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Abbreviation : HSCs
Long Form : hepatic stellate cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 (Pro)renin Receptor Knockdown Attenuates Liver Fibrosis Through Inactivation of ERK/TGF-β1/SMAD3 Pathway. ERK, MCD, TAA, TGF
2021 14-kDa phosphohistidine phosphatase is a potential therapeutic target for liver fibrosis. AAV
2021 A Bioinformatic Analysis of Correlations between Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor (PIGR) and Liver Fibrosis Progression. AUC, GEO, GSEA, IFN, NPV, pIgR, PPV
2021 A combination of pirfenidone and TGF-β inhibition mitigates cystic echinococcosis-associated hepatic injury. CE, NK, TGF-beta
2021 A magnetic resonance imaging modality for non-invasively distinguishing progression of liver fibrosis by visualizing hepatic platelet-derived growth factor receptor-beta expression in mice. Gd, MRI, PDGF, PDGFR-beta
2021 A primary human hepatocyte/hepatic stellate cell co-culture system for improved in vitro HBV replication. PHHs
2021 Albumin inhibits the nuclear translocation of Smad3 via interleukin-1beta signaling in hepatic stellate cells. IL-1beta, RA
2021 ALKBH5-Modified HMGB1-STING Activation Contributes to Radiation Induced Liver Disease via Innate Immune Response. ALKBH5, HMGB1, m6A, RILD, STING
2021 Alpha-single chains of collagen type VI inhibit the fibrogenic effects of triple helical collagen VI in hepatic stellate cells. CVI, ECM
10  2021 Altered vitamin A metabolism in human liver slices corresponds to fibrogenesis. ATRA
11  2021 AMPK-mTOR-ULK1-mediated autophagy protects carbon tetrachloride-induced acute hepatic failure by inhibiting p21 in rats. AHF
12  2021 ANGPTL4 regulates CD163 expression and Kuppfer cell polarization induced cirrhosis via TLR4/NF-κB pathway. ANGPTL4
13  2021 Anti-fibrotic effects of brevilin A in hepatic fibrosis via inhibiting the STAT3 signaling pathway. alpha-SMA, ECM, TGF
14  2021 Antifibrotic Effects of Kangxian Ruangan Capsule on Rats with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Fibrosis and Hepatic Stellate Cells through Regulation of TGF-β and TLR4 Signaling Pathways. KXRG, MCD, NAFLD, PDGF, TCM
15  2021 Aramchol downregulates stearoyl CoA-desaturase 1 in hepatic stellate cells to attenuate cellular fibrogenesis. bPDGFR, NASH, phHeps, phHSCs, PPARG, SCD1
16  2021 ATF6 promotes liver fibrogenesis by regulating macrophage-derived interleukin-1α expression. ER stress, TAA
17  2021 Bmal1 inhibits phenotypic transformation of hepatic stellate cells in liver fibrosis via IDH1/α-KG-mediated glycolysis. BMAL1, TGF-beta1
18  2021 c-Myc affects hedgehog pathway via KCNQ1OT1/RAC1: A new mechanism for regulating HSC proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition. ChIP, HE
19  2021 C/EBP-α induces autophagy by binding to Beclin1 through its own acetylation modification in activated hepatic stellate cells. ---
20  2021 Caffeine-induced inversion of prostaglandin E2 effects on hepatic stellate cell activation. PGE2
21  2021 CaMK II/Ca2+ dependent endoplasmic reticulum stress mediates apoptosis of hepatic stellate cells stimulated by transforming growth factor beta 1. CaMKII, ERS, UTP
22  2021 Carvacrol alleviates liver fibrosis by inhibiting TRPM7 and modulating the MAPK signaling pathway. MAPK, TRPM7
23  2021 CD8+ tissue-resident memory T cells promote liver fibrosis resolution by inducing apoptosis of hepatic stellate cells. NASH
24  2021 Celecoxib ameliorates liver cirrhosis via reducing inflammation and oxidative stress along spleen-liver axis in rats. TAA
25  2021 Characterization of the proteome and metabolome of human liver sinusoidal endothelial-like cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. LSECs
26  2021 Chitinase 3-like 1 is a profibrogenic factor overexpressed in the aging liver and in patients with liver cirrhosis. CHI3L1, mRNA
27  2021 Circular RNA circPSD3 alleviates hepatic fibrogenesis by regulating the miR-92b-3p/Smad7 axis. ALT, AST, circRNAs, HCC, HF, PSD3
28  2021 Circular RNA circUbe2k promotes hepatic fibrosis via sponging miR-149-5p/TGF-β2 axis. circRNAs, HF, ncRNAs
29  2021 Cluster of Differentiation 44 Promotes Liver Fibrosis and Serves as a Biomarker in Congestive Hepatopathy. CD, CH, pIVCL
30  2021 Combined anti-hepatocellular carcinoma therapy inhibit drug-resistance and metastasis via targeting "substance P-hepatic stellate cells-hepatocellular carcinoma" axis. aHSCs, CAP, DOX, EMT, GA, HCC, sHA, SP, TME
31  2021 Cross-talk between hepatic stellate cells and T lymphocytes in liver fibrosis. ECM
32  2021 Crosstalk between hepatic stellate cells and surrounding cells in hepatic fibrosis. MAFLD
33  2021 Curcumin- and Cyclopamine-Loaded Liposomes to Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy Against Hepatic Fibrosis. ECM
34  2021 Cytomegalovirus Latency Exacerbated small-for-size Liver Graft Injury through Activation of CCL19/CCR7 in Hepatic Stellate Cells. CMV, LDLT, MMP-2, SD
35  2021 Cytoplasmic vacuolation with endoplasmic reticulum stress directs sorafenib induced non-apoptotic cell death in hepatic stellate cells. ---
36  2021 Dihydroartemisinin alleviates hepatic fibrosis through inducing ferroptosis in hepatic stellate cells. DHA, NCOA4
37  2021 Dihydroartemisinin regulates lipid droplet metabolism in hepatic stellate cells by inhibiting lncRNA-H19-induced AMPK signal. AMPK, DHA, ECM, HIF1alpha, LDs, lncRNA
38  2021 Dihydromyricetin ameliorates liver fibrosis via inhibition of hepatic stellate cells by inducing autophagy and natural killer cell-mediated killing effect. alpha-SMA, Col1alpha1, DHM, MMP-1, NK, TIMP-1
39  2021 Directed differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells to hepatic stellate cells. iPSCs
40  2021 Discovery and Biological Evaluation of N-Methyl-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-5-carboxamide Derivatives as JAK1-Selective Inhibitors. JAK1
41  2021 Downregulated microRNA-129-5p by Long Non-coding RNA NEAT1 Upregulates PEG3 Expression to Aggravate Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis. lncRNAs, MCD, miR-129-5p, NASH, NEAT1, NF-kappaB, PDTC, PEG3
42  2021 Doxazosin Attenuates Liver Fibrosis by Inhibiting Autophagy in Hepatic Stellate Cells via Activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway. CCK-8, GFP, HE, mTOR, PI3K, RFP, TEM
43  2021 DZNep, an inhibitor of the histone methyltransferase EZH2, suppresses hepatic fibrosis through regulating miR-199a-5p/SOCS7 pathway. ---
44  2021 Efficient Preparation of Black Tea Extract (BTE) with the High Content of Theaflavin Mono- and Digallates and the Protective Effects of BTE on CCl4-Induced Rat Liver and Renal Injury. BTE, TFs
45  2021 Endogenous production of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids protects mice from carbon tetrachloride-induced liver fibrosis by regulating mTOR and Bcl-2/Bax signalling pathways. AST, Bax, Bcl-2, DHA, mTOR, PUFAs
46  2021 Endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy are involved in adipocyte-induced fibrosis in hepatic stellate cells. alpha-SMA, ECM
47  2021 Endothelial Zeb2 preserves the hepatic angioarchitecture and protects against liver fibrosis. LSECs, Zeb
48  2021 Epigenetically-regulated serum GAS5 as a potential biomarker for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. CHB, DNMT, lncRNA-GAS5
49  2021 Eritoran Attenuates Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrosis in Mice with Chronic Liver Injury. FFD, LPS, TLR4
50  2021 Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Dicliptera chinensis (L.) Juss. Ameliorates Liver Fibrosis by Inducing Autophagy via PI3K/AKT/mTOR/p70S6K Signaling Pathway. alpha -SMA, LC3B, mTOR
51  2021 Exogenous Plant gma-miR-159a, Identified by miRNA Library Functional Screening, Ameliorated Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation and Inflammation via Inhibiting GSK-3β-Mediated Pathways. miR159a, miRNAs
52  2021 Exosome-delivered CD44v6/C1QBP complex drives pancreatic cancer liver metastasis by promoting fibrotic liver microenvironment. PDAC, Pex
53  2021 Exosomes secreted by palmitic acid-treated hepatocytes promote LX-2 cell activation by transferring miRNA-107. alpha-SMA, CCK-8, COL1A1, NAFLD, PA
54  2021 Extra- and Intra-Cellular Mechanisms of Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation. ECM
55  2021 Extracellular histones stimulate collagen expression in vitro and promote liver fibrogenesis in a mouse model via the TLR4-MyD88 signaling pathway. NAHP
56  2021 Extracellular Vesicles in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Alcoholic Liver Disease. ALD, EVs, LSECs, NAFLD
57  2021 EZH2-mediated inhibition of KLF14 expression promotes HSCs activation and liver fibrosis by downregulating PPARγ. EZH2, KLF14, PPARgamma, TAA
58  2021 Fas/FasL mediates NF-κBp65/PUMA-modulated hepatocytes apoptosis via autophagy to drive liver fibrosis. FasL, PUMA, PUMA-KO
59  2021 Fibrotic Events in the Progression of Cholestatic Liver Disease. BDL, PBC, PSC
60  2021 Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 Alleviates Hepatic Fibrosis in Liver Cirrhosis by Vascular Remodeling. alpha-SMA, BDL, Col I, FU, HUVECs, TGF
61  2021 Generation of an ACTA2-EGFP reporter human induced pluripotent stem cell line, KITi001-C-41, using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homologous recombination. alpha-SMA
62  2021 Germacrone improves liver fibrosis by regulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling pathway. EMT, GM, mTOR, PI3K
63  2021 Gli2-regulated activation of hepatic stellate cells and liver fibrosis by TGF-β signaling. cKO, Hh, qRT-PCR, WB, WT
64  2021 HBV-Specific CD8+ T-Cell Tolerance in the Liver. CHB, DCs, HBV, IDO, MDSCs
65  2021 Hepatic Dendritic Cells in the Development and Progression of Metabolic Steatohepatitis. MAFLD
66  2021 Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation and Inactivation in NASH-Fibrosis-Roles as Putative Treatment Targets? NASH
67  2021 Hepatic stellate cell as a Mac-2-binding protein-producing cell in patients with liver fibrosis. M2BP
68  2021 Hepatic stellate cells promote intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression via NR4A2/osteopontin/Wnt signaling axis. ICC, NR4A2, OPN, VEGF
69  2021 Hepatic stellate cells role in the course of metabolic disorders development - A molecular overview. ECM
70  2021 Hepatic stellate cells-specific LOXL1 deficiency abrogates hepatic inflammation, fibrosis, and corrects lipid metabolic abnormalities in non-obese NASH mice. CDAA, ECM, LOXL1, NAFLD, NASH
71  2021 Hexa Histidine-Tagged Recombinant Human Cytoglobin Deactivates Hepatic Stellate Cells and Inhibits Liver Fibrosis by Scavenging Reactive Oxygen Species. CYGB, DDC, His-CYGB, ROS, TAA
72  2021 Histone deacetylase inhibitor givinostat alleviates liver fibrosis by regulating hepatic stellate cell activation. Dmkn, MSLN, Upk3b
73  2021 Histone H3K27 methyltransferase EZH2 and demethylase JMJD3 regulate hepatic stellate cells activation and liver fibrosis. ECM
74  2021 Human Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis on a Chip. HCs, NAFLD, NASH
75  2021 Human placental mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate liver fibrosis in mice by upregulation of Caveolin1 in hepatic stellate cells. Cav-1, hPMSCs, LF
76  2021 Identification of growth differentiation factor 15 as a pro-fibrotic factor in mouse liver fibrosis progression. GDF15
77  2021 IL-22 alleviates the fibrosis of hepatic stellate cells via the inactivation of NLRP3 inflammasome signaling. IL, NLRP3, TGF-beta
78  2021 In vivo coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy reveals vitamin A distribution in the liver. CARS, VA
79  2021 Increased Expression of S100B and RAGE in a Mouse Model of Bile Duct Ligation-induced Liver Fibrosis. BDL, RAGE, siRNA
80  2021 Induced hepatic stellate cell integrin, α8β1, enhances cellular contractility and TGFβ activity in liver fibrosis. ---
81  2021 Inhibition of Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation Suppresses Tumorigenicity of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Mice. CM, HCC
82  2021 Inhibition of miR-188-5p alleviates hepatic fibrosis by significantly reducing the activation and proliferation of HSCs through PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway. HF, HFD, NAFLD, PTEN
83  2021 Inhibition of the transient receptor potential vanilloid 3 channel attenuates carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic fibrosis. TRPV3
84  2021 Integrating Network Pharmacology and Experimental Validation to Investigate the Effects and Mechanism of Astragalus Flavonoids Against Hepatic Fibrosis. AR, HCC, HF, NF-kappaB, TCM, TGF-beta1
85  2021 Integrin αVβ1 regulates procollagen I production through a non-canonical transforming growth factor β signaling pathway in human hepatic stellate cells. Alk5, TGF-beta
86  2021 Interaction of non‑parenchymal hepatocytes in the process of hepatic fibrosis (Review). HF
87  2021 Intercellular crosstalk of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells in liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. ECM, HCC, IHVR, LSECs, PHT, TME
88  2021 Interleukin-10 Attenuates Liver Fibrosis Exacerbated by Thermoneutrality. alpha-SMA, BAT, TN
89  2021 Interleukin-24 protects against liver injury in mouse models. IL-24, TAA
90  2021 Involvement of SIRT1 in amelioration of schistosomiasis-induced hepatic fibrosis by genistein. alpha-SMA, MphiCM, S. japonicum, SEA
91  2021 Irisin ameliorates endoplasmic reticulum stress and liver fibrosis through inhibiting PERK-mediated destabilization of HNRNPA1 in hepatic stellate cells. ER, hnRNP A1, PERK
92  2021 It's all about the spaces between cells: role of extracellular matrix in liver fibrosis. ECM, LOX, LOXLs, MMPs, TIMPs
93  2021 Knockdown of TRIM15 inhibits the activation of hepatic stellate cells. TRIM15
94  2021 Lipid accumulation-induced hepatocyte senescence regulates the activation of hepatic stellate cells through the Nrf2-antioxidant response element pathway. ARE, NAFLD, NASH, Nrf2
95  2021 LncRNA Neat1 expedites the progression of liver fibrosis in mice through targeting miR-148a-3p and miR-22-3p to upregulate Cyth3. ceRNA, Cyth3, lncRNAs, NEAT1
96  2021 Macrophages as a source of fibrosis biomarkers for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. HCC, IL, NAFLD/NASH, sSiglec-7
97  2021 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 decorated polymersomes, a surface-active extracellular matrix therapeutic, potentiates collagen degradation and attenuates early liver fibrosis. ECM, MMP-1, MMPsomes
98  2021 MicroRNA 200a inhibits liver fibrosis of schistosoma. miR-200a, SLF, TGF-beta
99  2021 MicroRNA-223 restricts liver fibrosis by inhibiting the TAZ-IHH-GLI2 and PDGF signaling pathways via the crosstalk of multiple liver cell types. miR-223, miR-223KO, TAZ
100  2021 MicroRNA-361 suppresses the biological processes of hepatic stellate cells in HBV-relative hepatic fibrosis by NF-kappaB p65. DLRA, LF, Q-PCR