor XIa. FIX
63  2012 Factors associated with the presence of circulating active tissue factor and activated factor XI in stable angina patients. ACSs, f-TFPI, IL, TF, Th1
64  2012 P1 and P2' site mutations convert protease nexin-2 from a factor XIa inhibitor to a plasmin inhibitor. PN2
65  2011 Activated factor XI and tissue factor in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: links with inflammation and thrombin generation. COPD, CRP, IL-6, MMP-9, TF, TNF-alpha
66  2011 Productive recognition of factor IX by factor XIa exosites requires disulfide linkage between heavy and light chains of factor XIa. FIX, FXIa-LC
67  2011 The role of factor XIa (FXIa) catalytic domain exosite residues in substrate catalysis and inhibition by the Kunitz protease inhibitor domain of protease nexin 2. FIX, KPI, PN2
68  2010 Active tissue factor and activated factor XI in circulating blood of patients with systolic heart failure due to ischemic cardiomyopathy. CAD, HF, LA, TF
69  2010 Identification of an anticoagulant peptide that inhibits both fXIa and fVIIa/tissue factor from the blood-feeding nematode Ancylostoma caninum. ---
70  2010 Mechanisms and specificity of factor XIa and trypsin inhibition by protease nexin 2 and basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor. BPTI
71  2009 Characterization of a heparin-binding site on the catalytic domain of factor XIa: mechanism of heparin acceleration of factor XIa inhibition by the serpins antithrombin and C1-inhibitor. AT, C1-INH, CD
72  2008 Functional role of residue 193 (chymotrypsin numbering) in serine proteases: influence of side chain length and beta-branching on the catalytic activity of blood coagulation factor XIa. APPI, DFP, PAB
73  2007 Macromolecular substrate-binding exosites on both the heavy and light chains of factor XIa mediate the formation of the Michaelis complex required for factor IX-activation. FIX, FXIa-LC
74  2006 Contributions of basic amino acids in the autolysis loop of factor XIa to serpin specificity. AT, C1-INH, ZPI
75  2006 Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of peptidomimetic inhibitors of factor XIa as novel anticoagulants. ---
76  2005 Mutation of surface residues to promote crystallization of activated factor XI as a complex with benzamidine: an essential step for the iterative structure-based design of factor XI inhibitors. ---
77  2005 Structural and mutational analyses of the molecular interactions between the catalytic domain of factor XIa and the Kunitz protease inhibitor domain of protease nexin 2. FXIac, KPI, PN2
78  2004 Crystal structures of the FXIa catalytic domain in complex with ecotin mutants reveal substrate-like interactions. ---
79  2003 Engineering of a macromolecular scaffold to develop specific protease inhibitors. FXa, MT-SP1, PKal, uPA
80  2002 Unusual proteolytic activation of pro-hepatocyte growth factor by plasma kallikrein and coagulation factor XIa. HGF, pro-HGF
81  2000 Fibrillar amyloid beta-protein binds protease nexin-2/amyloid beta-protein precursor: stimulation of its inhibition of coagulation factor XIa. CAA, HCHWA-D, KPI
82  2000 High molecular weight kininogen is cleaved by FXIa at three sites: Arg409-Arg410, Lys502-Thr503 and Lys325-Lys326. HK
83  2000 SERPIN regulation of factor XIa. The novel observation that protease nexin 1 in the presence of heparin is a more potent inhibitor of factor XIa than C1 inhibitor. LRP, PN-1, SERPIN
84  1998 A binding site for heparin in the apple 3 domain of factor XI. FXI
85  1997 Progress curve analysis of the kinetics with which blood coagulation factor XIa is inhibited by protease nexin-2. APP, HK, PN-2
86  1996 Clearance of human factor XIa-inhibitor complexes in rats. alpha 1-AT, AT, C1-INH
87  1996 Inactivation of factor Xia in vivo: studies in chimpanzees and in humans. A1AT, a2AP, ATIII, C1-INH
88  1995 Coagulation factor XIa cleaves the RHDS sequence and abolishes the cell adhesive properties of the amyloid beta-protein. ---
89  1995 Evaluation of factor XIa-alpha 1-antitrypsin in plasma, a contact phase-activated coagulation factor-inhibitor complex, in patients with coronary artery disease. CAD, FXIa-alpha 1AT
90  1995 Inactivation of factor XIa in human plasma assessed by measuring factor XIa-protease inhibitor complexes: major role for C1-inhibitor. A1AT, a2AP, ATIII, C1-INH, ELISAs
91  1995 Zinc (II) selectively enhances the inhibition of coagulation factor XIa by protease nexin-2/amyloid beta-protein precursor. KPI, PN-2
92  1994 Activation of bovine factor IX by the reaction product of bovine factor VII and human tissue factor. FIX, TF
93  1994 Kunitz domain inhibitors of tissue factor-factor VIIa. II. Potent and specific inhibitors by competitive phage selection. APPI, TF.FVIIa
94  1992 Purification of factor XIa inhibitor from human platelets. APP
95  1992 The sequence HGLGHGHEQQHGLGHGH in the light chain of high molecular weight kininogen serves as a primary structural feature for zinc-dependent binding to an anionic surface. HK, mAb