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Abbreviation : Myf5
Long Form : myogenic factor 5
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Dietary Leucine Supplementation Improves Muscle Fiber Growth and Development by Activating AMPK/Sirt1 Pathway in Blunt Snout Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala). MRF4, MyoD, MyoG
2023 L-arginine alters myogenic genes expression but does not affect breast muscle characteristics by in ovo feeding technique in slow-growing chickens. Arg, DOH, mTOR, MyoG
2023 Nutritional status affects Igf1 regulation of skeletal muscle myogenesis, myostatin, and myofibrillar protein degradation pathways in gopher rockfish (Sebastes carnatus). FBXO32, IGF1, igf1ra, MuRF1, myod2
2023 Protein kinase D1 (Prkd1) deletion in brown adipose tissue leads to altered myogenic gene expression after cold exposure, while thermogenesis remains intact. BAT, Prkd1
2022 Association of polymorphisms in lipid and energy metabolism-related genes with fattening performance in Simmental cattle. ADWG, ANXA9, CCW, DP, FW, HCW, LGB, LTF, OLR1, PIT1, PRKAG3, SCD, Tg, TWG
2022 Effects of in ovo feeding of methionine and/or disaccharide on post-hatching breast development, glycogen reserves, nutrients absorption parameters, and jejunum antioxidant indices in geese. DS, GLUT2, Met, SGLT-1
2022 Effects of sheep slaughter age on myogenic characteristics in skeletal muscle satellite cells. MRF, MyHC, MyoD, MyoG, SMSCs
2022 Esophageal striated muscle hypertrophy and muscle fiber type transformation in MSTN knockout pigs. ESM, MEF2C, MHC I, MHC-IIA, MRF4, MRFs, MSTN, MyoD, MyoG, WT
2022 Exploring the Temporal Correlation of Sarcopenia with Bone Mineral Density and the Effects of Osteoblast-Derived Exosomes on Myoblasts through an Oxidative Stress-Related Gene. BMD, DANCR, lncRNA, LS-BMD, MyoG, PELV BMD, TUG1
10  2022 Human pancreatic tumour organoid-derived factors enhance myogenic differentiation. CM, MyHC, Pax7
11  2022 Maternal nutrition altered embryonic MYOD1, MYF5, and MYF6 gene expression in genetically fat and lean lines of chickens. Myf6, MYOD1
12  2022 Maternal undernutrition alters the skeletal muscle development and methylation of myogenic factors in goat offspring. mTOR, MyHC, MyoD
13  2022 Pyruvate dehydrogenase B regulates myogenic differentiation via the FoxP1-Arih2 axis. d-gal, FoxP1, MyHC, MyoD, MyoG, PDHB
14  2022 What snakes and caecilians have in common? Molecular interaction units and the independent origins of similar morphotypes in Tetrapoda. RAL, TF-RE
15  2021 Aging-related hyperphosphatemia impairs myogenic differentiation and enhances fibrosis in skeletal muscle. BGP, HDAC1, MEF2C, MyoG, Pax7
16  2021 Dietary 25(OH)D3 supplementation to gestating and lactating sows and their progeny affects growth performance, carcass characteristics, blood profiles and myogenic regulatory factor-related gene expression in wean-finish pigs. MSTN, MyoD
17  2021 Effect of Deer Antler Extract on Muscle Differentiation and 5-Aminoimidazole-4-Carboxamide Ribonucleoside (AICAR)-Induced Muscle Atrophy in C2C12 Cells. AICAR, AMPK, CON, FOXO3a, MuRF1, MYOD1
18  2021 Effects of maternal undernutrition during late pregnancy on the regulatory factors involved in growth and development in ovine fetal perirenal brown adipose tissue. BAT, BMP4, BW, CDK1, E2F1, ME, PPARgamma, UCP1
19  2021 Gyejibokryeong-Hwan improves recovery of injured muscles in mouse model of muscle contusion. MyoD
20  2021 Myoblast differentiation of C2C12 cell may related with oxidative stress. EGLN1, GEO, HIF1-alpha, HIF1-beta, HOMX1, LOX, MYOD1, P4HA1, VHL
21  2021 PUFA Treatment Affects C2C12 Myocyte Differentiation, Myogenesis Related Genes and Energy Metabolism. AA, DHA, MyoG, PUFAs
22  2021 Silver Nanoparticles as Modulators of Myogenesis-Related Gene Expression in Chicken Embryos. MEF2A, MRFs, Myf6, MYOD1, MyoG
23  2020 Dietary guanidinoacetic acid improves the growth performance and skeletal muscle development of finishing pigs through changing myogenic gene expression and myofibre characteristics. ADFI, ADG, CPT-1, FAS, GAA, Myod
24  2020 Effect of constant compressive stress induced by imitating Tuina stimulation with various durations on the cell cycle, cellular secretion, apoptosis, and expression of myogenic differentiation and myogenic factor 5 of rat skeletal muscle cells in vitro. CG, FCM, IL-6, MRFs, MyoD, NO, PGE2, PI, RSkMCs, SPF
25  2020 Photopolymerizable Hydrogel-Encapsulated Fibromodulin-Reprogrammed Cells for Muscle Regeneration. FMOD, FReP, MeGC, MyoD1, MyoG, Pax7
26  2020 The Effects of Concurrent Training Order on Satellite Cell-Related Markers, Body Composition, Muscular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Older Men with Sarcopenia. CT, ET, MyoG, PAX3, Pax7, RT, SC
27  2020 The effects of vitamin A supplementation during late-stage pregnancy on longissimus dorsi muscle tissue development, birth traits, and growth performance in postnatal Korean native calves. BW, SD, VA
28  2020 [Effects of mice macrophages on skeletal muscle cells under high glucose treatment]. E-MHC, GLUT4, MyoD
29  2019 Calf Blood Compound (CFC) and Homeopathic Drug Induce Differentiation of Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells. CFC, NCAM
30  2019 Expression and role of lncRNAs in the regeneration of skeletal muscle following contusion injury. linc, linc-YY1, lncRNAs, MALAT1, Sirt1-AS
31  2019 Feedlot performance and biological responses to coated and non-coated steroidal implants containing trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate in finishing beef steers1,2,3. CI, EB, GPER1, LM, NC, TBA
32  2019 MLL1 promotes myogenesis by epigenetically regulating Myf5. CTX, EdU, MLL1, siRNA
33  2019 Somite development in the avian tail. Pax1
34  2019 Time-dependent Pax3-mediated chromatin remodeling and cooperation with Six4 and Tead2 specify the skeletal myogenic lineage in developing mesoderm. BMP, FOXC1, MEOX1, Msgn1, PAX3, Six1, Six4, TBX6, TEAD2
35  2018 Effects of a Novel p.A41P Mutation in the Swine Myogenic factor 5(MYF5) Gene on Protein Stabilizing, Muscle Fiber Characteristics and Meat Quality. ---
36  2018 Exposure to radial extracorporeal shock waves modulates viability and gene expression of human skeletal muscle cells: a controlled in vitro study. NCAM, Pax7
37  2018 Mild hyperbaric oxygen inhibits the growth-related decline in skeletal muscle oxidative capacity and prevents hyperglycemia in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus. LETO, MyoG, OLETF, PGC-1alpha, T2DM
38  2017 Alterations in the in vitro and in vivo regulation of muscle regeneration in healthy ageing and the influence of sarcopenia. IL, MYOD1, MyoG, TNF-alpha
39  2017 Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy promotes myogenesis through PERK/ATF4 pathway. ATF4, Li-ESWT, MDSCs, MHC, PERK, SUI, uMDSCs, ZUC-LEAN
40  2017 Myogenic differentiation of VCP disease-induced pluripotent stem cells: A novel platform for drug discovery. hiPSCs, MYH2, TDP-43, Ub, VCP
41  2017 Ubiquitin-specific protease 4 (USP4) suppresses myoblast differentiation by down regulating MyoD activity in a catalytic-independent manner. MRF4, MRFs, USP4
42  2017 Variation in the ovine MYF5 gene and its effect on carcass lean meat yield in New Zealand Romney sheep. bp, PCR-SSCP, SNPs
43  2016 Association of MYF5 and KLF15 gene polymorphisms with carcass traits in domestic pigeons (Columba livia). KLF15, SNPs
44  2016 High glucose repatterns human podocyte energy metabolism during differentiation and diabetic nephropathy. MEF2C, PGC-1alpha
45  2016 Telemetric control of peripheral lipophagy by hypothalamic autophagy. BAT, CNS, LD, POMC
46  2015 Increased prenatal IGF2 expression due to the porcine intron3-G3072A mutation may be responsible for increased muscle mass. MRF, Pat, Pat, PM, ST, ZBED6
47  2015 MicroRNA-128 targets myostatin at coding domain sequence to regulate myoblasts in skeletal muscle development. CDS, MSTN, MyoG, PAX
48  2014 Daily rhythmicity of clock gene transcripts in atlantic cod fast skeletal muscle. arntl2, MBNL1, NR1D1, PAS, RORA, tim
49  2014 Evaluation of the effect of static magnetic fields combined with human hepatocyte growth factor on human satellite cell cultures. DES, FI, HGF, ICC, MYH, MYOD1, MyoG, RT-PCR, SMF
50  2014 Influence of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the myostatin and myogenic factor 5 muscle growth-related genes on the performance traits of Marchigiana beef cattle. MSTN
51  2014 Influence of static magnetic fields combined with human insulin-like growth factor 1 on human satellite cell cultures. DES, IGF1, MYH, MYOD1, MyoG, SMF
52  2014 Methionine improves breast muscle growth and alters myogenic gene expression in broilers. MEF2B
53  2014 Skeletal muscle plasticity induced by seasonal acclimatization involves IGF1 signaling: implications in ribosomal biogenesis and protein synthesis. IGF, igf1ra, MHC, MyoG
54  2013 Age-related changes affect rat rotator cuff muscle function. CMAP, EMG
55  2013 Distinct populations of adipogenic and myogenic Myf5-lineage progenitors in white adipose tissues. BAT, FACS, Sca-1, SVC, WAT
56  2013 Evaluation of the effects of different culture media on the myogenic differentiation potential of adipose tissue- or bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells. 5-aza, ACTA1, DES, ICC, MSCGM, MSCs, MYH1, MYH8, qRT-PCR, SkGM
57  2013 Predicted high-performing piglets exhibit more and larger skeletal muscle fibers. FCSA, MyoD, Pax7, PCNA, PP, qPCR, STN, TFN
58  2013 Role of PRDM16 in the activation of brown fat programming. Relevance to the development of obesity. BAT, WAT
59  2013 Selective androgen receptor modulator, YK11, regulates myogenic differentiation of C2C12 myoblasts by follistatin expression. AR, DHT, FST, MRFs, MyoD, SARM
60  2012 Application of cyclic strain for accelerated skeletal myogenic differentiation of mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells with cell alignment. BMSCs, mBMSCs, MRF4
61  2012 The proliferation and differentiation characteristics of co-cultured porcine preadipocytes and muscle satellite cells in vitro. LPL, MTT, MyoG, RT-PCR
62  2011 Back fat thickness and meat tenderness are associated with a 526 T→A mutation in the exon 1 promoter region of the MyF-5 gene in Chinese Bos taurus. QTL, SNPs
63  2011 Characterization of human myoblast differentiation for tissue-engineering purposes by quantitative gene expression analysis. ACTA1, DM, GM, MyoG
64  2011 Impact of static magnetic fields on human myoblast cell cultures. DM, GM, MYOD1, MyoG, SMF
65  2011 The role of primary myogenic regulatory factors in the developing diaphragmatic muscle in the nitrofen-induced diaphragmatic hernia. CDH
66  2010 Effect of the g.-723G-->T polymorphism in the bovine myogenic factor 5 (Myf5) gene promoter region on gene transcript level in the longissimus dorsi muscle and on meat traits of Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle. SNPs
67  2010 Exclusion of MYF5, GSC, RUNX2, and TCOF1 mutation in a case of cerebro-costo-mandibular syndrome. CCMS, GSC
68  2009 Influence of hormone replacement therapy on eccentric exercise induced myogenic gene expression in postmenopausal women. FOXO3A, HRT, MAFbx, MRF4, MuRF1, MyoD
69  2007 Defining the transcriptional signature of skeletal muscle stem cells. PAX
70  2007 Xin, an actin binding protein, is expressed within muscle satellite cells and newly regenerated skeletal muscle fibers. MEF2, MyoD, shRNA
71  2006 Myogenic gene expression at rest and after a bout of resistance exercise in young (18-30 yr) and old (80-89 yr) women. MEF2, MRF4, MyoD, OW, RE, YW
72  2004 Assessment of positional candidate genes myf5 and igf1 for growth on bovine chromosome 5 in commercial lines of Bos taurus. ADGF, BWT, IGF1, PWADG, SNP
73  2004 New SNPs in the coding and 5' flanking regions of porcine MYOD1 (MYF3) and MYF5 genes. myf - 3
74  1999 Three polymorphisms in the porcine myogenic factor 5 (MYF5) gene detected by PCR-RFLP. ---
75  1997 Chromosomal assignment of six muscle-specific genes in cattle. BTA, Myf6, MyoG
76  1993 Mapping of MYF5, C1R, MYHL, TPI1, IAPP, A2MR and RNR onto sheep chromosome 3q. A2MR, IAPP, MYHL
77  1993 The myogenic factor 5 (MYF5) locus in sheep carries a rare EcoRI RFLP. ---