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Abbreviation : NMMA
Long Form : NG-monomethyl-L-arginine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Changes in arginine are inversely associated with type 2 diabetes: A case-cohort study in the PREDIMED trial. ADMA, CI, HR, SDMA, T2D
2017 Urinary metabolites along with common and raregenetic variations are associated with incidentchronic kidney disease. CI, CKD
2016 Fulvic acid promotes extracellular anti-cancer mediators from RAW 264.7 cells, causing to cancer cell death in vitro. FA, FA-CM, iNOS, NF-kappaB, NO, PDTC
2016 Metabolomic Profiling of Arginine Metabolome Links Altered Methylation to Chronic Kidney Disease Accelerated Atherosclerosis. ADMA, CKD, LC/MS, NO, SDMA
2015 ADMA and arginine derivatives in relation to non-invasive vascular function in the general population. ADMA, BMI, FMD, PAT, SDMA
2015 ADMA, subclinical changes and atrial fibrillation in the general population. ADMA, AF, CI, OR, SDMA
2015 Arginine analogues incorporating carboxylate bioisosteric functions are micromolar inhibitors of human recombinant DDAH-1. ADMA, DDAH, NOS
2010 Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulates cellular proliferation in human intervertebral disc cells. ASA, EMF, IVD, RT-PCR
2009 IL-1beta receptor blockade protects islets against pro-inflammatory cytokine induced necrosis and apoptosis. GSIS, NO, PIC
10  2008 The role of nitric oxide and cGMP in somatostatin's protection against retinal ischemia. ChAT, NO, NOS, SNP
12  2007 Nitric oxide from both exogenous and endogenous sources activates mitochondria-dependent events and induces insults to human chondrocytes. cyt c, IFN-gamma, LPS, NO, ROS, SNP
13  2007 Nitric oxide synthase inhibition prevents leptin induced Gn-RH release in prepubertal and peripubertal female rats. Glu, NOS
14  2007 Simultaneous determination of L-arginine and 12 molecules participating in its metabolic cycle by gradient RP-HPLC method: application to human urine samples. 3-MPA, ADMA, Agm, Arg, Cit, Gln, hArg, NOHA, OPA, Orn, Put, RP-HPLC, SDMA, SPE, SPERM, SPERMD
15  2006 Manganese stimulates luteinizing hormone releasing hormone secretion in prepubertal female rats: hypothalamic site and mechanism of action. LHRH, NOS, sGC
16  2006 Nitric oxide production by murine spleen cells stimulated with lipopolysaccharide from Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. NO
17  2006 Quantification of ADMA: analytical approaches. ADMA, GC, LC, MS, SDMA
18  2005 Characterization of a transient covalent adduct formed during dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase catalysis. ADMA, DDAH, SMTC
19  2005 Elevations of plasma methylarginines in obesity and ageing are related to insulin sensitivity and rates of protein turnover. ADMA, MA, SDMA
20  2005 Nitric oxide is a key determinant of group B streptococcus-induced murine macrophage apoptosis. GBS, HMDMs, IL, iNOS, SNAP, TNF
21  2005 Roles of reactive nitrogen intermediates and transforming growth factor-beta produced by immunosuppressive macrophages in the expression of suppressor activity against T cell proliferation induced by TCR stimulation. Con A, mAb, RNIs
22  2004 Determination of l-arginine and NG, NG - and NG, NG' -dimethyl-L-arginine in plasma by liquid chromatography as AccQ-Fluor fluorescent derivatives. ADMA, SCX, SPE
23  2004 Inhibition of melatonin-induced ascorbic acid and LHRH release by a nitric oxide synthase and cyclic GMP inhibitor. AA, cGMP, GC, HPLC, KRB, LHRH, MBH, MEL, NO, NOS, RIA
24  2004 L-arginine-dependent nitric oxide production of a murine macrophage-like RAW 264.7 cell line stimulated with Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide. IFN-gamma, IL-10, NO, Pg-LPS, St-LPS
25  2004 Nitric oxide induces apoptosis in spleen lymphocytes from MRL/lpr mice. NO, NOS, PKC, PMA, SLE
26  2004 Repair of cytokine-induced DNA damage in cultured rat islets of Langerhans. ara-C, Fpg, HU, IFNgamma, IL-1beta, TNF-alpha
27  2003 Endocrinology: nitric oxide-mediated insulin secretion in response to citrulline in islet beta-cells. ASL, ASS, Cit-AS-Arg, NO
28  2003 Falcarindiol inhibits nitric oxide-mediated neuronal death in lipopolysaccharide-treated organotypic hippocampal cultures. iNOS, LPS, NO
29  2003 Nitric oxide modulates pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages. IL, LPS, NO, TNF
30  2003 The low nanomolar levels of N G-monomethylarginine in serum and urine of patients with chronic renal insufficiency are not significantly different from control levels. ---
31  2003 Vitamin E stimulates luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and ascorbic acid release from medial basal hypothalami of adult male rats. AA, LHRH, NMDA, NO
32  2003 [Comparison of the effects of NG-monomethyl-L-arginine and indomethacin on tuberculous arthritis: an experimental study in rats]. ---
33  2002 Nitric oxide production by a murine macrophage cell line (RAW264.7) stimulated with lipopolysaccharide from Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. LPS, NO
34  2002 Nitric oxide promotes differentiation of rat white preadipocytes in culture. Arg, GPDH, HA, LPL, NO, NOS, TG
35  2002 The stimulatory effect of IL-1beta on the insulin secretion of rat pancreatic islet is not related with iNOS pathway. IL-1, iNOS
36  2002 [Effect of inducible nitric oxide on intracellular homeostasis of hepatocytes]. LPS, MDA, NO, NOS, SNP, Vit E
37  2001 Ascorbic acid stimulates gonadotropin release by autocrine action by means of NO. AA, FSH, LH, LHRH
38  2001 Host response to infection: the role of CpG DNA in induction of cyclooxygenase 2 and nitric oxide synthase 2 in murine macrophages. COX-2, IL-6, NO
39  2001 In vitro effect of leptin on LH release by anterior pituitary glands from female rats at the time of spontaneous and steroid-induced LH surge. NO
40  2001 In vitro investigation of host resistance to Toxoplasma gondii infection in microglia of BALB/c and CBA/Ca mice. LPS, NO, TE, TNF-alpha
41  2001 In vivo on-line detection of no distribution in endotoxin-treated mice by l-band ESR. DETC, ESR, iNOS, NO, NOS
42  2001 Interleukin-1 induces pro-mineralizing activity of cartilage tissue transglutaminase and factor XIIIa. IL, OA, TGases, TRAF, tTGase
43  2001 Interleukin-12 stimulation of lymphoproliferative responses in Trypanosoma cruzi infection. Con A, IFN-gamma, IL-12, IL-2, NK, rIL-12
44  2001 Neutrophils in lung inflammation: Which reactive oxygen species are being measured? DCFH, PMA, PMN, SOD
45  2001 Nitric oxide is involved in the immunomodulating activities of acidic polysaccharide from Panax ginseng. ---
46  2001 Nitric oxide production by murine spleen cells stimulated with Porphyromonas gingivalis-derived lipopolysaccharide. NO, Pg-LPS
47  2001 Salmonella typhimurium mutants that downregulate phagocyte nitric oxide production. iNOS, NO
48  2000 A nitric oxide burst precedes apoptosis in angiosperm and gymnosperm callus cells and foliar tissues. NO, NOS, SNP, TUNEL
49  2000 Activation of macrophage cytostatic effector mechanisms during acute graft-versus-host disease: release of intracellular iron and nitric oxide-mediated cytostasis. GVHD, IFN, LPS, NO
50  2000 Ascorbic acid acts as an inhibitory transmitter in the hypothalamus to inhibit stimulated luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone release by scavenging nitric oxide. AA, LHRH, NMDA, NOergic
51  2000 Effect of poloxamer CRL-1072 on drug uptake and nitric-oxide-mediated killing of Mycobacterium avium by macrophages. iNOS, MAI, NO
52  2000 Inhibitory effects of nitric oxide and gamma interferon on in vitro and in vivo replication of Marek's disease virus. CEF, HVT, iNOS, LPS, MDV, MHC, NO, rChIFN-gamma
53  2000 Peroxynitrite formation and decreased catalase activity in autoimmune MRL-lpr/lpr mice. ---
54  2000 Suppression of lymphoproliferation by alveolar macrophages in the guinea pig. AM, NO, PGE2
55  1999 Beta-cell maturation leads to in vitro sensitivity to cytotoxins. AN-ins, IL, NO, PDX-1
56  1999 Cyclosporin A and tacrolimus (FK506) suppress expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in vitro by different mechanisms. LPS, rIFN-gamma, rIL-1beta, RT-PCR, VSMC
57  1999 Detection of nitrosylated epitopes in Trypanosoma brucei gambiense by polyclonal and monoclonal anti-conjugated-NO-cysteine antibodies. ---
58  1999 Effect of nitric oxide synthase induction on the expression of mitochondrial respiratory chain enzyme subunits in mixed cortical and astroglial cell cultures. CO, SOD/CAT
59  1999 Involvement of NO, H2O2 and TNF-alpha in the reduced antitumor activity of murine peritoneal macrophages by aflatoxin B1. NO, SOD, TNF-alpha
60  1999 Mutual regulation between the intercellular messengers nitric oxide and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rodent neocortical neurons. BDNF, L-NAME, NO
61  1999 Neuronal death in cytokine-activated primary human brain cell culture: role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha. NMDA, NOS, TNF-alpha
62  1999 Nitric oxide mediates immunosuppression induced by Listeria monocytogenes infection: quantitative studies. Con A, NO, PFC, SRBC
63  1999 Nitric oxide synthase inhibitor decreases NMDA-induced elevations of extracellular glutamate and intracellular Ca2+ levels via a cGMP-independent mechanism in cerebellar granule neurons. dbcGMP, NMDA, NO
64  1999 Regulation of iron metabolism in murine J774 macrophages: role of nitric oxide-dependent and -independent pathways following activation with gamma interferon and lipopolysaccharide. IFN-gamma, IRE, LPS, NO, Tf, TfR
65  1999 The inhibitory effect of ambroxol on respiratory burst, degranulation and cytosolic Ca2+ change in degraded immunoglobulin G-activated neutrophils. fMLP, IgG, PMA
66  1999 Thyroxine enhancement and the role of reactive oxygen species in tadpole tail apoptosis. ISDN, NO, ROS, SOD
67  1999 [NO donors transform neuronal response to glutamate]. SNP
68  1998 A fetal sheep liver extract reverses age-related increments in spontaneous and induced cytokine production by indirect environmental effects. PP
69  1998 Adjuvant effect of grifolan on antibody production in mice. GRN, NO, TNP-OVA
70  1998 In vivo nitric oxide detection in the septic rat brain by electron paramagnetic resonance. DETC, EPR, LPS, NO
71  1998 Mechanisms of asbestos-induced nitric oxide production by rat alveolar macrophages in inhalation and in vitro models. AMs, iNOS, LPS, NO
72  1998 Nitric oxide-mediated modulation of interleukin-8 production by a human glioblastoma cell line, T98G, cocultured with myeloid and monocytic cell lines. IL-8, NO, PMA, SNAP
73  1998 Nitric oxide: a possible etiologic factor in spinal cord cavitation. GFAP, NO
74  1998 Role of nitric oxide in depressed lymphoproliferative responses and altered cytokine production following thermal injury in rats. NO
75  1998 Role of nitric oxide in the regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression in the male rat brain. GnRH, NO, TH, TIDA
76  1997 Activated endothelial cells induce apoptosis in lymphoma cells. GTN, iNOS, NO
77  1997 Arginine metabolism in keratinocytes and macrophages during nitric oxide biosynthesis: multiple modes of action of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors. ---
78  1997 Citrulline-argininosuccinate-arginine cycle coupled to Ca2+-signaling in rat pancreatic beta-cells. ASL, ASS, NO
79  1997 Cytokine-mediated neuronal apoptosis. IFN, IL, NO
80  1997 Effect of late modulation of nitric oxide production on murine lupus. MRL-lpr, NO, NZB/W
81  1997 HLA-DR-mediated signals for hematopoiesis and induction of apoptosis involve but are not limited to a nitric oxide pathway. LTMCs, MHC, NAC, NO
82  1997 Interaction between NO and oxytocin: influence on LHRH release. LHRH, MBH, NE, NO, NOS, NP, PGE2
83  1997 Irreversible inhibition of metabolic function and islet destruction after a 36-hour exposure to interleukin-1beta. IFNgamma, IL-1beta
84  1997 Nitric oxide in the contractile action of bradykinin, oxytocin, and prostaglandin F2 alpha in the estrogenized rat uterus. BK, FC, IDT, NOS, PGE2, PGF2 alpha
85  1997 Nitric oxide mediates hyperglycemia-induced defective migration in cultured endothelial cells. NO
86  1997 Nitric oxide mediates leptin-induced luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) and LHRH and leptin-induced LH release from the pituitary gland. FSH, LHRH, ME, NOS
87  1997 Role of nitric oxide on eosinophilic lung inflammation in allergic mice. BAL, i.p, iNOS, L-NAME, L-NIL, NO, NOS, OVA
88  1996 Alveolar macrophages autoregulate IL-1 and IL-6 production by endogenous nitric oxide. IL-1, IL-6, LPS, SNAP, TNF-alpha
89  1996 Attenuated Salmonella vaccine-induced suppression of murine spleen cell responses to mitogen is mediated by macrophage nitric oxide: quantitative aspects. Con A, NO, PFC
90  1996 beta-Amyloid protein-dependent nitric oxide production from microglial cells and neurotoxicity. AD, IFN-gamma, NO
91  1996 Cytokine and low-level nitric oxide prestimulation block p53 accumulation and apoptosis of RAW 264.7 macrophages. ---
92  1996 Cytokine regulation of glutamate decarboxylase biosynthesis in isolated rat islets of Langerhans. GAD, IDDM, IL
93  1996 Cytokine-stimulated astrocytes damage human neurons via a nitric oxide mechanism. IFN, IL, IRAP, NO
94  1996 Differential regulation of intracellular signaling systems by sodium fluoride in rat glioma cells. cGMP, NOS
95  1996 Evidence for a role of nitric oxide of the central nervous system in morphine abstinence syndrome. i.c.v, NNA, NOS
96  1996 Heparin and protamine stimulate the production of nitric oxide. CPB, EDRF, NO, PAECs
97  1996 Horseradish peroxidase and glycosylated BSA induce nitric oxide production in murine macrophages. HRP
98  1996 Impairment of osteoblast growth by nitric oxide synthase inhibitors: an effect independent of nitric oxide and arginine transport inhibition. NA, NAME, NIO, NOS
99  1996 Increase in brain nitric oxide synthase activity in daunorubicin-treated rats. NPN
100  1996 Induction of nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase mRNA by silica and lipopolysaccharide in PMA-primed THP-1 cells. iNOS, NO