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Abbreviation : NSGA-II
Long Form : non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Modeling and optimization of bakery production scheduling to minimize makespan and oven idle time. OIDT, SMPSO
2023 Modeling and Optimization of Sensitivity and Creep for Multi-Component Sensing Materials. MLG, MWCNTs, Ni, RSM, SVR
2023 Multi-objective operation optimization of spent coffee ground torrefaction for carbon-neutral biochar production. HHV
2023 Non-uniform optical phased array with a large steering angle and high side mode suppression ratio. OPA, SMSR
2023 Precision agriculture management based on a surrogate model assisted multiobjective algorithmic framework. ---
2023 SONG: A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Delay and Energy Aware Facility Location in Vehicular Fog Networks. BSs, EMO, FLPs, HV, IGD, Pareto front, PDs, RSUs, SMPSO, SONG, VFC, VFNs
2022 A bi-objective optimization model for the medical supplies' simultaneous pickup and delivery with drones. ---
2022 A biodegradable magnesium alloy vascular stent structure: Design, optimisation and evaluation. BMgS
2022 A multi-objective optimization model for a multi-period mobile facility location problem with environmental and disruption considerations. DCs
10  2022 A novel cascaded fractional fuzzy approach for control of fermentation process. FOFPD/PI, IOFPD/PI
11  2022 A novel spatial optimization approach for the cost-effectiveness improvement of LID practices based on SWMM-FTC. FTC, LID, MOSFLA, SWMM
12  2022 Adaptive binary multi-objective harmony search algorithm for channel selection and cross-subject generalization in motor imagery-based BCI. ABMOHS, ACGM, BCI, FLDA, MI, SVM
13  2022 All-type optical logic gates using plasmonic coding metamaterials and multi-objective optimization. EM, MDM, MPS
14  2022 An Effective Shrinkage Control Method for Tooth Profile Accuracy Improvement of Micro-Injection-Molded Small-Module Plastic Gears. ---
15  2022 An improved MOPSO algorithm for multi-objective optimization of reservoir operation under climate change. f-MOPSO, GCMs
16  2022 An Integrated Multi-Objective Optimization for Dynamic Airport Shuttle Bus Location, Route Design and Departure Frequency Setting Problem. ASB, NP
17  2022 Application of the Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II in Multi-objective Optimization of Orally Disintegrating Tablet Formulation. BPNN, MgSt, ODTs
18  2022 Artificial Neural Network Assisted Multiobjective Optimization of Postharvest Blanching and Drying of Blueberries. ANN, DT, HAIR, IR, RC, SEC
19  2022 Artificial neural network-based model to predict the effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid on salinity and drought responsive morphological traits in pomegranate. ANN, GABA, MLP, RBF
20  2022 Automated methodology for optimal selection of minimum electrode subsets for accurate EEG source estimation based on Genetic Algorithm optimization. hdEEG
21  2022 Beam Offset Detection in Laser Stake Welding of Tee Joints Using Machine Learning and Spectrometer Measurements. DT, LR, LVQ, MLPNN, RF, SVM
22  2022 COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning using a congested queuing system-A real case from Australia. ---
23  2022 Design of Improved Flow-Focusing Microchannel with Constricted Continuous Phase Inlet and Study of Fluid Flow Characteristics. Ca, RBF
24  2022 Design Space Exploration of Clustered Sparsely Connected MPSoC Platforms. ---
25  2022 Developing a bi-objective resilience relief logistic considering operational and disruption risks: a post-earthquake case study in Iran. BWM, HRC, MOPSO, NRGA
26  2022 Enhancing FBG Sensing in the Industrial Application by Optimizing the Grating Parameters Based on NSGA-II. FBG
27  2022 Identifying steep pareto fronts in multicomponent adsorption using a novel elliptical method. EC, EM, PS
28  2022 In search of diverse and connected teams: A computational approach to assemble diverse teams based on members' social networks. ---
29  2022 Intelligent modeling and optimization of titanium surface etching for dental implant application. cpTi, MLP-ANN, WL
30  2022 Investigation of the Effects of Roller Spreading Parameters on Powder Bed Quality in Selective Laser Sintering. DEM, RSM, SLS
31  2022 Large-Sized GaN Crystal Growth Analysis in an Ammonothermal System Based on a Well-Developed Numerical Model. BP, GaN
32  2022 Managing Boundary Uncertainty in Diagnosing the Patients of Rural Area Using Fuzzy and Rough Set. ---
33  2022 Mathematical modeling and optimizing the in vitro shoot proliferation of wallflower using multilayer perceptron non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (MLP-NSGAII). ANNs, BAP, CW, KIN, MLP-NSGAII, NAA, SL, SN
34  2022 Modeling and optimizing of an actual municipal sewage plant: A comparison of diverse multi-objective optimization methods. AEQ, ANSGA-III, MOO, OCI, PSO, TV
35  2022 Modeling the Dynamic Exclusive Pedestrian Phase Based on Transportation Equity and Cost Analysis. EPP, MOEA, TWC
36  2022 Multi-Objective Optimization of the Basic and Regenerative ORC Integrated with Working Fluid Selection. BORC, LEC, RORC
37  2022 Multi-objective optimization of ultrasonic algae removal technology by using response surface method and non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II. AOM, RSM
38  2022 Multi-objective optimization of water resources allocation in Han River basin (China) integrating efficiency, equity and sustainability. ---
39  2022 Multi-Objective Real-Time Tuning of SVC Used in Electrified Traction Systems. SVC
40  2022 Multi-objective robust optimization using adaptive surrogate models for problems with mixed continuous-categorical parameters. ---
41  2022 Multiobjective problem modeling of the capacitated vehicle routing problem with urgency in a pandemic period. ---
42  2022 Neural Network-Based Multi-Objective Optimization of Adjustable Drawbead Movement for Deep Drawing of Tailor-Welded Blanks. ---
43  2022 Nondeterministic multiobjective optimization of 3D printed ceramic tissue scaffolds. ---
44  2022 Optimizing Fenton-like process, homogeneous at neutral pH for ciprofloxacin degradation: Comparing RSM-CCD and ANN-GA. ANN, ANN-GA, CCD, CIP, EDTA, GA, MLP, RBF, RSM, SIR
45  2022 Physician-Customized Strategies for Reducing Outpatient Waiting Time in South Korea Using Queueing Theory and Probabilistic Metamodels. ---
46  2022 QoS-Aware Joint Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Vehicular Edge Computing. IoV, MINLP, QoS, RSU, VEC
47  2022 RSDM-AHSnet: Designing a robust stochastic dynamic model to allocating health service network under disturbance situations with limited capacity using algorithms NSGA-II and PSO. PSO
48  2022 Stable Characteristics Optimization of Anti-Symmetric Cylindrical Shell with Laminated Carbon Fiber Composite. ---
49  2022 Stronger wind, smaller tree: Testing tree growth plasticity through a modeling approach. DBH, FSPM
50  2022 Technical assessment of novel organic Rankine cycle driven cascade refrigeration system using environmental friendly refrigerants: 4E and optimization approaches. CRS, EUF, HC, ORC, TOPSIS
51  2022 The Analysis of Environmental Cost Control of Manufacturing Enterprises Using Deep Learning Optimization Algorithm and Internet of Things. BPNN, DL, IoT
52  2022 Two-dimensional CNN-based distinction of human emotions from EEG channels selected by multi-objective evolutionary algorithm. CNN, EEG, SAM
53  2021 A machine-learning-based alloy design platform that enables both forward and inverse predictions for thermo-mechanically controlled processed (TMCP) steel alloys. HRS, ML, TMCP, UTS, YS
54  2021 A multi-objective scheduling method for operational coordination time using improved triangular fuzzy number representation. MOBA, MOEAs, MOIBA/AD, MOOCTS, MOPSO
55  2021 A multiobjective model for the green capacitated location-routing problem considering drivers' satisfaction and time window with uncertain demand. G-CLPR, GA, LRP, PHA
56  2021 A stochastic bi-objective simulation-optimization model for plasma supply chain in case of COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19, FDA, MOGWO, MOIWO, SPEA-II
57  2021 An Optimization Approach for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Using Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II. tDCS
58  2021 Application of NSGA-II to Obtain the Charging Current-Time Tradeoff Curve in Battery Based Underwater Wireless Sensor Nodes. ---
59  2021 Comparison of NSGA-II, MOALO and MODA for Multi-Objective Optimization of Micro-Machining Processes. COPRAS, MOALO, MODA, MRR, SR
60  2021 Computational modeling and multi-objective optimization of engine performance of biodiesel made with castor oil. ANN, BP, BSFC, BTE
61  2021 Convalescent plasma bank facility location-allocation problem for COVID-19. MILP
62  2021 Designing a sustainable closed-loop supply chain network of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic: Pareto-based algorithms. CLSCN, MID, MILP, MOGWO, NPS, SNS
63  2021 Groundwater sustainability: Developing a non-cooperative optimal management scenario in shared groundwater resources under water bankruptcy conditions. ---
64  2021 Multi-objective cold chain logistic distribution center location based on carbon emission. ---
65  2021 Multi-objective optimization for optimal extraction of groundwater from a nitrate-contaminated aquifer considering economic-environmental issues: A case study. ANN, MODFLOW
66  2021 Multi-objective optimization of technology solutions in municipal solid waste treatment system coupled with pollutants cross-media metabolism issues. AD, MSW, MSWTS, VIKOR
67  2021 Multi-objective optimization to improve energy, economic and, environmental life cycle assessment in waste-to-energy plant. LCA, MOO, WTE
68  2021 NSGA-II as feature selection technique and AdaBoost classifier for COVID-19 prediction using patient's symptoms. ---
69  2021 Optimizing Green-Gray Infrastructure for Non-Point Source Pollution Control under Future Uncertainties. NPS, SWMM, VAB
70  2021 Optimum multi-drug regime for compartment model of tumour: cell-cycle-specific dynamics in the presence of resistance. ---
71  2021 Performance Analysis and Four-Objective Optimization of an Irreversible Rectangular Cycle. TOPSIS
72  2021 Performance Optimizations with Single-, Bi-, Tri-, and Quadru-Objective for Irreversible Diesel Cycle. LINMAP, TOPSIS
73  2021 Research on the Allocation of 3D Printing Emergency Supplies in Public Health Emergencies. ---
74  2021 Shape optimization of egg-shaped sewer pipes based on the nondominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II). ---
75  2021 Three-Dimensional Localization Algorithm Based on Improved A and DV-Hop Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Network. DV-Hop, IoT, WSNs
76  2021 Treatment Planning Optimization in Irreversible Electroporation for Complete Ablation of Variously Sized Cervical Tumors: A Numerical Study. IRE
77  2020 A multi-objective approach for designing optimized operation sequence on binary image processing. MOEAs, SPEA2
78  2020 A multiple objective optimization model for aircraft arrival and departure scheduling on multiple runways. MOMILP
79  2020 A Preference Biobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Payment Scheduling Negotiation Problem. NP-hard, NPV, PSNP, RCPSP, ROI
80  2020 An investigation on the energy absorption characteristics of a multi-cell hexagonal tube under axial crushing loads. RSM
81  2020 Configuration and Optimization of a Minichannel Using Water-Alumina Nanofluid by Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm and Response Surface Method. CCD, DoE, FVM, HTC, RSM
82  2020 Development of support vector machine-based model and comparative analysis with artificial neural network for modeling the plant tissue culture procedures: effect of plant growth regulators on somatic embryogenesis of chrysanthemum, as a case study. ANN, KIN, MLP, SNP, SVR
83  2020 Four-Objective Optimization of Irreversible Atkinson Cycle Based on NSGA-II. AC, EF, MOO, PD, PO, TE
84  2020 Mathematical modeling for green supply chain considering product recovery capacity and uncertainty for demand. ME, MOPSO
85  2020 Multiobjective optimization of the groundwater exploitation layout in coastal areas based on multiple surrogate models. KELM, SVR
86  2020 Novel harmonic elimination strategy based on Multi-Objective Grey Wolf Optimizer to ameliorate voltage quality of odd-nary multi-level structure. AMLI, MOGWO, PWM, THD
87  2020 Optimal design of robust resilient automatic voltage regulators. ABC, AVR, FoD, FSA, MOEO, PID, TLBO
88  2020 Optimization of Fuzzy Energy-Management System for Grid-Connected Microgrid Using NSGA-II. APL, ESS, FEMS, MFs, RESs
89  2020 Optimization of Visual Stimulus Sequence in a Brain-Computer Interface Based on Code Modulated Visual Evoked Potentials. GEE
90  2020 The application of artificial neural networks in modeling and predicting the effects of melatonin on morphological responses of citrus to drought stress. ANNs, GRNN, MLP, RBF
91  2019 A fuzzy multi-objective optimization approach for treated wastewater allocation. FTM, MOM, PROMETHEE
92  2019 A fuzzy multi-stakeholder socio-optimal model for water and waste load allocation. FTM, SCRs, WWLA
93  2019 A Novel LSSVM Based Algorithm to Increase Accuracy of Bacterial Growth Modeling. LS-SVM, MAE, MAPE
94  2019 A practical multi-objective optimization sectorization method for water distribution network. WDN
95  2019 An Approach to Multi-Objective Path Planning Optimization for Underwater Gliders. MO
96  2019 Computationally efficient approach for identification of fuzzy dynamic groundwater sampling network. ---
97  2019 Finding the optimal design of a passive microfluidic mixer. ---
98  2019 Fuzzy Clustering to Identify Clusters at Different Levels of Fuzziness: An Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Approach. ECM
99  2019 Integrating four radiant heat load mitigation strategies is an efficient intervention to improve human health in urban environments. MRT
100  2019 Integrating fuzzy logic with Pearson correlation to optimize contaminant detection in water distribution system with uncertainty analyses. FAR, MCS, PD, PE