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Abbreviation : IRPD
Long Form : infrared photodissociation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Aliphatic and Aromatic C-H Bond Oxidation by High-Valent Manganese(IV)-Hydroxo Species. EPR, Ered, ESI-MS, ET, KIE, UV-vis
2022 Cryo spectroscopy of N2 on cationic iron clusters. DFT
2022 Dinitrogen Activation in the Gas Phase: Spectroscopic Characterization of C-N Coupling in the V3C+ + N2 Reaction. ---
2022 Formation of the acenaphthylene cation as a common C2H2-loss fragment in dissociative ionization of the PAH isomers anthracene and phenanthrene. AIBs, PAHs, UV
2022 Hydration-induced protomer switching in p-aminobenzoic acid studied by cold double ion trap infrared spectroscopy. IMS, PABA
2022 Opening of the Diamondoid Cage upon Ionization Probed by Infrared Spectra of the Amantadine Cation Solvated by Ar, N2 , and H2 O. ---
2021 Online Monitoring of Isomeric Reaction Intermediates. ---
2021 Structural Characterization of Nickel-Doped Aluminum Oxide Cations by Cryogenic Ion Trap Vibrational Spectroscopy. NiOm
2021 The Chemical Nature of Ti4O10-: Vibrational Predissociation Spectroscopy Combined with Global Structure Optimization. DFT, IRMPD
10  2020 Competition between Solvation and Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bonding in Microsolvated Protonated Glycine and beta-Alanine. ---
11  2020 Effects of Temperature on Cs+(H2O)20 Clathrate Structure. ---
12  2020 Microhydration of substituted diamondoid radical cations of biological relevance: infrared spectra of amantadine+-(H2O)n = 1-3 clusters. H-bonds
13  2020 Protonation of Naphthalene-(Water)n Nanoclusters: Intracluster Proton Transfer to Hydration Shell Revealed by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy. DFT, ICPT, PA
14  2020 Spectroscopic identification of fragment ions of DNA/RNA building blocks: the case of pyrimidine. DFT
16  2019 Joining Microfluidics with Infrared Photodissociation: Online Monitoring of Isomeric Flow-Reaction Intermediates. ---
17  2019 Microhydration of protonated 5-hydroxyindole revealed by infrared spectroscopy. H-bonding
18  2019 Microhydration Structures of Protonated Oxazole. H-bonded, Ox, PA
19  2019 Spectroscopic and Computational Evidence of Intramolecular AuI ⋅⋅⋅H+ -N Hydrogen Bonding. ---
20  2019 Unraveling the protonation site of oxazole and solvation with hydrophobic ligands by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. H-bond
21  2019 Vibrational spectroscopy of the hexahydrated sulfate dianion revisited: role of isomers and anharmonicities. AIMD
22  2018 Accessing the Vibrational Signatures of Amino Acid Ions Embedded in Water Clusters. ---
23  2018 Cation-Size-Dependent Conformational Locking of Glutamic Acid by Alkali Ions: Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Cryogenic Ions. ---
24  2018 Communication: Gas phase vibrational spectroscopy of the azide-water complex. ---
25  2018 Direct IR Absorption Spectra of Propargyl Cation Isolated in Solid Argon. IR, UV, VMI-PE
26  2018 Microhydration of PAH+ cations: evolution of hydration network in naphthalene+-(H2O) n clusters (n ≤ 5). H-bond, NBO, NCI
27  2018 Probing chirality recognition of protonated glutamic acid dimers by gas-phase vibrational spectroscopy and first-principles simulations. ---
28  2018 Probing the propensity of perchlorate anions for surface solvation by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. ---
29  2018 Probing the Structures of Solvent-Complexed Ions Formed in Electrospray Ionization Using Cryogenic Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy. ESI, PABA
30  2018 Protonation and Sequential Microsolvation of 5-Hydroxyindole: Infrared Photodissociation Spectra of 5HIH+-L n with L = Ar and N2 ( n ≤ 3). ---
31  2017 A CuI/CuIII prototypical organometallic mechanism for the deactivation of an active pincer-like CuI catalyst in Ullmann-type couplings. ---
32  2017 Infrared spectroscopy of hydrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon cations: naphthalene+-water. H-bond, PAHs
33  2017 Microsolvation of the pyrrole cation (Py+) with nonpolar and polar ligands: infrared spectra of Py+-Ln with L = Ar, N2, and H2O (n ≤ 3). PA
34  2017 Nanometer patterning of water by tetraanionic ferrocyanide stabilized in aqueous nanodrops. CN
35  2017 Sequential microhydration of cationic 5-hydroxyindole (5HI+): infrared photodissociation spectra of 5HI+-Wn clusters (W = H2O, n ≤ 4). H-bonds
36  2017 Stepwise microhydration of aromatic amide cations: water solvation networks revealed by the infrared spectra of acetanilide+-(H2O)n clusters (n ≤ 3). ---
37  2017 Structural and electrostatic effects at the surfaces of size- and charge-selected aqueous nanodrops. H-bonding
38  2016 Gas phase vibrational spectroscopy of cold (TiO2)n(-) (n = 3-8) clusters. ---
39  2016 Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of C4 N- , C6 N- and C8 N. ---
40  2016 Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of M(N2)n(+) (M = Y, La, Ce; n = 7-8) in the gas phase. DFT
41  2016 Infrared spectrum of the cold ortho-fluorinated protonated neurotransmitter 2-phenylethylamine: competition between NH+pi and NH+F interactions. NBO, NCI
42  2016 Magnetic Circular Dichroism Evidence for an Unusual Electronic Structure of a Tetracarbene-Oxoiron(IV) Complex. MCD
43  2016 Observing the Transition from Equatorial to Axial CO Chemisorption: Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Yttrium Oxide-Carbonyls. ---
44  2016 Spectroscopic Characterization and Reactivity of Triplet and Quintet Iron(IV) Oxo Complexes in the Gas Phase. ---
45  2016 Structure and Fluxionality of B13+ Probed by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy. DFT
46  2016 Structure of protonated tryptophan dimer in the gas phase investigated by IRPD spectroscopy and theoretical calculations. PA
47  2016 The effect of halide and iodate anions on the hydrogen-bonding network of water in aqueous nanodrops. ESI
48  2016 Vibrational blue shift of coordinated N2 in [Fe3O(OAc)6(N2)n]+: "non-classical" dinitrogen complexes. DFT
49  2015 Competing Insertion and External Binding Motifs in Hydrated Neurotransmitters: Infrared Spectra of Protonated Phenylethylamine Monohydrate. ---
50  2015 Effects of electronic structure on the hydration of PbNO3(+) and SrNO3(+) ion pairs. ---
51  2015 IR photodissociation spectroscopy of (OCS)n(+) and (OCS)n(-) cluster ions: Similarity and dissimilarity in the structure of CO2, OCS, and CS2 cluster ions. OCS
52  2015 IR spectrum of the protonated neurotransmitter 2-phenylethylamine: dispersion and anharmonicity of the NH3(+)-pi interaction. ---
53  2015 Role of water in stabilizing ferricyanide trianion and ion-induced effects to the hydrogen-bonding water network at long distance. CN
54  2015 Stalking Higher Energy Conformers on the Potential Energy Surface of Charged Species. PES
55  2015 Structure of Protonated Threonine Dimers in the Gas Phase: Salt-Bridged or Charge-Solvated? ---
56  2014 Insights into gas-phase structural conformers of hydrated rubidium and cesium cations, M(+)(H2O)(n)Ar (M = Rb, Cs; n = 3-5), using infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. ---
57  2014 Microhydrated aromatic cluster cations: binding motifs of 4-aminobenzonitrile-(H₂O)n cluster cations with n ≤ 4. ---
58  2014 Microsolvation of the acetanilide cation (AA(+)) in a nonpolar solvent: IR spectra of AA(+)-L(n) clusters (L = He, Ar, N2; n ≤ 10). H-bond, nuNH
59  2014 Microsolvation of the formanilide cation (FA+) in a nonpolar solvent: infrared spectra of FA(+)-Ln clusters (L = Ar, N2; n ≤ 8). ---
60  2014 Weak hydrogen bonding motifs of ethylamino neurotransmitter radical cations in a hydrophobic environment: infrared spectra of tryptamine(+)-(N2)n clusters (n ≤ 6). H-bond
61  2013 Anharmonic vibrations of N-H in Cl(-)(N-methylacetamide)1(H2O)(0-2)Ar2 cluster ions. Combined IRPD experiments and BOMD simulations. BOMD
62  2013 Chirality effects on proline-substituted serine octamers revealed by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. ---
63  2013 Collision-induced dissociation and infrared photodissociation studies of methane adsorption on V5O12(+) and V5O13(+) clusters. CID
64  2013 Hydrated alkali metal ions: spectroscopic evidence for clathrates. AD, BIRD
65  2013 Locating protonated amines in clathrates. BIRD, MNCs
66  2013 Zwitterion vs neutral structures of amino acids stabilized by a negatively charged site: infrared photodissociation and computations of proline-chloride anion. ---
67  2012 Anionic polymerization mechanism of acrylonitrile trimer anions: key branching point between cyclization and chain propagation. AN
68  2012 Effects of ions on hydrogen-bonding water networks in large aqueous nanodrops. ---
69  2012 Water-induced folding of 1,7-diammoniumheptane. ---
70  2011 Explicitly correlated coupled cluster calculations for the propargyl cation (H2C3H+) and related species. VCI
71  2011 Infrared predissociation spectroscopy of M+ (C6H6)(1-4)(H2O)(1-2)Ar(0-1) cluster ions, M = Li, Na. ---
72  2011 Infrared spectroscopy of Li(+)(CH4)1Ar(n), n = 1-6, clusters. ---
73  2011 IR spectra of C2H5(+)-N2 isomers: evidence for dative chemical bonding in the isolated ethanediazonium ion. PES
74  2011 Structural and electric field effects of ions in aqueous nanodrops. ---
75  2011 Weak interactions in ion–ligand complexes of C3H3(+) isomers: competition between H-bound and C-bound structures in c-C3H3(+)L and H2CCCH(+)L (L = Ne, Ar, N2, CO2, and O2). ---
76  2010 Cooperatively enhanced ionic hydrogen bonds in Cl-(CH3OH)(1-3)Ar clusters. ---
77  2010 Entropy drives an attached water molecule from the C- to N-terminus on protonated proline. ---
78  2010 Hydration isomers of protonated phenylalanine and derivatives: relative stabilities from infrared photodissociation. ---
79  2010 IR spectra of protonated benzaldehyde clusters, C(7)H(7)O(+)-L(n) (L=Ar,N(2);n ---
80  2010 IRPD spectroscopy and ensemble measurements: effects of different data acquisition and analysis methods. ---
81  2010 Sulfate ion patterns water at long distance. ---
82  2010 Zn2+ has a primary hydration sphere of five: IR action spectroscopy and theoretical studies of hydrated Zn2+ complexes in the gas phase. BIRD, GS
83  2009 Exploring gas-phase ion-ionophore interactions: infrared spectroscopy of argon-tagged alkali ion-crown ether complexes. SAPT
84  2009 Infrared spectroscopy of ionophore-model systems: hydrated alkali metal ion 18-crown-6 ether complexes. ---
85  2009 Structures and reactions of methanol molecules on cobalt cluster ions studied by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. ---
86  2009 Structures of water-CO2 and methanol-CO2 cluster ions: [H2O x (CO2)n]+ and [CH3OH x (CO2)n]+ (n = 1-7). ---
87  2008 An IR study of (CO2)(+)n (n=3-8) cluster ions in the 1000-3800 cm-1 region. ---
88  2007 Detection of OH stretching mode of CH3OH chemisorbed on Ni3+ and Ni4+ by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy. CH3OH
89  2007 Mass-selective vibrational spectroscopy of vanadium oxide cluster ions. ---
90  2007 Model systems for probing metal cation hydration: the V+(H2O) and ArV+(H2O) complexes. CCSD, TZP
91  2006 Hydrogen-bonded networks in ethanol proton wires: IR spectra of (EtOH)qH+-Ln clusters (L = Ar/N2, q < or = 4, n < or = 5). EtOH, MeOH
92  2006 Interaction of ionic biomolecular building blocks with nonpolar solvents: acidity of the imidazole cation (Im+) probed by IR spectra of Im+-Ln complexes (L = Ar, N2; n < or = 3). ---
93  2006 Spectroscopic identification of carbenium and ammonium isomers of protonated aniline (AnH+): IR spectra of weakly bound AnH+ -Ln clusters (L = Ar, N2). ---
94  2004 Intermolecular interaction in an open-shell pi-bound cationic complex: IR spectrum and coupled cluster calculations for C2H2+-Ar. c.m, PES
95  2004 Isomer-selective detection of microsolvated oxonium and carbenium ions of protonated phenol: infrared spectra of C6H7O+-Ln clusters (L=Ar/N2, n ---
96  2004 Selective infrared photodissociation of protonated para-fluorophenol isomers: substitution effects in oxonium and fluoronium ions. ---