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Abbreviation : MLPNN
Long Form : multilayer perceptron neural network
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Automatic measurement and prediction of Chinese Grown Pigs weight using multilayer perceptron neural networks. RMSE
2023 Can we explain machine learning-based prediction for rupture status assessments of intracranial aneurysms? AUC, BART, IA, LIME, LR, ML, RF, SHAP, SVM, XGBoost
2023 Machine learning for prediction of soil CO2 emission in tropical forests in the Brazilian Cerrado. ANFIS, CCA, GRNN, GS, ML, RBFNN, RE, RF, RMSE
2022 Beam Offset Detection in Laser Stake Welding of Tee Joints Using Machine Learning and Spectrometer Measurements. DT, LR, LVQ, NSGAII, RF, SVM
2022 Classification of Marine Mammals Using the Trained Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network with the Whale Algorithm Developed with the Fuzzy System. WOA
2022 Combining data-intelligent algorithms for the assessment and predictive modeling of groundwater resources quality in parts of southeastern Nigeria. MLR, OIP, WQI
2022 Data-Driven Techniques for Evaluating the Mechanical Strength and Raw Material Effects of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. CA, FA, MAE, RMSE, SFRC, SP
2022 Designing a new fast solution to control isolation rooms in hospitals depending on artificial intelligence decision. AI
2022 Ensemble Model for Diagnostic Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Brain Anatomical Magnetic Resonance Imaging. AD, ADNI, AI, DT, GB, KNN, ML, NB, RF, SVM, XGB
10  2022 Evaluation of Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Networks in Predicting Ankle Dorsiflexion in Healthy Adults using Movement-related Cortical Potentials for BCI-Neurofeedback Applications. BCI, BCI-NFT, MRCP
11  2022 In-Depth Analysis of Cement-Based Material Incorporating Metakaolin Using Individual and Ensemble Machine Learning Approaches. DT, MK, ML, RF, SHAP
12  2022 Machine Learning Models for Predicting Breast Cancer Risk in Women Exposed to Blue Light from Digital Screens. ML, RF, SVM
13  2022 Machine learning-based system for prediction of ascites grades in patients with liver cirrhosis using laboratory and clinical data: design and implementation study. CV, KNN, ML, SVM
14  2022 Modeling ocean surface chlorophyll-a concentration from ocean color remote sensing reflectance in global waters using machine learning. Chl-a, NOMAD
15  2022 New insights into permeability determination by coupling Stoneley wave propagation and conventional petrophysical logs in carbonate oil reservoirs. AAD, ANFIS, CMIS, CSA, EOR, GA, LS-SVM, NMR, PSO, RBFNN, SDR
16  2022 Predictive modeling of Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.) in vitro proliferation media using machine learning approaches: a comparative study of ANN, KNN and GEP models. GEP, KNN, MAE, ML, MLR, PGRs, PSO, RMSE, STN, VIT
17  2022 Probabilistic Approach to COVID-19 Data Analysis and Forecasting Future Outbreaks Using a Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network. CFR
18  2022 Smart Cognitive IoT Devices Using Multi-Layer Perception Neural Network on Limited Microcontroller. AI, CIoT, IoT
19  2022 Spatial Prediction of Current and Future Flood Susceptibility: Examining the Implications of Changing Climates on Flood Susceptibility Using Machine Learning Models. FSMs, GBM, NB, RF
20  2022 Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Estimate the Compressive Property of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete. AdaBoost, HSC, MAE, ML, RMSE, SFRHSC
21  2021 Classification of sleep apnea using EMD-based features and PSO-trained neural networks. BP, EMD, HRV, IMF, KNN, LDA, OSA, PSO, SVM
22  2021 Dosimetric Uncertainties in Dominant Intraprostatic Lesion Simultaneous Boost Using Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy. CBCT, CT, DIL, OARs, SIB
23  2021 Generalization aspect of accurate machine learning models for CSI-based localization. CSI, KNN, RSSI
24  2021 Generalized Deep Learning EEG Models for Cross-Participant and Cross-Task Detection of the Vigilance Decrement in Sustained Attention Tasks. TCN, TCN-AE
25  2021 Load frequency control for multi-area power systems: A new type-2 fuzzy approach based on Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. GDA, IT2FIS, LFC, LMA
26  2021 Predicting Risk of Antenatal Depression and Anxiety Using Multi-Layer Perceptrons and Support Vector Machines. ---
27  2021 Predictive Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Silica Fume-Based Green Concrete Using Artificial Intelligence Approaches: MLPNN, ANFIS, and GEP. ANFIS, GEP, SF
28  2021 Predictive modelling of piezometric head and seepage discharge in earth dam using soft computational models. GMDH, GP, MARS, SVM
29  2021 The Most Common Relationship of a Midface Fracture in Maxillofacial Trauma Study. ---
30  2020 Adaptive respiratory signal prediction using dual multi-layer perceptron neural networks. RMSE, RPM
31  2020 An optimized design of seizure detection system using joint feature extraction of multichannel EEG signals. CenCorrEn, EEG, EEMD, IMFs, LS-SVM, RF, TQWT
32  2020 Analysis of statistical coefficients and autoregressive parameters over intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) for epileptic seizure detection. AR, CA, EEG, EMD, IMFs
33  2020 Drought index prediction using advanced fuzzy logic model: Regional case study over Kumaon in India. ACF, CANFIS, MLR, PACF, SPI
34  2020 Letter to the editor "comparing artificial intelligence techniques for chlorophyll-a prediction in US lakes". ANFIS, ANFIS_SC, Chl a, SD, TB, TN, TP
35  2020 Modelling Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) in response to climate change scenarios for the SAARC nations. AFOLU, ANN, FAO, IPCC, SAARC
36  2020 On-Device Reliability Assessment and Prediction of Missing Photoplethysmographic Data Using Deep Neural Networks. CNN, LSTM, MAE, MSPM, PPG, PRAM, RMSE, SDAE
37  2020 Radial Basis Function Neural Network with Localized Stochastic-Sensitive Autoencoder for Home-Based Activity Recognition. AE, IoT, LiSSA, RBFNN, SVM
38  2020 Robust Classification of Intramuscular EMG Signals to Aid the Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders. BMMV, FDs, iEMG, LWT
39  2020 Traffic Crash Severity Prediction-A Synergy by Hybrid Principal Component Analysis and Machine Learning Models. PCA, RTC, SVM
40  2019 A clinical text classification paradigm using weak supervision and deep representation. CNN, NLP, RF, SVM
41  2019 A Deep Neural Network-Based Pain Classifier Using a Photoplethysmography Signal. DBN, NRS, PPG, SVM
42  2019 Combining gene expression programming and genetic algorithm as a powerful hybrid modeling approach for pear rootstocks tissue culture media formulation. GA, GEP, MLR, RBFNN
43  2019 Comparing artificial intelligence techniques for chlorophyll-a prediction in US lakes. ANFIS, ANFIS_GP, ANFIS_SC, Chl a, SD, TB, TN, TP
44  2019 Computer algorithm can match physicians' decisions about blood transfusions. ---
45  2019 Gait Phase Classification and Assist Torque Prediction for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton System Using Kernel Recursive Least-Squares Method. KRLS, SVM
46  2019 Hierarchical Poincare analysis for anaesthesia monitoring. BIS, EEG, EMG, RMSE
47  2019 Nondestructive detection of apple crispness via optical fiber spectroscopy based on effective wavelengths. FW, PLS, RBNN, SPA, x-LW
48  2019 SVR-RSM: a hybrid heuristic method for modeling monthly pan evaporation. Epan, NSE, RSM, SVR
49  2019 Two hybrid data-driven models for modeling water-air temperature relationship in rivers. AI, ANFIS, DOY, MAE, MLR, RMSE, RWT, WT
50  2018 A unified non-linear approach based on recurrence quantification analysis and approximate entropy: application to the classification of heart rate variability of age-stratified subjects. ApEn, HRV, RD, RMSSD, RQA, RRi, SVM
51  2018 Automated epileptic seizures detection using multi-features and multilayer perceptron neural network. EEG
52  2018 Automatic segmentation of vertebrae in 3D CT images using adaptive fast 3D pulse coupled neural networks. APCNN, CT, DI, PCNN
53  2018 Modeling daily water temperature for rivers: comparison between adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems and artificial neural networks models. ANFIS, ANFIS_GP, ANFIS_SC, CGC, Ta
54  2017 A False Alarm Reduction Method for a Gas Sensor Based Electronic Nose. E-Noses, GRNN, k-NN, MMM, RBFNN, SVM
55  2017 Computer-Assisted Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer in Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (CTLM). AROC, CTLM, GLCM, VOI
56  2017 Emotion recognition based on EEG features in movie clips with channel selection. BCI, EEG, kNN
57  2017 Extreme learning machines: a new approach for modeling dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration with and without water quality variables as predictors. DO, ELM, MAE, MLR, NSE, OP-ELM, OS-ELM, RMSE, S-ELM, USGS
58  2017 Prediction of thermal conductivity of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) electrospun nanocomposite fibers using artificial neural network and prey-predator algorithm. ANNs, MWCNTs, PVP
59  2017 Ratiometric Decoding of Pheromones for a Biomimetic Infochemical Communication System. LDA, PNN, SAWR
60  2016 A High Precision Approach to Calibrate a Structured Light Vision Sensor in a Robot-Based Three-Dimensional Measurement System. RAC
61  2016 An algorithm for sleep apnea detection from single-lead ECG using Hermite basis functions. ECG, KNN, LS-SVM, per-segment, RBF, SVM
62  2016 Elbow joint angle and elbow movement velocity estimation using NARX-multiple layer perceptron neural network model with surface EMG time domain parameters. iEMG, NARX, sEMG, ZC
63  2016 Linear and nonlinear models for predicting fish bioconcentration factors for pesticides. BCFs, MLR, PPR
64  2016 Multilayer perceptron neural network-based approach for modeling phycocyanin pigment concentrations: case study from lower Charles River buoy, USA. MLR, PC
65  2015 Investigation of the relationship between anxiety and heart rate variability in fibromyalgia: A new quantitative approach to evaluate anxiety level in fibromyalgia syndrome. BAI, FMS, HAM-A, HF, HRV, WPT
66  2015 MLPNN Training via a Multiobjective Optimization of Training Error and Stochastic Sensitivity. ST-SM
67  2015 The use of artificial neural networks to predict delayed discharge and readmission in enhanced recovery following laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery. ANNs, ERAS
68  2014 An Automated MR Image Segmentation System Using Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Network. CSF, GM, MR, WM
69  2014 Computer-supported diagnosis for endotension cases in endovascular aortic aneurysm repair evolution. AAA, EVAR, GLCM, GLDM, GLRLM, k-NN, RLMLCM, SVM
70  2014 ECG Beats Classification Using Mixture of Features. ECG
71  2012 An analog multilayer perceptron neural network for a portable electronic nose. ---
72  2012 QSPR-based estimation of the half-lives for polychlorinated biphenyl congeners. GA, GATS8e, Lop, MLR, PCB, SVR
73  2011 Cytotoxicity estimation of ionic liquids based on their effective structural features. GA, MLR
74  2011 Epileptic seizure detection using probability distribution based on equal frequency discretization. EEG, EFD
75  2011 Quantitative and qualitative prediction of corneal permeability for drug-like compounds. CPNN, HCA, LP, MLR, PCA, VLP
76  2010 Can neural network able to estimate the prognosis of epilepsy patients according to risk factors? ---
77  2010 Determination of a new VLF band in HRV for ventricular tachyarrhythmia patients. HRV, VLF, WP
78  2010 Recurrent neural networks for diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome using electrophysiologic findings. CTS, RNNs
79  2009 Eigenvector methods for automated detection of electrocardiographic changes in partial epileptic patients. CNN, ME, MME
80  2009 Statistics over features: EEG signals analysis. EEG, PSD
81  2008 A radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) approach for structural classification of thyroid diseases. RBFNN
82  2008 Complex-bilinear recurrent neural network for equalization of a digital satellite channel. C-BLRNN, DFE, TWTA
83  2008 Diverse and composite features for ECG signals processing. ECG, ME, MME, RNN
84  2008 Localized generalization error model and its application to architecture selection for radial basis function neural network. CV, RBFNN, SVM, UCI
85  2007 Differentiation of certified brands of origins of Spanish white wines by HS-SPME-GC and chemometrics. CBO, GC-MS, HS-SPME-GC, LDA, PCA
86  2006 Ethyl alcohol production optimization by coupling genetic algorithm and multilayer perceptron neural network. ---
87  2006 Wavelet-based neural network analysis of internal carotid arterial Doppler signals. WT
88  2005 Automatic seizure detection in EEG using logistic regression and artificial neural network. ANNs, AR, LR, MUSIC, ROC
89  2005 Classification of EEG signals using neural network and logistic regression. ANN, CWT, EEG, LBDWT, LR, ROC
90  2005 Determining variability of ophthalmic arterial Doppler signals using Lyapunov exponents. ROC
91  2004 Detecting variability of internal carotid arterial Doppler signals by Lyapunov exponents. ROC
92  2004 Detection of ophthalmic arterial doppler signals with Behcet disease using multilayer perceptron neural network. AR, LS
93  2004 Wavelet-based neural network analysis of ophthalmic artery Doppler signals. ---