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Abbreviation : GAMs
Long Form : generalized additive models
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Age-specific cut-off levels of anti-Müllerian hormone can be used as diagnostic markers for polycystic ovary syndrome. ROC, TLGS
2021 Assessment of the transfer of heavy metals in seawater, sediment, biota samples and determination the baseline tissue concentrations of metals in marine organisms. EQSs
2021 Development and validation of an interpretable neural network for prediction of postoperative in-hospital mortality. AUC, CPT, DNNs, GAM-NNs, HCUP, LR, MAP
2021 Effects of acute ambient pollution exposure on preterm prelabor rupture of membranes: A time-series analysis in Shanghai, China. IPMCHH, PPROM, PROM, TPROM
2021 Environmental DNA reveals links between abundance and composition of airborne grass pollen and respiratory health. eDNA
2021 In the shadows of snow leopards and the Himalayas: density and habitat selection of blue sheep in Manang, Nepal. NDVI
2021 Lag effects of size-fractionated particulate matter pollution on outpatient visits for respiratory diseases in Lanzhou, China. PM, RESD
2021 Micro-size plankton abundance and assemblages in the western North Pacific Subtropical Gyre under microscopic observation. NPSG, PCoAs
2021 Temporal and spatial monitoring of HIV prevalence and incidence rates using geospatial models: Results from South African women. ---
10  2021 The impact of urban and transport planning on health: Assessment of the attributable mortality burden in Madrid and Barcelona and its distribution by socioeconomic status. SES, UTOPHIA
11  2021 The Modeling and Forecasting of Carabid Beetle Distribution in Northwestern China. ---
12  2021 The Relationship between Mobility and COVID-19 in Germany: Modeling Case Occurrence using Apple's Mobility Trends Data. AMT, COVID-19
13  2021 Treating and reusing wastewater generated by the washing operations in the non-hazardous plastic solid waste recycling process: Advanced method vs. conventional method. LDPE, PSW, SBBGR
14  2020 A Factored Generalized Additive Model for Clinical Decision Support in the Operating Room. F-GAM, LR
15  2020 A stratified generalized additive model and permutation test for temporal heterogeneity of smoothed bivariate spatial effects. PDA, PMSD
16  2020 A U-shaped Association of Breastfeeding Duration with Cognitive Impairment in Chinese Postmenopausal Women. CI, ORs
17  2020 Assessment and statistical modelling of airborne microorganisms in Madrid. ---
18  2020 Associations between air pollution and COVID-19 epidemic during quarantine period in China. CI, IQR, PM10, PM2.5
19  2020 Associations between daily ambient temperature and sedentary time among children 4-6 years old in Mexico City. ---
20  2020 Contribution of socioeconomic and environmental factors to geographic disparities in breast cancer risk in the Nurses' Health Study II. ER, NHSII, SES
21  2020 Contribution of tailpipe and non-tailpipe traffic sources to quasi-ultrafine, fine and coarse particulate matter in southern California. AVE, CA, ER, PM, TRAP
22  2020 Early life ecology of the invasive lionfish (Pterois spp.) in the western Atlantic. ---
23  2020 Evaluating associations between early pregnancy trace elements mixture and 2nd trimester gestational glucose levels: A comparison of three statistical approaches. BKMR, GDM, ICP-MS, LASSO
24  2020 Evaluating the Effects of Climate and Environmental Factors on Under-5 Children Malaria Spatial Distribution Using Generalized Additive Models (GAMs). GAM, SDGs
25  2020 Global Research Alliance N2 O chamber methodology guidelines: Guidelines for gap-filling missing measurements. ARIMA, NNs, RF
26  2020 How air quality and COVID-19 transmission change under different lockdown scenarios? A case from Dhaka city, Bangladesh. MT, RF, RH
27  2020 Long-term impact of PM2.5 mass and sulfur reductions on ultrafine particle trends in Boston, MA from 1999 to 2018. UFPs
28  2020 Longitudinal, lateral, vertical and temporal thermal heterogeneity in a large impounded river: implications for cold-water refuges. TIR
29  2020 Modeling the age-related shift in the mineral content of hard tissues in two Mediterranean deer species. ICP-MS
30  2020 Performance evaluation of cetacean species distribution models developed using generalized additive models and boosted regression trees. BRTs, SDMs
31  2020 Predicting suitable coastal habitat for sei whales, southern right whales and dolphins around the Falkland Islands. PVs, SDMs
32  2020 Short-term effects of particulate matter exposure on emergency room visits for cardiovascular disease in Lanzhou, China: a time series analysis. CVD, ERRs, PM
33  2020 Stay cool or get hot? An applied primer for using temperature in forensic entomological case work. PMI
34  2020 Taxonomic bias in occurrence information of angiosperm species in China. ---
35  2020 The Association Between Air Pollution and Low Birth Weight and Preterm Labor in Ahvaz, Iran. ---
36  2020 Trochaic bias overrides stress typicality in English lexical development. AoA, CELEX
37  2020 Use of Generalized Additive Model to Detect the Threshold of delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase Activity Reduced by Lead Exposure. ALAD, BLL, PCR-RFLP
38  2019 Aerial surveys for Antarctic minke whales (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) reveal sea ice dependent distribution patterns. AMW, WAP
39  2019 Apparent relationships between anthropogenic factors and climate change indicators and POPs deposition in a lacustrine system. PAHs, PCBs, POPs, TP
40  2019 Associating the spatial properties of a watershed with downstream Chl-a concentration using spatial analysis and generalized additive models. Chl-a, WWTPs
41  2019 Associations of Iron Intake, Serum Iron and Serum Ferritin with Bone Mineral Density in Women: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005-2010. BMD, DXA
42  2019 Calibrating an individual-based movement model to predict functional connectivity for little owls. ABC, BRB, IBM, RF
43  2019 Climate impact on ambient PM2.5 elemental concentration in the United States: A trend analysis over the last 30 years. EC, OC
44  2019 Comparison of distance-based and model-based ordinations. ---
45  2019 Comparison of Frequentist and Bayesian Generalized Additive Models for Assessing the Association Between Daily Exposure to Fine Particles and Respiratory Mortality: A Simulation Study. PM2.5
46  2019 Determinants of the little auk (Alle alle) breeding colony location and size in W and NW coast of Spitsbergen. CIT
47  2019 Exploring spatial nonstationary environmental effects on Yellow Perch distribution in Lake Erie. GWR, MU
48  2019 Exposure measurement error in air pollution studies: A framework for assessing shared, multiplicative measurement error in ensemble learning estimates of nitrogen oxides. NOx, SMME, SUMA
49  2019 Impact of weather changes on air quality and related mortality in Spain over a 25 year period [1993-2017]. ---
50  2019 Latitudinal and bathymetrical species richness patterns in the NW Pacific and adjacent Arctic Ocean. ES50
51  2019 Prediction of dengue outbreaks based on disease surveillance, meteorological and socio-economic data. DHF, NPV, PPV
52  2019 Response of Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis to marine environmental changes in the north-central South China Sea based on satellite and in situ observations. Chl-a, CPUE, S. oualaniensis, SCPUE, SCS, SST
53  2019 Short-term exposure to ambient air pollution and daily atherosclerotic heart disease mortality in a cool climate. ASHD, DLNM, PM2.5
54  2019 Spatial incongruence in the species richness and functional diversity of cricetid rodents. GLMs, SR
55  2019 Species-area relationships of lemurs in a fragmented landscape in Madagascar. AIC, SARs
56  2018 An experimental test of the Community Assembly by Trait Selection (CATS) model. CATS, CWM, SRL
57  2018 Effectiveness evaluation of quota payment for specific diseases under global budget: a typical provider payment system reform in rural China. NRCMS
58  2018 Estimating PM2.5 speciation concentrations using prototype 4.4 km-resolution MISR aerosol properties over Southern California. AOD, EC, MISR, OC
59  2018 Extreme drought pushes stream invertebrate communities over functional thresholds. TPGs
60  2018 Impacts of grazing exclusion on productivity partitioning along regional plant diversity and climatic gradients in Tibetan alpine grasslands. ANPP, BNPP, GSP, GST, SEMs
61  2018 Phytoplankton response to climate changes and anthropogenic activities recorded by sedimentary pigments in a shallow eutrophied lake. TP
62  2018 Predictive performance of regression models to estimate Chlorophyll-a concentration based on Landsat imagery. Chl-a, MLR, SLR
63  2018 Testing association between soil bacterial diversity and soil carbon storage on the Loess Plateau. SEM
64  2018 The effects of interaction between particulate matter and temperature on mortality in Beijing, China. ---
65  2017 A U-shaped Association Between Blood Pressure and Cognitive Impairment in Chinese Elderly. CLHLS, DBP, MAP, MMSE, PP, SBP
66  2017 Additive Models Reveal Sources of Metals and Organic Pollutants in Norwegian Marine Sediments. PAHs, PCBs
67  2017 Climate and landscape drive the pace and pattern of conifer encroachment into subalpine meadows. ---
68  2017 Illegal use of natural resources in federal protected areas of the Brazilian Amazon. PAs
69  2017 Impact of social inequalities at birth on the longevity of children born 1914-1916: A cohort study. MAD, MICE, SES
70  2017 Linking livestock snow disaster mortality and environmental stressors in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Quantification based on generalized additive models. ---
71  2017 Links between Soil Fungal Diversity and Plant and Soil Properties on the Loess Plateau. ITS2, SEM, SOC
72  2017 Long-term changes in nutrients, chlorophyll a and their relationships in a semi-enclosed eutrophic ecosystem, Bohai Bay, China. Chl a, DIN, N/P, SRP
73  2017 Modeling seasonal and spatial contamination of surface waters and upper sediments with trace metal elements across industrialized urban areas of the Seybouse watershed in North Africa. GLM
74  2017 Modeling the flux of metabolites in the juvenile hormone biosynthesis pathway using generalized additive models and ordinary differential equations. CA, JH, ODE
75  2017 Numerical and qualitative contrasts of two statistical models for water quality change in tidal waters. Chl-a, WRTDS
76  2017 Spatial downscaling of soil prediction models based on weighted generalized additive models in smallholder farm settings. DSM, TN
77  2017 The linear relationship between the Vulnerable Elders Survey-13 score and mortality in an Asian population of community-dwelling older persons. VES-13
78  2016 A low-altitude mountain range as an important refugium for two narrow endemics in the Southwest Australian Floristic Region biodiversity hotspot. DEM, SWAFR
79  2016 Colorectal cancer risk and nitrate exposure through drinking water and diet. CRC, NOCs, OR
80  2016 From pest data to abundance-based risk maps combining eco-physiological knowledge, weather, and habitat variability. SBA
81  2016 Low dose radiation risks for women surviving the a-bombs in Japan: generalized additive model. RR
82  2016 Modeling the effects of AADT on predicting multiple-vehicle crashes at urban and suburban signalized intersections. AADT, PLNB, SPF
83  2016 Short-term health effects in the general population following a major train accident with acrylonitrile in Belgium. ACN, CEV
84  2016 The effects of Sulphur dioxide on acute mortality and years of life lost are modified by temperature in Chengdu, China. YLLs
85  2016 Transmission of Calicophoron daubneyi and Fasciola hepatica in Galicia (Spain): Temporal follow-up in the intermediate and definitive hosts. ---
86  2015 Characterizing a Foraging Hotspot for Short-Finned Pilot Whales and Blainville's Beaked Whales Located off the West Side of Hawai'i Island by Using Tagging and Oceanographic Data. ---
87  2015 Effects of Weight Loss Speed on Kidney Function Differ Depending on Body Mass Index in Nondiabetic Healthy People: A Prospective Cohort. BMI, CKD, eGFR
88  2015 Evaluation of the performance of smoothing functions in generalized additive models for spatial variation in disease. TPRS
89  2015 Flexible regression models for rate differences, risk differences and relative risks. ---
90  2015 Spatial and climatic patterns of the relative abundance of poisonous vs. non-poisonous plants across the Northern Tibetan Plateau. AIC, GSP
91  2015 Spatial variation in mortality risk for hematological malignancies near a petrochemical refinery: A population-based case-control study. HMs
92  2015 Statistical Modeling of Fire Occurrence Using Data from the Tohoku, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. BRTs, GLMs, NB
93  2015 Vulnerabilities to Temperature Effects on Acute Myocardial Infarction Hospital Admissions in South Korea. AMI, KNHI, SES
94  2014 A global assessment of forest surface albedo and its relationships with climate and atmospheric nitrogen deposition. DBF, DNF, EBF, ENF, MF, Ndep, PFTs
95  2014 An introduction to modeling longitudinal data with generalized additive models: applications to single-case designs. SCDs
96  2014 Bivalve and barnacle larvae distribution driven by water temperature in a Mediterranean lagoon. GML, RDA
97  2014 Diagnostics for Statistical Variable Selection Methods for Prediction of Peptic Ulcer Disease in Helicobacter pylori Infection. MARS
98  2014 Exploration of refuge preference in the Arizona bark scorpion (Scorpiones: Buthidae). ---
99  2014 Mesoscale fronts as foraging habitats: composite front mapping reveals oceanographic drivers of habitat use for a pelagic seabird. ARS, GEE-GAMs
100  2014 Prevalence and genetic diversity of Salmonella spp. in a river in a tropical environment in Mexico. ---