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Abbreviation : Grx
Long Form : glutaredoxin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Hypoxia Affects the Antioxidant Activity of Glutaredoxin 3 in Scylla paramamosain through Hypoxia Response Elements. HIF-1, HREs
2022 A novel thioredoxin glutathione reductase from evolutionary ancient metazoan Hydra. DNCB, GR, TGR, Trx, TrxR
2022 Analysis of Thioredoxins and Glutaredoxins in Soybean: Evidence of Translational Regulation under Water Restriction. BNF, DEGs, Trx
2022 Cytosolic glutaredoxin 1 is upregulated in AMD and controls retinal pigment epithelial cells proliferation via beta-catenin. AMD, Trx
2022 Divergence of active site motifs among different classes of Populus glutaredoxins results in substrate switches. ---
2022 Expression Analysis of a Novel Oxidoreductase Glutaredoxin 2 in Black Tiger Shrimp, Penaeus monodon. ORF, qRT-PCR
2022 Glutaredoxin Interacts with GR and AhpC to Enhance Low-Temperature Tolerance of Antarctic Psychrophile Psychrobacter sp. ANT206. AhpC, BiFC, Co-IP, GR, MDA
2022 Glutathione reductase system changes in HTLV-1 infected patients. GR
2022 Identification and functional characterization of glutaredoxin 5 from the mud crab (Scylla paramamosain) in response to cadmium and bacterial challenge. ---
10  2022 Influenza virus replication is affected by glutaredoxin1-mediated protein deglutathionylation. HA
11  2022 Investigation of the Role of Zn/Cu Index and its Correlation with Physiological Activity of SOD 1 and GRx in Males with Acne Vulgaris. AV, AV, BMI, CON group, Zn
12  2022 OPDAylation of Thiols of the Redox Regulatory Network In Vitro. PRXIIB, Trx
13  2022 The modulatory effect of bee honey against diethyl nitrosamine and carbon tetrachloride instigated hepatocellular carcinoma in Wistar rats. AFP, HCC, ICAM-1, TNF-alpha, Trx, VCAM-1
14  2022 The role of thioredoxin and glutathione systems in arsenic-induced liver injury in rats under glutathione depletion. Trx
15  2021 CGFS-type glutaredoxin mutations reduce tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses in tomato. CRISPR, ROS
16  2021 Host GRXC6 restricts Tomato yellow leaf curl virus infection by inhibiting the nuclear export of the V2 protein. TYLCV
17  2021 Life as a Vector of Dengue Virus: The Antioxidant Strategy of Mosquito Cells to Survive Viral Infection. CAT, DENV, eIF5A, GPx, GST, IAP, PDI, SOD, Trx
18  2021 Redox Enzymes of the Thioredoxin Family as Potential and Novel Markers in Pemphigus. Dsg, Prxs, PV, Trx
19  2021 The function of glutaredoxin GRXS15 is required for lipoyl-dependent dehydrogenases in mitochondria. BCAAs, BCKAs, LC, TCA
20  2020 Antioxidant ability of glutaredoxins and their role in symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae 3841. ---
21  2020 Glutaredoxin-like protein (GLP)-a novel bacteria sulfurtransferase that protects cells against cyanide and oxidative stresses. GLP, glp
22  2020 Glutaredoxins Play an Important Role in the Redox Homeostasis and Symbiotic Capacity of Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS571. ---
23  2020 Method for measurement of bacillithiol redox potential changes using the Brx-roGFP2 redox biosensor in Staphylococcus aureus. OxD, roGFP
24  2020 Over-expression of chickpea glutaredoxin (CaGrx) provides tolerance to heavy metals by reducing metal accumulation and improved physiological and antioxidant defence system. APX, CaGrx, CAT, DHAR, ETR, GPx, GR, Grxs, GST, MDHAR, Pn, qP, SOD, WUE
25  2019 Antioxidant response and bioavailability of methionine hydroxy analog relative to DL-methionine in broiler chickens. ADG, BW, DLM, FCR, GSR, GSS, HMTBa, MCT1, Met, SAM, Trx
26  2019 Catalytic Cleavage of Disulfide Bonds in Small Molecules and Linkers of Antibody-Drug Conjugates. ADC, Trx
27  2019 Characterization of mammalian glutaredoxin isoforms as S-denitrosylases. ---
28  2019 Chitosan Upregulates the Genes of the ROS Pathway and Enhances the Antioxidant Potential of Grape (Vitis vinifera L. 'Touriga Franca' and 'Tinto Cao') Tissues. AO, APX, CAT, CUPRAC, FRAP, GR, POD, PPO, ROS
29  2019 Distinct Roles of Shewanella oneidensis Thioredoxin in Regulation of Cellular Responses to Hydrogen and Organic Peroxides. OP, OPs, ROS, TBHP, Trx
30  2019 Enzymatic glutaredoxin-dependent method to determine glutathione and protein S-glutathionylation using fluorescent eosin-glutathione. ---
31  2019 Glutaredoxin 1 from big-belly seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis): Molecular, transcriptional, and functional evidence in teleost immune responses. ---
32  2019 Glutathione-glutaredoxin is an efficient electron donor system for mammalian p53R2-R1-dependent ribonucleotide reductase. RNR, Trx
33  2019 Identification of Maize CC-Type Glutaredoxins That Are Associated with Response to Drought Stress. CDD
34  2019 Thioredoxin, Glutathione and Related Molecules in Tumors of the Nervous System. CNS, GST, Prx, Trx, TrxR
35  2018 A glutaredoxin domain fused to the radical-generating subunit of ribonucleotide reductase (RNR) functions as an efficient RNR reductant. RNR
36  2018 Biochemical and thermodynamic comparison of the selenocysteine containing and non-containing thioredoxin glutathione reductase of Fasciola gigantica. AF, FgTGRsec, GR, Sec, TGR, Trx, TrxR
37  2018 cDNA cloning and expression analysis of glutaredoxin (Grx) 2 in the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. LPS, MDA, ORF
38  2018 Crystal Structure of Wheat Glutaredoxin and Its Application in Improving the Processing Quality of Flour. GMP, SDS
39  2018 Expression of thioredoxin and glutaredoxin in experimental hepatocellular carcinoma-Relevance for prognostic and diagnostic evaluation. AFP, ALT, AST, DENA, HCC, i.p, PB, Trx
40  2018 Identification of Peptide Antagonists to Thioredoxin Glutathione Reductase of Schistosoma japonicum. GR
41  2018 Inhibition of the glutaredoxin and thioredoxin systems and ribonucleotide reductase by mutant p53-targeting compound APR-246. MQ, Prxs, RNR, Trx
42  2018 Morphological alterations and redox changes associated with hepatic warm ischemia-reperfusion injury. I/R, LSEC, PTC, PTC, Trx
43  2018 Protein S-glutathionylation: The linchpin for the transmission of regulatory information on redox buffering capacity in mitochondria. GST, ROS
44  2018 Recombinant buckwheat glutaredoxin intake increases lifespan and stress resistance via hsf-1 upregulation in Caenorhabditis elegans. C. elegans, rbGrx
45  2018 Response of antioxidant enzymes to Cd and Pb exposure in water flea Daphnia magna: Differential metal and age - Specific patterns. GPx, GST, HSP70, ROS, SOD, Trx
46  2018 Role of the glutaredoxin domain and FAD in the stabilization of thioredoxin glutathione reductase. FgTGRsec, TGRsec, TrxR
47  2018 Stilbenoid pterostilbene complexed with cyclodextrin preserves left ventricular function after myocardial infarction in rats: possible involvement of thiol proteins and modulation of phosphorylated GSK-3beta. AMI, GSK-3beta, GST, LV, PTS, PTS, SHAM, TrxR
48  2018 Structural and mechanistic aspects of S-S bonds in the thioredoxin-like family of proteins. Trx
49  2018 The lineage-specific, intrinsically disordered N-terminal extension of monothiol glutaredoxin 1 from trypanosomes contains a regulatory region. NTE
50  2017 Brassinosteroid-mediated apoplastic H2 O2 -glutaredoxin 12/14 cascade regulates antioxidant capacity in response to chilling in tomato. 2-Cys Prx, BRs, EBR, RBOH1
51  2017 Conserved redox-dependent DNA binding of ROXY glutaredoxins with TGA transcription factors. PAN, TF
52  2017 Critical Roles of Glutaredoxin in Brain Cells-Implications for Parkinson's Disease. PD
53  2017 Differential expression of islet glutaredoxin 1 and 5 with high reactive oxygen species production in a mouse model of diabesity. ROS
54  2017 Kinetic characterization of wild-type and mutant human thioredoxin glutathione reductase defines its reaction and regulatory mechanisms. TGR, Trx, TrxR
55  2017 Physical interaction between human ribonucleotide reductase large subunit and thioredoxin increases colorectal cancer malignancy. CRC, hGrx1, hTrx1, RR, Trx
56  2017 Role of protein-glutathione contacts in defining glutaredoxin-3 [2Fe-2S] cluster chirality, ligand exchange and transfer chemistry. FDX1
57  2017 Targeting the Thioredoxin Reductase-Thioredoxin System from Staphylococcus aureus by Silver Ions. Trx, TrxR
58  2017 The Enzymatic and Structural Basis for Inhibition of Echinococcus granulosus Thioredoxin Glutathione Reductase by Gold(I). TGR
59  2016 Determination of glutaredoxin enzyme activity and protein S-glutathionylation using fluorescent eosin-glutathione. BSA, E-GS-BSA, NADPH, UV
60  2016 Nuclear thiol redox systems in plants. Trx
61  2016 Regulative roles of glutathione reductase and four glutaredoxins in glutathione redox, antioxidant activity, and iron homeostasis of Beauveria bassiana. GLR
62  2016 [Effect of glutaredoxin on oxidative stress of umbilical vein endothelial cell exposed to Porphyromonas gingivalis lipo- polysaccharide]. LPS, p-Akt, P. gingivalis
63  2015 1H, 13C and 15N resonance assignment of the cytosolic dithiol glutaredoxin 1 from the pathogen Trypanosoma brucei. SH
64  2015 A Hybrid Mechanism for the Synechocystis Arsenate Reductase Revealed by Structural Snapshots during Arsenate Reduction. ArsC, LMW-PTPase, SynArsC, Trx
65  2015 Bacterial thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase as mediators for epigallocatechin 3-gallate-induced antimicrobial action. EGCG, GTE, Trx, TrxR
66  2015 Biochemical and redox characterization of the mediator complex and its associated transcription factor GeBPL, a GLABROUS1 enhancer binding protein. CryR2, GL1, MED, Pol II, TFs, Trx
67  2015 Coenzyme Q10 and oxidative stress, the association with peripheral sensory neuropathy and cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus. CoQ10, CVD, FORT, hsCRP, oxLDLc, PSN
68  2015 Conferring specificity in redox pathways by enzymatic thiol/disulfide exchange reactions. Trx
69  2015 Cysteine specific targeting of the functionally distinct peroxiredoxin and glutaredoxin proteins by the investigational disulfide BNP7787. NSCLC, Prx, Trx
70  2015 Expression of stress-related genes in diapause of European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.). FER, Gst, Mtn, Trx
71  2015 Glutaredoxin AtGRXC2 catalyses inhibitory glutathionylation of Arabidopsis BRI1-associated receptor-like kinase 1 (BAK1) invitro. BAK1, BR1, PTM, RLKs
72  2015 Mechanism of 1-Cys type methionine sulfoxide reductase A regeneration by glutaredoxin. cMsrA, MsrA
73  2015 Molecular cloning and characterization of Fasciola gigantica thioredoxin-glutathione reductase. cDNA, cytFgTGR, FgTGR, HED, mitFgTGR, PCR, rFgTGR, TA, TR, WB
74  2015 Molecular docking to explore the possible binding mode of potential inhibitors of thioredoxin glutathione reductase. PZQ, TGR, TR
75  2015 Preferential regeneration of thioredoxin from parasitic flatworm Fasciola gigantica using glutathione system. FgTrx1, GR, Trx
76  2015 Redox Regulation Of Metabolic And Signaling Pathways By Thioredoxin And Glutaredoxin In Nitric Oxide Treated Hepatoblastoma Cells. NOS3, Trx
77  2015 Redox regulation of metabolic and signaling pathways by thioredoxin and glutaredoxin in NOS-3 overexpressing hepatoblastoma cells. NO, NOS3, Trx
78  2015 Systematic re-evaluation of the bis(2-hydroxyethyl)disulfide (HEDS) assay reveals an alternative mechanism and activity of glutaredoxins. HEDS
79  2014 (1)H, (13)C and (15)N resonance assignment of the mature form of monothiol glutaredoxin 1 from the pathogen Trypanosoma brucei. ---
80  2014 A comprehensive study of thiol reduction gene expression under stress conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana. GR, TR, TRX
81  2014 Brain mitochondria from DJ-1 knockout mice show increased respiration-dependent hydrogen peroxide consumption. GR, GSSG, PD, Prx, ROS, Trx, TrxR
82  2014 Effects of insulin-like growth factor 1 on glutathione S-transferases and thioredoxin in growth hormone receptor knockout mice. 4-HNE, GH, GHRKO, GST, IGF-1, mRNA, Trx
83  2014 Expression of thioredoxins and glutaredoxins in human hepatocellular carcinoma: correlation to cell proliferation, tumor size and metabolic syndrome. CRC, HCC, Trx
84  2014 Novel highly active recombinant glutaredoxin from Chlorella sorokiniana T-89. ---
85  2014 Oxidative stress and antioxidant response in fibroblasts from Werner and atypical Werner syndromes. Trx
86  2014 Protective effects of the thioredoxin and glutaredoxin systems in dopamine-induced cell death. PD, Trx, TrxR1
87  2014 Structural and spectroscopic insights into BolA-glutaredoxin complexes. BolA_H
88  2014 The GSH- and GSSG-bound structures of glutaredoxin from Clostridium oremlandii. ---
89  2014 Thioredoxin h isoforms from rice are differentially reduced by NADPH/thioredoxin or GSH/glutaredoxin systems. NTR, Trx
90  2013 Alteration of thioredoxin and glutaredoxin in the progression of Alzheimer's disease. AD, MCI, p-tau, Trx
91  2013 Cell-mediated reduction of human beta-defensin 1: a major role for mucosal thioredoxin. hBD-1, Trx
92  2013 Crucial function of vertebrate glutaredoxin 3 (PICOT) in iron homeostasis and hemoglobin maturation. ---
93  2013 Distribution of microbial arsenic reduction, oxidation and extrusion genes along a wide range of environmental arsenic concentrations. ---
94  2013 Redesign of genetically encoded biosensors for monitoring mitochondrial redox status in a broad range of model eukaryotes. roGFPs
95  2013 S-alk(en)ylmercaptocysteine: chemical synthesis, biological activities, and redox-related mechanism. LPS, NAC
96  2013 Structural analysis of glutaredoxin domain of Mus musculus thioredoxin glutathione reductase. TGR
97  2013 The Synechocystis PCC6803 MerA-like enzyme operates in the reduction of both mercury and uranium under the control of the glutaredoxin 1 enzyme. ---
98  2012 A dithiol glutaredoxin cDNA from sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam): enzyme properties and kinetic studies. HED
99  2012 Altered cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation due to ablation of Grx1. PSSG
100  2012 Evaluation of a dithiocarbamate derivative as an inhibitor of human glutaredoxin-1. 2-AAPA