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Abbreviation : HK
Long Form : housekeeping
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Gene expression analysis for selection and validation of suitable housekeeping gene(s) in cadmium exposed pigeonpea plants inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizae. AM, Cc, CE, Fm, qRT-PCR, Ri
2021 Housekeeping genes involved in non-malignant breast phenotypes are widely expressed in multiple cancers and provide novel biomarkers of tumor classification. ---
2020 3'-UTR Shortening Contributes to Subtype-Specific Cancer Growth by Breaking Stable ceRNA Crosstalk of Housekeeping Genes. 3'US, ceRNA
2020 CpG-island-based annotation and analysis of human housekeeping genes. CGIs, GO, HCGI, ICGI
2020 HRT Atlas v1.0 database: redefining human and mouse housekeeping genes and candidate reference transcripts by mining massive RNA-seq datasets. ---
2020 Relationships of Bradyrhizobium strains nodulating three Algerian Genista species. SI
2019 Characterization of gene promoters in pig: conservative elements, regulatory motifs and evolutionary trend. TS
2019 Chloroplast Genomes and Comparative Analyses among Thirteen Taxa within Myrsinaceae s.str. Clade (Myrsinoideae, Primulaceae). cp, LSC, PS, SSR
2019 Identification of Suitable Meloidogyne spp. Housekeeping Genes. ---
10  2019 In silico prediction of housekeeping long intergenic non-coding RNAs reveals HKlincR1 as an essential player in lung cancer cell survival. lincRNAs
11  2019 Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) of Chlamydiales. MLST, ST
12  2019 Screen technical noise in single cell RNA sequencing data. NHK, sc
13  2019 Validation of miR-1228-3p as Housekeeping for MicroRNA Analysis in Liquid Biopsies from Colorectal Cancer Patients. CRC, miRNA, qRT-PCR
14  2017 Evolutionary rate heterogeneity between multi- and single-interface hubs across human housekeeping and tissue-specific protein interaction network: Insights from proteins' and its partners' properties. MI, PPIN, SI, TS
15  2017 Genome-Wide Constitutively Expressed Gene Analysis and New Reference Gene Selection Based on Transcriptome Data: A Case Study from Poplar/Canker Disease Interaction. CV, DE, MFC
16  2017 Systematic identification of human housekeeping genes possibly useful as references in gene expression studies. ---
17  2016 Endogenous Reference Genes for Gene Expression Studies on Bicuspid Aortic Valve Associated Aortopathy in Humans. BAV, qRT-PCR, TAV
18  2016 Graphical Features of Functional Genes in Human Protein Interaction Network. HPIN, ROC, TE
19  2015 DNA entropy reveals a significant difference in complexity between housekeeping and tissue specific gene promoters. TS
20  2015 Do housekeeping genes exist? ---
21  2015 Identification and analysis of house-keeping and tissue-specific genes based on RNA-seq data sets across 15 mouse tissues. TS
22  2015 Membrane gene ontology bias in sequencing and microarray obtained by housekeeping-gene analysis. MA
23  2015 Structural disorder: a tool for housekeeping proteins performing tissue-specific interactions. SD, TS, TSI
24  2014 beta-2 microglobulin is unsuitable as an internal reference gene for the analysis of gene expression in human colorectal cancer. B2M, BA, GUS, RT-PCR, TLR2
25  2014 Partitioning the human transcriptome using HKera, a novel classifier of housekeeping and tissue-specific genes. TS
26  2014 Translational selection in human: more pronounced in housekeeping genes. ICGEB
27  2013 An improved infectivity assay combining cell culture with real-time PCR for rapid quantification of human adenoviruses 41 and semi-quantification of human adenovirus in sewage. ---
28  2013 An RNA-seq-based gene expression profiling of radiation-induced tumorigenic mammary epithelial cells. DEGs, hTERT, NGS, TS
29  2013 Corrections for mRNA extraction and sample normalization errors find increased mRNA levels may compensate for cancer haplo-insufficiency. DE
30  2013 Identification of human HK genes and gene expression regulation study in cancer from transcriptomics data analysis. ---
31  2012 Distinct contributions of replication and transcription to mutation rate variation of human genomes. TS
32  2012 Identification of housekeeping genes suitable for gene expression analysis in Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio var. jian). 18S rRNA, ACTB, CV, EF-1alpha, GAPDH, qRT-PCR
33  2012 In silico evolutionary analysis of Helicobacter pylori outer membrane phospholipase A (OMPLA). HGT, OMPLA
34  2012 Knowledge enrichment analysis for human tissue-specific genes uncover new biological insights. ARVC, DO, GO, GSEA, HA, HCM, TS
35  2012 Preservation of ranking order in the expression of human Housekeeping genes. NHK
36  2012 Revisiting the housekeeping genes of human placental development and insufficiency syndromes. ---
37  2011 Adjuvant arthritis influences expression of housekeeping genes. 18s rRNA, AA, GAPDH, RT-PCR
38  2011 Identification of housekeeping genes suitable for gene expression analysis in the zebrafish. bactin2
39  2011 Predicting tissue-specific expressions based on sequence characteristics. TFBSs, TS
40  2011 The disequilibrium of nucleosomes distribution along chromosomes plays a functional and evolutionarily role in regulating gene expression. NO, TS
41  2010 Effects of gene therapy on muscle 18S rRNA expression in mouse model of ALS. ACTB, BDNF-TTC, qRT-PCR
42  2009 Housekeeping genes in prostate tumorigenesis. LPC, mPC, NP
43  2008 How many human genes can be defined as housekeeping with current expression data? TS
44  2006 NXSensor web tool for evaluating DNA for nucleosome exclusion sequences and accessibility to binding factors. TS, TSSs
45  2005 Selection of ovine housekeeping genes for normalisation by real-time RT-PCR; analysis of PrP gene expression and genetic susceptibility to scrapie. TSEs
46  1995 Compositional properties of nuclear genes from Plasmodium falciparum. aa