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Abbreviation : HLA
Long Form : histocompatibility
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Race and Survival in Unrelated Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. ---
2007 Antibody-mediated rejection in renal allografts: lessons from pathology. AMR
2007 Expression, purification and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the human major histocompatibility antigen HLA-B*1402 in complex with a viral peptide and with a self-peptide. AS
2004 Overexpression of HLA class I molecules on T cells among type 1 diabetes Brazilian patients. CD
2002 [Antigliadin antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis]. AAG
1998 Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in a Canadian First Nations (aboriginal) population: onset subtypes and HLA associations. JRA, RA, RF
1997 Biology of chromosome 6. ---
1997 Dissection of the 5.5 Mbp region directly telomeric of HLA-B including a long range restriction map, YAC and PAC contigs. ---
1997 Genetic identification of children of the disappeared in Argentina. ---
10  1995 [Involvement of histocompatibility and allosensitization in recurrent abortions]. OR
11  1993 A hypothesis for the HLA-B27 immune dysregulation in spondyloarthropathy: contributions from enteric organisms, B27 structure, peptides bound by B27, and convergent evolution. ---
12  1993 HLA associations with Meniere's disease. ---
13  1993 Prognostic significance of maternal DR histocompatibility types in Danish women with recurrent miscarriages. ---
14  1992 [The genetic aspects in the genesis of autonomic crises (panic attacks)]. VC
15  1991 Quantitative assessment of HIV-1 DNA load by coamplification of HIV-1 gag and HLA-DQ-alpha genes. PBMC, PCR
16  1990 Class I histocompatibility antigen expression: a prognostic factor for aneuploid ovarian cancers. ---
17  1990 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in Egyptians with two parasitic skin diseases (scabies and leishmaniasis). ---
18  1990 HLA class I and class II antigen expression on squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. ---
19  1990 Quantitation of HIV-1 proviral DNA relative to cellular DNA by the polymerase chain reaction. HIV-1, PCR
20  1989 A physical map including a new class I gene (cda12) of the human major histocompatibility complex (A2/B13 haplotype) derived from a monosomy 6 mutant cell line. ---
21  1989 Genetic marker analysis in cases of disputed paternity when the alleged father is deceased. AF
22  1989 Immunologic and neuroendocrine interactions in pregnancy. NK
23  1989 The distribution of HLA antigens in Italy. ---
24  1989 [A method of immunoenzyme analysis for determining human histocompatibility antigens]. EIA
25  1988 Epidermolysis bullosa letalis: an immunogenetic disease of extraembryonic ectoderm? ---
26  1987 HLA-DQ is epistatic to HLA-DR in controlling the immune response to schistosomal antigen in humans. Ir, Sj
27  1987 Immunocytochemical analysis of HLA class II (DR) antigens in liver disease in man. ---
28  1987 Reproductive immunology: biomarkers of compromised pregnancies. ---
29  1986 Expression of HLA antigens in paraffin sections of uveal melanomas. ---
30  1986 HLA-DR typing and lymphocyte subset evaluation in rheumatic heart disease: a search for immune response factors. NKC, RHD
31  1986 Inhibition of human lymphocyte transformation by tomato lectin. ---
32  1986 Mapping of HLA genes using pulsed-field gradient electrophoresis. PFGE
33  1985 [Changes of the expression of histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in human fibroblasts transformed by the avian leukosis-sarcoma virus]. ---
34  1985 [Genetics of Crohn disease: study of the HLA association in 169 patients]. ---
35  1984 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in keratoconus. ---
36  1984 The transfusion of HLA-matched platelets to thrombocytopenic patients resistant to random donor platelets. ---
37  1984 [Goldenhar syndrome. Discordance in monozygotic twins]. ---
38  1983 Distribution of major histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in chorionic villi of molar pregnancy. ---
39  1983 Genetic predisposition to two rheumatic diseases. ---
40  1983 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens and eye diseases other than uveitis. ---
41  1983 Iron overload disorders: natural history, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy. ---
42  1983 Paternal histocompatibility (HLA) antigens and maternal anti-HLA antibodies in herpes gestationis. HG
43  1983 Relationship between primary biliary cirrhosis and chronic graft versus host disease: investigation of histocompatibility (HLA) antigenic determinants in biliary tract antigens. PBC
44  1983 Transplantation antigens and keratoplasty. ---
45  1982 Atopy and HLA antigens in patients with keratoconus. ---
46  1982 Genetic heterogeneity of diabetes and HLA. IDD, RR
47  1982 Heterogeneity of insulin-dependent diabetes-new evidence. ---
48  1982 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens and multiple sclerosis in Israelis. MS
49  1982 Histocompatibility types and antiviral antibodies in a diverse group of individuals. ---
50  1982 HLA-D typing in multiple sclerosis: Israelis tested with European homozygous typing cells. HTCs, MS
51  1982 Pattern of histocompatibility (HLA) antigen distribution among Nigerian (West African black) diabetics. IDDM, NIDDM
52  1981 HLA-DRW4 antigen linkage in patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. ---
53  1981 Iridocyclitis in black Americans: association with HLA B8 suggests an autoimmune aetiology. ---
54  1981 Is diabetic microangiopathy genetically heterogeneous? HLA and diabetic nephropathy. IDD, IDDN
55  1981 Lichen planus: a distinct entity from lupus erythematosus. LE, LP
56  1981 Serologic studies in a family with heterozygous C2 deficiency. ANA, RANA, SLE
57  1981 Transplantation antigens and keratoplasty. ---
58  1980 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in capsular glaucoma and simplex glaucoma. ---
59  1980 Histocompatibility antigens (HLA) and uveitis. ---
60  1980 HLA-B8 in Raynaud's phenomenon. CTD, RP
61  1980 Hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus and the congenital rubella syndrome. ---
62  1980 Linkage analysis between the major histocompatibility system and insulin-dependent diabetes in families with patients in two consecutive generations. ---
63  1980 The histocompatibility (HLA) antigen distribution in diabetes in southern African Blacks (Xhosa). JOD, MOD
64  1980 The histocompatibility (HLA) antigen distribution in multiple sclerosis patients in Zimbabwe. ---
65  1980 [Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in gluten enteropathy in children (author's transl)]. ---
66  1979 Detection of human histocompatibility (HLA) antigens with an indirect rosette microassay. ---
67  1979 Genetic segregation of multiple sclerosis and histocompatibility (HLA) haplotypes. MS, MSS
68  1979 Genetic susceptibility to multiple sclerosis. MS
69  1979 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in heterotopic ossification associated with neurological injury. ---
70  1979 HLA antigens and acute angle-closure glaucoma. ---
71  1979 HLA-DR specificities among black Americans with juvenile-onset diabetes. ---
72  1979 Significance of HLA antigens and the mixed lymphocyte reaction in psoriasis. Ir, MLR
73  1979 The role of histocompatibility (HLA) antigens in asbestosis. ---
74  1978 Distribution of HLA antigens in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. ---
75  1978 Genetic histocompatibility (HLA) associations with congenital craniofacial anomalies amenable to reconstructive surgery. ---
76  1978 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens and keratoplasty. ---
77  1978 Histocompatibility (HLA) factors in ataxia telangiectasia. AT
78  1978 Histocompatibility antigens and primary open-angle glaucoma. A reassessment. POAG
79  1977 Expression of histocompatibility (HLA) antigens on tumor cells and normal cells from patients with melanoma. beta 2 mu
80  1977 Histocompatibility antigens in discoid and systemic lupus erythematosus. DLE, SLE
81  1977 Histocompatibility antigens in progressive systemic sclerosis (scleroderma). PSS
82  1977 Isolation and structure of human histocompatibility (HLA) antigens. ---
83  1977 The histocompatibility system in juvenile, insulin-dependent diabetic multiplex kindreds. ---
84  1976 beta2-Microglobulins: isolation, properties, and distribution. ---
85  1976 Family studies in dermatitis herpetiformis. CD, DH
86  1976 Histocompatibility (HL-A) antigens and primary open-angle glaucoma. ---
87  1976 Histocompatibility (HL-A) factors in familial multiple sclerosis. Is multiple sclerosis susceptibility inherited via the HL-A chromosome? MS
88  1976 Histocompatibility (HLA) antigens and diabetic microangiopathy. ---
89  1976 Histocompatibility antigens and dermatitis herpetiformis with special reference to jejunal abnormalities and acetylator phenotype. DH
90  1976 Histocompatibility antigens and manic-depressive disorders. ---
91  1976 Histocompatibility antigens and myocardial infarction. ---
92  1976 Histocompatibility antigens in inflammatory bowel disease. Their clinical significance and their association with arthropathy with special reference to HLA-B27 (W27). IBD
93  1976 Histocompatibility antigens in psoriatic arthritis. ---
94  1976 Histocompatibility antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE
95  1976 Histocompatibility types and viral antibodies. HSV-1, MS, NT
96  1976 Histocompatibility typing in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS
97  1976 HL-A antigens, autoantibody production, and associated diseases in thymoma patients, with and without myasthenia gravis. AMA, ANA
98  1976 Influence of rejection on graft survival after renal transplantation. ---
99  1976 Letter: Histocompatibility (HL-A) antigens and psoriasis. ---
100  1976 Matching of histocompatibility (HL-A) antigens for platelet transfusion. ---