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Abbreviation : GTP
Long Form : guanosine triphosphate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A fusion of the Bacteroides fragilis ferrous iron import proteins reveals a role for FeoA in stabilizing GTP-bound FeoB. Feo
2022 A Putative Guanosine Triphosphate Cyclohydrolase I Named CaGCH1 Is Involved in Hyphal Branching and Fruiting Development in Cyclocybe aegerita. ---
2022 A Sugarcane G-Protein-Coupled Receptor, ShGPCR1, Confers Tolerance to Multiple Abiotic Stresses. GPCRs, TM
2022 Actinosomes: Condensate-Templated Containers for Engineering Synthetic Cells. ---
2022 Bex1 is essential for ciliogenesis and harbours biomolecular condensate-forming capacity. BEX1, IDP
2022 CAR Co-Operates With Integrins to Promote Lung Cancer Cell Adhesion and Invasion. CAR, EMT, FAK, JAM, Rap1
2022 Cofilin-1 and profilin-1 expression in lung microvascular endothelial cells exposed to titanium dioxide nanoparticles. COPD, GDP, HMVEC-L
2022 Conformations and binding pockets of HRas and its guanine nucleotide exchange factors complexes in the guanosine triphosphate exchange process. GEFs, SOS
2022 Development of a retention prediction model in ion-pair reversed-phase HPLC for nucleoside triphosphates used as mRNA vaccine raw materials. ATP, CTP, m1Psi-UTP, m5-CTP, m5-UTP, mRNA, NTPs, Psi-UTP, UTP
10  2022 DNA coated CoZn-ZIF metal-organic frameworks for fluorescent sensing guanosine triphosphate and discrimination of nucleoside triphosphates. ATP, MOFs, NTPs
11  2022 Engineered Bacillus subtilis for the de novo production of 2'-fucosyllactose. 2'-FL, GRAS, M6P
12  2022 Enhancement of toyocamycin production through increasing supply of precursor GTP in Streptomyces diastatochromogenes 1628. RHP, TM
13  2022 Expression Levels of Genes Encoding Proteins Involved in the Cell Wall-Plasma Membrane-Cytoskeleton Continuum Are Associated With the Maturation-Related Adventitious Rooting Competence of Pine Stem Cuttings. RLKs
14  2022 Gas-Phase Internal Ribose Residue Loss from Mg-ATP and Mg-ADP Complexes: Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for Phosphate-Mg-Adenine Interaction. ADP, ATP, GDP
15  2022 High-Level 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Bioproduction in Bacillus subtilis by Combining Modular Engineering and Transcriptomics-Guided Global Metabolic Regulation. 5-MTHF, CRISPRi, GRAS, PABA
16  2022 Involvement of Gtr1p in the oxidative stress response in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. GDP
17  2022 KRAS: A Druggable Target in Colon Cancer Patients. ---
18  2022 KRASG12C-independent feedback activation of wild-type RAS constrains KRASG12C inhibitor efficacy. EGFR, MAPK, RTKs
19  2022 Millisecond molecular dynamics simulations of KRas-dimer formation and interfaces. ERK, FRET, GAP, HVR, MAPK
20  2022 Monitoring the Dynamic Regulation of the Mitochondrial GTP-to-GDP Ratio with a Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensor. GDP, PEP, TCA
21  2022 Moving nickel along the hydrogenase-urease maturation pathway. ---
22  2022 Phosphatic metabolism in dark- and light-adapted rat retinas. 31P NMR, ATP, cAMP, HPLC
23  2022 Polymerization kinetics of tubulin from mung seedlings modeled as a competition between nucleation and GTP-hydrolysis rates. MTs
24  2022 Recombinant guanosine-5'-triphosphate (GTP)-binding protein associated with Poloxamer 407-based polymeric micelles protects against Leishmania infantum infection. ---
25  2022 Structural insights into G protein activation by D1 dopamine receptor. GDP, GPCRs
26  2022 Structural insights into the binding of nanobody Rh57 to active RhoA-GTP. ---
27  2022 Structure and dynamics of Odinarchaeota tubulin and the implications for eukaryotic microtubule evolution. ---
28  2022 Targeted disruption of Rab1a causes early embryonic lethality. GDP
29  2022 The Acetyltransferase RibT From Bacillus subtilis Affects in vivo Dynamics of the Multimeric Heavy Riboflavin Synthase Complex. GNAT, R5P, RF, SPT, WT
30  2022 The Outside-In Journey of Tissue Transglutaminase in Cancer. ---
31  2022 The structure-function analysis of Obg-like GTPase proteins along the evolutionary tree from bacteria to humans. GDP, GTPase
32  2022 Thrombopoietin and collagen in low doses cooperatively induce human platelet activation. TPO
33  2022 Vav3-Deficient Astrocytes Enhance the Dendritic Development of Hippocampal Neurons in an Indirect Co-culture System. Cdc42, CNS, DIV, GDP, GEFs, Rac1, RhoA
34  2021 A Small Guanosine Triphosphate Binding Protein PagRabE1b Promotes Xylem Development in Poplar. PCD, qRT-PCR, SCW, WT
35  2021 A universal allosteric mechanism for G protein activation. MD
36  2021 Adjunctive role of immunohistochemical expression of Nucleostemin in differentiation of grade II and III diffuse astrocytomas. NS
37  2021 ADP ribosylation factor guanylate kinase 1 promotes the malignant phenotype of gastric cancer by regulating focal adhesion kinase activation. ASAP1, GC
38  2021 Analysis of GTP addition in the reverse (3'-5') direction by human tRNAHis guanylyltransferase. CaThg1, GDP, WC
39  2021 Biophysical and structural investigation of the regulation of human GTP cyclohydrolase I by its regulatory protein GFRP. ---
40  2021 Cannibalized erythroblasts accelerate developmental neurogenesis by regulating mitochondrial dynamics. ---
41  2021 Computational evaluation of anticipated PE_PGRS39 protein involvement in host-pathogen interplay and its integration into vaccine development. alpha5beta1, SH3
42  2021 Conformational switch that induces GDP release from Gi. G proteins, GDP, GEFs, GPCRs
43  2021 Conserved heterodimeric GTPase Rbg1/Tma46 promotes efficient translation in eukaryotic cells. cryo-EM
44  2021 Cytoskeletal Arrest: An Anoxia Tolerance Mechanism. ATP, ROS
45  2021 Delineation of molecular interactions of plant growth promoting bacteria induced β-1,3-glucanases and guanosine triphosphate ligand for antifungal response in rice: a molecular dynamics approach. PGPR
46  2021 Finding Ways to Relax: A Revisionistic Analysis of the Chemistry of E. coli GTP Cyclohydrolase II. Pi, PPi
47  2021 Gradual effects of gradient concentrations of polystyrene nanoplastics on metabolic processes of the razor clams. PC, PE, PS, PSNPs
48  2021 GTP binding by Arabidopsis extra-large G protein 2 is not essential for its functions. ---
49  2021 GTP Cyclohydrolase I as a Potential Drug Target: New Insights into Its Allosteric Modulation via Normal Mode Analysis. DHNP, P. falciparum
50  2021 Heterotrimeric G Proteins in Plants: Canonical and Atypical Gα Subunits. G proteins, GDP, RGS, XLGs
51  2021 Improving the Production of Riboflavin by Introducing a Mutant Ribulose 5-Phosphate 3-Epimerase Gene in Bacillus subtilis. BSLY, Rpe, Ru5P
52  2021 In silico comparative analysis of KRAS mutations at codons 12 and 13: Structural modifications of P-Loop, switch I&II regions preventing GTP hydrolysis. WT
53  2021 Inherited Platelet Function Disorder From Novel Mutations in RAS Guanyl-Releasing Protein-2 Confirmed by Sanger Sequencing. IPDs, RASGRP2
54  2021 Involvement of Rac1 in macrophage activation by brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF, Pg
55  2021 Kalirin as a Novel Treatment Target for Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia. DH, GEF
56  2021 Mechanism of Guanosine Triphosphate Hydrolysis by the Visual Proteins Arl3-RP2: Free Energy Reaction Profiles Computed with Ab Initio Type QM/MM Potentials. GDP, MD, Pi
57  2021 Mobility of Nucleostemin in Live Cells Is Specifically Related to Transcription Inhibition by Actinomycin D and GTP-Binding Motif. ActD, DRB, NS, TSA
58  2021 Molecules linked to Ras signaling as therapeutic targets in cardiac pathologies. MAPK, NFAT, SAPK
59  2021 Nde1 is a Rab9 effector for loading late endosomes to cytoplasmic dynein motor complex. TGN
60  2021 On the asymmetric partitioning of nucleocytoplasmic transport - recent insights and open questions. GDP, NCT, NPC
61  2021 Plant RABs: Role in Development and in Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses. ---
62  2021 Protocol for structural and biochemical analyses of RhoA GTPase. ---
63  2021 Red light enhances folate accumulation in wheat seedlings. ADCS, PABA
64  2021 Relationship between guanosine triphosphate pathway and tetrahydrobiopterin in gestational diabetes mellitus. eNOS, GDM, iNOS, NO
65  2021 Replacement of heme by soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) activators abolishes heme-nitric oxide/oxygen (H-NOX) domain structural plasticity. H-NOX, NO, sGC
66  2021 Rho GTPases as Key Molecular Players within Intestinal Mucosa and GI Diseases. GDP
67  2021 Rho GTPases in Skeletal Muscle Development and Homeostasis. GDP, GTPases
68  2021 Role of BAG3 in bovine Deltapapillomavirus-mediated autophagy. deltaPV, PT
69  2021 Role of Rho in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension. Ang II, BP, NO
70  2021 Stability Analysis of a Signaling Circuit with Dual Species of GTPase Switches. GDP
71  2021 Structure and Energetics of GTP- and GDP-Tubulin Isodesmic Self-Association. GDP, SEC-SAXS
72  2021 Targeting the FtsZ Allosteric Binding Site with a Novel Fluorescence Polarization Screen, Cytological and Structural Approaches for Antibacterial Discovery. ---
73  2021 The G protein signaling regulator RGS3 enhances the GTPase activity of KRAS. GAPs, GDP
74  2020 A AuNP-capped cage fluorescent biosensor based on controlled-release and cyclic enzymatic amplification for ultrasensitive detection of ATP. ATP, AuNCs, AuNP, CTP, Exo III, LOD, RhB, UTP
75  2020 A DNAzyme-based label-free fluorescent probe for guanosine-5'-triphosphate detection. ATP, SGI
76  2020 A H-REV107 Peptide Inhibits Tumor Growth and Interacts Directly with Oncogenic KRAS Mutants. GDP, KRAS
77  2020 A hybrid approach reveals the allosteric regulation of GTP cyclohydrolase I. cryo-EM, STD-NMR
78  2020 A ribosomal RNA fragment with 2',3'-cyclic phosphate and GTP-binding activity acts as RIG-I ligand. eRL, ITS2
79  2020 Active RAC1 Promotes Tumorigenic Phenotypes and Therapy Resistance in Solid Tumors. EMT, Rac1
80  2020 Association between thiopurine exposure and depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Rac1
81  2020 Chemosensing of Guanosine Triphosphate Based on a Fluorescent Dinuclear Zn(II)-Dipicolylamine Complex in Water. ATP, CTP, UTP
82  2020 Cholesterol asymmetry at the tip of filopodia during cell adhesion. Chol
83  2020 Development and Evaluation of a Versatile Receptor-Ligand Binding Assay Using Cell Membrane Preparations Embedded in an Agarose Gel Matrix and Evaluation with the Human Adenosine A1 Receptor. hA1AR
84  2020 Dynamics and allostery of Zika virus non-structural protein 5 methyltransferase. MTase, NS5, SAM, ZIKV
85  2020 EEF1A2 mutations in epileptic encephalopathy/intellectual disability: Understanding the potential mechanism of phenotypic variation. tRNA
86  2020 GTP metabolic reprogramming by IMPDH2: unlocking cancer cells' fuelling mechanism. IMPDH2
87  2020 Guanosine triphosphate links MYC-dependent metabolic and ribosome programs in small-cell lung cancer. IMPDH, Pol I, SCLC
88  2020 Guanosine, a guanine-based nucleoside relaxed isolated corpus cavernosum from mice through cGMP accumulation. CC, cGMP
89  2020 Guanosine-Based Nucleotides, the Sons of a Lesser God in the Purinergic Signal Scenario of Excitable Tissues. ---
90  2020 hGBP1 Coordinates Chlamydia Restriction and Inflammasome Activation through Sequential GTP Hydrolysis. GMP, hGBP1
91  2020 How the initiating ribosome copes with ppGpp to translate mRNAs. ICs, SETI, TIR
92  2020 Identification of Rho GEF and RhoA Activation by Pull-Down Assays. GAPs, GDIs, GDP, GEFs
93  2020 Insights into allosteric control of microtubule dynamics from a buried beta-tubulin mutation that causes faster growth and slower shrinkage. ---
94  2020 Interferon-Induced Protein 44 Correlated With Immune Infiltration Serves as a Potential Prognostic Indicator in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. HNSC, IFI44, NF, TME
95  2020 Intraflagellar transport protein RABL5/IFT22 recruits the BBSome to the basal body through the GTPase ARL6/BBS3. BBS, IFT
96  2020 KRAS G12C Game of Thrones, which direct KRAS inhibitor will claim the iron throne? CNS, KRAS, NSCLC
97  2020 Loss of the Mitochondrial Fission GTPase Drp1 Contributes to Neurodegeneration in a Drosophila Model of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. Drp1, ER, HSP
98  2020 LRRK2 Inhibition Ameliorates Dexamethasone-Induced Glucose Intolerance via Prevents Impairment in GLUT4 Membrane Translocation in Adipocytes. DEX, GLUT4, KO, LRRK2
99  2020 Mechanochemical Crosstalk Produces Cell-Intrinsic Patterning of the Cortex to Orient the Mitotic Spindle. NuMA
100  2020 Membrane surface recognition by the ASAP1 PH domain and consequences for interactions with the small GTPase Arf1. Arf, ASAP1, GAPs, PH