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Abbreviation : GrB
Long Form : granzyme B
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Chloroquine Suppresses Effector B-Cell Functions and Has Differential Impact on Regulatory B-Cell Subsets. CQ, IgG, IL-10, TLR
2022 Key Determinants of Cell-Mediated Immune Responses: A Randomized Trial of High Dose Vs. Standard Dose Split-Virus Influenza Vaccine in Older Adults. CMV, HD-SVV, IFN-gamma, iGrB, IL-10, PBMC
2021 Atezolizumab and granzyme B as immunotoxin against PD-L1 antigen; an insilico study. PD-L1
2021 Autoantibodies targeting LINE-1-encoded ORF1p are associated with systemic lupus erythematosus diagnosis but not disease activity. IFN, LINE-1, SLE
2021 Decrease of peripheral blood mucosal-associated invariant T cells and impaired serum Granzyme-B production in patients with gastric cancer. GC, HC, MAIT
2021 Granzyme B: a double-edged sword in the response to influenza infection in vaccinated older adults. bGrB, CTL, LCII, OR, PBMC
2021 Graphene oxide activates B cells with upregulation of granzyme B expression: evidence at the single-cell level for its immune-modulatory properties and anticancer activity. GO
2021 Identification of CD56dim subpopulation marked with high expression of GZMB/PRF1/PI-9 in CD56+ interferon-alpha-induced dendritic cells. DCs, FT, IFN-DCs, MB, moDCs, PFN
2021 Immunophenotyping of intraepithelial lymphocytes in canine chronic enteropathy and intestinal T-cell lymphoma using endoscopic samples. CE, EATL, IEL-CE, IELs, ITCL
10  2021 Impaired granzyme B-producing regulatory B cells in systemic lupus erythematosus. HC, SLE
11  2021 Overview of serpin B9 and its roles in cancer (Review). CSCs, serpinB9
12  2021 Target-Initiated Great Change in Electrochemical Steric Hindrance for an Assay of Granzyme B Activity. ACR, TDN
13  2021 The Role of In Vitro Detection of Drug-Specific Mediator-Releasing Cells to Diagnose Different Phenotypes of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions. AGEP, ELISPOT, IFN-gamma, IL-22, PBMCs, SCARs, SJS/TEN
14  2020 A Microfluidic Platform for Single Cell Fluorometric Granzyme B Profiling. ---
15  2020 Antigenic Restimulation of Virus-Specific Memory CD8+ T Cells Requires Days of Lytic Protein Accumulation for Maximal Cytotoxic Capacity. MFI, PRF, RSV
16  2020 Design of multi-epitope peptides containing HLA class-I and class-II-restricted epitopes derived from immunogenic Leishmaniaproteins, and evaluation of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses induced in cured cutaneous leishmaniasis subjects. HLA-I, PSA
17  2020 Direct Tumor Killing and Immunotherapy through Anti-SerpinB9 Therapy. Sb9, TME
18  2020 Evaluation of PD-L1, PD-L2, PD-1 and cytotoxic immune response in oral lichen planus. OLP, PD-1
19  2020 Granzyme B Expression in Visceral Adipose Tissue Associates With Local Inflammation and Glyco-Metabolic Alterations in Obesity. VAT
20  2020 Granzyme B in Inflammatory Diseases: Apoptosis, Inflammation, Extracellular Matrix Remodeling, Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Fibrosis. ECM, EMT
21  2020 Granzyme B in peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a measure of cell-mediated immune response in paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and malignancy. BMI, PBMC, PNS
22  2020 Granzyme B Induces IRF-3 Phosphorylation through a Perforin-Independent Proteolysis-Dependent Signaling Cascade without Inducing Cell Death. ---
23  2020 Granzyme B Is a Biomarker for Suspicion of Malignant Seromas Around Breast Implants. BIA-ALCL
24  2020 Granzyme B nanoreporter for early monitoring of tumor response to immunotherapy. PD-L1
25  2020 Noninvasive optical detection of granzyme B from natural killer cells with enzyme-activated fluorogenic probes. NK
26  2020 Serum granzyme B is associated with otorhinolaryngological, pulmonary, and renal involvement of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis. AAV, BVAS, FFS
27  2020 Targeted biological effect of an affitoxin composed of an HPV16E7 affibody fused with granzyme B (ZHPV16E7-GrB) against cervical cancer in vitro and in vivo. IFA, IHA
28  2020 The prognostic role of NK cells and their ligands in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: a systematic review and meta-analysis. DFS, HNSCC, OS, PFS, TILs
29  2020 Therapeutic efficacy and safety of a human fusion construct targeting the TWEAK receptor Fn14 and containing a modified granzyme B. ---
30  2019 A novel Granzyme B nanoparticle delivery system simulates immune cell functions for suppression of solid tumors. EPR, GrB-T, HA, PMPC, TEM
31  2019 Activated cytotoxic T cells within zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions. Grly, IFN, RT-qPCR, ZCL
32  2019 Anti-inflammatory activity of extensively hydrolyzed casein is mediated by granzyme B. eHC
33  2019 Development of a human immuno-oncology therapeutic agent targeting HER2: targeted delivery of granzyme B. ---
34  2019 Granzyme B Functionalized Nanoparticles Targeting Membrane Hsp70-Positive Tumors for Multimodal Cancer Theranostics. mHsp70, SPIONs
35  2019 Killing Effects of IFN R-/- Mouse NK Cells Activated by HN Protein of NDV on Mouse Hepatoma Cells and Possible Mechanism with Syk and NF-kappaB. NDV-HN, NK
36  2019 Nobiletin and related polymethoxylated flavones bind to and inhibit the nuclear export factor Exportin-1 in NK leukemia cell line KHYG-1. IFN-gamma, PMFs, TMF
37  2019 Targeted human cytolytic fusion proteins at the cutting edge: harnessing the apoptosis-inducing properties of human enzymes for the selective elimination of tumor cells. DAPk, hCFPs, MAP tau
38  2018 Antibodies conjugated with viral antigens elicit a cytotoxic T cell response against primary CLL ex vivo. CLL, CTLs, EBV
39  2018 CD45+CD33lowCD11bdim myeloid-derived suppressor cells suppress CD8+ T cell activity via the IL-6/IL-8-arginase I axis in human gastric cancer. GC, IFN-gamma, MDSCs
40  2018 Evaluation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in osteosarcomas of the jaws: a multicenter study. CTLA-4, OSJ, TIL
41  2018 Granzyme B-loaded, cell-selective penetrating and reduction-responsive polymersomes effectively inhibit progression of orthotopic human lung tumor in vivo. CPRPs, FITC-CC
42  2018 Immune Alterations in Patients With Type 1 Autoimmune Hepatitis Persist Upon Standard Immunosuppressive Treatment. AIH, FOXP3, MAIT
43  2018 Immune response and evasion mechanisms in lip carcinogenesis: An immunohistochemical study. AC, HLA-G, HLM, LSCC, PD-L1
44  2018 Increased circulating granzyme B in type 2 diabetes patients with low-grade systemic inflammation. AT, T2D
45  2018 Inhibition of granzyme B activity blocks inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide through regulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling in NK92 cells. CHOP, CTL, ER, GRP78, LPS, NK, SA3N
46  2017 Cellular immune responses of older adults to four influenza vaccines: Results of a randomized, controlled comparison. IFN-gamma, IL-10, PBMC, TIVs
47  2017 Decrease of CD69 levels on TCR Valpha7.2+CD4+ innate-like lymphocytes is associated with impaired cytotoxic functions in chronic hepatitis B virus-infected patients. CHB, HBV, HCs, MFI
48  2017 Decrease of perforin positive CD3+gammadelta-T cells in patients with obstructive sleep disordered breathing. OSA, SRBD, UAR
49  2017 EGFR and CD44 Dual-Targeted Multifunctional Hyaluronic Acid Nanogels Boost Protein Delivery to Ovarian and Breast Cancers In Vitro and In Vivo. CC, EGFR, GrB-CD44-NGs
50  2017 Granzyme B producing B-cells in renal transplant patients. CsA, HC
51  2017 IL-21 May Promote Granzyme B-Dependent NK/Plasmacytoid Dendritic CellFunctional Interaction in Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus. pDCs
52  2017 Impairment of Granzyme B-Producing Regulatory B Cells Correlates with Exacerbated Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA
53  2017 In vasculitis of small muscular arteries, activation of vessel-infiltrating CD8 T cells seems to be antigen-independent. CVSMA, PAN, PD-1
54  2017 Increased tumor-infiltrating CD45RA-CCR7- regulatory T-cell subset with immunosuppressive properties foster gastric cancer progress. GC
55  2017 Modularly Constructed Synthetic Granzyme B Molecule Enables Interrogation of Intracellular Proteases for Targeted Cytotoxicity. COVERT, EK, SENP1, SUMO-1, TEVp
56  2017 Sinonasal T-cell expression of cytotoxic mediators granzyme B and perforin is reduced in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. CRS, CRSsNP, CRSwNP, NK
57  2016 Anti-GITR therapy promotes immunity against malignant glioma in a murine model. DCs, GITR
58  2016 Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Activity of Effector Cells from HIV-Infected Elite and Viral Controllers. Abs, ADCC, ADCC-GTL, Env, NK, SPs
59  2016 Cytotoxic Epstein-Barr virus-positive large B cell lymphoma: a regulatory B cell-derived neoplasia? DLBCL, EBV, IL
60  2016 Epitelial-to-mesenchimal transition and invasion are upmodulated by tumor-expressed granzyme B and inhibited by docosahexaenoic acid in human colorectal cancer cells. CRC, DHA
61  2016 Increased IL-21 Expression Induces Granzyme B in Peripheral CD5(+) B Cells as a Potential Counter-Regulatory Effect in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome. IL-21R, iNKT, pSS
62  2016 Polyfunctional Melan-A-specific tumor-reactive CD8(+) T cells elicited by dacarbazine treatment before peptide-vaccination depends on AKT activation sustained by ICOS. ---
63  2016 Proteolysis by Granzyme B Enhances Presentation of Autoantigenic Peptidylarginine Deiminase 4 Epitopes in Rheumatoid Arthritis. PAD4, RA
64  2016 Serpinb9 is a marker of antigen cross-presenting dendritic cells. DCs
65  2016 Significant role for IRF3 in both T cell and APC effector functions during T cell responses. DCs, INAM, IRF
66  2015 Anisamide-Decorated pH-Sensitive Degradable Chimaeric Polymersomes Mediate Potent and Targeted Protein Delivery to Lung Cancer Cells. Anis-CPs, Anis-PEG-PTTMA-PAA, CC, CLSM, GrB-Anis-CPs
67  2015 Autocrine DNA fragmentation of intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IELs) in mouse small intestine. IECs, IELs, mAb, PFN
68  2015 Correlation of tumor-associated macrophages and NK cells with bladder cancer size and T stage in patients with solitary low-grade urothelial carcinoma. NMIBC
69  2015 Correlation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes with bladder cancer recurrence in patients with solitary low-grade urothelial carcinoma. NMIBC, TIL
70  2015 Cytotoxic‑based assays in delayed drug hypersensitivity reactions induced by antiepileptic drugs. Grl
71  2015 Determinants of vaccine immunogenicity in HIV-infected pregnant women: analysis of B and T cell responses to pandemic H1N1 monovalent vaccine. IFNgamma, pH1N1, sH1N1
72  2015 Effect of carbamate pesticides on perforin, granzymes A-B-3/K, and granulysin in human natural killer cells. GrA, GRN, NK
73  2015 Efficacious delivery of protein drugs to prostate cancer cells by PSMA-targeted pH-responsive chimaeric polymersomes. BSA, CC
74  2015 Granzyme B mediated function of Parvovirus B19-specific CD4(+) T cells. ICS, IFN-gamma, IL-17, NK, PBMC, SLE
75  2015 Granzyme B-inhibitor serpina3n induces neuroprotection in vitro and in vivo. CNS, MS
76  2015 Immunization with Recombinant Adenoviral Vectors Expressing HCV Core or F Proteins Leads to T Cells with Reduced Effector Molecules Granzyme B and IFN-gamma: A Potential New Strategy for Immune Evasion in HCV Infection. HCV, TLR
77  2015 IRF3 deficiency impacts granzyme B expression and maintenance of memory T cell function in response to viral infection. IAV, IRF3, TMEV
78  2015 N-glycosylation-mutated HCV envelope glycoprotein complex enhances antigen-presenting activity and cellular and neutralizing antibody responses. DCs, HCV, IL-12, WT
79  2014 Accumulation of 4-1BBL+ B cells in the elderly induces the generation of granzyme-B+ CD8+ T cells with potential antitumor activity. ---
80  2014 B-CLL cells acquire APC- and CTL-like phenotypic characteristics after stimulation with CpG ODN and IL-21. APC, B-CLL, CpG, IP-10, PI-9
81  2014 Dasatinib promotes Th1-type responses in granzyme B expressing T-cells. CML, TKIs
82  2014 Decreased levels of perforin-positive lymphocytes are associated with posttraumatic complications in patients with major trauma. MODS, SIRS
83  2014 Design and characterization of a novel human Granzyme B inhibitor. ACT, RCL
84  2014 Development of human serine protease-based therapeutics targeting Fn14 and identification of Fn14 as a new target overexpressed in TNBC. TNBC
85  2014 FTY720 impairs CD8 T-cell function independently of the sphingosine-1-phosphate pathway. EAE, MS, S1PR
86  2014 Hypothermia Reduces but Hyperthermia Augments T Cell-Derived Release of Interleukin-17 and Granzyme B that Mediate Neuronal Cell Death. CNS, IL
87  2014 Inflammation enhances IL-2 driven differentiation of cytolytic CD4 T cells. CD4 CTL, PRF
88  2014 Involvement of different CD4(+) T cell subsets producing granzyme B in the immune response to Leishmania major antigens. HC, HZCL, LmES, PBMCs
89  2014 Plasma cells in the mucosa of patients with inflammatory bowel disease produce granzyme B and possess cytotoxic activities. CD, IBD, UC
90  2014 Regulatory T cells and the risk of CMV end-organ disease in patients with AIDS. CMV, EOD, IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, Treg
91  2014 Serine protease inhibitor-6 differentially affects the survival of effector and memory alloreactive CD8-T cells. Spi6
92  2014 The granzyme B-Serpinb9 axis controls the fate of lymphocytes after lysosomal stress. CLs, LMP, LROs, NK, Sb9
93  2014 Trafficking phenotype and production of granzyme B by double negative B cells (IgG(+)IgD(-)CD27(-)) in the elderly. BCR, IL-21
94  2013 A novel p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase/Elk-1 transcription factor-dependent molecular mechanism underlying abnormal endothelial cell proliferation in plexogenic pulmonary arterial hypertension. ECs, ITSN, ITSN-1s, PAH, PAH, PLs
95  2013 Antiviral vaccines license T cell responses by suppressing granzyme B levels in human plasmacytoid dendritic cells. pDC
96  2013 Blockade of Kv1.3 potassium channels inhibits differentiation and granzyme B secretion of human CD8+ T effector memory lymphocytes. MS
97  2013 Cascleave 2.0, a new approach for predicting caspase and granzyme cleavage targets. ---
98  2013 CD8+ T cell granzyme B activates keratinocyte endogenous IL-18. CTL, IFN
99  2013 Construction and characterization of novel, completely human serine protease therapeutics targeting Her2/neu. ---
100  2013 Cytotoxic response persists in subjects treated for tuberculosis decades ago. CTLs, IFN-gamma, LTBI, PRF, TB