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Abbreviation : MND
Long Form : minor neurological dysfunction
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Developmental parameters and physical fitness in preschool children with Minor Neurological Dysfunction. DDST, PREFIT
2021 Neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy: Motor impairment beyond cerebral palsy. CP, MRI
2021 Neurological and Cognitive Performance After Childhood Encephalitis. IQ
2020 Analysis of neurodevelopmental outcomes of preadolescents born with extremely low weight revealed impairments in multiple developmental domains despite absence of cognitive impairment. DCD, ELBW
2019 IVF procedures are not, but subfertility is associated with neurological condition of 9-year-old offspring. COH-IVF, MNC-IVF, NOS, Sub-NC
2018 Developmental dysgraphia is often associated with minor neurological dysfunction in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). DCD, PSR
2018 Minor neurological dysfunction and associations with motor function, general cognitive abilities, and behaviour in children born extremely preterm. CP, SDQ
2017 Neurological condition assessed with the Hempel examination and cognition and behaviour at 4years. IQ, NOS
2016 Assessment of general movements and heart rate variability in prediction of neurodevelopmental outcome in preterm infants. CP, CS, ECG, GMs, HR, HRV, PR
10  2016 Developmental Coordination Disorder, An Umbrella Term for Motor Impairments in Children: Nature and Co-Morbid Disorders. DCD, NSS, PSR
11  2016 Does general movements quality in term infants predict cerebral palsy and milder forms of limited mobility at 6 years? CP
12  2016 Minor neurological dysfunction in five year old very preterm children is associated with lower processing speed. PSQ, VP
13  2016 Prediction of neuromotor outcome in infants born preterm at 11 years of age using volumetric neonatal magnetic resonance imaging and neurological examinations. cMND, CP, HINE, MRI, TEA
14  2014 Children with behavioral problems and motor problems have a worse neurological condition than children with behavioral problems only. CBCL, MABC, TRF
15  2013 Increased time to pregnancy is associated with suboptimal neurological condition of 2-year-olds. TTP
16  2013 Minor neurological dysfunction and behaviour in 9-year-old children born at term: evidence for sex dimorphism. TRF
17  2013 Neurodevelopment after moderate hyperbilirubinemia at term. UMCG
18  2012 Minor neurological dysfunction and cognition in 9-year-olds born at term. NEPSY, TEA-Ch
19  2012 Preterm birth and developmental problems in the preschool age. Part I: minor motor problems. CP, DCD, EP, GMs, TINE, VP
20  2011 Minor neurological dysfunction and IQ in 9-year-old children born at term. CI, cMND, FSIQ, sMND
21  2011 The Groningen ART cohort study: the effects of ovarian hyperstimulation and the IVF laboratory procedures on neurological condition at 2 years. ART, NOS
22  2011 The influence of supplemental docosahexaenoic and arachidonic acids during pregnancy and lactation on neurodevelopment at eighteen months. AA, BSID, DHA, UV
23  2010 Handwriting, visuomotor integration, and neurological condition at school age. ---
24  2010 Limited motor performance and minor neurological dysfunction at school age. MABC
25  2010 Neurological condition of infants born after in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic screening. IVF, PGS
26  2010 The Groningen LCPUFA study: no effect of postnatal long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in healthy term infants on neurological condition at 9 years. BF, LCPUFA, LF
27  2009 The assessment of minor neurological dysfunction in infancy using the Touwen Infant Neurological Examination: strengths and limitations. TINE
28  2008 Quantitative aspects of the early motor repertoire in preterm infants: do they predict minor neurological dysfunction at school age? ATN, CP, FMs
29  2008 The Infant Motor Profile: a standardized and qualitative method to assess motor behaviour in infancy. AIMS, GA, IMP
30  2008 The quality of the early motor repertoire in preterm infants predicts minor neurologic dysfunction at school age. CP, FMs
31  2007 Matched follow-up study of 5-8 year old ICSI-singletons: comparison of their neuromotor development to IVF and naturally conceived singletons. ICSI, IVF, NC, PR
32  2007 Psychiatric disorders and MND in non-handicapped preterm children. Prevalence and stability from school age into adolescence. ---
33  2007 Test-retest, inter-assessor and intra-assessor reliability of the modified Touwen examination. ---
34  2006 Are abnormal fidgety movements an early marker for complex minor neurological dysfunction at puberty? GMs
35  2006 Events at early development: are they associated with early word production and neurodevelopmental abilities at the preschool age? ---
36  2006 Neurologic condition of healthy term infants at 18 months: positive association with venous umbilical DHA status and negative association with umbilical trans-fatty acids. AA, DHA, LCPUFAs, MDI, NOS, PDI
37  2006 Specific postural support promotes variation in motor behaviour of infants with minor neurological dysfunction. GMs
38  2005 General movements in early infancy predict neuromotor development at 9 to 12 years of age. CP, GMs
39  2005 Quality of reaching and postural control in young preterm infants is related to neuromotor outcome at 6 years. ---
40  2004 Abnormal retinal optic nerve morphology in young adults after intrauterine growth restriction. IUGR
41  2004 Neurological assessment at five years of age in infants born preterm. GA
42  2004 Quality of general movements and the development of minor neurological dysfunction at toddler and school age. GMs
43  2003 Developmental coordination disorder: is clumsy motor behavior caused by a lesion of the brain at early age? ---
44  2003 The neurology of learning and behavioural problems in pre-adolescent children. ---
45  2002 Transient dystonias revisited: a comparative study of preterm and term children at 2 1/2 years of age. ---
46  2001 Neurological outcome in school-age children after in utero exposure to coumarins. OR
47  2000 Very preterm children who do not cooperate with assessments at three years of age: skill differences at five years. ---
48  1994 Minor neurological dysfunction and quality of movement in relation to neonatal cerebral damage and subsequent development. ---
49  1993 A follow-up study of child psychiatric clinic attenders with minor neurological dysfunction. ---
50  1993 Information processing in children with minor neurological dysfunction: behavioural and neurophysiological indices. ---
51  1993 Is minor neurological dysfunction at 12 years related to behaviour and cognition? ---
52  1993 Minor neurological dysfunction after the onset of puberty: association with perinatal events. ---
53  1993 Neurobehavioral relationships and puberty: another transformation? GPP
54  1992 Minor neurological dysfunction from birth to 12 years. I: Increase during late school-age. GPP
55  1992 Minor neurological dysfunction from birth to 12 years. II: Puberty is related to decreased dysfunction. ---
56  1992 Minor neurological dysfunction is more closely related to learning difficulties than to behavioral problems. ---
57  1991 Nocturnal enuresis and minor neurological dysfunction at 12 years: a follow-up study. NE
58  1990 Body measurements, neurological and behavioural development in six-year-old children born preterm and/or small-for-gestational-age. LBW
59  1989 The long-term significance of neurological findings at toddler's age. ---
60  1989 [Ante and perinatal factors and behavior and functional disorders in 6-to-9-year-old children]. ---
61  1988 Perinatal correlates of major and minor neurological dysfunction at school age: a multivariate analysis. ---
62  1988 Perinatal risk factors and minor neurological dysfunction: significance for behaviour and school achievement at nine years. ---
63  1988 Preterm or small-for-gestational-age infants. Neurological and behavioural development at the age of 6 years. FT-SGA, PT-AGA
64  1986 Neurologically deviant newborns: neurological and behavioural development at the age of six years. ---
65  1986 Reading strategies in children with learning disabilities and minor neurological dysfunction. LD
66  1986 Short and long term prognostic significance of neurological anomalies of the first year in very low birthweight infants. CP
67  1983 Visually guided hand movements in children with minor neurological dysfunction: response time and movement organization. ---