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Abbreviation : PKC
Long Form : palm kernel cake
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Effects of Lacto-Fermented Agricultural By-Products as a Natural Disinfectant against Post-Harvest Diseases of Mango (Mangifera indica L.). LAB, OP, PP, RB, WR
2021 Equilibrium and thermodynamic investigation of biosorption of nickel from water by activated carbon made from palm kernel chaff. ---
2021 Feeding behavior of feedlot-finished crossbred bulls fed palm kernel cake. DM, NDF
2021 Is Palm Kernel Cake a Suitable Alternative Feed Ingredient for Poultry? CF, CP, EE, SBM, SSF
2020 Characteristics and bioactive properties of mannooligosaccharides derived from agro-waste mannans. CM, GG, MOS
2020 Effect of replacing conventional feeds with tropical agricultural by-products on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility and ruminal microbiota of water buffaloes. DDGS, DMI, SCFA
2020 Efficient and Simultaneous Chitosan-Mediated Removal of 11 Mycotoxins from Palm Kernel Cake. DON, OTA, RSM, ZEA
2020 Enhancement of β-Mannanase Production by Bacillus subtilis ATCC11774 through Optimization of Medium Composition. CCD, RSM
2020 Extrusion enhances apparent metabolizable energy, ileal protein and amino acid digestibility of palm kernel cake in broilers. AME, CP, EPKC, SPKC
10  2020 Naturally Produced Lovastatin Modifies the Histology and Proteome Profile of Goat Skeletal Muscle. ---
11  2020 Oligosaccharides from Palm Kernel Cake Enhances Adherence Inhibition and Intracellular Clearance of Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis In Vitro. Caco-2, DP, FOS, MOS, ser
12  2019 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE)-Peptide Interactions: Inhibition Kinetics, In Silico Molecular Docking and Stability Study of Three Novel Peptides Generated from Palm Kernel Cake Proteins. ACE, CE
13  2019 Comparative Study of Extracellular Proteolytic, Cellulolytic, and Hemicellulolytic Enzyme Activities and Biotransformation of Palm Kernel Cake Biomass by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Malaysian Foods. LAB, SSF
14  2019 Effect of dietary supplementation of palm kernel cake on ovarian and hepatic function in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). AST, BW, GGT
15  2019 Effects of Corn Supplementation into PKC-Urea Treated Rice Straw Basal Diet on Hematological, Biochemical Indices and Serum Mineral Level in Lambs. LDL, Se, Zn
16  2019 Effects of corn supplementation on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Dorper lambs fed PKC-Urea treated rice straw. LL, SS, ST
17  2019 Effects of corn supplementation on the antioxidant activity, selected minerals, and gene expression of selenoprotein and metallothionein in serum, liver, and kidney of sheep-fed palm kernel cake: urea-treated rice straw diets. GPx, MDA
18  2018 Effects of naturally-produced lovastatin on feed digestibility, rumen fermentation, microbiota and methane emissions in goats over a 12-week treatment period. BW, DMI
19  2018 Evaluation of the effect of soluble polysaccharides of palm kernel cake as a potential prebiotic on the growth of probiotics. DSC
20  2018 High-level expression of an engineered beta-mannanase (mRmMan5A) in Pichia pastoris for manno-oligosaccharide production using steam explosion pretreated palm kernel cake. ---
21  2017 Electrochemical Immunosensor for the Detection of Aflatoxin B₁ in Palm Kernel Cake and Feed Samples. CS, DPV, EDC, ELISA, HPLC, HRP, MWCNT, NHS, TMB
22  2017 In Ovo and dietary administration of oligosaccharides extracted from palm kernel cake influence general health of pre- and neonatal broiler chicks. OligoPKC
23  2017 Optimization of thermostable organic solvent-tolerant lipase production by thermotolerant Rhizopus sp. using solid-state fermentation of palm kernel cake. gds, SSF, TS-OST
24  2017 Performance and meat quality characteristics of broilers fed fermented mixture of grated cassava roots and palm kernel cake as replacement for maize. ADFI, ADWG, CRM, FCP-mix, FCR
25  2017 The use of innovative and efficient nanocomposite (magnetic graphene oxide) for the reduction on of Fusarium mycotoxins in palm kernel cake. DON, MGO, MGO, RSM, ZEA
26  2016 Enhanced mannan-derived fermentable sugars of palm kernel cake by mannanase-catalyzed hydrolysis for production of biobutanol. ABE, ANOVA
27  2016 Evaluation of several ionic liquids for in situ hydrolysis of empty fruit bunches by locally-produced cellulase. Cho, Cho, EFB, IL
28  2016 Experimental design of response surface methodology used for utilisation of palm kernel cake as solid substrate for optimised production of fungal mannanase. DP, gds, RSM, SSF
29  2016 Screening, statistical optimized production, and application of beta-mannanase from some newly isolated fungi. SSF
30  2016 Valorization of By-Products from Palm Oil Mills for the Production of Generic Fermentation Media for Microbial Oil Synthesis. FAN, PPF
31  2015 Cytoprotective effect of palm kernel cake phenolics against aflatoxin B1-induced cell damage and its underlying mechanism of action. AFB1, PEF
32  2015 Saccharification of polysaccharide content of palm kernel cake using enzymatic catalysis for production of biobutanol in acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation. ABE
33  2014 Biodegradation of palm kernel cake by cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic bacterial cultures through solid state fermentation. ATCC, DSMZ, FPKC, SSF
34  2014 Effect of feeding palm oil by-products based diets on total bacteria, cellulolytic bacteria and methanogenic archaea in the rumen of goats. CD, DC, DCD, PKCD, PO
35  2014 Isolation and selection of new biosurfactant producing bacteria from degraded palm kernel cake under liquid state fermentation. ---
36  2014 Palm kernel cake extract exerts hepatoprotective activity in heat-induced oxidative stress in chicken hepatocytes. ---
37  2014 Production of butanol by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4 from palm kernel cake in acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation using an empirical model. ABE
38  2014 Simultaneous determination of multi-mycotoxins in palm kernel cake (PKC) using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). DON, ESI, LODs, LOQs, OTA, ZEA
39  2014 Studies on extraction of mannanase enzyme by Aspergillus terreus SUK-1 from fermented palm kernel cake. SSF
40  2013 Characterization of cellulolytic bacterial cultures grown in different substrates. ATCC, DSMZ, SSF
41  2012 Effect of palm kernel cake as protein source in a concentrate diet on intake, digestibility and live weight gain of goats fed Napier grass. CP, DM, LW, NDF, OM
42  2012 Effects of dietary molybdenum, sulfur and zinc on the excretion and tissue accumulation of trace elements in sheep fed palm kernel cake-based diets. ---
43  2012 Production of defatted palm kernel cake protein hydrolysate as a valuable source of natural antioxidants. DH, pI
44  2012 Purification and characterisation of antibacterial peptide-containing compound derived from palm kernel cake. ESI-MS, NMR
45  2011 Effects of different levels of dietary sulfur and molybdenum on concentrations of copper and other elements in plasma and liver of lambs fed palm kernel cake diets. ---
46  2011 Fast pyrolysis of palm kernel cake in a closed-tubular reactor: product compositions and kinetic model. ---
47  2010 Pyrolysis and combustion of oil palm stone and palm kernel cake in fixed-bed reactors. OPS
48  2010 Solid-state fermentation of palm kernel cake with Aspergillus flavus in laterally aerated moving bed bioreactor. LAMB, SSF
49  2009 Productive and reproductive performance of strategically supplemented free grazing prepartum Bunaji cows in the agropastoral farming system. ADG, BCS, CB, DBG, LL, RG
50  2009 The effects of palm kernel cake based diet on spermatogenesis in Malin x Santa-Ines rams. ---
51  2009 Utilization of palm kernel cake for production of beta-mannanase by Aspergillus niger FTCC 5003 in solid substrate fermentation using an aerated column bioreactor. CCF, RSM, SSF
52  2005 Fungal solid state culture of palm kernel cake. ---
53  2005 Tamarind seed powder and palm kernel cake: two novel agro residues for the production of tannase under solid state fermentation by Aspergillus niger ATCC 16620. gds, SSF, TSP
54  1996 Determination of shell content in palm kernel cake. ---
55  1996 Dietary zinc treatment for chronic copper intoxication in palm kernel cake (PKC) fed sheep. ---
56  1995 The protective role of zinc in palm kernel cake (PKC) toxicity in sheep. ---
57  1987 Palm kernel cake as a broiler feed ingredient. ---