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Abbreviation : GTPV
Long Form : goatpox virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Silver nanoparticles inhibit goatpox virus replication. FTIR, TEM, XRD
2022 Coinfection kinetics of goatpox virus and peste-des-petits-ruminants virus in Vero cells. MOI, PPR, PPRV, SPPV
2022 Development and Optimization of Indirect ELISAs for the Detection of Anti-Capripoxvirus Antibodies in Cattle, Sheep, and Goat Sera. GTP, iELISA, LSD, LSDV, SPP, SPPV
2021 Construction and purification of ANK gene deleted recombinant goatpox virus. ANK, SPPV
2021 Experimental infection of indigenous North African goats with goatpox virus. Ct
2021 Innate Immune Responses to Wildtype and Attenuated Sheeppox Virus Mediated Through RIG-1 Sensing in PBMC In-Vitro. GTP, LAVs, LSDV, PRRs, SPP, SPPV, WT
2021 Review of sheep and goat pox disease: current updates on epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and control measures in Ethiopia. CaPV, SPPV
2021 The Importance of Quality Control of LSDV Live Attenuated Vaccines for Its Safe Application in the Field. LSD, LSDV
2020 Comparative analysis of ankyrin (ANK) genes of five capripoxviruses isolate strains from Xinjiang province in China. ANK, SPPV
10  2020 Comparative sequence and structural analysis of the ORF095 gene, a vaccinia virus A4L homolog of capripoxvirus in sheep and goats. CaPV, LSDV, SPPV
11  2020 Experimental Infection and Genetic Characterization of Two Different Capripox Virus Isolates in Small Ruminants. LSDV, SPPV
12  2020 Molecular phylogeny of Capripoxviruses based on major immunodominant protein (P32) reveals circulation of host specific sheeppox and goatpox viruses in small ruminants of India. GAG, SPPV
13  2020 Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus and Goatpox Virus Co-Infection in Goats. ---
14  2019 An HRM Assay to Differentiate Sheeppox Virus Vaccine Strains from Sheeppox Virus Field Isolates and other Capripoxvirus Species. CaPV, GTP, HRM, LSD, LSDV, SPP, SPPV
15  2019 Construction of recombinant capripoxviruses as vaccine vectors for delivering foreign antigens: Methodology and application. CaPV, GTP, LSD, LSDV, SPP, SPPV
16  2019 Development of a multiplex TaqMan qPCR assay for simultaneous detection and differentiation of four DNA and RNA viruses from clinical samples of sheep and goats. FMDV, ORFV
17  2019 Extended sequencing of vaccine and wild-type capripoxvirus isolates provides insights into genes modulating virulence and host range. LSDV, SPPV
18  2019 Genetic studies of terminal regions of vaccine and field isolates of capripoxviruses. SPPV
19  2019 Prokaryotic expression, purification and evaluation of goatpox virus ORF117 protein as a diagnostic antigen in indirect ELISA to detect goatpox. ---
20  2018 A gel-based PCR method to differentiate sheeppox virus field isolates from vaccine strains. GTP, LSDV, SPP, SPPV
21  2018 A real time high-resolution melting PCR assay for detection and differentiation among sheep pox virus, goat pox virus, field and vaccine strains of lumpy skin disease virus. HRM, LSDV, SPPV
22  2018 Development of real-time reverse transcription recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) for rapid detection of peste des petits ruminants virus in clinical samples and its comparison with real-time PCR test. CDV, FMDV, Mccp, MeV, RPA, RT-RPA, SRMV
23  2018 Genetic analysis of L1R myristoylated protein of Capripoxviruses reveals structural homogeneity among poxviruses. CaPV, IMV, SPPV
24  2017 A novel HRM assay for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of eight poxviruses of medical and veterinary importance. BPSV, CMLV, CPXV, HRMCA, LSDV, ORFV, PCPV, SPPV
25  2017 Development of multiplex PCR for simultaneous detection and differentiation of six DNA and RNA viruses from clinical samples of sheep and goats. BTV, FMDV, ORFV, RT-PCR, SPPV
26  2017 Molecular epidemiology of goat pox viruses. CPE, PCR-RFLP, TN, WB
27  2016 Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of recombinant major envelope protein (rH3L) of buffalopox virus in animal models. BTV, FMDV, ORFV, SPPV
28  2016 Infection of goats with goatpox virus triggers host antiviral defense through activation of innate immune signaling. IFITM, IFN, IL, ISG, SOCS, STAT3, TLR, TNF-alpha
29  2015 Capripox disease in Ethiopia: Genetic differences between field isolates and vaccine strain, and implications for vaccination failure. CaPV, LSDV, SPPV
30  2014 Development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for specific and rapid detection of differential goat pox virus and sheep pox virus. FMDV, GSPV, LSDV, SPPV
31  2014 Molecular characterization of Indian sheeppox and goatpox viruses based on RPO30 and GPCR genes. SPPV
32  2014 TaqMan based real-time duplex PCR for simultaneous detection and quantitation of capripox and orf virus genomes in clinical samples. BPXV, CaPV, CMLV, ORFV, SPPV
33  2013 Detection of capripoxvirus DNA using a novel loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay. CaPV, LAMP, LSDV, SPPV
34  2013 Development of a cost-effective method for capripoxvirus genotyping using snapback primer and dsDNA intercalating dye. CaPV, LSDV, SPPV
35  2013 Multiplex PCR for simultaneous detection and differentiation of sheeppox, goatpox and orf viruses from clinical samples of sheep and goats. CaPV, mPCR, ORFV, SPPV
36  2012 Differentiation of sheeppox and goatpox viruses by polymerase Chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism. CaPV, LSDV, SPPV
37  2012 Phylogenetic analysis of Chinese sheeppox and goatpox virus isolates. SPPV
38  2011 An outbreak of sheep pox associated with goat poxvirus in Gansu province of China. CaPVs, SPPV
39  2010 Goat pox virus isolated from an outbreak at Akola, Maharashtra (India) phylogenetically related to Chinese strain. ---
40  2010 Real time PCR method for simultaneous detection, quantitation and differentiation of capripoxviruses. CaPV, FMCA, GPCR, LSDV, PCR, SPPV, Tm
41  2010 Serodiagnosis of sheeppox and goatpox using an indirect ELISA based on synthetic peptide targeting for the major antigen P32. LSDV, SPPV
42  2010 Use of the Capripoxvirus homologue of Vaccinia virus 30 kDa RNA polymerase subunit (RPO30) gene as a novel diagnostic and genotyping target: development of a classical PCR method to differentiate Goat poxvirus from Sheep poxvirus. CaPVs, LSDV, SPPV
43  2009 Expression of P32 protein of goatpox virus in Pichia pastoris and its potential use as a diagnostic antigen in ELISA. ---
44  2009 Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of Semliki forest virus replicon-based DNA vaccines encoding goatpox virus structural proteins. SFV
45  2008 In vitro antiviral activity of plant extracts on goatpox virus replication. CPE
46  2006 A bivalent vaccine against goat pox and Peste des Petits ruminants induces protective immune response in goats. p.i, PC
47  2002 The genomes of sheeppox and goatpox viruses. LSDV, SPPV