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Abbreviation : NMDAR
Long Form : NMDA receptor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Chronically altered NMDAR signaling in epilepsy mediates comorbid depression. EAD, NI
2021 Does mismatch negativity have utility for NMDA receptor drug development in depression? MDD, MMN, NIH, NMDA, VA
2021 Early NMDA Receptor Ablation in Interneurons Causes an Activity-Dependent E/I Imbalance in vivo in Prefrontal Cortex Pyramidal Neurons of a Mouse Model Useful for the Study of Schizophrenia. E/I, mPFC, SZ
2021 Functional Dysregulations in CA1 Hippocampal Networks of a 3-Hit Mouse Model of Schizophrenia. LTP, TBS
2021 Glutamate Nmda Receptor Antagonists With Relevance To Schizophrenia: A Review Of Zebrafish Behavioral Studies. ---
2021 Hippocampal Degeneration and Behavioral Impairment During Alzheimer-Like Pathogenesis Involves Glutamate Excitotoxicity. AD, DG, i.p, NMDA
2021 Increased excitation-inhibition balance and loss of GABAergic synapses in the serine racemase knockout model of NMDA receptor hypofunction. SRKO
2021 Mice with cleavage-resistant N-cadherin exhibit synapse anomaly in the hippocampus and outperformance in spatial learning tasks. ADAM10, ssTEM
2021 NMDA and AMPA Receptor Autoantibodies in Brain Disorders: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Features. AMPAR, CNS
10  2021 NMDA receptor membrane dynamics tunes the firing pattern of midbrain dopaminergic neurons. DA, NMDARs, VTA
11  2021 Non-ionotropic NMDA receptor signaling gates bidirectional structural plasticity of dendritic spines. LTD, LTP, p38 MAPK
12  2021 Oligomer β-amyloid Induces Hyperactivation of Ras to Impede NMDA Receptor-Dependent Long-Term Potentiation in Hippocampal CA1 of Mice. Abeta-mice, FTS, LTP
13  2021 Pairing of neonatal phencyclidine exposure and acute adolescent stress in male rats as a novel developmental model of schizophrenia. LTP, PCP-NS, PCP-S, TBS, VEH-NS, VEH-S
14  2021 Relationship Between Serum NMDA Receptor Antibodies and Response to Antipsychotic Treatment in First-Episode Psychosis. FEP
15  2021 Tyrosine phosphatase PTP1B impairs presynaptic NMDA receptor-mediated plasticity in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. CV, LTP, NSF, STF
16  2020 A circuit mechanism for decision-making biases and NMDA receptor hypofunction. PVB
17  2020 A HIF1a-Dependent Pro-Oxidant State Disrupts Synaptic Plasticity and Impairs Spatial Memory in Response to Intermittent Hypoxia. HIF1a, IH, LTP, NOX4, ROS
18  2020 Acute NMDA receptor antagonism impairs working memory performance but not attention in rats-Implications for the NMDAr hypofunction theory of schizophrenia. 5-CSRTT, TUNL
19  2020 Caffeine has a dual influence on NMDA receptor-mediated glutamatergic transmission at the hippocampus. NMDAR-EPSCs
20  2020 CB1 Receptor Signaling Modulates Amygdalar Plasticity during Context-Cocaine Memory Reconsolidation to Promote Subsequent Cocaine Seeking. AMPAR, Arc, BLA, CB1R, IEG, sEPSC, zif268
21  2020 Cell-type specific modulation of NMDA receptors triggers antidepressant actions. KD, mPFC, PAM
22  2020 Cholesterol modulates presynaptic and postsynaptic properties of excitatory synaptic transmission. eEPSCs
23  2020 Clinical and imaging features of children with autoimmune encephalitis and MOG antibodies. AE, MOG-Abs
24  2020 Clinical, cognitive and neuroanatomical associations of serum NMDAR autoantibodies in people at clinical high risk for psychosis. CBAs, CHR
25  2020 Cognitive Control Errors in Nonhuman Primates Resembling Those in Schizophrenia Reflect Opposing Effects of NMDA Receptor Blockade on Causal Interactions Between Cells and Circuits in Prefrontal and Parietal Cortices. ---
26  2020 Comparative Proteomics Unveils LRRFIP1 as a New Player in the DAPK1 Interactome of Neurons Exposed to Oxygen and Glucose Deprivation. DAPK1, OGD, ROS
27  2020 Cortical potentiation induced by calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) in the insular cortex of adult mice. AC1, ACC, CGRP, eEPSCs, IC, PKA
28  2020 Deletion of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β in D2 Receptor-Positive Neurons Ameliorates Cognitive Impairment via NMDA Receptor-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity. D2R, mPFC, PFC
29  2020 Deletion of the Gene Encoding the NMDA Receptor GluN1 Subunit in Schwann Cells Causes Ultrastructural Changes in Remak Bundles and Hypersensitivity in Pain Processing. DRGs, IENFD, SCs, SFN
30  2020 Deletion of the Mitochondrial Matrix Protein CyclophilinD Prevents Parvalbumin Interneuron Dysfunctionand Cognitive Deficits in a Mouse Model of NMDA Hypofunction. CypD, KET, NMDARs, NOR, PFC, PV, PVI, ROS
31  2020 Exercise craving potentiates excitatory inputs to ventral tegmental area dopaminergic neurons. AMPAR, EPSCs, VTA
32  2020 Functional interactions of ion channels with the actin cytoskeleton: does coupling to dynamic actin regulate NMDA receptors? ---
33  2020 Glycine transporter type 1 (GlyT1) inhibition improves conspecific-provoked immobility in BALB/c mice: Analysis of corticosterone response and glucocorticoid gene expression in cortex and hippocampus. ASD, GlyT1, GlyT1
34  2020 Ketamine Affects Prediction Errors about Statistical Regularities: A Computational Single-Trial Analysis of the Mismatch Negativity. MMN, PEs
35  2020 Kukoamine A Protects against NMDA-Induced Neurotoxicity Accompanied with Down-Regulation of GluN2B-Containing NMDA Receptors and Phosphorylation of PI3K/Akt/GSK-3beta Signaling Pathway in Cultured Primary Cortical Neurons. KuA
36  2020 Leptin Sensitizes NTS Neurons to Vagal Input by Increasing Postsynaptic NMDA Receptor Currents. LEPRs, NTS
37  2020 Levetiracetam induction of theta frequency oscillations in rodent hippocampus in vitro. GABAAR, LEV, mAChR
38  2020 Lupus autoantibodies act as positive allosteric modulators at GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors and impair spatial memory. SLE
39  2020 Methadone for postoperative analgesia: contribution of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonism: A randomised controlled trial. NMDA
40  2020 Microglial NMDA receptors drive pro-inflammatory responses via PARP-1/TRMP2 signaling. ADPR, PARG, PARP-1, TRPM2
41  2020 MK-801 impairs working memory on the Trial-Unique Nonmatch-to-Location test in mice, but this is not exclusively mediated by NMDA receptors on PV+ interneurons or forebrain pyramidal cells. TUNL
42  2020 Molecular Mechanisms of Non-ionotropic NMDA Receptor Signaling in Dendritic Spine Shrinkage. nNOS
43  2020 Neuroadaptations in the dorsal hippocampus underlie cocaine seeking during prolonged abstinence. AD, DH, LS, LTP, TGF-beta
44  2020 Neuronal surface P antigen (NSPA) modulates postsynaptic NMDAR stability through ubiquitination of tyrosine phosphatase PTPMEG. CD, MPP-DG, NSPA, PSDs, SLE, Tyr
45  2020 Nitric Oxide Synthase inhibition counteracts the stress-induced DNA methyltransferase 3b expression in the hippocampus of rats. AMG, DNMT3B, LH, nNOS, NO, NPA
46  2020 NMDA receptor channel gating control by the pre-M1 helix. ABD
47  2020 NMDA Receptor Enhances Correlation of Spontaneous Activity in Neonatal Barrel Cortex. GluN1KO, KO, NMDARs
48  2020 NMDA receptor-dependent long-term depression in the lateral habenula: implications in physiology and depression. CP-AMPAR, LHb, LTD
49  2020 NMDA receptors promote hippocampal sharp-wave ripples and the associated coactivity of CA1 pyramidal cells. LFP, SWRs
50  2020 Placental transfer of NMDAR antibodies causes reversible alterations in mice. IgG
51  2020 Positive modulation of NMDA receptors by AGN-241751 exerts rapid antidepressant-like effects via excitatory neurons. mPFC, PAM
52  2020 Presynaptic NMDARs cooperate with local spikes toward GABA release from the reciprocal olfactory bulb granule cell spine. GC, MCs
53  2020 Presynaptic PTPσ regulates postsynaptic NMDA receptor function through direct adhesion-independent mechanisms. LAR-RPTPs
54  2020 Protopanaxadiol ginsenoside Rd protects against NMDA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity by attenuating calcineurin-regulated DAPK1 activity. DAPK1, Rd
55  2020 Spermidine-induced improvement of memory consolidation involves PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. BDNF, PI3K, Spd
56  2020 Superoxide and Non-ionotropic Signaling in Neuronal Excitotoxicity. ---
57  2020 Synaptic signalling in a network of dopamine neurons: what prevents proper intercellular crosstalk? AP, DA, hESC
58  2020 Synaptic zinc inhibition of NMDA receptors depends on the association of GluN2A with the zinc transporter ZnT1. ---
59  2020 The D2-family receptor agonist bromocriptine but, not nicotine, reverses NMDA receptor antagonist-induced working memory deficits in the radial arm maze in mice. RAM, RM, WM
60  2020 The Role of the Central Amygdala in Alcohol Dependence. AMPA, CeA, CRF, GABA, NMDA
61  2020 Tonic Activation of Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors Decreases Intrinsic Excitability and Promotes Bistability in a Model of Neuronal Activity. ---
62  2019 5-HT2A receptor activation enhances NMDA receptor-mediated glutamate responses through Src kinase in the dendrites of rat jaw-closing motoneurons. 5-HT2AR, 5-HT2ARs, NMDARs
63  2019 A Specific Role of Hippocampal NMDA Receptors and Arc Protein in Rapid Encoding of Novel Environmental Representations and a More General Long-Term Consolidation Function. ---
64  2019 Activation of oestrogen receptor α induces a novel form of LTP at hippocampal temporoammonic-CA1 synapses. AMPAR, SC, TA
65  2019 Amantadine Combines Astroglial System Xc- Activation with Glutamate/NMDA Receptor Inhibition. AMA, AMPAR
66  2019 Assessment of NMDA receptor inhibition of phencyclidine analogues using a high-throughput drebrin immunocytochemical assay. 3-MeO-PCMo, 3-MeO-PCMo, NPS
67  2019 Blockade of GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors reduces short-term brain damage induced by early-life status epilepticus. SE
68  2019 Cholecystokinin release triggered by NMDA receptors produces LTP and sound-sound associative memory. CCK, LTP
69  2019 Corticospinal circuit remodeling after central nervous system injury is dependent on neuronal activity. CST
70  2019 Differential Regulation of Syngap1 Translation by FMRP Modulates eEF2 Mediated Response on NMDAR Activity. ID
71  2019 Distinct Laminar Requirements for NMDA Receptors in Experience-Dependent Visual Cortical Plasticity. MD
72  2019 Excessive activation of NMDA receptor inhibits the protective effect of endogenous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on promoting alveolarization in bronchopulmonary dysplasia. BPD, MSCs, NMDA
73  2019 GABA interneurons are the cellular trigger for ketamine's rapid antidepressant actions. mPFC, SST
74  2019 Gene-Environment Interaction in a Conditional NMDAR-Knockout Model of Schizophrenia. ---
75  2019 Higher Levels of Protein Palmitoylation in the Frontal Cortex across Aging Were Associated with Reference Memory and Executive Function Declines. APT1
76  2019 Hippocampal Lnx1-NMDAR multiprotein complex mediates initial social memory. ---
77  2019 Hypersynchronicity in the default mode-like network in a neurodevelopmental animal model with relevance for schizophrenia. DMN
78  2019 Ketamine administration induces early and persistent neurochemical imbalance and altered NADPH oxidase in mice. DA, Glu, NAcc, NOX, PFC, PNDs, PV
79  2019 Linking NMDA Receptor Synaptic Retention to Synaptic Plasticity and Cognition. Rph3A
80  2019 Map2k7 Haploinsufficiency Induces Brain Imaging Endophenotypes and Behavioral Phenotypes Relevant to Schizophrenia. d-amphetamine, JNK, PFC, SCZ
81  2019 Methamphetamine Self-Administration Elicits Sex-Related Changes in Postsynaptic Glutamate Transmission in the Prefrontal Cortex. METH, SA
82  2019 Network-Specific Synchronization of Electrical Slow-Wave Oscillations Regulates Sleep Drive in Drosophila. ---
83  2019 Neuroligin-1 Signaling Controls LTP and NMDA Receptors by Distinct Molecular Pathways. NMDA
84  2019 Neuronal network dysfunction in a model for Kleefstra syndrome mediated by enhanced NMDAR signaling. iPS, KS
85  2019 NMDA receptor antagonists and pain relief: A meta-analysis of experimental trials. CI
86  2019 NMDA receptors and the ontogeny of post-shock and retention freezing during contextual fear conditioning. CPFE, sCFC
87  2019 NMDA receptors containing GluN2C and GluN2D subunits have opposing roles in modulating neuronal oscillations; potential mechanism for bidirectional feedback. KO, WT
88  2019 NMDA receptors potentiate activity-dependent dendritic release of neuropeptides from hypothalamic neurons. VP
89  2019 Ovarian Teratoma presenting as Anti NMDAR Antibody Negative Limbic Encephalitis. ---
90  2019 Plasticity of NMDA Receptors at Ventral Hippocampal Synapses in the Infralimbic Cortex Regulates Cued Fear. BDNF, IL, mPFC, PTSD, vHC
91  2019 Properties of Individual Hippocampal Synapses Influencing NMDA-Receptor Activation by Spontaneous Neurotransmission. ---
92  2019 Reduced serotonin impairs long-term depression in basolateral amygdala complex and causes anxiety-like behaviors in a mouse model of perimenopause. BLA, DRN, LTD, LTP, VCD
93  2019 Salicylate-Induced Ototoxicity of Spiral Ganglion Neurons: Ca2+/CaMKII-Mediated Interaction Between NMDA Receptor and GABAA Receptor. GABAAR, SGNs, SS
94  2019 Selective neuronal death following exposure to methylenedioxypyrovalerone is accompanied by an inhibition of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit expression. MDPV, NAc
95  2019 Slow NMDA-Mediated Excitation Accelerates Offset-Response Latencies Generated via a Post-Inhibitory Rebound Mechanism. SPN
96  2019 Synaptic Plasticity at Inhibitory Synapses in the Ventral Tegmental Area Depends upon Stimulation Site. HFS, LFS, LTP, VTA
97  2019 The levels of the NMDA receptor co-agonist D-serine are reduced in the substantia nigra of MPTP-lesioned macaques and in the cerebrospinal fluid of Parkinson's disease patients. PD
98  2019 The loss of NMDAR-dependent LTD following cannabinoid self-administration is restored by positive allosteric modulation of CB1 receptors. CB1R, CBD, LTD, NAcore
99  2019 Trans-cinnamaldehyde improves neuroinflammation-mediated NMDA receptor dysfunction and memory deficits through blocking NF-kappaB pathway in presenilin1/2 conditional double knockout mice. AD, LTP, NF-kappaB, TCA
100  2018 A structurally derived model of subunit-dependent NMDA receptor function. NMDARs