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Abbreviation : MCh
Long Form : acetyl-beta-methylcholine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Epimedin C modulates the balance between Th9 cells and Treg cells through negative regulation of noncanonical NF-κB pathway and MAPKs activation to inhibit airway inflammation in the ovalbumin-induced murine asthma model. AHR, alum, BALF, FoxP3, i.p, IL-9, MAPK, NF-kappaB, OVA, Th9, Treg
2014 Inhibition of protein kinase C (PKC) response of voltage-gated calcium (Cav)2.2 channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes by Cavbeta subunits. PKC
2011 Effects of isoflurane on the expressed Cav2.2 currents in Xenopus oocytes depend on the activation of protein kinase Cdelta and its phosphorylation sites in the Cav2.2alpha1 subunits. PKC, PMA, WT
2008 Protein kinase C isozyme-specific potentiation of expressed Ca v 2.3 currents by acetyl-beta-methylcholine and phorbol-12-myristate, 13-acetate. PKC, PMA
2006 Inhibitory role of Ser-425 of the alpha1 2.2 subunit in the enhancement of Cav 2.2 currents by phorbol-12-myristate, 13-acetate. PMA
2005 Role of alpha1 2.3 subunit I-II linker sites in the enhancement of Ca(v) 2.3 current by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate and acetyl-beta-methylcholine. Ba, PKC, PMA
2003 Distinct regulation of expressed calcium channels 2.3 in Xenopus oocytes by direct or indirect activation of protein kinase C. cPKC, nPKC, PKC, PMA
2003 Identification of sites responsible for potentiation of type 2.3 calcium currents by acetyl-beta-methylcholine. PMA
2001 Differential sensitivity of expressed L-type calcium channels and muscarinic M(1) receptors to volatile anesthetics in Xenopus oocytes. ---
10  2000 Effects of volatile anesthetics on the direct and indirect protein kinase C-mediated enhancement of alpha1E-type Ca(2+) current in Xenopus oocytes. DOG, PKC, PMA, VAs
11  1999 Volatile anaesthetics have differential effects on recombinant m1 and m3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor function. ---
12  1997 Activation of muscarinic receptors modulates NMDA receptor-mediated responses in auditory cortex. AMPA, APV, CNQX, EPSP, NBQX
13  1997 Muscarinic reduction of GABAergic synaptic potentials results in disinhibition of the AMPA/kainate-mediated EPSP in auditory cortex. ACh, GABA
14  1993 Characterization of the muscarinic receptors in the mesenteric vascular bed of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR, WKY
15  1993 Control of firing mode of corticotectal and corticopontine layer V burst-generating neurons by norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and 1S,3R-ACPD. ACPD, NE
16  1992 Cellular mechanisms underlying cholinergic and noradrenergic modulation of neuronal firing mode in the cat and guinea pig dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus. NA
17  1992 Characterization of the muscarinic receptor subtype mediating vasodilation in the rat perfused mesenteric vascular bed preparation. ---
18  1989 Cholinergic effects on spinal dorsal horn neurons in vitro: an intracellular study. ACh
19  1989 Cholinergic modulation of frequency receptive fields in auditory cortex: I. Frequency-specific effects of muscarinic agonists. ACh, BF, FRF
20  1989 Cholinergic modulation of frequency receptive fields in auditory cortex: II. Frequency-specific effects of anticholinesterases provide evidence for a modulatory action of endogenous ACh. ACh, BF, FRF
21  1988 Muscarinic agonists modulate spontaneous and evoked unit discharge in auditory cortex of cat. ACh