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Abbreviation : LVPWT
Long Form : left ventricular posterior wall thickness
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Correlation between serum miR-122 and myocardial damage and ventricular function in patients with essential hypertension. BNP, CK-MB, cTnT, EF, EH, Hcy, IVRT, LVEDD, LVESD
2021 Correlations of circulating miR-26b level with left ventricular hypertrophy and cardiac function in elderly patients with hypertension. E/A, IVST, LVH, LVMI
2021 Echocardiographic changes in elderly patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction after sacubitril-valsartan treatment. HFrEF, IVST, LAD, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, LVMI
2021 Efficacy and safety of liraglutide in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients complicated with coronary artery disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 2hPG, CAD, CBM, CNKI, FPG, HbA1c, HDL-C, LDL-C, LVEDD, LVEF, RCTs, T2DM, TC, TG, VIP
2021 Evaluation of left ventricular function in patients with heart failure after myocardial infarction by real-time three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography. HF, IVST, LAD, LVEDV, LVEF, LVESV, LVSV, MI
2021 Mutant Single Nucleotide Polymorphism rs189037 in Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated Gene Is Significantly Associated With Ventricular Wall Thickness and Human Lifespan. ATM, IVST, LVEDD
2021 Study on the application effect of bisoprolol combined with sacubitril valsartan sodium tablets in the cardiac rehabilitation of patients with acute myocardial infarction combined with left heart failure after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). ALD, ICAM-1, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, NT-proBNP, PCI
2021 The Expression of miR-365 in Serum of Hypertension Patients with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Was Up-Regulated, Which Was Positively Correlated with Left Ventricular Mass Index. DBP, HT, IVST, LVH, LVID, LVM, LVMI, miR-365, SBP
2021 The value of the spatial QRS-T angle for assessing the severity of heart damage in patients with arterial hypertension. AH, IVST, LVEDd, LVMM, LVMMI, RWT, sQRS-T
10  2021 Traditional Chinese Medicine Intervenes Ventricular Remodeling Following Acute Myocardial Infarction: Evidence From 40 Random Controlled Trials With 3,659 Subjects. AMI, BNP, CRP, hs-CRP, IVST, LVEDD, LVEDV, LVEDVI, LVEF, LVESD, LVESV, LVESVI, MACE, NT-proBNP, SV, TCM, TCMSS, WMS
11  2020 Association between advanced interatrial block and small vessel diseases in the brain. AF, aIAB, EPVS, LVEF, SVD, WMH
12  2020 Association of the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Fibrosis Score with subclinical myocardial remodeling in patients with type2 diabetes: A cross-sectional study in China. NFS
13  2020 Cardiomyopathy and kidney function in agalsidase beta-treated female Fabry patients: a pre-treatment vs. post-treatment analysis. CI, IVST
14  2020 Diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy using convolutional neural network. ---
15  2020 Effectiveness of Atorvastatin in the Treatment of Asymptomatic Heart Failure After Myocardial Infarction: A Clinical Study. ADMA, FMD, hs-CRP, IL-6, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, NO, NOS
16  2020 Phenylethanol Glycosides Protect Myocardial Hypertrophy Induced by Abdominal Aortic Constriction via ECE-1 Demethylation Inhibition and PI3K/PKB/eNOS Pathway Enhancement. AAC, ANP, BNP, COX-2, CSCA, ECE-1, ET-1, HMGB1, HWI, LVED, LVEF, LVFS, p-eNOS, p-PI3K, p-PKB
17  2020 The Role of the NOD1/Rip2 Signaling Pathway in Myocardial Remodeling in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. IL-1, IVST, SHRs
18  2020 Using ultrasound three-dimensional speckle tracking technology to explore the role of SIRT1 in ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction. LVEDV, LVEF, LVESV, LVST, PRS, SV
19  2019 [Association of fibroblast growth factor 23 with age-related cardiac diastolic function subclinical state in a healthy Chinese population]. CKD-EPI-ASIA, CRP, ELISA, IL-6, IVST, LAD, LVMI
20  2018 Clinical determinants of successful weaning from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in patients with fulminant myocarditis. CK-MB, ECMO, FM, VAD
21  2018 Ginsenoside Rb1 inhibits autophagy through regulation of Rho/ROCK and PI3K/mTOR pathways in a pressure-overload heart failure rat model. FS, G-Rb1, HF, LVID, MVs
22  2018 Left ventricular hypertrabeculation/noncompaction, cardiac phenotype, and neuromuscular disorders. FS, IVST, LVEDD, LVHT, NMDs
23  2018 Phenotypic characteristics of the p.Asn215Ser (p.N215S) GLA mutation in male and female patients with Fabry disease: A multicenter Fabry Registry study. IVST, p.N215S
24  2017 Assessment of left ventricular performance in heart transplant recipients by three-dimensional speckle tracking imaging. GLS, GPI, GS, HT, IVST, LA, LV, LVEF, LVM, RoA, SDI
25  2017 Association of the -344T/C polymorphism in aldosterone synthase gene promoter with left ventricular structure in Chinese Han: A meta-analysis. IVS, LVEDD, LVESD, LVH, LVM, LVMI
26  2017 Endoscopic therapy and curative effect in pituitary adenoma patients complicated by acromegalic cardiomyopathy. EF, GH, IVST, LVIDd, MR
27  2017 Evaluation of potential long-term changes in endothelial functions and basic echocardiographic parameters in unilateral nephrectomy patients. FMD, GFR, IVST, LV
28  2017 [Association of GH and IGF-1 Burden with Cardiac Structural and Functional Changes in Acromegaly Patients]. GH, LALD, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, RVLD
29  2017 [Effects of high flow hemodialysis on the biomarker of myocardium injury and the cardiac function related records in uremia patients]. BNP, cTnT, HFHD, IVST, LVEDD, LVEDV, LVEF, LVESD, LVESV, LVMI, MHD
30  2016 The effect of geographical indices on left ventricular structure in healthy Han Chinese population. BPNN, IVST, LV, SVR
31  2016 The relation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism-related indexes with cardiac damages. Ca, CKD, EF, iPTH, IVST, LVEDD, N-MID, TPINP
32  2015 Association between essential hypertension and three vasoactive peptides, urotensin II, endothelin and adrenomedullin. ADM, ET, IST, LVEDD, LVMI, UII
33  2015 Cirrhosis-related changes in left ventricular function and correlation with the model for end-stage liver disease score. CO, DT, IVST, LAD, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, MELD
34  2015 [Changes of left ventricular function in cirrhotic patients and their correlation with the model for end-stage liver disease score]. CO, DT, IVST, LAD, LVEDD, LVESD, MELD
35  2014 Association of echocardiographic left ventricular structure and -344C/T aldosterone synthase gene variant: A meta-analysis. EH, IVS, LVEDD, LVESD, LVH
36  2014 [Changes of left ventricular remodeling in hypertension patients with carotid atherosclerosis of phlegm-dampness syndrome]. CAS, EF, IVS, LVEDD, LVESD, LVR, PDS, SV
37  2014 [Long-term effects of hydroxychloroquine on metabolism of serum lipids and left ventricular structure and function in patients of systemic lupus erythematosus]. FS, HDL, IVST, LDL, LVEDD, LVEF, LVESD, SLE, TC, TG
38  2013 Correlation between the microinflammatory state and left ventricular structural and functional changes in maintenance haemodialysis patients. hs-CRP, IL-6, IVST, LAD, LVD, LVEF, LVMI, MHD, TNF-alpha
39  2013 Lacidipine inhibits endoplasmic reticulum stress and myocardial remodeling induced by pressure overload in rat heart. CRT, EF, ERS, IVST, LVEDP, LVESP, LVWI, TAC
40  2012 Aliskiren suppresses the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and reduces blood pressure and albuminuria in elderly chronic kidney disease patients with hypertension. ALD, Ang I, Ang II, BNP, BP, CKD, eGFR, IVST, LVEF, PRA, RAAS, UACR
41  2012 Protective effect of Chinese herbs for supplementing qi, nourishing yin and activating blood circulation on heart function of patients with acute coronary syndrome after percutaneous coronary intervention. ACS, CM, CMG, hs-CRP, IVST, LVEDV, LVEF, LVESV, MACE, NT-proBNP, NYHA, PCI, VWMI, WM
42  2012 [The cardiac function changes before and after pituitary tumor resection in patients with pituitary adenoma complicated with dilated cardiomyopathy]. GH, LVEDD, LVEF, ST
43  2010 [Correlations between MELD score and left ventricular function in patients with end-stage liver disease]. AF, CO, IVST, LAD, LVEDD, QRSI
44  2008 P-wave duration and dispersion in obese subjects. ECG, IVST, LAD, LVEF, LVM, Pd
45  2008 [Effect of blood pressure status changes from childhood to adulthood on hypertension related cardiac-renal function in adulthood]. BP, BSA, CVD, ECG, EF, IVST, LVd, LVM
46  2007 Agalsidase therapy in patients with Fabry disease on renal replacement therapy: a nationwide study in Italy. ERT, ESRD, IVSD, LVMI, RRT
47  2007 Chronic administration of carvedilol improves cardiac function in 6-month-old Syrian cardiomyopathic hamsters. COI, CT, EF, HF, HR, SBP
48  2007 Diagnostic potential of serum N-terminal pro-B-type brain natriuretic peptide level in detection of cardiac wall stress in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a cross-sectional comparison study. BNP, HOMA-IR, LVM, NT-proBNP, PCOS
49  2007 Insulin resistance and plasma triglyceride level are differently related to cardiac hypertrophy and arterial stiffening in hypertensive subjects. HDL, HOMA, PWV
50  2007 The Nicks-Nunez posterior enlargement in the small aortic annulus: immediate-intermediate results. AS, AVR, CABG, CPB, EF, LV, LVEDP, LVIVS, MVR, TEE
51  2005 Angiotensin II-dependent vascular alterations in young cardiomyopathic hamsters: role for oxidative stress. ACE, COI, EF, HR, LVEDV, LVFS, NAC, SCH, SV
52  2003 [Effects of irbesartan on remodeling of the left ventricular following acute myocardial infarction]. AMI, IVST, LPER, LPFR, LTPER, LTPFR, LVDd, LVEF, LVMI, LVRM
53  2003 [Markers of cardiovascular remodeling in hypertension]. LAD, PWV, RAS, SBP
54  2002 Increased C-reactive protein following hemodialysis predicts cardiac hypertrophy in chronic hemodialysis patients. CRP, IL-6, IVST
55  1997 [Evaluation of electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy with both QRS voltage and ST-T change using echocardiography]. HCM, HT, IVST, LVH
56  1995 Cardiac hypertrophy in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. BSA, IVST, LVH, NE, OSAS, RVH, RVT
57  1994 Electrocardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy improved by considering both QRS voltage and ST-T criteria. HCM, HT, IVST, LVH
58  1993 Cardiac dysfunction following spinal irradiation during childhood. LVID, MCI
59  1992 Influence of long-term amelioration of anemia and blood pressure control on left ventricular hypertrophy in hemodialyzed patients. BP, Hb, IVST, LVMI, rHuEPO
60  1992 [An experience of rapid, two-stage arterial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries and intact ventricular septum beyond the neonatal period]. LVEF
61  1992 [Thinning of ventricular septum in tetralogy of Fallot]. RVAWT, TOF
62  1989 Cardiac dimensions and physical profile of masters level swimmers. BSA, LVEDD, PAI
63  1987 Uremic cardiomyopathy: an inadequate left ventricular hypertrophy. LVEDiD, PTH
64  1987 [Index of arterial and venous compliance and echocardiographic parameters in essential permanent arterial hypertension]. FVT, LVD, MM, PWV
65  1985 Effect of diuretic therapy on ventricular arrhythmias in hypertensive patients with or without left ventricular hypertrophy. HCTZ, LVH, PVCs
66  1982 Left ventricular hypertrophy in non-rheumatic myocarditis in children. LVH