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Abbreviation : LS-SVM
Long Form : least squares support vector machine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Hybrid Feature Fusion-Based High-Sensitivity Fire Detection and Early Warning for Intelligent Building Systems. GA, PSO
2023 Intelligent analysis of carbendazim in agricultural products based on a ZSHPC/MWCNT/SPE portable nanosensor combined with machine learning methods. BP-ANN, CBZ, SVM, ZSHPC
2023 Nondestructive detection of water status and distribution in corn kernels during hot air drying using multispectral imaging. BPNN, PLS
2023 Rapid analysis the type of customs paper using Micro-NIR spectrometers and machine learning algorithms. ATR-FTIR, KNN, PLS-DA, SIMCA
2023 Rapid simultaneous analysis of anti human immunodeficiency virus drugs in pharmaceutical formulation by smart spectrophotometry based on multivariate calibration and least squares support vector machine methods. HPLC, LMV, LOOCV, MSPE, PLS, RMSE, ZDV
2022 A hybrid approach based on simulation, optimization, and estimation of conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater resources. FA, GMDH, MAE, NSE, RMSE, WOA
2022 A modeling approach for estimating hydrogen sulfide solubility in fifteen different imidazole-based ionic liquids. ILs, Tf2N
2022 A multi-scale and multi-domain heart sound feature-based machine learning model for ACC/AHA heart failure stage classification. CHF, DBN, HF, PCG, RF
2022 A new hybrid optimization prediction model for PM2.5 concentration considering other air pollutants and meteorological conditions. CEEMDAN
10  2022 A soft sensing method of billet surface temperature based on ILGSSA-LSSVM. ---
11  2022 A Strategy for the Effective Optimization of Pharmaceutical Formulations Based on Parameter-Optimized Support Vector Machine Model. BP
12  2022 A Temperature Compensation Method for aSix-Axis Force/Torque Sensor Utilizing Ensemble hWOA-LSSVM Based on Improved Trimmed Bagging. invQE, SA, WOA
13  2022 Air quality prediction models based on meteorological factors and real-time data of industrial waste gas. AQI, BP
14  2022 An improved adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system model using conjoined metaheuristic algorithms for electrical conductivity prediction. ANFIS, EC, GRNN, MARS, W-ANFIS, W-GRNN, W-MARS, WLSSVM
15  2022 Analysis on Risk Characteristics of Traffic Accidents in Small-Spacing Expressway Interchange. MSD, NSI, SSI
16  2022 Chemistry Combining Elemental Profile, Stable Isotopic Ratios, and Chemometrics for Fine Classification of a Chinese Herb Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.) from 37 Producing Area. ES, ICP-AES, IRMS, OVO, OVR, PLS-DA
17  2022 Collinear double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy based Cd profiling in the soil. BP-ANN, Cd, CDP-LIBS, GA, LIBS, MAD, MSC, PLSR, PSO, SP-LIBS, WT
18  2022 Comfort Prediction of Office Chair Surface Material Based on the ISSA-LSSVM. ISSA, MAE, RMSE, SSA
19  2022 Comparison of near-infrared and dielectric spectra for quantitative identification of bovine colostrum adulterated with mature milk. DS, NIRS
20  2022 Detection of early decayed oranges by structured-illumination reflectance imaging coupling with texture feature classification models. AC, DC, KNN, LED, PLS-DA, SIRI, SVM
21  2022 Detection of Soluble Solids Content in Different Cultivated Fresh Jujubes Based on Variable Optimization and Model Update. IRIV, RMSE, RPD, SPA, SSC, VIS/NIR
22  2022 Detection of Water pH Using Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network. PLS, RMSEP, SPA, Vis-NIR
23  2022 Determination of the Soluble Solids Content in Korla Fragrant Pears Based on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Combined With Model Analysis and Variable Selection. BOSS, MLR, NIR, PLS, SPA, SSC
24  2022 Development of Simplified Models for Non-Destructive Hyperspectral Imaging Monitoring of S-ovalbumin Content in Eggs during Storage. CARS, HSI, PLSR, RMSEP, SNV
25  2022 ECG classification system based on multi-domain features approach coupled with least square support vector machine (LS-SVM). ECG
26  2022 Estimation of potato above-ground biomass based on unmanned aerial vehicle red-green-blue images with different texture features and crop height. AGB, GDS, GLCM, RGB
27  2022 Extracting epileptic features in EEGs using a dual-tree complex wavelet transform coupled with a classification algorithm. DT-CWT, EEG, FFT
28  2022 Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics for the discrimination of animal fur types. ATR-FTIR, FTIR, MSC, PCA-LDA, PLS-DA, SIMCA
29  2022 Groundwater level response identification by hybrid wavelet-machine learning conjunction models using meteorological data. ANFIS, ANN, GMDH, GWL, MAE, ML, NSE, RMSE, WT, WT-LSSVM
30  2022 Halloysite nanotube/black phosphorene nanohybrid modified screen-printed carbon electrode as an ultra-portable electrochemical sensing platform for smartphone-capable detection of maleic hydrazide with machine learning assistance. ANN, BP, GCE, HNT, LOD, MH, ML, SPCE
31  2022 Hybrid Ensemble Model for Predicting the Strength of FRP Laminates Bonded to the Concrete. ANN, ELM, FRPL, GMDH, GPR, HENS, IFB, MARS
32  2022 Identification of adulterated milk based on auto-correlation spectra. IR
33  2022 Improved feed forward with bald eagle search for conjunctive water management in deficit region. IBES, IBES-LSSVM, IFFNN, ML
34  2022 Lane-Level Regional Risk Prediction of Mainline at Freeway Diverge Area. MI, MTTC, OR, SSMs
35  2022 Least square support vector machine-based variational mode decomposition: a new hybrid model for daily river water temperature modeling. CCNN, GRNN, IMF, KNNR, LWPR, NSE, RVM, Ta, Tw, VMD
36  2022 Modeling resilient modulus of subgrade soils using LSSVM optimized with swarm intelligence algorithms. GWO, HHO, Mr, PSO, RMSE, SMA, SOS, SSA
37  2022 Modelling Compression Strength of Waste PET and SCM Blended Cementitious Grout Using Hybrid of LSSVM Models. CS, FA, PET, SCMs, SF
38  2022 Monitoring green tea fixation quality by intelligent sensors: comparison of image and spectral information. ---
39  2022 Multi-spectral radiation thermometry based on an Alpha spectrum-LM algorithm under the background of high temperature and intense reflection. LM, PSO
40  2022 New insights into permeability determination by coupling Stoneley wave propagation and conventional petrophysical logs in carbonate oil reservoirs. AAD, ANFIS, CMIS, CSA, EOR, GA, MLPNN, NMR, PSO, RBFNN, SDR
41  2022 Novel prosperous computational estimations for greenhouse gas adsorptive control by zeolites using machine learning methods. AARD, CSA, Hybrid-ANFIS, PSO-ANFIS
42  2022 Novel Self-Adaptive Shale Gas Production Proxy Model and Its Practical Application. SaRSE
43  2022 Optimization of Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction of Active Components and Antioxidant Activity from Polygala tenuifolia: A Comparative Study of the Response Surface Methodology and Least Squares Support Vector Machine. BBD, DISS, PolyIII, RSM
44  2022 Predictability of carcass traits in live Tan sheep by real-time ultrasound technology with least-squares support vector machines. MLR, PLSR
45  2022 QSPR study on Hydrophobicity of Pt(II) complexes with surface electrostatic potential-based descriptors. GP, MCCV, MLR, RF, SVM
46  2022 Rapid Detection of Available Nitrogen in Soil by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. BPNN, PLS, PSO-LSSVM, RMSEP, RPD
47  2022 Rapid determination of capsaicin concentration in soybean oil by terahertz spectroscopy. BPNN, GA, PCA, PLS, RER, RPD
48  2022 Rate-Dependent Hysteresis Modeling and Displacement Tracking Control Based on Least-Squares SVM for Axially Pre-Compressed Macro-Fiber Composite Bimorph. BW-H, MFC-PBP, PI
49  2022 Research on Hyper-Parameter Optimization of Activity Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Cuckoo Search. LSTM
50  2022 Research on renewable energy prediction technology: empirical analysis for Argentina and China. VMD
51  2022 Review of the limitations and potential empirical improvements of the parametric group method of data handling for rainfall modelling. EEMD, eGMDH, FGMDH, GMDH, WPT, WT
52  2022 Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on WOA-VMD-MPE and MPSO-LSSVM. IMFs, MPE, MPSO, PCC, VMD, WOA
53  2022 Survival Risk Prediction of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Based on BES-LSSVM. BES, BES-BPNN, BES-ELM, BES-LSSVM, DE-LSSVM, ESCC, GOA-LSSVM, PI, PSO-LSSVM, SSA-LSSVM
54  2022 The Potentialities of Machine Learning for Cow-Specific Milking: Automatically Setting Variables in Milking Machines. SSA
55  2022 Water Quality Indicator Interval Prediction in Wastewater Treatment Process Based on the Improved BES-LSSVM Algorithm. BOD, IBES
56  2022 Wireless IoT and Cyber-Physical System for Health Monitoring Using Honey Badger Optimized Least-Squares Support-Vector Machine. AUC, CPS, HB, NPV, PPV, SVM
57  2022 [Automatic epileptic seizure detection algorithm based on dual density dual tree complex wavelet transform]. DD-DT CWT, iEEG
58  2021 A novel two-step adaptive multioutput semisupervised soft sensor with applications in wastewater treatment. GPR, KF, MW, RMSE, RMSSD
59  2021 A simple and robust model to predict the inhibitory activity of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors through combined QSAR modeling and molecular docking techniques. GA-MLR, QSAR, RMSE
60  2021 A study on ship collision conflict prediction in the Taiwan Strait using the EMD-based LSSVM method. EMD, IMFs, QPSO
61  2021 A water quality prediction model based on variational mode decomposition and the least squares support vector machine optimized by the sparrow search algorithm (VMD-SSA-LSSVM) of the Yangtze River, China. BPNN, DO, SSA, SVR, VMD
62  2021 An intelligent method based on feed-forward artificial neural network and least square support vector machine for the simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of anti hepatitis C virus drugs in pharmaceutical formulation and biological fluid. CGP, DAC, FFANN, HPLC, LM, MSE, RMSE, SOF
63  2021 An RSS Transform-Based WKNN for Indoor Positioning. APs, GK, M-WKNN, RSS, TP, WKNN
64  2021 Application of long-wave near infrared hyperspectral imaging for determination of moisture content of single maize seed. CARS, LWNIR, MC, PLSR, SPA
65  2021 Classification of organic and ordinary kiwifruit by chemometrics analysis of elemental fingerprint and stable isotopic ratios. ICP-OES, IRMS, PLS-DA, SIMCA
66  2021 Classification of soybean frogeye leaf spot disease using leaf hyperspectral reflectance. CARS, CWs, FLS, PCA, PCs, SI, SVM
67  2021 Comparing linear and non-linear data-driven approaches in monthly river flow prediction, based on the models SARIMA, LSSVM, ANFIS, and GMDH. ANFIS, GMDH, ML, NRMSE, NS, RMSE, SARIMA
68  2021 Detection of chlorpyrifos and carbendazim residues in the cabbage using visible/near-infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometrics. PLSR, SPA
69  2021 Detection of k-complexes in EEG signals using a multi-domain feature extraction coupled with a least square support vector machine classifier. EEG, PSD, TQWT
70  2021 FSDroid:- A feature selection technique to detect malware from Android using Machine Learning Techniques: FSDroid. ---
71  2021 Intelligent analysis of maleic hydrazide using a simple electrochemical sensor coupled with machine learning. ANN, LIPG, MH, ML, RF
72  2021 Misalignment Fault Diagnosis for Wind Turbines Based on Information Fusion. D-S, t-SNE
73  2021 Multiscale Permutation Lempel-Ziv Complexity Measure for Biomedical Signal Analysis: Interpretation and Application to Focal EEG Signals. EEG, MPLZC
74  2021 Nondestructive detection of total soluble solids in grapes using VMD-RC and hyperspectral imaging. D_p, HSI, PLS, TSS, VMD-RC
75  2021 Nondestructive qualitative and quantitative analysis of Yaobitong capsule using near-infrared spectroscopy in tandem with chemometrics. CARS, DD-SIMCA, FP, NIR, PCs, PSO, RSEP, TCM, YBTC
76  2021 Novel approach for predicting groundwater storage loss using machine learning. AI, GSL, HHO-ANFIS, ML
77  2021 On the Evaluation of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Adsorption Performance on Amberlite XAD-2 Using Machine Learning Techniques. ANN, GMDH
78  2021 On the Prediction of Biogas Production from Vegetables, Fruits, and Food Wastes by ANFIS- and LSSVM-Based Models. ANFIS, MSE
79  2021 Online Detection of Watercore Apples by Vis/NIR Full-Transmittance Spectroscopy Coupled with ANOVA Method. ANOVA
80  2021 Predicting flocculant dosage in the drinking water treatment process using Elman neural network. ENN, MAPE, MLR, RBFNN, RMSE
81  2021 Predicting methane solubility in water and seawater by machine learning algorithms: Application to methane transport modeling. BO, BRT, GPR, GS, ML, MSE, RS, RT
82  2021 Prediction of Blood Glucose Concentration Based on CEEMD and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization LSSVM. CEEMD, CLPSO, IMFs
83  2021 Prediction of the hydrophobicity of platinum(IV) complexes based on molecular surface properties. AS, ESPs, GP, QSPR, RF, SVM
84  2021 Rapid identification of producing area of wheat using terahertz spectroscopy combined with chemometrics. BPNN, MSC, PLS-DA, SG, SNV, UVE
85  2021 Regional Distribution of Non-human H7N9 Avian Influenza Virus Detections in China and Construction of a Predictive Model. ARIMA, WPD
86  2021 Research on Enhanced Detection of Benzoic Acid Additives in Liquid Food Based on Terahertz Metamaterial Devices. CARS, LOD, MSC, PLS, RMSEP, UVE
87  2021 The prediction of longitudinal dispersion coefficient in natural streams using LS-SVM and ANFIS optimized by Harris hawk optimization algorithm. ANFIS, ANFIS-HHO, DR
88  2021 Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging to Quantify Coronary Plaque Cap Stress/Strain and Progression: A Follow-Up Study Using 3D Thin-Layer Models. AUC, GLMM, IO, IVUS, OCT
89  2021 Using Spectral Reflectance to Estimate the Leaf Chlorophyll Content of Maize Inoculated With Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Under Water Stress. BP, Ci, RF, RMSE, VPD, WUE
90  2020 A hybrid intelligent predicting model for exploring household CO2 emissions mitigation strategies derived from butterfly optimization algorithm. BOA, KPCA, YRD
91  2020 A LS-SVM based Measurement Points Classification Algorithm for Adjacent Targets in WSNs. EKF, WSNs
92  2020 A Non-linear Model Predictive Control Based on Grey-Wolf Optimization Using Least-Square Support Vector Machine for Product Concentration Control in L-Lysine Fermentation. GWO, NMPC, PSO
93  2020 A time series model based on hybrid-kernel least-squares support vector machine for short-term wind power forecasting. EMD-LSSVM, HKLSSVM, MWD, WDLSSVM
94  2020 An effective method for the rapid detection of microplastics in soil. LDPE, RMSE
95  2020 An optimized design of seizure detection system using joint feature extraction of multichannel EEG signals. CenCorrEn, EEG, EEMD, IMFs, MLPNN, RF, TQWT
96  2020 Analysis influence factors and forecast energy-related CO2 emissions: evidence from Hebei. BFO, FA, IGRA, MAPE
97  2020 Analytically Embedding Differential Equation Constraints into Least Squares Support Vector Machines Using the Theory of Functional Connections. CSVM, DEs, LS, ODE, PDE, TFC
98  2020 Artificial Intelligence Based Methods for Asphaltenes Adsorption by Nanocomposites: Application of Group Method of Data Handling, Least Squares Support Vector Machine, and Artificial Neural Networks. ACO, ANN, BR, CSA, GA, GMDH, ICA, LM, PSO, SCG
99  2020 Case-based reasoning based on grey-relational theory for the optimization of boiler combustion systems. ---
100  2020 Combination of spectra and texture data of hyperspectral imaging for prediction and visualization of palmitic acid and oleic acid contents in lamb meat. GLCM, PLSR, VCPA-IRIV