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Abbreviation : PI3K
Long Form : phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 "Olfactory three-needle" acupuncture enhances synaptic function in Aβ1-42-induced Alzheimer's disease via activating PI3K/AKT/GSK-3β signaling pathway. Abeta1-42
2021 (-)-Leucophyllone, a Tirucallane Triterpenoid from Cornus walteri, Enhances Insulin Secretion in INS-1 Cells. GSIS, IRS2, PDX-1
2021 20(S)-ginsenoside Rh2 induces caspase-dependent promyelocytic leukemia-retinoic acid receptor A degradation in NB4 cells via Akt/Bax/caspase9 and TNF-α/caspase8 signaling cascades. APL, GRh2, PML-RARA, TNF-alpha
2021 3'-Sialyllactose Protects SW1353 Chondrocytic Cells From Interleukin-1β-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. 3'-SL, IL-1beta, MAPK, MMP, NF-kappaB, OA
2021 3-Methyladenine prevents energy stress-induced necrotic death of melanoma cells through autophagy-independent mechanisms. 2-DG, 3-MA, AMPK, mTORC1
2021 4-Acetylantrocamol LT3 Inhibits Glioblastoma Cell Growth and Downregulates DNA Repair Enzyme O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase. CREB, EGFR, GBM, mTOR, YAP
2021 4-Octyl itaconate (4-OI) attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury by suppressing PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathways in mice. 4-OI, ALI, LPS, ROS
2021 4R Tau Modulates Cocaine-Associated Memory through Adult Dorsal Hippocampal Neurogenesis. AHN, DG, KO
2021 A Crosstalk Between Dual-Specific Phosphatases and Dual-Specific Protein Kinases Can Be A Potential Therapeutic Target for Anti-cancer Therapy. CDK, CLK, DUSPs, DYRKs, MAPKs, MKPs, mTOR, mTORC1, PTKs, PTPs
10  2021 A Highly Sensitive Nonextraction-Assisted HPLC Method with Fluorescence Detection for Quantification of Duvelisib in Plasma Samples and its Application to Pharmacokinetic Study in Rats. CLL, DUV, IS, LOD, LOQ, OLA, SLL
11  2021 A new insulin-sensitive enhancer from Silene viscidula, WPTS, treats type 2 diabetes by ameliorating insulin resistance, reducing dyslipidemia, and promoting proliferation of islet β cells. GLUT4, IRS-1, Lipc, Moat1, Smpd4, WPTS
12  2021 A PIK3R2 Mutation in Familial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as a Possible Pathogenic Variant. iPSCs, PBMCs, TLE
13  2021 A Potential Mechanism Underlying the Therapeutic Effects of Progesterone and Allopregnanolone on Ketamine-Induced Cognitive Deficits. ALLO, EGFR, GLP-1R, MWM, PFC, PGRMC1, PROG
14  2021 A preclinical report of a cobimetinib-inspired novel anticancer small-molecule scaffold of isoflavones, NSC777213, for targeting PI3K/AKT/mTOR/MEK in multiple cancers. MEK/ERK, mTOR, NSCLC, TGI
15  2021 A Putative Serine Protease is Required to Initiate the RIPK3-MLKL-Mediated Necroptotic Death Pathway in Neutrophils. GM-CSF, HNE, MAPK, RIPK3, ROS
16  2021 A review of mechanisms of disease across PIK3CA-related disorders with vascular manifestations. ---
17  2021 A Spatial and Functional Interaction of a Heterotetramer Survivin-DNA-PKcs Complex in DNA Damage Response. IAP
18  2021 A systematic review of the safety and efficacy of currently used treatment modalities in the treatment of patients with PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum. mTOR
19  2021 A treatment combined prussian blue nanoparticles with low-intensity pulsed ultrasound alleviates cartilage damage in knee osteoarthritis by initiating PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway. ECM, KOA, MMPs, mTOR, ROS
20  2021 Abrogation of histone deacetylases (HDACs) decreases survival of chronic myeloid leukemia cells: New insight into attenuating effects of the PI3K/c-Myc axis on panobinostat cytotoxicity. CML, HDAC, HDACs, TKIs
21  2021 Absorption, metabolism and excretion of pictilisib, a potent pan-class I phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase (PI3K) inhibitor, in rats, dogs, and humans. ---
22  2021 ABT-263 enhanced bacterial phagocytosis of macrophages in aged mouse through Beclin-1-dependent autophagy. 3-MA
23  2021 Actein antagonizes colorectal cancer through blocking PI3K/Akt pathways by downregulating IMPDH2. CRC, GSK-3beta
24  2021 Activation of Hippocampal IR/IRS-1 Signaling Contributes to the Treatment with Zuogui Jiangtang Jieyu Decoction on the Diabetes-Related Depression. FST, GLUT4, IR, IRS-1, MCT4, MWMT, ZJJ
25  2021 Activation of PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway in Rat Hypothalamus Induced by an Acute Oral Administration of D-Pinitol. DPIN
26  2021 Activation of PI3K/PKB/GSK-3β signaling by sciadopitysin protects cardiomyocytes against high glucose-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis. CAT, Cyt C, DCM, GSH-Px, GSK-3beta, HG, LDH, MDA, PKB, SOD
27  2021 Adiponectin Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-induced Apoptosis by Regulating the Cx43/PI3K/AKT Pathway. APN, Cx43, LPS
28  2021 Adipose-derived stem cell induced-tissue repair or wound healing is mediated by the concomitant upregulation of miR-21 and miR-29b expression and activation of the AKT signaling pathway. ADSCs, alpha-SMA, COL1A1, ECM, HDFs, MMP, PTEN, VEGF
29  2021 Adjuvant effects of chemotherapeutics and Metformin on MFE-319 endometrial carcinoma cell line. ANOVA, MTT, p-Akt, P-Erk, VEGF
30  2021 Adlay hull extracts attenuate β-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity and oxidative stress in PC12 cells through antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antiapoptotic activities. AD, Akt, Bcl, LPS
31  2021 Advanced glycosylation end products inhibit the proliferation of bone-marrow stromal cells through activating MAPK pathway. AGEs, BMSCs, CCK-8, MAPK, NF-kappaB
32  2021 Advances in Therapy for Hormone Receptor (HR)-Positive, Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2)-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Experienced Progression After Treatment with CDK4/6 Inhibitors. ABC, BC, BCL-2, CDK7, ET, HER2, HR, Trop-2
33  2021 Aerobic exercise suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma by downregulating dynamin-related protein 1 through PI3K/AKT pathway. Drp1, HCC, p-Akt, p-PI3K
34  2021 AGEs promote calcification of HASMCs by mediating Pi3k/AKT-GSK3β signaling. AGEs, GSK3-beta, HASMCs
35  2021 Aging Additively Influences Insulin- and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1-Mediated Endothelial Dysfunction and Antioxidant Deficiency in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. IGF-1, MDA, NO, SHRs, TAC, WKYs
36  2021 Akt and its phosphorylation in nucleus accumbens mediate heroin-seeking behavior induced by cues in rats. CC, CS, NAc, p-Akt
37  2021 Akt Isoforms: A Family Affair in Breast Cancer. PKB
38  2021 Akt phosphorylates insulin receptor substrate to limit PI3K-mediated PIP3 synthesis. IRS
39  2021 AKT3 is a key regulator of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. HNSCC, mTOR
40  2021 Alpelisib for the treatment of PIK3CA-mutated, hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer. HER2, HR, PFS
41  2021 Alpelisib-Induced Diabetic Ketoacidosis. FDA, HbA1C, HER2, HR
42  2021 Alpelisib-Induced Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Case Report and Review of Literature. DKA
43  2021 Alpelisib: A Novel Therapy for Patients With PIK3CA-Mutated Metastatic Breast Cancer. HER2, HR, PIK3CA
44  2021 Amphiregulin increases migration and proliferation of epithelial ovarian cancer cells by inducing its own expression via PI3-kinase signaling. AREG, EGFR, EOC, MAPK
45  2021 Amphiregulin promotes hair regeneration of skin-derived precursors via the PI3K and MAPK pathways. AREG, HFs, MAPK, SKPs
46  2021 An acetyl-histone vulnerability in PI3K/AKT inhibition-resistant cancers is targetable by both BET and HDAC inhibitors. CoA, GF/R, HDAC
47  2021 An E3 Ubiquitin Ligase RNF139 Serves as a Tumor-Suppressor in Glioma. RNF139
48  2021 An evidence update on the protective mechanism of tangeretin against neuroinflammation based on network pharmacology prediction and transcriptomic analysis. EGFR, INSR, MAPK, mTOR, VEGFA
49  2021 An IgD-Fc-Ig fusion protein restrains the activation of T and B cells by inhibiting IgD-IgDR-Lck signaling in rheumatoid arthritis. CIA, IgD, IgDR, NF-kappaB, p-Lck, RA
50  2021 An update of the molecular mechanisms underlying doxorubicin plus trastuzumab induced cardiotoxicity. DOX, FAK, HER2, MAPK
51  2021 Analysis of PI3K Pathway Associated Molecules Reveals Dysregulated Innate and Adaptive Functions of B Cells in Early Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis. BCR, dcSSc, HC, SPP1, SSc, TLR
52  2021 Angiotensin II-induced histone deacetylase 5 phosphorylation, nuclear export, and Egr-1 expression are mediated by Akt pathway in A10 vascular smooth muscle cells. Ang II, Egr-1, HDAC5, IGF-1, VSMCs
53  2021 Antagonizing effects of curcumin against mercury-induced autophagic death and trace elements disorder by regulating PI3K/AKT and Nrf2 pathway in the spleen. ---
54  2021 Antemortem inhibition of phosphoinositide 3-kinase causes changes in meat quality traits in broiler chickens. ---
55  2021 Anti-Adipogenic Effect of Alchemilla monticola is Mediated Via PI3K/AKT Signaling Inhibition in Human Adipocytes. ALM, AST, CEBPA, NMR, PPARgamma, QUE
56  2021 Anti-cancer effects of Tranilast: An update. MAPK, NF-kappaB, TGF-beta, TRN
57  2021 Anti-Cancer Properties of Theaflavins. Bax, Bcl-2, mTOR
58  2021 Anti-DLBCL efficacy of DCZ0825 in vitro and in vivo: involvement of the PI3K‒AKT‒mTOR/JNK pathway. DLBCL
59  2021 Anticancer effect of myristicin on hepatic carcinoma and related molecular mechanism. Bax, Bcl-2, EMT, FCM, mTOR, qRT-PCR
60  2021 Anticancer Therapy with HDAC Inhibitors: Mechanism-Based Combination Strategies and Future Perspectives. HATs, HDACIs, HDACs, PROTACs
61  2021 Antidepressant mechanism of catalpol: Involvement of the PI3K/Akt/Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway in rat hippocampus. CUMS, HO-1, Nrf2, TrkB
62  2021 Antiepileptic Effects of Cicadae Periostracum on Mice and Its Antiapoptotic Effects in H2O2-Stimulated PC12 Cells via Regulation of PI3K/Akt/Nrf2 Signaling Pathways. CAT, CPM, EB, GSH-Px, HO-1, MOMP, Nrf2, ROS, SOD, TCM
63  2021 Antineoplastic Activity of an Old Natural Antidiabetic Biguanoid on the Human Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Line. ELISA, FOXO1, MET, MTC, MTT, PI, qRT-PCR, RET
64  2021 Antitumor activity and mechanism of resistance of the novel HDAC and PI3K dual inhibitor CUDC-907 in pancreatic cancer. ERK, HDACs
65  2021 Antitumor Activity of Nanoparticles Loaded with PHT-427, a Novel AKT/PDK1 Inhibitor, for the Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. alpha-TOS, EGFR, HNSCC, NPs, ROS
66  2021 Aqueous Cichorium intybus L. seed extract may protect against acute palmitate-induced impairment in cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells by adjusting the Akt/eNOS pathway, ROS: NO ratio and ET-1 concentration. BSA, ET-1, HUVECs, MAPK, NO, ROS
67  2021 Arbutin exerts anticancer activity against rat C6 glioma cells by inducing apoptosis and inhibiting the inflammatory markers and P13/Akt/mTOR cascade. mTOR, qPCR, ROS
68  2021 Arctigenin Triggers Apoptosis and Autophagy via PI3K/Akt/mTOR Inhibition in PC-3M Cells. ARG, CCK-8, DAPI, FITC/PI, mTOR
69  2021 Assessment of the effects of Syk and BTK inhibitors on GPVI-mediated platelet signaling and function. BTK, GPVI, ITAM, PLCgamma2, Syk, TKIs
70  2021 Association of PIK3CA mutation and PTEN loss with expression of CD274 (PD-L1) in colorectal carcinoma. CI, OR
71  2021 Astragali Radix Isoflavones Synergistically Alleviate Cerebral Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury Via Activating Estrogen Receptor-PI3K-Akt Signaling Pathway. OGD/RO
72  2021 Atractylodin inhibited the migration and induced autophagy in cholangiocarcinoma cells via PI3K/AKT/mTOR and p38MAPK signalling pathways. ATD, mTOR
73  2021 Atrial fibrillation risk in patients suffering from type I diabetes mellitus. A review of clinical and experimental evidence. AF, DM, T1DM
74  2021 Attenuating PI3K/Akt- mTOR pathway reduces dihydrosphingosine 1 phosphate mediated collagen synthesis and hypertrophy in primary cardiac cells. Coll1, dhS1P, GSK-3beta, HF, mTOR, NCFs, NCMs, S1P, SK1, TGF-beta, TIMP1
75  2021 Augmented Antitumor Activity for Novel Dual PI3K/BDR4 Inhibitors, SF2523 and SF1126 in Ewing Sarcoma. ES
76  2021 Autophagy Inhibition by ATG3 Knockdown Remits Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reoxygenation-Induced Injury and Inflammation in Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells. ATG3, CCK-8, CI/R, IL-1beta, LC3, OGD/R, p-Akt, TNF-alpha
77  2021 Autotransplantation of the ovarian cortex after in-vitro activation for infertility treatment: a shortened procedure. DOR, IVA, mTOR, POI, POR
78  2021 Baicalin Attenuates Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reoxygenation-Induced Injury by Modulating the BDNF-TrkB/PI3K/Akt and MAPK/Erk1/2 Signaling Axes in Neuron-Astrocyte Cocultures. BCL, BDNF, CREB, ERK, MAPK, OGD/R, TrkB
79  2021 BC and 1,4NQ-BC up-regulate the cytokines and enhance IL-33 expression in LPS pretreatment of human bronchial epithelial cells☆. BC, LPS, MAPKs
80  2021 BC-N102 suppress breast cancer tumorigenesis by interfering with cell cycle regulatory proteins and hormonal signaling, and induction of time-course arrest of cell cycle at G1/G0 phase. AR, ER, ERK, MAPK, MR, PR
81  2021 BECLIN1: Protein Structure, Function and Regulation. PtdIns
82  2021 Bile Acid Toxicity and Protein Kinases. Bax, Bcl-2, BH3, cAMP, DISC, FADD, IL-1beta, MAPK, MLKL, NADPH, RIP1, ROS
83  2021 Bioactive glass activates VEGF paracrine signaling of cardiomyocytes to promote cardiac angiogenesis. BG, HIF-1alpha, VEGF
84  2021 Bioinformatic Analysis of Two TOR (Target of Rapamycin)-Like Proteins Encoded by Entamoeba histolytica Revealed Structural Similarities with Functional Homologs. FRAP, TOR
85  2021 Biotechnologically Produced Lavandula angustifolia Mill. Extract Rich in Rosmarinic Acid Resolves Psoriasis-Related Inflammation Through Janus Kinase/Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription Signaling. IFN-gamma, IL, JAK/STAT, LV, NF-kappaB, RA
86  2021 BKCa channel participates in insulin-induced lipid deposition in adipocytes by increasing intracellular calcium. KO, TG
87  2021 BKM120 sensitizes BRCA-proficient triple negative breast cancer cells to olaparib through regulating FOXM1 and Exo1 expression. DSBs, Exo1, FOXM1, HR, SSBs, TNBCs
88  2021 Brassinin enhances the anticancer actions of paclitaxel by targeting multiple signaling pathways in colorectal cancer cells. BSN, JAKs, mTOR, STAT3
89  2021 BRD4 inhibition sensitizes aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas to PI3Kδ inhibitors by suppressing PI3K reactivation and c-MYC expression. BRD4i, NHLs, PI3Kdelta, PI3Kdeltai
90  2021 Breviscapine Pretreatment Inhibits Myocardial Inflammation and Apoptosis in Rats After Coronary Microembolization by Activating the PI3K/Akt/GSK-3β Signaling Pathway. CME, GSK-3beta, SD
91  2021 BRG1 regulates lipid metabolism in hepatocellular carcinoma through the PIK3AP1/PI3K/AKT pathway by mediating GLMP expression. BRG1, GLMP, HCC, PIK3AP1
92  2021 c-Casitas b-Lineage Lymphoma Downregulation Improves the Ability of Long-term Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Promoting Angiogenesis and Diabetic Wound Healing. c-Cbl, LNA Gapmers, MSCs
93  2021 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent regulation of Rac GTPases and Akt in histamine-induced chemotaxis of mast cells. PLC
94  2021 Cancer immunotherapy with PI3K and PD-1 dual-blockade via optimal modulation of T cell activation signal. ICB, PD-1
95  2021 Capivasertib restricts SARS-CoV-2 cellular entry: a potential clinical application for COVID-19. COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2
96  2021 Cardamonin inhibits the progression of oesophageal cancer by inhibiting the PI3K/AKT signalling pathway. CAR, EMT, MMPs
97  2021 Carnosic acid depends on glutathione to promote mitochondrial protection in methylglyoxal-exposed SH-SY5Y cells. ATP, BSO, CA, gamma-GCL, MG, MMP, Nrf2
98  2021 Catalpol Weakens Depressive-like Behavior in Mice with Streptozotocin-induced Hyperglycemia via PI3K/AKT/Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling Pathway. HO-1, Nrf2, STZ
99  2021 Catenin Alpha-2 Mutation Changes the Immune Microenvironment in Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. CTNNA2, DDR, GDSC, GSEA, GzmB, ICIs, KIR2DL1, LUAD, OS, TMB, WES
100  2021 CBL mutations drive PI3K/AKT signaling via increased interaction with LYN and PIK3R1. Cbl, CMML, PIK3R1