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Abbreviation : MAP
Long Form : MUTYH-associated polyposis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Case Report: The Role of Molecular Analysis of the MUTYH Gene in Asymptomatic Individuals. BER, ROS
2021 Genetic testing for inherited colorectal cancer and polyposis, 2021 revision: a technical standard of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). ACMG, CRC, FAP, LS, MMR, NCCN, NGS, PPAP
2021 Structure of the mammalian adenine DNA glycosylase MUTYH: insights into the base excision repair pathway and cancer. 8-oxoG, APE1, BER, IDC, MUTYH, PCNA
2020 A case report of a patient with first phenotype of papillary thyroid carcinoma and heterochronous multiprimary tumor harboring germline MUTYH Arg19*/Gly286Glu mutations. ---
2020 Association of functional variants and protein-to-protein physical interactions of human MutY homolog linked with familial adenomatous polyposis and colorectal cancer syndrome. FAP
2020 Colorectal family polyadenomatous diseases. What management in 2020? FAP, MUTYH
2020 Increased prevalence of Barrett's esophagus in patients with MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). APC, BE, FAP, GI
2020 MUTYH-associated polyposis - colorectal phenotype and management. ---
2020 MUTYH-associated polyposis: Review and update of the French recommendations established in 2012 under the auspices of the National Cancer institute (INCa). INCa
10  2019 Declining detection rates for APC and biallelic MUTYH variants in polyposis patients, implications for DNA testing policy. FAP
11  2019 Multi-gene panel testing confirms phenotypic variability in MUTYH-Associated Polyposis. CHRPE, CRC, FAP, PVs
12  2019 Single molecule glycosylase studies with engineered 8-oxoguanine DNA damage sites show functional defects of a MUTYH polyposis variant. ---
13  2019 The role of inherited genetic variants in colorectal polyposis syndromes. CRC, FAP, PPAP
14  2019 When you're strange: Unusual features of the MUTYH glycosylase and implications in cancer. CPDs, DDR, IDC, MMR, OG
15  2018 Cellular Assays for Studying the Fe-S Cluster Containing Base Excision Repair Glycosylase MUTYH and Homologs. OG
16  2018 Contribution of MUTYH Variants to Male Breast Cancer Risk: Results From a Multicenter Study in Italy. CI, MBC, OR
17  2018 Novel variant of unknown significance in MUTYH in a patient with MUTYH-associated polyposis: a case to reclassify. VUS
18  2018 The impact of chromoendoscopy for surveillance of the duodenum in patients with MUTYH-associated polyposis and familial adenomatous polyposis. FAP
19  2017 A Specific Mutational Signature Associated with DNA 8-Oxoguanine Persistence in MUTYH-defective Colorectal Cancer. CRC
20  2017 Burden and Profile of Somatic Mutation in Duodenal Adenomas from Patients with Familial Adenomatous- and MUTYH-associated Polyposis. FAP
21  2017 Hereditary Colorectal Polyposis and Cancer Syndromes: A Primer on Diagnosis and Management. CRC, FAP
22  2017 Hereditary Colorectal Tumors: A Literature Review on MUTYH-Associated Polyposis. ---
23  2017 Mutational signature analysis identifies MUTYH deficiency in colorectal cancers and adrenocortical carcinomas. ACCs, BER, CRCs
24  2017 MUTYH-Associated Polyposis: The Irish Experience>. ---
25  2017 Repair of 8-oxoG:A mismatches by the MUTYH glycosylase: Mechanism, metals and medicine. 8-oxoG, BER, RONS
26  2017 The genetic basis of colonic adenomatous polyposis syndromes. AFAP, CRC, FAP, NAP, PPAP
27  2017 [Hereditary colorectal cancer : An update on genetics and entities in terms of differential diagnosis]. MMR, PPAP, PTEN
28  2016 Adenomatous Polyposis Syndromes: Diagnosis and Management. FAP
29  2016 Colorectal Adenomatous Polyposis: Heterogeneity of Susceptibility Gene Mutations and Phenotypes in a Cohort of Italian Patients. PPAP
30  2016 Frequency and Features of Duodenal Adenomas in Patients WithMUTYH-Associated Polyposis. FAP
31  2016 Toward a Molecular Classification of Synchronous Colorectal Cancer: Clinical and Molecular Characterization. CIMP, CRCs, MSI, SCRC
32  2016 Type and frequency of MUTYH variants in Italian patients with suspected MAP: a retrospective multicenter study. CRC, VUS
33  2016 [Surgical aspects of indications and techniques for adenomatous polyposis variants]. FAP, PPAP
34  2015 ACG clinical guideline: Genetic testing and management of hereditary gastrointestinal cancer syndromes. AFAP, FAP
35  2015 Adenoma development in familial adenomatous polyposis and MUTYH-associated polyposis: somatic landscape and driver genes. FAP
36  2015 Distinct functional consequences of MUTYH variants associated with colorectal cancer: Damaged DNA affinity, glycosylase activity and interaction with PCNA and Hus1. BER, OG, PCNA
37  2015 Functional Complementation Assay for 47 MUTYH Variants in a MutY-Disrupted Escherichia coli Strain. ---
38  2015 Functional Evaluation of Nine Missense-Type Variants of the Human DNA Glycosylase Enzyme MUTYH in the Japanese Population. ---
39  2015 Mitochondrial variants in MT-CO2 and D-loop instability are involved in MUTYH-associated polyposis. D-loop
40  2015 Mutation analysis of MUTYH in Japanese colorectal adenomatous polyposis patients. APC
41  2015 MutY-glycosylase: an overview on mutagenesis and activities beyond the GO system. 8-oxoG, BER
42  2015 Somatic c.34G>T KRAS mutation: a new prescreening test forMUTYH-associated polyposis? CRCs, FAP
43  2015 The genetic basis of familial adenomatous polyposis and its implications for clinical practice and risk management. CRC, FAP
44  2015 The MUTYH base excision repair gene protects against inflammation-associated colorectal carcinogenesis. 8-oxoG, AOM, CRC, MDSCs, WT
45  2014 Analysis of current testing practices for biallelic MUTYH mutations in MUTYH-associated polyposis. FM
46  2014 Biallelic MUTYH mutations can mimic Lynch syndrome. CRC, IHC, LS, MMR
47  2014 Common colorectal cancer risk alleles contribute to the multiple colorectal adenoma phenotype, but do not influence colonic polyposis in FAP. CRC, FAP, SNPs
48  2014 Genetic instability in lymphoblastoid cell lines expressing biallelic and monoallelic variants in the human MUTYH gene. 8-oxodG, LCLs
49  2014 Germline MUTYH gene mutations are not frequently found in unselected patients with papillary breast carcinoma. ---
50  2014 Impaired 8-hydroxyguanine repair activity of MUTYH variant p.Arg109Trp found in a Japanese patient with early-onset colorectal cancer. CRC
51  2014 Managing young colorectal cancer: a UK and Irish perspective. ACPGBI, CRC
52  2014 MYH polyposis syndrome: clinical findings, genetics issues and management. CRC, FAP
53  2014 Prevalence and characteristics of MUTYH-associated polyposis in patients with multiple adenomatous and serrated polyps. ---
54  2014 The evolution of colorectal cancer genetics-Part 2: clinical implications and applications. AFAP, CRC, FAP, LS, SPS
55  2013 Familial adenomatous polyposis of the colon. FAP
56  2013 Mutational spectrum of the APC and MUTYH genes and genotype-phenotype correlations in Brazilian FAP, AFAP, and MAP patients. ---
57  2013 MUTYH DNA glycosylase: the rationale for removing undamaged bases from the DNA. 8-oxoG, BER, MUTYH, Pols, PTM
58  2013 MUTYH-associated colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyposis. ---
59  2013 MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP): evidence for the origin of the common European mutations p.Tyr179Cys and p.Gly396Asp by founder events. ---
60  2013 Role of MUTYH in human cancer. 8-oxodG, BER
61  2013 Understanding the role of the Q338H MUTYH variant in oxidative damage repair. 8-oxodG
62  2012 Clinical utility gene card for: MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP), autosomal recessive colorectal adenomatous polyposis, multiple colorectal adenomas, multiple adenomatous polyps (MAP) - update 2012. ---
63  2012 French experts report on MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). FAP, INCa
64  2012 General aspects of colorectal cancer. CIMP, CIN, CRC, FAP, HNPCC, JPS, MSI, PJS
65  2012 MUTYH c.933+3A>C, associated with a severely impaired gene expression, is the first Italian founder mutation in MUTYH-Associated Polyposis. ---
66  2012 MUTYH hotspot mutations in unselected colonoscopy patients. CRC, MUTYH
67  2012 MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP), the syndrome implicating base excision repair in inherited predisposition to colorectal tumors. BER
68  2012 Role of the microenvironment in the tumourigenesis of microsatellite unstable and MUTYH-associated polyposis colorectal cancers. CIN, CRC, MSI-H
69  2012 The first mutations in the MYH gene reported in Moroccan colon cancer patients. ---
70  2012 [Gastrointestinal polyposis syndromes]. FAP
71  2011 Breakpoint characterization of a novel large intragenic deletion of MUTYH detected in a MAP patient: case report. aCGH, NHEJ
72  2011 Evidence for accelerated colorectal adenoma--carcinoma progression in MUTYH-associated polyposis? CRC
73  2011 Frequency of the common germline MUTYH mutations p.G396D and p.Y179C in patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer in Southern Brazil. CRC
74  2011 Frequent mutation in North African patients with MUTYH-associated polyposis. ---
75  2011 Hereditary colon cancer syndromes. FAP
76  2011 High resolution melting analysis for a rapid identification of heterozygous and homozygous sequence changes in the MUTYH gene. HRMA
77  2011 The genetics of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and MutYH-associated polyposis (MAP). AFAP, APC, CRC, FAP, PGD
78  2010 Adenine DNA glycosylase activity of 14 human MutY homolog (MUTYH) variant proteins found in patients with colorectal polyposis and cancer. MUTYH, MYH
79  2010 Clinical utility gene card for: MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP), autosomal recessive colorectal adenomatous polyposis. ---
80  2010 Constitutional mismatch repair-deficiency syndrome presenting as colonic adenomatous polyposis: clues from the skin. AFAP, CMMR-D, NF1
81  2010 Increased MUTYH mutation frequency among Dutch families with breast cancer and colorectal cancer. HBCC
82  2010 Inherited colorectal cancer syndromes. FAP
83  2010 MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). CRC, MUTYH
84  2010 Papillary thyroid cancer in a patient with MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). ---
85  2010 Prevalence of MYH-associated polyposis related to three recurrent mutations in Morocco. ---
86  2010 Ser 524 is a phosphorylation site in MUTYH and Ser 524 mutations alter 8-oxoguanine (OG): a mismatch recognition. BER, BEVS, OG, OG, PCNA, WT
87  2010 Simplifying the detection of MUTYH mutations by high resolution melting analysis. CRC, HRM
88  2010 [Differential diagnostics of hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes. The role of pathology]. CRC, FAP, MSI
89  2009 Adenine removal activity and bacterial complementation with the human MutY homologue (MUTYH) and Y165C, G382D, P391L and Q324R variants associated with colorectal cancer. MUTYH, OG
90  2009 Adenoma development in a patient with MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP): new insights into the natural course of polyp development. ---
91  2009 APC, MYH, and the correlation genotype-phenotype in colorectal polyposis. FAP
92  2009 Colonic adenomatous polyposis syndromes: clinical management. aFAP, FAP, HNPCC
93  2009 Colorectal carcinomas in MUTYH-associated polyposis display histopathological similarities to microsatellite unstable carcinomas. CRC, MCR, TILs
94  2009 Expanded extracolonic tumor spectrum in MUTYH-associated polyposis. CI, SIR, SIRs
95  2009 Familial adenomatous polyposis. AFAP, CHRPE, CRC, FAP
96  2009 Increased colorectal cancer incidence in obligate carriers of heterozygous mutations in MUTYH. CI, SIR, SMR
97  2009 MUTYH Associated Polyposis (MAP). BER, CRC, FAP, MMR
98  2009 MUTYH mutations associated with familial adenomatous polyposis: functional characterization by a mammalian cell-based assay. ---
99  2009 MUTYH-associated polyposis carcinomas frequently lose HLA class I expression - a common event amongst DNA-repair-deficient colorectal cancers. beta2m, HLA, MMR
100  2009 MUTYH-associated polyposis. ---