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Abbreviation : PCA
Long Form : perchloric acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Comparison of Five Extraction Methods for Intracellular Metabolites of Salmonella typhimurium. AL, CM, CMC, HE, S. Typhimurium
2018 Microchip gel electrophoretic analysis of perchloric acid-soluble serum proteins in systemic inflammatory disorders. MGE
2017 An improved, high-efficiency assay for assessing serum anticholinergic activity using cultured cells stably expressing M1 receptors. ---
2017 Comparison of Methods to Assay Liver Glycogen Fractions: The Effects of Starvation. AIG, ASG
2017 Novel Route for Agmatine Catabolism in Aspergillus niger: 4-Guanidinobutyrase Assay. GB, GBase, MPA, OPA, RP-HPLC
2017 Perturbation of muscle metabolism in patients with muscular dystrophy in early or acute phase of disease: In vitro, high resolution NMR spectroscopy based analysis. ACE, Ala, BCA, BMD, DMD, FSHD, FUM, LGMD, NMR, Prop, Tyr
2017 Physicochemical Characteristics of Rat Muscle Glycogen Fractions. AIG, ASG, MWs
2016 Effect of perchloric acid on the performance of the Fricke xylenol gel dosimeter. XO
2016 Improvement of the classical assay method for liver glycogen fractions: ASG is the main and metabolic active fraction. ---
10  2016 Noninvasive evaluation of radiation-enhanced glioma cells invasiveness by ultra-high-field (1)H-MRS in vitro. Cho, Cr, MMP-2, NAA
11  2016 Unmasking Heavily O-Glycosylated Serum Proteins Using Perchloric Acid: Identification of Serum Proteoglycan 4 and Protease C1 Inhibitor as Molecular Indicators for Screening of Breast Cancer. ---
12  2015 A new protocol for separation of acid soluble and insoluble fractions from total glycogen and simultaneous measurements. ASG
13  2015 Antibody-free quantification of seven tau peptides in human CSF using targeted mass spectrometry. CSF, HTCs, LOQ, MRM, MS
14  2015 Extraction and estimation of the quantity of calcium oxalate crystals in the foliage of conifer and hardwood trees. Ca, CaOx, HCl
15  2014 Application of the reference method isotope dilution gas chromatography mass spectrometry (ID/GC/MS) to establish metrological traceability for calibration and control of blood glucose test systems. BG
16  2014 Assessment of the intrinsic radiosensitivity of glioma cells and monitoring of metabolite ratio changes after irradiation by 14.7-T high-resolution H MRS. Cho, Cr, NAA, RT, SUC
17  2014 Recovery correction technique for NMR spectroscopy of perchloric acid extracts using DL-valine-2,3-d2: validation and application to 5-fluorouracil-induced brain damage. 5-FU, CEV, NMR
18  2013 Quantification of glyoxal, methylglyoxal and 3-deoxyglucosone in blood and plasma by ultra performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry: evaluation of blood specimen. 3-DG, GO, MGO, OPD
19  2012 An efficient extraction method for quantitation of adenosine triphosphate in mammalian tissues and cells. ATP, EG, TCA
20  2012 U-2012: An improved Lowry protein assay, insensitive to sample color, offering reagent stability and enhanced sensitivity. ---
21  2011 PCA-ELISA: a sensitive method to quantify free and masked forms of HMGB1. rhHMGB1
22  2011 Polyamines and transglutaminase activity are involved in compatible and self-incompatible pollination of Citrus grandis. PA, SI, TGase
23  2011 Simultaneous determination of sulphur metabolites in Arabidopsis thaliana via LC-ESI-MS/MS and ⁴S-metabolic labelling. ESI-MS
24  2009 Acute effects of dietary glycemic index on antioxidant capacity in a nutrient-controlled feeding study. GI, ORAC
25  2009 Compatible and self-incompatible pollination in Pyrus communis displays different polyamine levels and transglutaminase activity. GP, PA, SI, TGase
26  2007 Bioenergetic status and hypoxia in Lewis lung carcinoma assessed by 31P NMR spectroscopy: correlation with tumor progression. ---
27  2007 Co-determination of ATP and proteins in Triton X 100 non-ionic detergent-opened monolayer cultured cells. ATP
28  2007 Development and validation of an assay for the quantification of 11 nucleotides using LC/LC-electrospray ionization-MS. HPLC-MS
29  2007 Effect of metabolic inhibitors on ATP and citrate content in PC3 prostate cancer cells. FA
30  2007 Novel corrective equations for complete estimation of human tissue lipids after their partial destruction by perchloric acid pre-treatment: high-resolution (1)H-NMR-based study. Chol, PLs, TG
31  2006 Modifications to increase the efficiency of the fluorometric cycling assay for cyclic ADP-ribose. cADPR
32  2006 Polyamine metabolism and biosynthetic gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana under salt stress. RT-PCR
33  2005 Interference and blood sample preparation for a pyruvate enzymatic assay. RT
34  2005 Separation of aceclofenac and diclofenac in human plasma by free zone capillary electrophoresis using N-methyl-D-glucamine as an effective electrolyte additive. MPA, NSAIDs, SSA, TCA
35  2005 Uncovering the unfoldome: enriching cell extracts for unstructured proteins by acid treatment. TCA
36  2004 Assignment of the 2.03 ppm resonance in in vivo 1H MRS of human brain tumour cystic fluid: contribution of macromolecules. NAC
37  2004 Convenient procedures for human hair protein films and properties of alkaline phosphatase incorporated in the film. ALP, GHA, TCA
38  2004 Cytological changes and alterations in polyamine contents induced by cadmium in tobacco BY-2 cells. PAs, Put, Spd, Spm
39  2003 Biochemical characterization of soluble Tn glycoproteins from malignant effusions of patients with carcinomas. ---
40  2003 Polyphenols and antioxidant capacity of vegetables under fresh and frozen conditions. ORAC, WJ
41  2002 A comparison of cell and tissue extraction techniques using high-resolution 1H-NMR spectroscopy. M/C
42  2002 Effect of exercise on concentrations of free amino acids in pools of type I and type II fibres in human muscle with reduced glycogen stores. ATPase, BCAA, HPLC
43  2002 Effect of extraction time and acid concentration on the separation of proglycogen and macroglycogen in horse muscle samples. MG, PG
44  2002 Gabapentin and vigabatrin increase GABA in the human neocortical slice. GABA, MRS
45  2002 Radiation effects on soluble metabolites in cultured HeLa cells examined by 1H MRS: changes in concentration of glutathione and of lipid catabolites induced by gamma rays and proton beams. ---
46  2002 The effect of wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) consumption on postprandial serum antioxidant status in human subjects. ORAC, TAS
47  2002 [The effect of splenectomy on circulating endotoxin clearance and tissue distribution of endotoxin in rats]. LAL, MPO
48  1999 Age-dependent differences in glutamate-induced phosphorylation systems in rat hippocampal slices. CKII, PKA, PKC
49  1999 Detection of dexamethasone in the cornea and lens by NMR spectroscopy. ---
50  1999 Hyperoxia-induced changes in antioxidant capacity and the effect of dietary antioxidants. ORAC
51  1998 1H MRS markers of tumour growth in intrasplenic tumours and liver metastasis induced by injection of HT-29 cells in nude mice spleen. MRS, PC, PE
52  1998 Assessment of the mechanism of astrocyte swelling induced by the macrolide immunosuppressant sirolimus using multinuclear nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. NTP, PCr, TCA
53  1997 Fructose-3-phosphate production and polyol pathway metabolism in diabetic rat hearts. 3-DG, ARI, F3P, GC/MS, HPLC, NMR
54  1996 Vacuolar function in the phosphate homeostasis of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. NMR
55  1996 [Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of excised pig liver]. 1H-MRS, GPC, HPLC
56  1995 A critical assessment of brain metabolites: analysis of perchloric acid extracts using proton nuclear magnetic resonance. ---
57  1995 Analysis of ethanol and acetaldehyde recovery from perchloric acid-treated blood. ---
58  1995 HPLC with o-phthalaldehyde precolumn derivatization to measure total, oxidized, and protein-bound glutathione in blood, plasma, and tissue. ---
59  1994 13C NMR spectroscopy study of cortical nerve cell cultures exposed to hypoxia. NMR, TCA
60  1994 A method for the determination of the cellular phosphorylation potential and glycolytic intermediates in yeast. ATP
61  1994 Metabolic pathways of WR-2721 (ethyol, amifostine) in the BALB/c mouse. ---
62  1993 Distribution of acetaldehyde in human blood: effects of ethanol and treatment with disulfiram. ---
63  1993 In vitro proton NMR spectroscopy of extracts from human breast tumours and non-involved breast tissue. NMR
64  1993 Metabolism of [U-13C]glutamate in astrocytes studied by 13C NMR spectroscopy: incorporation of more label into lactate than into glutamine demonstrates the importance of the tricarboxylic acid cycle. ---
65  1993 Mrs evaluation of brain-metabolites in extracts from cell-cultures, human tumors and normal tissue from brain - cholesteryl ester, choline containing compounds and creatine as markers for development, differentiation and pathology. ---
66  1993 Problems involved in the determination of endogenous acetaldehyde in human blood. ---
67  1993 Usefulness of a new perchloric acid treatment method to measure endotoxin in cerebrospinal fluid by the limulus test. ET
68  1992 Effect of lead on the blood serum, liver and brain sialoglycoconjugate levels in rats. FSA, LBSA, TSA
69  1992 Immunochemical studies of histone H5 from Halobatrachus didactylus. TCA
70  1992 Qualitative differences in nuclear proteins correlate with neuronal terminal differentiation. HMG
71  1992 Visibility of phospholipids in 31P NMR spectra of human breast tumours in vivo. CM, PDE, PME
72  1991 A rapid purification method for neurogranin, a brain specific calmodulin-binding protein kinase C substrate. PKC
73  1991 Establishment of a new perchloric acid treatment method to allow determination of the total endotoxin content in human plasma by the limulus test and clinical application. ---
74  1991 First direct demonstration of preferential release of citrate from astrocytes using [13C]NMR spectroscopy of cultured neurons and astrocytes. GABA, TCA
75  1991 Purification of apyrase from yellow lupin cotyledons after extraction with perchloric acid. ---
76  1990 31P NMR studies on the effect of phosphite on Phytophthora palmivora. ---
77  1990 Identification of a low-Mr acidic nuclear protein as prothymosin alpha. ---
78  1990 Retinal cyclic GMP and AMP in rod-cone dysplasia: comparison of assays in fixed and unfixed retinal tissues. ---
79  1989 1H NMR spectroscopy: an approach to evaluation of diseased skin in vivo. GPC, NMR, PC
80  1989 Comparison of propranolol-binding plasma proteins in sheep with those in humans, dogs and rats. AGP
81  1989 Extraction of intracellular nucleosides and nucleotides with acetonitrile. ACN, FUra
82  1989 Influence of trace metals on serum total sialic acids and perchloric acid--soluble proteins and sialic acids in mice. ---
83  1988 31P NMR spectroscopy of the in vivo metabolism of an intracerebral glioma in the rat. PCr
84  1988 Direct 19F NMR spectroscopic observation of 5-fluorouracil metabolism in the isolated perfused mouse liver model. BW, FBAL, FdUMP, FdUrd, FUPA, FUra
85  1987 Functional heterogeneity correlates with structural heterogeneity of breast carcinoma acid-soluble glycoproteins. BCa, IL-2, MNC, NK
86  1987 Measurement of plasma adenosine concentration: methodological and physiological considerations. HPLC
87  1987 Phosphorus-31 NMR spectroscopy of cultured human retinal pigmented epithelial cells. P-31 NMR
88  1987 Quantitative measurement of endotoxin in canine plasma using the new endotoxin-specific chromogenic test. ---
89  1987 Recovery of endotoxin from human plasma by acid oxidative treatments as monitored by an automated microtiter plate-chromogenic substrate Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) assay method. EU, LAL, RSD, TFA
90  1986 High mobility group proteins in ram spermatids. ---
91  1986 Purification of antigens of mammary tumor of the mouse by gel filtration. MTV
92  1985 Cervical carcinoma antigen, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and nonspecific cross-reacting antigen (NCA) in appraisal of uterine cervix smears. CEA, IF, NCA
93  1985 Distribution of phosphatic metabolites in the crystalline lens. ---
94  1984 Diffusible factors are responsible for differences in nuclease sensitivity among chromatins originating from different cell types. ---
95  1984 Perchloric acid treatment and use of chromogenic substrate in the Limulus test: application to veterinary diagnosis. ---
96  1984 Performance of three enzymic methods for filter paper glucose determination. GDH, GOD, HK, SSA, TCA
97  1984 Retrograde axonal transport after radioactive serotonin injections into the olfactory bulb: a biochemical analysis of transported radioactive material. 5-HIAA, 5-HTP, HPLC, MAOI, OB, RD
98  1984 Tumor-associated antigens in female genital tract cancers. AFP, CEA, NCA
99  1983 Antigenic heterogeneity of human lung cancers. CEA, NCA
100  1983 Carcinoembryonic antigen: assay following heat compared with perchloric acid extraction in patients with colon cancer, non-neoplastic gastrointestinal diseases, or chronic renal failure. CEA