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Abbreviation : MCPyV
Long Form : Merkel cell polyomavirus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Novel In Vitro Culture Model System to Study Merkel Cell Polyomavirus-Associated MCC Using Three-Dimensional Organotypic Raft Equivalents of Human Skin. MCC
2021 ALK is frequently phosphorylated in Merkel cell carcinoma and associates with longer survival. MCC, p-ALK
2021 Evaluation of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA in Tissue Samples from Italian Patients with Diagnosis of MCC. FFPE, MCC, NCCR, UV, VP1
2021 Merkel Cell Carcinoma of Unknown Primary: Immunohistochemical and Molecular Analyses Reveal Distinct UV-Signature/MCPyV-Negative and High Immunogenicity/MCPyV-Positive Profiles. KP, MCC-UPs
2021 Merkel cell polyomavirus infection induces an antiviral innate immune response in human dermal fibroblasts. HDFs, ISG, MCC
2021 Molecular Profiling of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus-Associated Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Cutaneous Melanoma. MCC, NGS
2021 Neuroendocrine small cell carcinoma of the cervix: A case report. ---
2021 Presence of Human Papillomavirus and Epstein-Barr Virus, but Absence of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus, in Head and Neck Cancer of Non-Smokers and Non-Drinkers. EBV, HNSCC, HPV, ISH, NSND
2021 Prospective investigation of polyomavirus infection and the risk of adult glioma. BKV, CIs, CPS-II, HPyV, HPyV6, OR, OR, ORs
10  2021 Sex Differences in Overall Survival and the Effect of Radiotherapy in Merkel Cell Carcinoma-A Retrospective Analysis of a Swedish Cohort. MCC, OS, RT
11  2021 Targeting the expression of T antigens with selinexor (KPT-330) shows promise for Merkel cell polyomavirus-positive Merkel cell carcinoma treatment. MCC
12  2021 The Merkel Cell Polyomavirus T Antigens Function as Tumor Promoters in Murine Skin. HPV, MCC
13  2021 Virus-positive Merkel Cell Carcinoma Is an Independent Prognostic Group with Distinct Predictive Biomarkers. MCC, VN, VP
14  2020 A rare case of pleural localisation of both metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. MCC
15  2020 An Introduction to Virus Infections and Human Cancer. EBV, HPVs, HTLV-I, KSHV
16  2020 Artesunate Affects T Antigen Expression and Survival of Virus-Positive Merkel Cell Carcinoma. LT, MCC
17  2020 Clinical and molecular characterization of virus-positive and virus-negative Merkel cell carcinoma. MCC
18  2020 Clinical, FDG-PET and molecular markers of immune checkpoint inhibitor response in patients with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma. CR, ICIs, mMCC, OR, PR, pts, RT
19  2020 Combining DNA Damage Induction with BCL-2 Inhibition to Enhance Merkel Cell Carcinoma Cytotoxicity. MCC
20  2020 Comparative In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on Feline, Canine, and Human Merkel Cell Carcinoma. CKs, MCC
21  2020 Gene expression profile identifies distinct molecular subtypes and potential therapeutic genes in Merkel cell carcinoma. MCC
22  2020 High Prevalence of Human Polyomavirus 7 in Cholangiocarcinomas and Adjacent Peritumoral Hepatocytes: Preliminary Findings. CCA, FFPE, HPyV6, IHC, RNA-ISH
23  2020 High-resolution analysis of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in Merkel Cell Carcinoma reveals distinct integration patterns and suggests NHEJ and MMBIR as underlying mechanisms. MCC
24  2020 Identification of potassium and calcium channel inhibitors as modulators of polyomavirus endosomal trafficking. ER, SV40
25  2020 Immunobiology of Merkel cell carcinoma. MCC
26  2020 Is Merkel Cell Carcinoma of Lymph Node Actually Metastatic Cutaneous Merkel Cell Carcinoma? UV
27  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCPyV) in the Context of Immunosuppression: Genetic Analysis of Noncoding Control Region (NCCR) Variability among a HIV-1-Positive Population. NCCR, qPCR
28  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus and Human Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC
29  2020 Merkel cell polyomavirus and non-Merkel cell carcinomas: guilty or circumstantial evidence? MCC
30  2020 Merkel cell polyomavirus detected in head and neck carcinomas from Chile. BKPyV, HPyVs, JCPyV
31  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA Replication Induces Senescence in Human Dermal Fibroblasts in a Kap1/Trim28-Dependent Manner. ATM, KAP1, LTag, NHDF, SASP, STAg
32  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Gene Expression and Mutational Analysis of Large Tumor Antigen in Non-Merkel Cell Carcinoma Tumors of Iranian Patients. BCC, LT, MCC, SCC
33  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Integration Sites and Involvement of the KMT2D Tumor Suppressor Gene. MCC
34  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Large T Antigen is Dispensable in G2 and M-Phase to Promote Proliferation of Merkel Cell Carcinoma Cells. Cdt1, LT, MCC, RB1
35  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small T Antigen Activates Noncanonical NF-κB Signaling to Promote Tumorigenesis. HPyV, MCC, ncNF-kappaB, SASP, ST
36  2020 Merkel cell polyomavirus small tumour antigen activates the p38 MAPK pathway to enhance cellular motility. MCC, ST
37  2020 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus T Antigens Induce Merkel Cell-Like Differentiation in GLI1-Expressing Epithelial Cells. ATOH1, GLI1, KRT17, MC, MCC, SOX9, TA
38  2020 Metabolic reprogramming and angiogenesis in primary cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma: expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and its central downstream factors. CAIX, GLUT1, HIF-1alpha, MCC, MCT4, QS, VEGFR-3, VEGFR2
39  2020 Microbiological contamination of conventional and reclaimed irrigation water: Evaluation and management measures. EC, HEV
40  2020 Molecular evolution pattern of Merkel cell polyomavirus identified by viral metagenomics in plasma of high-risk blood donors from the Brazilian Amazon. ---
41  2020 Molecular Mechanisms of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Transformation and Replication. MCC
42  2020 Multidisciplinary Treatment, Including Locoregional Chemotherapy, for Merkel-Polyomavirus-Positive Merkel Cell Carcinomas: Perspectives for Patients Exhibiting Oncogenic Alternative Δ exon 6-7 TrkAIII Splicing of Neurotrophin Receptor Tropomyosin-Related Kinase A. FFPE, IF, MCCs
43  2020 Neoadjuvant Nivolumab for Patients With Resectable Merkel Cell Carcinoma in the CheckMate 358 Trial. MCC, pCR, PD-1, PD-L1, RFS, TMB
44  2020 Oncogenic Role of an Epigenetic Reader of m6A RNA Modification: YTHDF1 in Merkel Cell Carcinoma. m6A, MCC
45  2020 Polyomavirus-driven Merkel cell carcinoma: Prospects for therapeutic vaccine development. MCC, Tag, VP-MCC
46  2020 Prevalent and Diverse Intratumoral Oncoprotein-Specific CD8+ T Cells within Polyomavirus-Driven Merkel Cell Carcinomas. AA, aAPC, DC, MCC, Tag, TIL
47  2020 Promoter activity of Merkel cell Polyomavirus variants in human dermal fibroblasts and a Merkel cell carcinoma cell line. MCC
48  2020 Prophylactic Antiviral Activity of Sulfated Glycomimetic Oligomers and Polymers. HSV, IAV
49  2020 Regulation of Autophagy in Cells Infected With Oncogenic Human Viruses and Its Impact on Cancer Development. EBV, HBV, HCV, HR-HPVs, HTLV-1, KSHV
50  2020 Regulation of Polyomavirus Transcription by Viral and Cellular Factors. BKPyV, JCPyV, MCC, PML, SV40
51  2020 Robust Production of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Oncogene Specific T Cells From Healthy Donors for Adoptive Transfer. ACT, moDCs, Tag, VP-MCC
52  2020 Structural Analysis of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCPyV) Viral Capsid Protein 1 (VP1) in HIV-1 Infected Individuals. VP1, VP1
53  2020 Structure of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Capsid and Interaction with Its Glycosaminoglycan Attachment Receptor. GAGs, MCC, NMR
54  2020 The curious case of Merkel cell carcinoma: epigenetic youth and lack of pluripotency. DNAm age, MCC
55  2020 The Obesity-Related Gut Bacterial and Viral Dysbiosis Can Impact the Risk of Colon Cancer Development. BKPyV, CRC, HPyVs
56  2020 The presence of Merkel cell carcinoma polyomavirus is associated with a distinct phenotype in neoplastic Merkel cell carcinoma cells and their tissue microenvironment. MCC
57  2020 The Role of Age and Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in Oral Cavity Cancers. OCCs
58  2020 Viral Genomic Characterization and Replication Pattern of Human Polyomaviruses in Kidney Transplant Recipients. BKPyV, HPyV, JCPyV
59  2019 A pilot study of alternative TrkAIII splicing in Merkel cell carcinoma: a potential oncogenic mechanism and novel therapeutic target. BCCs, MCCs, SCCs, TrkA
60  2019 A Systematic review and Meta-Analysis of the survival and clinicopathological features of p63 expression in Merkel cell carcinoma. CI, MCC
61  2019 Characterization of six Merkel cell polyomavirus-positive Merkel cell carcinoma cell lines: Integration pattern suggest that large T antigen truncating events occur before or during integration. LT, MCC
62  2019 Characterizing the Therapeutic Potential of a Potent BET Degrader in Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC
63  2019 CRISPR/Cas9 Editing of the Polyomavirus Tumor Antigens Inhibits Merkel Cell Carcinoma Growth In Vitro. MCC, sgRNA, TAs
64  2019 Danger is only skin deep: aggressive epidermal carcinomas. An overview of the diagnosis, demographics, molecular-genetics, staging, prognostic biomarkers, and therapeutic advances in Merkel cell carcinoma. MCC, SLN
65  2019 Decreased H3K27me3 Expression Is Associated With Merkel Cell Polyomavirus-negative Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Especially Combined With Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma. MCC, SCC
66  2019 Detection and Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells in Patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma. CTCs, MCC, PD-L1
67  2019 Droplet-digital PCR assay to detect Merkel cell polyomavirus sequences in chorionic villi from spontaneous abortion affected females. ddPCR, LT, PBMCs, SA, SD, VP1
68  2019 Expression of Connexin 43 in 32 Cases of Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Cxs, MCC
69  2019 Global PD-L1 Signals and Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes: Markers of Immunogenicity in Different Subsets of Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Potential Therapeutic Implications. MCC, TILs
70  2019 Histogenesis of Merkel Cell Carcinoma: A Comprehensive Review. MCC, MCs
71  2019 Human CD4+ T Cells Specific for Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Localize to Merkel Cell Carcinomas and Target a Required Oncogenic Domain. MCC, Rb
72  2019 Infectious Entry of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus. ER, MCC
73  2019 Investigation of three oncogenic epitheliotropic viruses shows human papillomavirus in association with non-melanoma skin cancer. EBV, HPV, NMSC
74  2019 Low prevalence of Merkel cell polyomavirus in human epithelial thymic tumors. HPyV7, MG
75  2019 MCPyV Large T Antigen-Induced Atonal Homolog 1 Is a Lineage-Dependency Oncogenein Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC
76  2019 Merkel Cell Polyoma Viral Load and Intratumoral CD8+ Lymphocyte Infiltration Predict Overall Survival in Patients With Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC, OS, PD-L1, RT, TILs
77  2019 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA Detection in Respiratory Samples: Study of a Cohort of Patients Affected by Cystic Fibrosis. CF, PCR, VP1
78  2019 Merkel cell polyomavirus DNA sequences in the blood of healthy population of Pakistan. ---
79  2019 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Downregulates N-myc Downstream-Regulated Gene 1, Leading to Cellular Proliferation and Migration. CDK2, HK, MCC, NDRG1, NIKs, PyVs
80  2019 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Infection and Detection. FISH, HCR, IF, MCC
81  2019 Merkel cell polyomavirus oncoproteins induce microRNAs that suppress multiple autophagy genes. LT, MCC
82  2019 Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small T Antigen Induces DNA Damage Response. ATM, DDR, MCC, ST
83  2019 Merkel cell polyomavirus Tumor antigens expressed in Merkel cell carcinoma function independently of the ubiquitin ligases Fbw7 and beta-TrCP. LSD, LT-t, MCC, ST
84  2019 Multiplex analysis of Human Polyomavirus diversity in kidney transplant recipients with BK virus replication. HPyVs, KTRs, PVAN
85  2019 No Association between Merkel Cell Polymavirus Infection and Keratoacanthoma in Korean Patients KA, MCC, PCR, SCC
86  2019 Occurrence of newly discovered human polyomaviruses in skin of liver transplant recipients and their relation with squamous cell carcinoma in situ and actinic keratosis - a single-center cohort study. HPyV6, HPyV7, HPyVs, LIPyV, LiTRs, SCC, TSPyV
87  2019 Polyomavirus-Positive Merkel Cell Carcinoma Derived from a Trichoblastoma Suggests an Epithelial Origin of this Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC
88  2019 Prevalence of DNA of fourteen human polyomaviruses determined in blood donors. BKPyV, HPyVs, JCPyV, LIPyV, MWPyV, PCR, TSPyV, WUPyV
89  2019 Prognostic Impact of MCPyV and TIL Subtyping in Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Evidence from a Large European Cohort of 95 Patients. ---
90  2019 The case for BK polyomavirus as a cause of bladder cancer. ---
91  2019 The first observation of the association of Merkel cell polyomavirus and Merkel cell carcinoma in Brazil. MCC, PCR
92  2019 The frequency of Merkel cell polyomavirus in whole blood from immunocompetent and immunosuppressed patients with kidney disease and healthy donors. PCR, qPCR
93  2019 The Genomic Landscape of Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Clinicogenomic Biomarkers of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy. MCC, TMB, UV
94  2019 The Role of Oncogenic DNA Viruses in Penile Cancer Development. EBV, HPV
95  2019 The Ubiquitin-Specific Protease Usp7, a Novel Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Large T-Antigen Interaction Partner, Modulates Viral DNA Replication. EBV, LT, MCC, ST, Usp7
96  2019 UV Signature Mutations Reclassify Salivary High-grade Neuroendocrine Carcinomas as Occult Metastatic Cutaneous Merkel Cell Carcinomas. MCCs, NECs
97  2019 [Merkel-cell carcinoma]. CTCs, MCC
98  2018 A case report of eyelid Merkel cell carcinoma occurring under treatment with nivolumab for a lung adenocarcinoma. MCC, NSCLC
99  2018 A monoclonal antibody against SV40 large T antigen (PAb416) does not label Merkel cell carcinoma. ---
100  2018 Advances in Immunotherapy for Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma: A Clinician's Guide. MCC, VN, VP