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Abbreviation : GEC
Long Form : galactose elimination capacity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 The galactose elimination capacity test to monitor liver disease course in patients with Wilson's disease. WD
2019 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease causes dissociated changes in metabolic liver functions. FHNC, ICG, NAFLD, NASH
2019 Time-dependent improvement of liver inflammation, fibrosis and metabolic liver function after successful direct-acting antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C. CHC, CRT, DAA
2018 High hepatic macrophage activation and low liver function in stable Wilson patients - a Danish cross-sectional study. WD
2016 Alcoholic Hepatitis Markedly Decreases the Capacity for Urea Synthesis. FHNC, MELD
2011 Critical flicker frequency and continuous reaction times for the diagnosis of minimal hepatic encephalopathy: a comparative study of 154 patients with liver disease. CFF, CRT, HE, MHE
2011 Quantitative assessment of hepatic function during liver regeneration in a standardized rat model. HBS, ICG
2011 Quantitative liver function tests improve the prediction of clinical outcomes in chronic hepatitis C: results from the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term Treatment Against Cirrhosis Trial. AP, CA, CI, CL, HALT-C, HCV, MBT, PHM, QLFTs
2010 Age-dependency of galactose elimination capacity in healthy children and children with chronic liver disease. ---
10  2010 Body composition changes after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in patients with cirrhosis. FFA, HOMA-IR, MELD, TBW, TIPS
11  2009 Evaluation of quantitative liver function tests in HIV-positive patients under anti-retroviral therapy. ART, IGC, LHT, QTLF
12  2009 Liver function under interferon/ribavirin therapy of chronic hepatitis C. ABT, ICG, QTLF, SCl
13  2009 The galactose elimination capacity and mortality in 781 Danish patients with newly-diagnosed liver cirrhosis: a cohort study. ---
14  2007 Cirrhosis and endotoxin decrease urea synthesis in rats. ASS, CPS, CUNS, LPS, UNSR
15  2007 Effects of hyperglycemia on quantitative liver functions by the galactose load test in diabetic rats. GSP, NC
16  2006 Prognostic value of quantitative liver function tests in viral cirrhosis: a prospective study. CTP, MEGX, MELD
17  2006 Quantitative liver function tests in donors and recipients of living donor liver transplantation. ICG, LDLT
18  2005 Effect of lipopolysaccharide on in vivo and genetic regulation of rat urea synthesis. ASS, CPS, CUNS, LPS
19  2005 Improvement of quantitative testing of liver function in patients with chronic hepatitis C after installment of antiviral therapy. ABT, ICG, QTLF, SCl
20  2004 Galactose elimination capacity as a prognostic marker in patients with severe acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity: 10 years' experience. ---
21  2004 Volumetric and functional recovery of the liver after right hepatectomy for living donation. INR, POD, RH
22  2003 Functional significance of hepatic arterial flow reserve in patients with cirrhosis. APV, ICG, MEGX, PI
23  2002 Can quantitative tests of liver function discriminate between different etiologies of liver cirrhosis? ABT, ALC, CP, ICG, PBC, QTLF
24  2001 Parameters of microsomal and cytosolic liver function but not of liver perfusion predict portal vein velocity in noncirrhotic patients with chronic hepatitis C. ABT, CCDS, ICG, PVV, QTLF, SC
25  2001 Preoperative galactose elimination capacity predicts complications and survival after hepatic resection. HCC
26  1998 Decreased muscle strength in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis in relation to nutritional status, alcohol abstinence, liver function, and neuropathy. LBM, NRSS
27  1998 The organ extraction and splanchnic haemodynamic effects of octreotide in cirrhotic patients. HBF, HVPG, ICG
28  1997 Quantitative liver function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with low-dose methotrexate: a longitudinal study. ABT, AP, AST, MTX, RA
29  1997 Quantitative liver function tests as surrogate markers for end-points in controlled clinical trials: a retrospective feasibility study. ABT, ADs, CI
30  1997 Uncertainty in liver function assessment on the basis of single-point galactose concentration. ---
31  1997 Urinary sodium balance in patients with cirrhosis: relationship to quantitative parameters of liver function. ABT, CI, HSE, ICG
32  1996 Assessment of functional liver mass and plasma flow in acromegaly before and after long-term treatment with octreotide. FLPF, GH, IGF-I
33  1995 Aminopyrine breath test: development of a 13C-breath test for quantitative assessment of liver function in humans. ABT
34  1995 Divergence of ethanol and acetaldehyde kinetics and of the disulfiram-alcohol reaction between subjects with and without alcoholic liver disease. ABT, AUC, DAR
35  1995 Evaluation of liver function tests to predict operative risk in liver surgery. ---
36  1995 Novel galactose single point method as a measure of residual liver function: example of cefoperazone kinetics in patients with liver cirrhosis. GSP, MGEC
37  1994 Distal splenorenal shunt for non-cirrhotic variceal bleeding in black South Africans. DSRS, HPI
38  1994 The influence of chronic lobular hepatitis on pharmacokinetics of cefoperazone--a novel galactose single-point method as a measure of residual liver function. GSP, HPLC, MGEC
39  1993 A simplified method to determine galactose elimination capacity in patients with liver disease. ---
40  1993 Model-derived assessment of urea appearance in response to alanine infusion: a quantitative measure of liver function in cirrhosis. ---
41  1992 Assessment of liver function using a novel galactose single point method. CH, GSP, HCC, MGEC
42  1992 Hyperuricemia induced by fructose load in liver cirrhosis. ATP
43  1992 [Liver function tests in a clinical comparison]. ---
44  1991 CCl4 cirrhosis in rats: irreversible histological changes and differentiated functional impairment. APC, CUNS
45  1991 [The prognostic value of the serial determination of galactose elimination capacity in chronic active hepatitis]. ---
46  1990 Analysis of the deterioration rates of liver function in cirrhosis, based on galactose elimination capacity. ---
47  1990 Use of quantitative liver function tests--caffeine clearance and galactose elimination capacity--after orthotopic liver transplantation. CafCl, OLT
48  1989 Change in hepatic function, hemodynamics, and morphology after liver transplant. Physiological effect of therapy. OLT, SS
49  1989 Distal splenorenal shunt with splenopancreatic disconnection. A 4-year assessment. DSRS-SPD
50  1988 Effect of propranolol on metabolic activity of the liver in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. ICG
51  1987 Galactose loading tests in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma for the assessment of chemotherapy. HCC
52  1987 Systemic haemodynamics, renal and platelet function during chronic propranolol administration in patients with compensated cirrhosis. CI, SVR, TX
53  1986 Changes in the hepatic capacity of urea-N synthesis, galactose elimination and antipyrine clearance following 70% hepatectomy in the rat. APC, CUNS
54  1986 Starvation induced changes in quantitative measures of liver function in the rat. APC, CUNS
55  1986 The capacity of urea-N synthesis as a quantitative measure of the liver mass in rats. APC, CUNS
56  1985 Functional status of the liver during chronic renal failure: an experimental study in the rabbit. CRF
57  1985 [Foreign substances as indicators of liver function]. ABT
58  1983 Splanchnic galactose uptake in patients with cirrhosis during continuous infusion. ---
59  1982 The quantitative liver function as measured by the galactose elimination capacity. I. Diagnostic value and relations to clinical, biochemical, and histological findings in patients with steatosis and patients with cirrhosis. ---
60  1982 The quantitative liver function as measured by the galactose elimination capacity. II. Prognostic value and changes during disease in patients with cirrhosis. ---
61  1980 [The galactose breath test. Modification of the method and comparison with galactose elimination capacity and plasma disappearance of bromsulphatein (author's transl)]. BSP, CAH, GBT, PBC
62  1979 Relation between liver function and hepatocyte ultrastructure in a case of paracetamol intoxication. ER
63  1979 [Intravenous and oral galactose loading of rats suffering from galactosamine hepatitis and ANIT-cholestasis; comparison of the kinetics in vivo and the galactose metabolism in the liver in vitro (author's transl)]. ---
64  1978 The galactose elimination capacity as a quantitative measure of liver function in acute carbon tetrachloride intoxication of rats. ---
65  1978 [Blood cholinesterase and hepatic function: a comparison with BSP and galactose elimination as well as serum albumin concentration]. ---
66  1976 Effect of dietary protein depletion on the galactose elimination capacity in intact rats. ---