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Long Form : leave-one-out cross-validation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A CNN-Based Autoencoder and Machine Learning Model for Identifying Betel-Quid Chewers Using Functional MRI Features. BQ, CNN, HC, LR, rs-fMRI, TA
2021 A Methodology Based on FT-IR Data Combined with Random Forest Model to Generate Spectralprints for the Characterization of High-Quality Vinegars. FTIR, HCA, OOB, PCA, PDO, RF, SVM
2021 A novel miRNA-disease association prediction model using dual random walk with restart and space projection federated method. AUC, NPRWR
2021 A plasma-derived extracellular vesicle mRNA classifier for the detection of breast cancer. AUC, BC, CI, EVs, LDA, LR, mRNA, SVM
2021 A simple approach to the prediction of soil sorption of organophosphorus pesticides. OP, QSPR, TM
2021 Application of substitution box of present cipher for automated detection of snoring sounds. kNN, MAP, MPSSC, Present-Pat, s-box, SSC, UAR
2021 Author response to Cunha et al. ---
2021 Benchmarking network-based gene prioritization methods for cerebral small vessel disease. CSVD, GDAs, GWAS, PGIs, RWRH
2021 Biased Random Walk With Restart on Multilayer Heterogeneous Networks for MiRNA-Disease Association Prediction. BRWR, miRNAs
10  2021 Combined autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance for brain tumour surgical guidance: initial ex vivo study results. PLS-LDA, VIP
11  2021 Combining machine learning models through multiple data division methods for PM2.5 forecasting in Northern Xinjiang, China. BP-ANN, MLR
12  2021 Common Spatial Pattern EEG decomposition for Phantom Limb Pain detection. CSP, EEG, PLP
13  2021 Comparison of methods for texture analysis of QUS parametric images in the characterization of breast lesions. AAC, ANN, ASD, GLCM, GLSZM, GRLM, KNN, LDA, MBF, QUS, SI, SS, SVM-RBF
14  2021 Connectome-based model predicts episodic memory performance in individuals with subjective cognitive decline and amnestic mild cognitive impairment. AD, aMCI, AVLT-DR, CN, CPM, rs-fMRI, rsFC, SCD
15  2021 Considerable effects of imaging sequences, feature extraction, feature selection, and classifiers on radiomics-based prediction of microvascular invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma using magnetic resonance imaging. AP, GBDT, HBP, HCC, LASSO, LR, MR, mRMR, MVI, Ng, PVP, RF, RFE, ROC, SVM
16  2021 Coral Genus Differentiation Based on Direct Analysis in Real Time-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry-Derived Chemical Fingerprints. DART-HRMS, KDA
17  2021 Cross-validation of best linear unbiased predictions of breeding values using an efficient leave-one-out strategy. EBV
18  2021 Deep-belief network for predicting potential miRNA-disease associations. DBNMDA, miRNA
19  2021 Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment with MEG Functional Connectivity Using Wavelet-Based Neuromarkers. HC, MCI, MEG, ROIs, SVM
20  2021 Detection of prenatal alcohol exposure using machine learning classification of resting-state functional network connectivity data. FASD, fMRI, FNC, GICA, PAE, QSVM, SAC, SVM
21  2021 Diagnosis of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients by classifying only a single cough sound. AUC, kNN Euclidean, MFCCs, RT-PCR, SFS
22  2021 Diagnostic value of a vision-based intelligent gait analyzer in screening for gait abnormalities. TUG
23  2021 Discrimination of the Geographical Origin of Soybeans Using NMR-Based Metabolomics. NMR, OPLS-DA, UV, VIP
24  2021 Distinguishing Rectal Cancer from Colon Cancer Based on the Support Vector Machine Method and RNA-sequencing Data. CRC, RF, SVM
25  2021 Dual-Network Collaborative Matrix Factorization for predicting small molecule-miRNA associations. AUC, CVs, DCMF, miRNAs, SMs, WKNKN
26  2021 Efficient framework for predicting MiRNA-disease associations based on improved hybrid collaborative filtering. HCFMDA, miRNAs
27  2021 Electronic Eye Based on RGB Analysis for the Identification of Tequilas. EE, LDA, PCA, RGB
28  2021 Ensemble of kernel ridge regression-based small molecule-miRNA association prediction in human disease. AUCs, EKRRSMMA, miRNAs, SM
29  2021 Estimating above-ground biomass of subtropical forest using airborne LiDAR in Hong Kong. AGB, LiDAR, RMSE
30  2021 Estimating monthly PM2.5 concentrations from satellite remote sensing data, meteorological variables, and land use data using ensemble statistical modeling and a random forest approach. AOD, GAM, RMSE
31  2021 Evaluating the Neuroimaging-Genetic Prediction of Symptom Changes in Individuals with ADHD. ADHD
32  2021 Feasibility of using probabilistic methods to analyse microRNA quantitative data in forensically relevant body fluids: a proof-of-principle study. miRNAs, NB, PLS-DA
33  2021 Fusion of KATZ measure and space projection to fast probe potential lncRNA-disease associations in bipartite graphs. AUC, lncRNAs
34  2021 HOPMCLDA: predicting lncRNA-disease associations based on high-order proximity and matrix completion. HOPMCLDA, lncRNAs
35  2021 Identification of DNA methylation biomarkers for risk of liver metastasis in early-stage colorectal cancer. LASSO
36  2021 Identification of Neurodegenerative Diseases Based on Vertical Ground Reaction Force Classification Using Time-Frequency Spectrogram and Deep Learning Neural Network Features. CWT, HC, NDDs, PCA, vGRF
37  2021 Improved prediction of femoral fracture toughness in mice by combining standard medical imaging with Raman spectroscopy. aBMD, CT, DXA, PLSR
38  2021 In Silico Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions Mediated by Cytochrome P450 Isoforms. DDIs, PASS, PoSMNA, SAR
39  2021 Individualised screening of diabetic foot: creation of a prediction model based on penalised regression and assessment of theoretical efficacy. IWGDF, LOPS, LPP
40  2021 Individualized Prediction of PTSD Symptom Severity in Trauma Survivors From Whole-Brain Resting-State Functional Connectivity. CPM, fMRI
41  2021 Integrating Tank Model and adsorption/desorption characteristics of filter media to simulate outflow water quantity and quality of a bioretention basin: A case study of biochar-based bioretention basin. STTM
42  2021 Integrative Machine Learning Prediction of Prostate Biopsy Results From Negative Multiparametric MRI. DWI, IML, mpMRI, MRUS, NPV, PSAD, TRUS, TSE
43  2021 Intraarterial contrast-enhanced ultrasound to predict the short-term tumour response of hepatocellular carcinoma to Transarterial chemoembolization with Lipiodol. AUROC, CI, CR, HA, HCC, IA-CEUS, mRECIST, SMA, TACE, TR
44  2021 ISOMAP and machine learning algorithms for the construction of embedded functional connectivity networks of anatomically separated brain regions from resting state fMRI data of patients with Schizophrenia. FCN, RF, rs-fMRI
45  2021 Liver disease classification from ultrasound using multi-scale CNN. AUC, CNN, US
46  2021 m7GDisAI: N7-methylguanosine (m7G) sites and diseases associations inference based on heterogeneous network. GO, m7G, m7G, m7GDisAI
47  2021 Multi-Parametric MRI-Based Radiomics Models for Predicting Molecular Subtype and Androgen Receptor Expression in Breast Cancer. AR, AUC, LASSO, MLP, mRMR, NPV, PPV, RFE
48  2021 Multi-Similarities Bilinear Matrix Factorization-Based Method for Predicting Human Microbe-Disease Associations. ---
49  2021 neoDL: a novel neoantigen intrinsic feature-based deep learning model identifies IDH wild-type glioblastomas with the longest survival. neoDL
50  2021 Noninvasive Assessment of O(6)-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase Promoter Methylation Status in World Health Organization Grade II-IV Glioma Using Histogram Analysis of Inflow-Based Vascular-Space-Occupancy Combined with Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging. AUC, CBVa, CET, iVASO, MRI, RMS, ROC, T1 WI
51  2021 Parametric-based feature selection via spherical harmonic coefficients for the left ventricle myocardial infarction screening. ACDC, CAD, CoA, CoB, COM, DCM, ED, ES, KNN, LV, MI, PCA, RF, SVM
52  2021 PCR-RFLP and FTIR-based detection of high-risk human papilloma virus for cervical cancer screening and prevention. FTIR, HPV, HR-HPV, LR-HPV, Pap, PC-LDA, PCA, PCR, PCR-RFLP
53  2021 Predicting circRNA-Disease Associations Based on Deep Matrix Factorization with Multi-source Fusion. DMFMSF, SVD
54  2021 Predicting LncRNA-Disease Association by a Random Walk With Restart on Multiplex and Heterogeneous Networks. AUC, lncRNAs
55  2021 Predicting local tumour progression after ablation for colorectal liver metastases: CT-based radiomics of the ablation zone. AZ, CRLM, LTP, PAR
56  2021 Predicting oncotype DX recurrence scores using locally available immunohistochemical markers: experience in a district general hospital. HER2, PR, RS
57  2021 Predicting potential small molecule-miRNA associations based on bounded nuclear norm regularization. BNNRSMMA, miRNAs, SM
58  2021 Predicting the multi-label protein subcellular localization through multi-information fusion and MLSI dimensionality reduction based on MLFE classifier. EBGW, EDT, GO, MCD, MLFE, MLSI, OAA, PseAAC, RPT, SCL
59  2021 Prediction of Eye Colour in Scandinavians Using the EyeColour 11 (EC11) SNP Set. EC11
60  2021 Prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy response in high-grade osteosarcoma: added value of non-tumorous bone radiomics using CT images. AUC, CI, HOS, pGR
61  2021 Prognostic Modeling of Patients Undergoing Surgery Alone for Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Histopathological and Computed Tomography Based Quantitative Analysis. CT, ESCC, PCPR
62  2021 Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence Analysis with Textural Metrics Extracted by Contrast-Enhanced Mammography in the Breast Lesions Classification. ACC, ADASYN, AUC, CC, CEM, DT, KNN, MLO, NNET, ROC, SVM
63  2021 Raman Microspectroscopic Investigation and Classification of Breast Cancer Pathological Characteristics. DCIS, HC, IDC, MC, PCA-LDA, SPC
64  2021 Repositioning Drugs on Human Influenza A Viruses Based on a Novel Nuclear Norm Minimization Method. DRMNN
65  2021 RWSF-BLP: a novel lncRNA-disease association prediction model using random walk-based multi-similarity fusion and bidirectional label propagation. 5-fold-CV, lncRNAs, RWSF
66  2021 Short 2-[18F]Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose PET Dynamic Acquisition Protocol to Evaluate the Influx Rate Constant by Regional Patlak Graphical Analysis in Patients With Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. NSCLC, pIDIF, VOIs
67  2021 Structuro-functional surrogates of response to subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation for depression. SCC-DBS, SVMs, TRD
68  2021 Studying local tumour heterogeneity on MRI and FDG-PET/CT to predict response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer. ---
69  2021 Support vector regression-based QSAR models for prediction of antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds. ANN, CA, CCR, FHF, MLR, QSAR, RMSE, SVR, TEAC
70  2021 Weighted gene co-expression network analysis of the salt-responsive transcriptomes reveals novel hub genes in green halophytic microalgae Dunaliella salina. AccC, ACSL, ALDO, DEGs, KEGG, MAP3K13, RCD1, WGCNA
71  2021 [Ensemble hologram quantitative structure activity relationship model of the chromatographic retention index of aldehydes and ketones]. DA, FD, FS, HQSAR, QSAR, RI
72  2020 A Metal Oxide Gas Sensors Array for Lung Cancer Diagnosis Through Exhaled Breath Analysis. ANN, VOCs
73  2020 A novel computational model for predicting potential LncRNA-disease associations based on both direct and indirect features of LncRNA-disease pairs. ANN, lncRNAs, MLR
74  2020 A representation transfer learning approach for enhanced prediction of growth hormone binding proteins. GHBPs
75  2020 A simple and nondestructive approach for the analysis of soluble solid content in citrus by using portable visible to near-infrared spectroscopy. PLS, SNV, VABPLS
76  2020 An automated Residual Exemplar Local Binary Pattern and iterative ReliefF based COVID-19 detection method using chest X-ray image. DT, IRF, kNN, LD, ResExLBP, SD, SVM
77  2020 An automated snoring sound classification method based on local dual octal pattern and iterative hybrid feature selector. DWT, kNN, LDOP, MPSSC, RFINCA, SSC, UAR
78  2020 An exemplar pyramid feature extraction based humerus fracture classification method. HOG, LBP, NCA
79  2020 An SBM-based machine learning model for identifying mild cognitive impairment in patients with Parkinson's disease. MCC, PD-MCI, PR, ROC, SBM, SVM
80  2020 Analysis and identification of the parent coal sources of fulvic acid according to convention, spectroscopy and chemometrics. DF, FA, LDA, OPLS-DA, PCA, SVM, UV-vis
81  2020 Automated Assessment of Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation Measured by a Virtual Reality Simulation System. ETI, ETT, VR
82  2020 Automated Assessment System for Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation Using Dilated Convolutional Neural Network. CAM, CNN, ETI, MTS
83  2020 BHCMDA: A New Biased Heat Conduction Based Method for Potential MiRNA-Disease Association Prediction. BHCMDA, miRNAs
84  2020 Characterization of Dysregulated lncRNA-Associated ceRNA Network Reveals Novel lncRNAs With ceRNA Activity as Epigenetic Diagnostic Biomarkers for Osteoporosis Risk. BMD, ceRNAs, DysCeNet, lncRNAs, RF-25lncRNA
85  2020 Characterization of RNA-Binding Motif 3 (RBM3) Protein Levels and Nuclear Architecture Changes in Aggressive and Recurrent Prostate Cancer. BCR, MLR, PCa, RBM3, RBM3, ROC-AUC, TMAs
86  2020 Classification of intestinal T-cell receptor repertoires using machine learning methods can identify patients with coeliac disease regardless of dietary gluten status. CeD, TCR, TRD, TRG
87  2020 Cluster correlation based method for lncRNA-disease association prediction. lncRNAs
88  2020 Comprehensive investigation of selectivity landscape of glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors. GSK-3, VS
89  2020 Context-Specific Coordinately Regulatory Network Prioritize Breast Cancer Genetic Risk Factors. AUC, BC, CRN, GO, lncRNAs, miRNAs, ncRNAs, PCGs, PPI, RWR, TFs
90  2020 Control of IgG glycosylation in CHO cell perfusion cultures by GReBA mathematical model supported by a novel targeted feed, TAFE. CHO, CSPR, GReBA
91  2020 Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Monitoring with a 3-Axis Accelerometer. DP, SP
92  2020 Development of model based on clock gene expression of human hair follicle cells to estimate circadian time. eCEM
93  2020 Differential-based biosensor array for fluorescence-chemometric discrimination and the quantification of subtle chloropropanols by cross-reactive serum albumin scaffolding. LDA
94  2020 Disrupted Resting-state Functional Connectivity of the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert in Parkinson's Disease with Mild Cognitive Impairment. AVLT, BNM, FC, fMRI, HCs, PD-MCI, SPL
95  2020 Drug repositioning based on the target microRNAs using bilateral-inductive matrix completion. BIMC, IMC, miRNAs
96  2020 Evaluation of Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Pattern Visualization in Neurodegenerative Diseases Identification Using Deep Learning and Recurrence Plot Image Feature Extraction. ALS, CNN, HC, HD, NDDs, PCA, PD, vGRF
97  2020 Exploring memory function in earthquake trauma survivors with resting-state fMRI and machine learning. MKL, PTSD, rs-fMRI, SA, SVM, WMS-IV
98  2020 Forensic Phenotype Profiling Based on the Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy of Blood: Chronological Age of the Donor. ATR FT-IR, PLS-DA
99  2020 Generation of Pseudo-CT using High-Degree Polynomial Regression on Dual-Contrast Pelvic MRI Data. HU, pCT, rCT
100  2020 GIS interpolation is key in assessing spatial and temporal bioremediation of groundwater arsenic contamination. EBK, GIS, IDW, OK, RMSE