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Abbreviation : LSDV
Long Form : lumpy skin disease virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Adverse effect of vaccination in xenogeneic animals. EH, i.p, Ig, LSD, SPPV
2022 An in-depth bioinformatic analysis of the novel recombinant lumpy skin disease virus strains: from unique patterns to established lineage. ---
2022 Analysis of codon usage bias of lumpy skin disease virus causing livestock infection. CUB, ENC, LSD, RSCU
2022 Assessing machine learning techniques in forecasting lumpy skin disease occurrence based on meteorological and geospatial features. ANN, AUC
2022 Characterization of a Nigerian Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Isolate after Experimental Infection of Cattle. OIE
2022 Characterization of Lumpy skin disease virus isolated from a giraffe in Vietnam. ---
2022 Comparison of Biosafety and Diagnostic Utility of Biosample Collection Cards. FMDV, FTA
2022 Complete Coding Sequence of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Isolated from Kinmen Island, Taiwan, in 2020. ---
2022 Development and Evaluation of a Combined Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) and Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) Live Vaccine. CBPP, LSD, Mmm
10  2022 Development and Optimization of Indirect ELISAs for the Detection of Anti-Capripoxvirus Antibodies in Cattle, Sheep, and Goat Sera. GTP, GTPV, iELISA, LSD, SPP, SPPV
11  2022 Establishment of a fetal cow (Bos Borus) skin fibroblasts cell line with immortalized characterization through human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) ectopic expression. CSF, hTERT
12  2022 First Report of Lumpy Skin Disease in Myanmar and Molecular Analysis of the Field Virus Isolates. ECTAD, FAO, IAEA, LBVD
13  2022 Genetic analysis of genome sequence characteristics of two lumpy skin disease viruses isolated from China. LSD
14  2022 Genetic characterization and epidemiological analysis of the first lumpy skin disease virus outbreak in Mongolia, 2021. ---
15  2022 Genome Sequence of Atyrau-5BJN(IL18), a Recombinant Lumpy Skin Disease Virus with Knockout of Virulence Genes. ---
16  2022 Improved safety profile of inactivated Neethling strain of the Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine. BEI
17  2022 Inhibition of bovine and ovine capripoxviruses (Lumpy skin disease virus and Sheeppox virus) by ivermectin occurs at different stages of propagation in vitro. IVM, OIE, SPPV
18  2022 Isolation and molecular characterization of lumpy skin disease virus from hard ticks, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus in Egypt. COI, GPCR, LSD, SPPV
19  2022 Isolation, identification and phylogenetic analysis of lumpy skin disease virus strain of outbreak in Guangdong, China. PCT, RDP
20  2022 LSDV126 gene based molecular assays for specific detection and characterization of emerging Lumpy Skin Disease virus. LSD, PSR
21  2022 Lumpy Skin Disease Virus with Four Knocked Out Genes Was Attenuated In Vivo and Protects Cattle from Infection. ---
22  2022 Molecular and histopathological characterization of lumpy skin disease in cattle in northern Vietnam during the 2020-2021 outbreaks. GPCR, LSD
23  2022 Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Collected from Outbreaks in Northern Thailand in 2021. GPCR, LSD, PCR
24  2022 Molecular characterization of a novel subgenotype of lumpy skin disease virus strain isolated in Inner Mongolia of China. LSD, NJ
25  2022 Molecular characterization, expression, and functional identification of TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1) of the cow (Bos taurus) and goat (Capra hircus). ORF, TBK1
26  2022 Molecular epidemiology of lumpy skin disease outbreak in Odisha, India. LSD
27  2022 Molecular identification and characterization of Lumpy skin disease virus emergence from cattle in the northeastern part of Thailand. LSD
28  2022 Overwintering of recombinant lumpy skin disease virus in northern latitudes, Russia. ---
29  2022 Phylogenomic characterization of historic lumpy skin disease virus isolates from South Africa. ---
30  2022 Putative roles of mosquitoes (Culicidae) and biting midges (Culicoides spp.) as mechanical or biological vectors of lumpy skin disease virus. FTA
31  2022 Quantitative real-time PCR detection and analysis of a lumpy skin disease outbreak in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. LSD
32  2022 Rapid Spread and Genetic Characterisation of a Recently Emerged Recombinant Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in Thailand. IHC, IPMA, MDBK, PLT
33  2022 Recombinant LSDV Strains in Asia: Vaccine Spillover or Natural Emergence? ---
34  2022 Sensitive and Specific Detection of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in Cattle by CRISPR-Cas12a Fluorescent Assay Coupled with Recombinase Polymerase Amplification. LSD, RPA
35  2022 Serological, virological and molecular diagnosis of an outbreak of lumpy skin disease among cattle in Butana area, Eastern Sudan. CAM, ELISA, LSD, PCR
36  2022 The Acquisition and Retention of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus by Blood-Feeding Insects Is Influenced by the Source of Virus, the Insect Body Part, and the Time since Feeding. ---
37  2022 The immune response to lumpy skin disease virus in cattle is influenced by inoculation route. dpi
38  2022 The Prevalence of Pathogens among Ticks Collected from Livestock in Kazakhstan. ASFV, HFRS, TBEV
39  2022 Understanding the research advances on lumpy skin disease: A comprehensive literature review of experimental evidence. ---
40  2021 A novel strain of lumpy skin disease virus causes clinical disease in cattle in Hong Kong. LSD, qPCR, WGS
41  2021 A review: Surveillance of lumpy skin disease (LSD) a growing problem in Asia. LSD
42  2021 Advancements in the Growth and Construction of Recombinant Lumpy Skin Disease Virus (LSDV) for Use as a Vaccine Vector. BVDV, MDBK
43  2021 Assessment of an LSDV-Vectored Vaccine for Heterologous Prime-Boost Immunizations against HIV. Env, NAbs
44  2021 Coding-Complete Sequences of Recombinant Lumpy Skin Disease Viruses Collected in 2020 from Four Outbreaks in Northern Vietnam. ---
45  2021 Comparative Evaluation of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus-Based Live Attenuated Vaccines. ---
46  2021 Comparative sensitivity study of primary cells, vero, OA3.Ts and ESH-L cell lines to lumpy skin disease, sheeppox, and goatpox viruses detection and growth. CaPVs, CPE, SPPV
47  2021 Detection of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in an Asymptomatic Eland (Taurotragus oryx) in Namibia. ---
48  2021 Differentiation of Capripox Viruses by Nanopore Sequencing. BLAST, CaPV, GPV, SPV
49  2021 Estimating evolutionary changes between highly passaged and original parental lumpy skin disease virus strains. ---
50  2021 First molecular characterization of poxviruses in cattle, sheep, and goats in Botswana. HRM, ORFV, PCPV
51  2021 Genetic and phylogenetic analysis of lumpy skin disease viruses (LSDV) isolated from the first and subsequent field outbreaks in India during 2019 reveals close proximity with unique signatures of historical Kenyan NI-2490/Kenya/KSGP-like field strains. LSD
52  2021 Genetic Evidence of Multiple Introductions of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus into Saratov Region, Russia. GPCR, LSD
53  2021 Genomic characterization of lumpy skin disease virus in southern China. ---
54  2021 High selectivity detection of FMDV- SAT-2 using a newly-developed electrochemical nanosensors. AFM, CV, FMDV-SAT-2, FTIR, LSV, PoPD, SAT-2-VIP, SEM, VIP sensor
55  2021 Innate Immune Responses to Wildtype and Attenuated Sheeppox Virus Mediated Through RIG-1 Sensing in PBMC In-Vitro. GTP, GTPV, LAVs, PRRs, SPP, SPPV, WT
56  2021 Investigation of Post Vaccination Reactions of Two Live Attenuated Vaccines against Lumpy Skin Disease of Cattle. Kn, LSD, Nt, pv
57  2021 Lumpy skin disease in cattle in Sharkia, Egypt: epidemiological and genetic characterization of the virus. ---
58  2021 Lumpy skin disease outbreaks in Egypt during 2017-2018 among sheeppox vaccinated cattle: Epidemiological, pathological, and molecular findings. LSD
59  2021 Molecular Analysis of East African Lumpy Skin Disease Viruses Reveals a Mixed Isolate with Features of Both Vaccine and Field Isolates. LSD
60  2021 Molecular characterization of lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) emerged in Bangladesh reveals unique genetic features compared to contemporary field strains. LSD
61  2021 Molecular characterization of lumpy skin disease virus in Iran (2014-2018). ---
62  2021 Quantifying and Modeling the Acquisition and Retention of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus by Hematophagus Insects Reveals Clinically but Not Subclinically Affected Cattle Are Promoters of Viral Transmission and Key Targets for Control of Disease Outbreaks. ---
63  2021 Retention of lumpy skin disease virus in Stomoxys spp (Stomoxys calcitrans, Stomoxys sitiens, Stomoxys indica) following intrathoracic inoculation, Diptera: Muscidae. LSD
64  2021 Use of an Alignment-Free Method for the Geographical Discrimination of GTPVs Based on the GPCR Sequences. ESA, GPCR, GTPV, SPPV, WCA
65  2020 A review: Lumpy skin disease and its emergence in India. LSD
66  2020 Comparative sequence and structural analysis of the ORF095 gene, a vaccinia virus A4L homolog of capripoxvirus in sheep and goats. CaPV, GTPV, SPPV
67  2020 Complete Coding Sequence of a Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Strain Isolated during the 2016 Outbreak in Kazakhstan. ---
68  2020 Experimental Infection and Genetic Characterization of Two Different Capripox Virus Isolates in Small Ruminants. GTPV, SPPV
69  2020 Influence of the lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) superoxide dismutase homologue on host transcriptional activity, apoptosis and histopathology. MVA, SOD
70  2020 Influence of the Viral Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Homologue on Lumpy Skin Disease Virus (LSDV) Growth, Histopathology and Pathogenicity. CAMs, MDBK, SOD
71  2020 Lumpy skin disease (LSD) outbreaks in cattle in Odisha state, India in August 2019: Epidemiological features and molecular studies. LSD
72  2020 Lumpy Skin Disease Is Characterized by Severe Multifocal Dermatitis With Necrotizing Fibrinoid Vasculitis Following Experimental Infection. ---
73  2020 Madin-Darby bovine kidney (MDBK) cells are a suitable cell line for the propagation and study of the bovine poxvirus lumpy skin disease virus. MDBK
74  2020 Minimum Infective Dose of a Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Field Strain from North Macedonia. CCID50, LSD, OIE
75  2020 Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of lumpy skin disease virus from outbreaks in Uganda 2017-2018. LSD
76  2020 Non-vector-borne transmission of lumpy skin disease virus. ---
77  2020 Performance of the currently available DIVA real-time PCR assays in classical and recombinant lumpy skin disease viruses. DIVA
78  2020 Potential link of single nucleotide polymorphisms to virulence of vaccine-associated field strains of lumpy skin disease virus in South Africa. SNPs
79  2020 Potential mechanical transmission of Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) by the stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) through regurgitation and defecation. LSD, PF
80  2019 An HRM Assay to Differentiate Sheeppox Virus Vaccine Strains from Sheeppox Virus Field Isolates and other Capripoxvirus Species. CaPV, GTP, GTPV, HRM, LSD, SPP, SPPV
81  2019 An Immunoperoxidase Monolayer Assay (IPMA) for the detection of lumpy skin disease antibodies. IPMA
82  2019 Complete Genome Sequence of the Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Recovered from the First Outbreak in the Northern Caucasus Region of Russia in 2015. ---
83  2019 Construction of recombinant capripoxviruses as vaccine vectors for delivering foreign antigens: Methodology and application. CaPV, GTP, GTPV, LSD, SPP, SPPV
84  2019 Designing and fabrication of new VIP biosensor for the rapid and selective detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV). AFM, CV, FESEM, FMDV, FT-IR, LOD, O-AP, SPE, VIP
85  2019 Experimental lumpy skin disease virus infection of cattle: comparison of a field strain and a vaccine strain. SNT
86  2019 Extended sequencing of vaccine and wild-type capripoxvirus isolates provides insights into genes modulating virulence and host range. GTPV, SPPV
87  2019 Importance of the lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) LSDV126 gene in differential diagnosis and epidemiology and its possible involvement in attenuation. NVV
88  2019 Mapping changes in the spatiotemporal distribution of lumpy skin disease virus. ---
89  2019 Orf virus circulation in cattle in Turkey. ORFV
90  2019 Removal of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) from lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) vaccine stocks by passage on chorioallantoic membranes of fertilized hens' eggs. BVDV, CAMs, FCS, LT, MDBK
91  2019 Seroprevalence and risk factors for lumpy skin disease virus seropositivity in cattle in Uganda. LSD
92  2019 The complete genome sequence of the lumpy skin disease virus vaccine Herbivac LS reveals a mutation in the superoxide dismutase gene homolog. SOD
93  2019 Using the basic reproduction number to assess the risk of transmission of lumpy skin disease virus by biting insects. ---
94  2018 A gel-based PCR method to differentiate sheeppox virus field isolates from vaccine strains. GTP, GTPV, SPP, SPPV
95  2018 A real time high-resolution melting PCR assay for detection and differentiation among sheep pox virus, goat pox virus, field and vaccine strains of lumpy skin disease virus. GTPV, HRM, SPPV
96  2018 Analysis and insights into recombination signals in lumpy skin disease virus recovered in the field. bp, LAVs
97  2018 Characterisation of putative immunomodulatory gene knockouts of lumpy skin disease virus in cattle towards an improved vaccine. LSD, ORF
98  2018 Colostrum transfer of neutralizing antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus from vaccinated cows to their calves. NAb
99  2018 Detection of vaccine-like lumpy skin disease virus in cattle and Musca domestica L. flies in an outbreak of lumpy skin disease in Russia in 2017. ---
100  2018 Effect of semen processing methods on lumpy skin disease virus status in cryopreserved bull semen. ---