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Abbreviation : HTCA
Long Form : human tumor clonogenic assay
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2003 ATP chemosensitivity testing in ovarian and breast cancer: early clinical trials. ATP-TCA, TG
2002 Comparison of chemosensitivity tests: clonogenic assay versus MTT assay. ---
2001 A phase I and pharmacodynamic evaluation of polyethylene glycol-conjugated L-asparaginase in patients with advanced solid tumors. PEG-Lasparaginase
1998 In vitro concentration response studies and in vitro phase II tests as the experimental basis for regional chemotherapeutic protocols. 5-FU, 5-FUDR, ADM, EPI, MMC
1997 The efficiency of tumor cell purging using immunomagnetic CD34+ cell separation systems. BM, PBMNC
1996 Absence of lysosomal cleavage in the cytotoxicity mechanism of an immunoconjugate composed of anti-alpha-fetoprotein monoclonal antibody and vindesine analog. VDS
1996 Antiproliferative effects of interleukin-12 treatment on human tumor colony-forming units taken directly from patients. IL-12, NK
1996 In vitro pharmalogic rationale for intraperitoneal regional chemotherapy. 5-FU, 5-FUDR, EPI, MAF, MMC, VDS
1996 [Biochemical modulation applied to experimental cancer chemotherapy]. 5-FU, BCM, LV, ts
10  1995 Antiproliferative effect of human interleukin-4 in human cancer cell lines: studies on the mechanism. EGFR, hIL-4R, IL-4, NSCLC, SCLC
11  1995 In vitro investigation of a combination of two drugs, cisplatin and carboplatin, as a function of the area under the c/t curve. ---
12  1995 Recombinant human stem cell factor does exert minor stimulation of growth in small cell lung cancer and melanoma cell lines. SCLC
13  1994 Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist inhibits growth modulation of human tumor-cell lines by interleukin-1 in-vitro. IL-1alpha, rh, rhIL-1ra
14  1994 Macrophage inflammatory protein (mip)-1-alpha stem-cell inhibitor (sci) does not affect clonal growth of human solid tumor-cell lines in-vitro. mip, PE, rh, sci
15  1993 Combined antiproliferative activity of 5-fluorouracil and mitomycin-C against primary human ovarian tumors and cell lines in a clonogenic assay. 5-FU, MMC
16  1993 Interleukin-4 inhibits growth of a human lung-tumor cell-line in-vitro and has therapeutic activity against xenografts of this cell-line in-vivo. IL-4, rh
17  1993 Recombinant human interleukin-4 inhibits growth of some human lung tumor cell lines in vitro and in vivo. IL-4, rh
18  1993 The predictability of clinical antitumor effects using two distinctive in vitro chemosensitivity tests: an analysis of true positive cases. 5-FU, ADM, CR, MMC, PR, SDIA
19  1993 [A comparative study of chemosensitivity tests in vitro for AUC-dependent drugs focusing on the usefulness of MTT assay with drug washout and additional incubation (M-MTT)]. AUC, C-MTT
20  1993 [In vitro chemosensitivity assay using a double-layer-agar system: human tumor cloning assay and thymidine incorporation assay]. TIA
21  1992 Drug-sensitivity testing in patients with human oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma. SRCA
22  1992 Effects of suramin on in vitro growth of fresh human tumors. TTI method
23  1992 In vitro growth ability and chemosensitivity of gastric and colorectal cancer cells assessed with the human tumour clonogenic assay and the thymidine incorporation assay. TIA
24  1992 New application of human tumor clonogenic assay to in vitro evaluation of tumor-targeting efficiency of immunoconjugates. AFP, MCA, VDS, VDS-n-IgG
25  1992 Pharmacologic validation of human tumor clonogenic assays based on pleiotropic drug resistance: implications for individualized chemotherapy and new drug screening programs. ---
26  1992 The effect of tissue disaggregation methods on the clonogenicity of solid human tumor cells. CE
27  1992 [A new interferon-alpha assay system including indirect antitumor effect. Basic and clinical study of renal cell carcinoma]. INF, RCC, TNF
28  1992 [Cell culture and its application--in vitro evaluation of anticancer activity using human tumor cell lines]. DOS
29  1991 Potential of human lymph node cells for antitumor activity mediated by interferon gamma. Con A, IFNgamma, IL-2, LNCs, PHA, TNF
30  1991 Significance of surgical adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer. SM
31  1990 Colony-forming ability in vitro and clonology of colorectal cancer. SM
32  1990 [Clinical studies of in vitro chemosensitivity test evaluated by ATP assay of gastrointestinal cancer]. 5-FU, ADM, CDDP, MMC, NM-IA, SDI-T, SRCA
33  1990 [Probability of the combination use of cisplatin and carboplatin]. AUC
34  1990 [Study on chemosensitivity of colony forming cells]. VCR
35  1989 Chemosensitivity tests in colorectal cancer patients. 5-FU, ADM, ATPA, CDDP, CPM, MMC, NMIA, SRCA
36  1989 [Chemosensitivity test and its clinical application]. SRCA
37  1988 Antitumor activity of a new platinum compound (glycolate-o,o') diammineplatinum (II) (254-S), against non-small cell lung carcinoma grown in a human tumor clonogenic assay system. NSCLC
38  1988 Comparison of growth and drug response of human tumor cells in serum-free and serum-supplemented media in human tumor-clonogenic assay. SFM, SSM
39  1988 Determination of transforming growth factor activity in effusions from cancer patients. NRKA, RIA, RRA, TGF
40  1988 Effects of scheduling and ascites-associated macrophages on combined antiproliferative activity of alpha-2b interferon and gamma-interferon in a clonogenic assay. AAM
41  1988 Human tumor cloning assays: applications in clinical oncology and new antineoplastic agent development. ---
42  1988 Optimization and characterization of the capillary human tumor clonogenic cell assay. ---
43  1988 Susceptibility of human and murine drug-resistant tumor cells to the lytic activity of rIL2-activated lymphocytes (LAK). DX, rIL-2
44  1988 The cytotoxicity of sarcosinamide chloroethylnitrosourea (SarCNU) and BCNU in primary gliomas and glioma cell lines: analysis of data in reference to theoretical peak plasma concentrations in man. BCNU, PPC, SarCNU
45  1988 The indications of chemosensitivity tests against various anticancer agents. 5-FU, ADM, ATPA, CDDP, CPM, MMC, NMIA, SRCA
46  1988 Thermochemosensitivity: augmentation by hyperthermia of cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs against human colorectal cancers, measured by the human tumor clonogenic assay. ---
47  1988 [Chemosensitivity studies of urological malignancies]. ADM, CDDP, CE method, SRCA, VBL
48  1988 [Chemotherapy of carcinoma of the prostate and testis: experimental study in vivo and in vitro]. ADM, BLM, MTX, VCR
49  1987 A new antitumor antibiotic FR66973: clonogenic in vitro assessment of activity against human non-small cell lung carcinoma. NSCLC
50  1987 Application of in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetics for physiologically relevant drug exposure in a human tumor clonogenic cell assay. ---
51  1987 Biphasic effect of vanadium salts on in vitro tumor colony growth. AMV, OSV, VST
52  1987 Comparative in vitro activity of 4'-deoxy-4'-iododoxorubicin and other anthracyclines in the human tumor clonogenic assay. DEOX, DOX, IODO
53  1987 Comparative studies on in vitro human tumor clonogenic assay (HTCA) and in vivo nude mouse-isotope assay (NM-IA). 5-FU, ADM, CPM, MMC, NM-IA
54  1987 Ether lipids and analogs in experimental cancer therapy. A brief review of the Munich experience. ALP, PAF, TLP
55  1987 Growth of astrocytomas in the human tumor clonogenic assay and sensitivity to mismatched dsRNA and interferons. alpha-IFN, beta-IFN, ds
56  1987 Human tumor clonogenic assay for carcinoma of the lung. II. Factors that influence colony formation in soft agar. ---
57  1987 Interferon-gamma and cytotoxic agents studied in combination using a soft agarose human tumor clonogenic assay. IFN-gamma
58  1987 [An in vitro chemosensitivity study using the human tumor clonogenic assay in urological malignancies: a preliminary report]. ADM, CDDP, TI, VBL
59  1987 [Analysis of the chemosensitivity test by human tumor clonogenic assay and subrenal capsule assay]. SRCA
60  1987 [Analysis of the chemosensitivity test by subrenal capsule assay]. SRCA
61  1987 [Application of cytopathology in a sensitivity test for anti-tumor agents. I. An experimental study]. ---
62  1987 [Hormone dependency and progestogen therapy in the treatment of endometrial cancer]. MAP
63  1987 [In vitro drug sensitivity test]. ---
64  1986 A bioassay of cisplatin by human tumor clonogenic assay. CDDP
65  1986 Anticancer drug sensitivity by human tumor clonogenic assay. ---
66  1986 Detection of cytotoxicity of freshly obtained lymphocytes and of lymphocytes activated with recombinant interleukin II (rIL-2) against lung cancer cell lines by human tumor clonogenic assay (HTCA). ---
67  1986 Effects of oxygen tension on tumor colony formations assessed by human tumor clonogenic assay. ---
68  1986 Ether lipid derivatives: antineoplastic activity in vitro and the structure-activity relationship. ALP
69  1986 In vitro chemosensitivity patterns of carcinoma of the lung in human tumor clonogenic assay. ---
70  1986 In vitro growth and chemosensitivity studies of childhood cancers using clonogenic assay. ---
71  1986 Rapid method for permanent slide preparation of colonies in soft agar cultures. ---
72  1986 [Experimental and clinical studies on chemosensitivity tests of anticancer agents by human tumor clonogenic assay]. 5-FU, ADM, CDDP, CPM, IFN-alpha, MMC
73  1986 [Fundamental study and clinical testing of human tumor clonogenic assay (HTCA)]. ---
74  1986 [Human tumor clonogenic assay in osteosarcoma and its clinical evaluation]. ---
75  1986 [Results of in vitro chemosensitivity assays: human tumor clonogenic and scintillation assay]. SA
76  1986 [The in vitro assessment of various types of interferons for urological tumors by the human tumor clonogenic assay]. IFNs
77  1985 Clonogenic patterns of human pulmonary adenocarcinoma cell lines (PC-9, PC-13 and PC-14) and how they influence the results of test for chemosensitivity to cisplatin in the human tumor clonogenic assay. CDDP
78  1985 Detection of NK activity and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity of lymphocytes by human tumor clonogenic assay--its correlation with the 51Cr-release assay. ADCC, LAK, PBL, TCGF
79  1985 In vitro evaluation of anticancer drugs against ovarian cancer at concentrations achievable by intraperitoneal administration. CXT
80  1985 The human tumor clonogenic assay in human breast cancer. ---
81  1985 The in vitro effect of leucocyte alpha-interferon on human myeloma cells in a semisolid agar culture system. IFN, MM
82  1985 [Chemotherapy of ovarian cancer based on in vitro (HTCA) and in vivo (nude mice) chemosensitivity testing]. ---
83  1985 [Comparison of human tumor clonogenic and nude mouse-isotope assays in anticancer-agent sensitivity tests]. 5-FU, ADM, CPM, MMC
84  1985 [Human tumor clonogenic assay in human breast cancer]. ER, ICF
85  1985 [Update of human tumor clonogenic assay in carcinoma of the lung]. ---
86  1984 Antitumor activity of vinzolidine in the human tumor clonogenic assay and comparison with vinblastine. TCFU, VLB, VZL
87  1984 Chemical and biological stability of anticancer drugs used in a human tumor clonogenic assay. ---
88  1984 Comparative in vitro cytotoxicity of cyclophosphamide, its major active metabolites and the new oxazaphosphorine ASTA Z 7557 (INN mafosfamide). CPA, ID50
89  1984 Cytotoxicity of mitomycin C on clonogenic human carcinoma cells is not enhanced by hypoxia. ---
90  1984 Evaluation of anticancer drug schedule dependency using an in vitro human tumor clonogenic assay. TCFU
91  1984 Human tumor clonogenic assay in patients with unknown primary carcinomas. UPC
92  1984 Human tumor colony assay and chemosensitivity testing. ---
93  1984 [In vitro chemosensitivity of lung cancer and other chest tumors evaluated by human tumor colony assay]. ---