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Abbreviation : HCs
Long Form : hydrocarbons
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Conventional and high resolution chemical characterization to assess refinery effluent treatment performance. BAT-AELs, BTEX, PAHs, TPH
2021 Evaluation of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Sediments of Lagoa Mirim (RS, Brazil). CPI, GC/MS, TAR, UCM
2021 Highly Stable and Active Solid-Solution-Alloy Three-Way Catalyst by Utilizing Configurational-Entropy Effect. CO, NOx, NPs, TWC
2021 Reconfigurable Pickering Emulsions with Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes. CNTs, F-PBI, FCs, PEs
2020 Determination of ultra-low concentrations of gaseous 14C-bearing hydrocarbons produced during corrosion of irradiated steel using accelerator mass spectrometry. AMS, CSRA
2020 Processes leading to reduced and oxidised carbon compounds during corrosion of zero-valent iron in alkaline anoxic conditions. ZVI
2020 Valorization of disposable COVID-19 mask through the thermo-chemical process. COVID-19
2019 Hydrocarbons catalysed by TmCYP4G122 and TmCYP4G123 in Tenebrio molitor modulate the olfactory response of the parasitoid Scleroderma guani. RH
2019 Prediction of the Binary Interaction Parameter of Carbon Dioxide/Alkanes Mixtures in the Pseudocritical Region. ---
10  2019 The influence of ceramic-coated piston crown, exhaust gas recirculation, compression ratio and engine load on the performance and emission behavior of kapok oil-diesel blend operated diesel engine in comparison with thermal analysis. BSFC, BTE, CO, ML
11  2019 Thermo-kinetics and product analysis of the catalytic pyrolysis of Pongamia residual cake. AC, FWO, KAS, PRC
12  2019 Tolerance of Fucus vesiculosus exposed to diesel water-accommodated fraction (WAF) and degradation of hydrocarbons by the associated bacteria. HOB, WAF
13  2018 Antennal Olfactory Physiology and Behavior of Males of the Ponerine Ant Harpegnathos saltator. CHCs
14  2018 Effect of spatial origin and hydrocarbon composition on bacterial consortia community structure and hydrocarbon biodegradation rates. ---
15  2018 Fabrication and Testing of Catalytic Aerogels Prepared Via Rapid Supercritical Extraction. UCAT
16  2018 From Molecules to Materials: Engineering New Ionic Liquid Crystals Through Halogen Bonding. ILCs, PFCs
17  2018 Noncovalent interactions dominate dynamic heme distortion in cytochrome P450 4B1. RR
18  2017 Biotechnologies for Marine Oil Spill Cleanup: Indissoluble Ties with Microorganisms. ---
19  2017 Effects of air/fuel ratio on gas emissions in a small spark-ignited non-road engine operating with different gasoline/ethanol blends. CO, NOx, SSINRE
20  2017 Hydrodynamics-mediated trapping of micro-swimmers near drops. ---
21  2017 Modeling solubility of CO2/hydrocarbon gas in ionic liquid ([emim][FAP]) using Aspen Plus simulations. vdW
22  2017 Plant-microbial association in petroleum and gas exploration sites in the state of Assam, north-east India-significance for bioremediation. CFU, HMs, NRS, RS
23  2016 Cytochrome P450 gene, CYP4G51, modulates hydrocarbon production in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum. CHCs
24  2016 Emission factors of air pollutants from CNG-gasoline bi-fuel vehicles: Part II. CO, HC and NOx. BC, CNG, CO, EFs, NG, NG, NOx
25  2016 Improving B3LYP heats of formation with three-dimensional molecular descriptors. ---
26  2015 Microbial communities related to biodegradation of dispersed Macondo oil at low seawater temperature with Norwegian coastal seawater. DWH
27  2015 Role of Alternative Fuels on Particulate Matter (PM) Characteristics and Influence of the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. CO, DOC, PM, RME, SMPS, TEM
28  2014 Does the volatile hydrocarbon profile differ between the sexes: a case study on five aphidophagous ladybirds. ---
29  2014 Rendering plant emissions of volatile organic compounds during sterilization and cooking processes. DMTS, VOCs
30  2014 Variation in quantity and composition of cuticular hydrocarbons in the scorpion Buthus occitanus (Buthidae) in response to acute exposure to desiccation stress. ---
31  2012 Propene poisoning on three typical Fe-zeolites for SCR of NOchi with NH₃: from mechanism study to coating modified architecture. ---
32  2012 Simultaneous NOx and hydrocarbon emissions control for lean-burn engines using low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell at open circuit. SOFC
33  2011 Irresolvable complex mixture of hydrocarbons in soybean oil deodorizer distillate. ICM
34  2011 Stabilization of sensing performance for mixed-potential-type zirconia-based hydrocarbon sensor. EMF, HC, SEM, YSZ
35  2010 Effect of ethanol-gasoline blends on small engine generator energy efficiency and exhaust emission. CO, NOx
36  2010 Effects of Beijing Olympics control measures on reducing reactive hydrocarbon species. OFPs, PICs
37  2010 High resolution PTR-TOF: quantification and formula confirmation of VOC in real time. OVOCs, PTR-TOF, VOCs
38  2010 In-Plume Emission Test Stand 2: emission factors for 10- to 100-kW U.S. military generators. CO, EFs, NOx, PM
39  2010 Integration of chemical scrubber with sodium hypochlorite and surfactant for removal of hydrocarbons in cooking oil fume. ACS, COFs, NMHC
40  2010 Particle emissions from ships: dependence on fuel type. CO, HFO, MDO, MGO, NOx, PM
41  2010 Styrene oligomerization as a molecular probe reaction for zeolite acidity: a UV-Vis spectroscopy and DFT study. ---
42  2009 Approach for estimating microbial growth and the biodegradation of hydrocarbon contaminants in subsoil based on field measurements: 1. Model development and verification. ---
43  2009 Bioremediation of weathered petroleum hydrocarbon soil contamination in the Canadian High Arctic: laboratory and field studies. TPH
44  2009 Comparison of exhaust emissions resulting from cold- and hot-start motorcycle driving modes. CO
45  2009 Evaluation of EpiDerm full thickness-300 (EFT-300) as an in vitro model for skin irritation: studies on aliphatic hydrocarbons. EFT-300, IL-6, TEWL
46  2009 Idle emissions from medium heavy-duty diesel and gasoline trucks. CO, CRC, HHDDTs, MHDDTs, PM
47  2009 MALDI imaging of neutral cuticular lipids in insects and plants. WEs
48  2008 Control of diesel gaseous and particulate emissions with a tube-type wet electrostatic precipitator. CO, DPM, ELPI, GC, MS, NO, PAHs
49  2007 Effects of oil pollution at Kuwait's greater Al-Burgan oil field on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations in the tissues of the desert lizard Acanthodactylus scutellatus and their ant prey. GC-MS, PAHs
50  2006 Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in seawater at low temperatures (0-5 degrees C) and bacterial communities associated with degradation. PAH
51  2006 Influence of mobile air-conditioning on vehicle emissions and fuel consumption: a model approach for modern gasoline cars used in Europe. ---
52  2005 Characterization of the lipid composition at the proximal root regions of human hair. Cers, CH, FAs, MEA, SQ, TGs, WEs
53  2005 Monitoring microbial community in a subsurface soil contaminated with hydrocarbons by quinone profile. DQ, HC, TQ
54  2005 Mutations in the desat1 gene reduces the production of courtship stimulatory pheromones through a marked effect on fatty acids in Drosophila melanogaster. FAs
55  2005 Role of cuticular hydrocarbons in the chemical recognition between ant species in the Pachycondyla villosa species complex. Pi, Ps, Pv
56  2004 Hydrocarbon circulation and colonial signature in Pachycondyla villosa. HDLp, PPG
57  2004 In-nest environment modulates nestmate recognition in the ant Camponotus fellah. CI, NI
58  2004 Phytodegradation of extra heavy oil-based drill cuttings using mature reed wetland: an in situ pilot study. DCs
59  2004 Risk factors of jet fuel combustion products. ---
60  2003 Determination of hydrocarbons using sapphire fibers coated with poly(dimethylsiloxane). PDMS
61  2002 Determination of petroleum contamination in shellfish using solid phase micro-extraction with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. GC-MS, HS-SPME
62  2002 Evidence of reproductive endocrine effects in women with occupational fuel and solvent exposures. LH, Pd3G
63  2002 Genetic study of the production of sexually dimorphic cuticular hydrocarbons in relation with the sex-determination gene transformer in Drosophila melanogaster. ---
64  2002 Volatile hydrocarbon emissions from a diesel fuel-contaminated soil bioremediation facility. GC-MS, THC
65  2001 Aldehyde and monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mixing ratios at an urban site in Las Vegas, Nevada. BTEX
66  2001 Application of a fiber-optic NIR-EFA sensor system for in situ monitoring of aromatic hydrocarbons in contaminated groundwater. EFA, NIR
67  2001 Modeling the formation of secondary organic aerosol. 1. Application of theoretical principles to measurements obtained in the alpha-pinene/, beta-pinene/, sabinene/, delta3-carene/, and cyclohexane/ozone systems. G/P, PM, SOA
68  2001 Removal of hydrocarbons from wastewater using treated bark. FTIR, RC, RE, Tc
69  2000 Characterization of a commercial gas chromatography-flame ionization detection system for the in situ determination of C5-C10 hydrocarbons in ambient air. FID
70  1999 Exhaust Emissions from Gasoline- and LPG-Powered Vehicles Operating at the Altitude of Mexico City. CO, LPG, MAMC
71  1999 Surfactant dissolution and water solubilization in chlorine-free liquified gas propellants. DME, HFAs, HLB
72  1999 The Impact of California Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline on Real-World Vehicle Emissions. CO, DRI, MTBE, RFG
73  1998 Ozone and Its Precursors in the Atmosphere of Mexico City. CO
74  1996 Hydrocarbon exposure and chronic renal disease. ICG, ppm
75  1992 Health effects of tank cleaners. ---
76  1992 Issues surrounding MDI formulation development with non-CFC propellants. CFC, HCFCs, HFCs, MDIs