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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 A Plasmodium falciparum RING Finger E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Modifies the Roles of PfMDR1 and PfCRT in Parasite Drug Responses. GlcN, PfCRT, PfMDR1, PfRFUL
2023 Biomolecular condensate assembly of nArgBP2 tunes its functionality to manifest the structural plasticity of dendritic spines. cLTP
2023 Complement component 3 protects human bronchial epithelial cells from cigarette smoke-induced oxidative stress and prevents incessant apoptosis. AECs, COPD, CSE
2023 Identification of Novel Pathways Regulated by APE1/Ref-1 in Human Retinal Endothelial Cells. ---
2023 Ribosomal proteins regulate 2-cell-stage transcriptome in mouse embryonic stem cells. 2C transcript, mESCs, RPs
2023 RUNX2 stabilization by long non-coding RNAs contributes to hypertrophic changes in human chondrocytes. lncRNAs, OA, RNA-IP
2023 Silencing TAB182 inhibits cell EMT, migration and invasion by downregulating EGFR in A549 NSCLC cells. IR, NSCLC
2023 Transcriptome sequencing analysis of the role of β-catenin in F-actin reorganization in embryonic palatal mesenchymal cells. Cxcl5, DEGs, F-actin, GO, KEGG, MEPM, NC, qRT-PCR, SAA3
2022 A bidirectional competitive interaction between circHomer1 and Homer1b within the orbitofrontal cortex regulates reversal learning. circRNAs, OFC
10  2022 A quantitative proteomic analysis reveals the potential roles of PRDX3 in neurite outgrowth in N2a-APPswe cells. AD, ANXA1, GO, GSTM2, PP2A, RA, Ser, TBHP, Thr, TMT
11  2022 A Zebrafish/Drosophila Dual System Model for Investigating Human Microcephaly. KO
12  2022 Accumbal adenosine A2A receptor inactivation biases for large and costly rewards in the effort- but not delay-based decision making. A2ARs, CBDM, D-CBDM, E-CBDM, ED, NAc, RD
13  2022 Acid Adaptation Promotes TRPC1 Plasma Membrane Localization Leading to Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cell Proliferation and Migration through Ca2+ Entry and Interaction with PI3K/CaM. CaM, PDAC, TRPC1
14  2022 Active forgetting requires Sickie function in a dedicated dopamine circuit in Drosophila. AZ, BRP, DAn
15  2022 Activity-dependent endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ uptake depends on Kv2.1-mediated endoplasmic reticulum/plasma membrane junctions to promote synaptic transmission. ER, PM, VAP
16  2022 ADAM10 and ADAM17-Novel Players in Retinoblastoma Carcinogenesis. ADAM, CAM, Rb
17  2022 Adipose tissue cysteine dioxygenase type 1 is associated with an anti-inflammatory profile, impacting on systemic metabolic traits. CDO1, FEDER, SAT
18  2022 Altered Biodistribution and Hepatic Safety Profile of a Gapmer Antisense Oligonucleotide Bearing Guanidine-Bridged Nucleic Acids. ASO, GuNA
19  2022 An epigenetic mechanism for over-consolidation of fear memories. dmPFC-BLA
20  2022 An unexpected role for tomato threonine deaminase 2 in host defense against bacterial infection. Ile, JA, PAMP, SA, TD
21  2022 ANGPTL4 functions as an oncogene through regulation of the ETV5/CDH5/AKT/MMP9 axis to promote angiogenesis in ovarian cancer. ANGPTL4, IHC, OC, shRNAs
22  2022 Arabidopsis ORP2A mediates ER-autophagosomal membrane contact sites and regulates PI3P in plant autophagy. ATG, EPCSs, ER, MCSs, ORP2A, PI3P, VAP
23  2022 ARID1B, a molecular suppressor of erythropoiesis, is essential for the prevention of Monge's disease. CMS, EE
24  2022 ARL6IP5 reduces cisplatin-resistance by suppressing DNA repair and promoting apoptosis pathways in ovarian carcinoma. CisR, OC, OE, rARL6IP5
25  2022 Beyond fusion: A novel role for ERVW-1 in trophoblast proliferation and type I interferon receptor expression. HERV, STB, TSC
26  2022 Bitter Peptides YFYPEL, VAPFPEVF, and YQEPVLGPVRGPFPIIV, Released during Gastric Digestion of Casein, Stimulate Mechanisms of Gastric Acid Secretion via Bitter Taste Receptors TAS2R16 and TAS2R38. ---
27  2022 BMAL1 modulates ROS generation and insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells: An effect possibly mediated via NOX2. DDC, GAPDH, KO, NOX, PEG-SOD, PMA, ROS
28  2022 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Is an Important Therapeutic Factor in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretions for Treatment of Traumatic Peripheral Pelvic Injuries. BDNF, CCM, CM, LPP, MSCs, PNSBP
29  2022 CD5 Controls Gut Immunity by Shaping the Cytokine Profile of Intestinal T Cells. NOD
30  2022 CHAF1A/B mediate silencing of unintegrated HIV-1 DNAs early in infection. ---
31  2022 Circ_0084043-miR-134-5p axis regulates PCDH9 to suppress melanoma. MMP-2, PCDH9, Pyk2, Rac1
32  2022 Claudin targeting as an effective tool for directed barrier modulation of the viable epidermis. GST-cCPE, RHE, TJ
33  2022 Combinatorial targeting of a chromatin complex comprising Dot1L, menin and the tyrosine kinase BAZ1B reveals a new therapeutic vulnerability of endocrine therapy-resistant breast cancer. AE, BC, ERalpha
34  2022 Common Variation in EDN1 Regulatory Regions Highlights the Role of PPARgamma as a Key Regulator of Endothelin in vitro. EDN1, KLF4, PAECs, PAH, PPARgamma, SNP, TFs, UTR, VDR
35  2022 Connexin 43 hemichannels regulate mitochondrial ATP generation, mobilization, and mitochondrial homeostasis against oxidative stress. HCs, mtCx43
36  2022 Connexin 43 Hemichannels Regulate Osteoblast to Osteocyte Differentiation. Cx43, HCs, OPG, RANKL
37  2022 CRISPRi screening identifies CASP8AP2 as an essential viability factor in lung cancer controlling tumor cell death via the AP-1 pathway. CRISPRi, LUAD, TSS
38  2022 CTR9 drives osteochondral lineage differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells via epigenetic regulation of BMP-2 signaling. BMP-2, EZH2, hMSCs, PAFc
39  2022 Cyclophilin D-mediated angiotensin II-induced NADPH oxidase 4 activation in endothelial mitochondrial dysfunction that can be rescued by gallic acid. Ang II, COVID-19, CsA, CypD, ERK, GA, HUVECs, NOX4
40  2022 CYP1B1 Augments the Mesenchymal, Claudin-Low, and Chemoresistant Phenotypes of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells. CLDN, CYP1B1
41  2022 Cytosolic HMGB1 Mediates LPS-Induced Autophagy in Microglia by Interacting with NOD2 and Suppresses Its Proinflammatory Function. DAMP, HMGB1, LC3, LPS, NOD2
42  2022 D1 Receptor Mediated Dopaminergic Neurotransmission Facilitates Remote Memory of Contextual Fear Conditioning. D1Rs, DOX
43  2022 DAP5 drives translation of specific mRNA targets with upstream ORFs in human embryonic stem cells. ESCs, hESCs, uORFs
44  2022 Differential requirements for different subfamilies of the mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzymes in myoblast cell cycle progression and expression of the Pax7 regulator. ---
45  2022 Distinctive Roles of YAP and TAZ in Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells Growth and Functions. EPCs, YAP
46  2022 Dnah9 mutant mice and organoid models recapitulate the clinical features of patients with PCD and provide an excellent platform for drug screening. ODAs, PCD
47  2022 Downregulation of CDK5 signaling in the dorsal striatum alters striatal microcircuits implicating the association of pathologies with circadian behavior in mice. Cdk5, CRISPR, DS, PD
48  2022 Effects of Lipolysis-Stimulated Lipoprotein Receptor on Tight Junctions of Pancreatic Ductal Epithelial Cells in Hypertriglyceridemic Acute Pancreatitis. AP, HTG-AP, OE, PA, PDECs, TG, TJs, TRIC
49  2022 Enteroviral 2B Interacts with VDAC3 to Regulate Reactive Oxygen Species Generation That Is Essential to Viral Replication. EV, ROS, VDAC3
50  2022 Epigenetic modulation enhances immunotherapy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. PDAC, TME
51  2022 Expression of fatty acid synthase genes and their role in development and arboviral infection of Aedes aegypti. AaFAS, DENV2, FAS
52  2022 F-Actin Dysplasia Involved in Organ of Corti Deformity in Gjb2 Knockdown Mouse Model. Cx26, OHCs, PCs
53  2022 Functional characterisation of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk locus GPX3/TNIP1. ALS, FUMA, GWAS, MO, PoPS, S-LDSC, TWAS
54  2022 Galectin-3 administration drives remyelination after hypoxic-ischemic induced perinatal white matter injury. Gal-3, HI, PWMI, rGal-3
55  2022 GALNT12 is associated with the malignancy of glioma and promotes glioblastoma multiforme invitro by activating Akt signaling. CGGA, EGF, GalNAc-Ts, GBM, KO
56  2022 Glucose-regulated protein 78 modulates cell growth, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and oxidative stress in the hyperplastic prostate. BPH, EMT, GRP78, OS, qRT-PCR
57  2022 GPCR/endocytosis/ERK signaling/S2R is involved in the regulation of the internalization, mitochondria-targeting and -activating properties of human salivary histatin 1. CME, F-Hst1, GPCR, Hst1, S2R, TMEM97
58  2022 GRK3 is a poor prognosticator and serves as a therapeutic target in advanced gastric adenocarcinoma. GAC, GPCR, GRK3, OE
59  2022 HDAC5-mediated Smad7 silencing through MEF2A is critical for fibroblast activation and hypertrophic scar formation. HDAC, HS, MEF2A, TGF-beta
60  2022 High expression of nectin-1 indicates a poor prognosis and promotes metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC
61  2022 Hindbrain insulin controls feeding behavior. DVC, RIP
62  2022 Histone H3K36me2 demethylase KDM2A promotes bladder cancer progression through epigenetically silencing RARRES3. ATRA, SE
63  2022 Histone Methyltransferase SETD2 Is Required for Porcine Early Embryonic Development. ICM, RNAi, SETD2, TE
64  2022 HNF1A POU Domain Mutations Found in Japanese Liver Cancer Patients Cause Downregulation of HNF4A Promoter Activity with Possible Disruption in Transcription Networks. DEGs, HCC, HNF1A, ICGC, KEGG, KO, POU
65  2022 HOXA5-Mediated Stabilization of IkappaBalpha Inhibits the NF-kappaB Pathway and Suppresses Malignant Transformation of Breast Epithelial Cells. DKI
66  2022 Human Cytomegalovirus Manipulates Syntaxin 6 for Successful Trafficking and Subsequent Infection of Monocytes. HCMV, Stx6, TGN
67  2022 Identification of Potential Megalin/Cubilin Substrates Using Extensive Proteomics Quantification from Kidney Megalin-Knockdown Mice. MWs
68  2022 IL-10 partly mediates the ability of MSC-derived extracellular vesicles to attenuate myocardial damage in experimental metabolic renovascular hypertension. EVs, IL, MetS, MSCs, RVH, WT
69  2022 IL-6/IFN-gamma double knockdown CAR-T cells reduce the release of multiple cytokines from PBMCs in vitro. CRS, IFN-gamma, IL-6, PBMCs
70  2022 Increased Expression and Altered Cellular Localization of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor-Like 1 (FGFRL1) Are Associated with Prostate Cancer Progression. FGFRL1, FGFRL1, FGFRs, GSs, PCa, TMAs
71  2022 Influenza A Virus Uses PSMA2 for Downregulation of the NRF2-Mediated Oxidative Stress Response. IAV, Nrf2, PSMA2, ROS
72  2022 Insufficient HtrA2 causes meiotic defects in aging germinal vesicle oocytes. GV, MI, MII, OE
73  2022 JNK initiates Beclin-1 dependent autophagic cell death against Akt activation. KO
74  2022 Latent transforming growth factor β binding protein 3 controls adipogenesis. BMSC, GARP, LTBP, PPARgamma, TGF-beta
75  2022 LDH-A-Modulation and the Variability of LDH Isoenzyme Profiles in Murine Gliomas: A Link with Metabolic and Growth Responses. ---
76  2022 LIS1 and NDEL1 Regulate Axonal Trafficking of Mitochondria in Mature Neurons. DHC, DRG, OE
77  2022 LncRNA affects epigenetic reprogramming of porcine embryo development by regulating global epigenetic modification and the downstream gene SIN3A. IVF
78  2022 Long non-coding RNA Tug1 modulates mitochondrial and myogenic responses to exercise in skeletal muscle. lncRNA, PPARGC1A, TUG1
79  2022 Long non-coding RNA TUG1 sponges microRNA-9 to protect podocytes from high glucose-induced apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction via SIRT1 upregulation. HG, miR, OE, SIRT1, TUG1
80  2022 Loss of Mature Lamin A/C Triggers a Shift in Intracellular Metabolic Homeostasis via AMPKα Activation. ACC1, ADMSCs, AMPKalpha, FPLD, FTI, HCC, KO
81  2022 Loss of tetraspanin-7 expression reduces pancreatic β-cell exocytosis Ca2+ sensitivity but has limited effect on systemic metabolism. Tspan7
82  2022 LYAR Promotes Colorectal Cancer Progression by Upregulating FSCN1 Expression and Fatty Acid Metabolism. ChIP, CRC, Fascin-1
83  2022 MALAT1 promotes platelet activity and thrombus formation through PI3k/Akt/GSK-3beta signalling pathway. ---
84  2022 Maternal Factor Dppa3 Activates 2C-Like Genes and Depresses DNA Methylation in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells. DMRs, ESCs, OE, ZGA
85  2022 MC4R Deficiency Causes Dysregulation of Postsynaptic Excitatory Synaptic Transmission as a Crucial Culprit for Obesity. AMPAR, MC4R, PKA, PVH
86  2022 MCU controls melanoma progression through a redox-controlled phenotype switch. ---
87  2022 Mechanistic and Clinical Evidence Supports a Key Role for Cell Division Cycle Associated 5 (CDCA5) as an Independent Predictor of Outcome in Invasive Breast Cancer. BC, CDCA5, HR, LVI, PI3K
88  2022 MEN1 silencing triggers the dysregulation of mTORC1 and MYC pathways in ER+ breast cancer cells. BC
89  2022 Metabolic Reprogramming in Response to Alterations of Mitochondrial DNA and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Gastric Adenocarcinoma. ECAR, GAC, HKII, mtDNA, NC-GM, NGM, NT, OCR, P-PDH, PT
90  2022 Metabolic requirement for GOT2 in pancreatic cancer depends on environmental context. alpha-KG, CAFs, CM, GOT2, PDA, TME
91  2022 Metalloprotease ADAM9 cleaves ephrin-B ligands and differentially regulates Wnt and mTOR signaling downstream of Akt kinase in colorectal cancer cells. CRC
92  2022 Miltefosine as a PPM1A activator improves AD-like pathology in mice by alleviating tauopathy via microglia/neurons crosstalk. AAV, AD, CX3CR1, NF-kappaB, NLRP3, OE, PPM1A
93  2022 miRNA-223-3p regulates ECT2 to promote proliferation, invasion, and metastasis of gastric cancer through the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway. ECT2, GC, miR-223-3p, miRNAs, OE
94  2022 Mitochondrial ATP synthase c-subunit leak channel triggers cell death upon loss of its F1 subcomplex. ACLC, MPT
95  2022 Mitochondrial Respiration-Dependent ANT2-UCP2 Interaction. ANTs, CATR, HEK293A, UCPs
96  2022 Multifunctional regulation of VAMP3 in exocytic and endocytic pathways of RBL-2H3 cells. Ags, MCs, NT, SNAREs, VAMP3
97  2022 Mycobacterium tuberculosis ketol-acid reductoisomerase down-regulation affects its ability to persist, and its survival in macrophages and in mice. BCAAs, CFU, Mtb, WT
98  2022 Nascent polypeptide-Associated Complex and Signal Recognition Particle have cardiac-specific roles in heart development and remodeling. CHD, NAC, SRP
99  2022 NAT10 Maintains OGA mRNA Stability Through ac4C Modification in Regulating Oocyte Maturation. NAT10, O-GlcNAc, OGA
100  2022 Nestin Modulates Airway Smooth Muscle Cell Migration by Affecting Spatial Rearrangement of Vimentin Network and Focal Adhesion Assembly. Plk1