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Abbreviation : PP2A
Long Form : protein phosphatase 2A
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A functional interaction between liprin-α1 and B56γ regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 2A supports tumor cell motility. PMAPs, SLiM
2022 A new paradigm for regulation of protein phosphatase 2A function via Src and Fyn kinase-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation. AD, PP2Ac, SFKs
2022 Activation of PKC results in improved contractile effects and Ca2+ cycling by inhibition of PP2A-B56α. PMA, WT
2022 Adaptation of protein phosphatases in Oryza sativa and Cucumis sativus to microcystins. MCs, PPs
2022 ALA Upregulates MdPTPA Expression to Increase the PP2A Activity and Promote Stomatal Opening in Apple Leaves. ABA, ALA, FLC
2022 Aluminum Poisoning with Emphasis on Its Mechanism and Treatment of Intoxication. DFO, ROS
2022 Ammonia stress affects the structure and function of hemocyanin in Penaeus vannamei. CK2alpha, HMC, OxyHMC, PvHMC
2022 Amyloid beta induces Fmr1-dependent translational suppression and hyposynchrony of neural activity via phosphorylation of eIF2α and eEF2. AD, eEF2, eIF2alpha, FMR1, FMRP, PP1
2022 Analysis of the potential role of fission yeast PP2A in spindle assembly checkpoint inactivation. SAC
10  2022 Angiotensin Type-2 Receptors: Transducers of Natriuresis in the Renal Proximal Tubule. Ang II, AT1R, BP, cGMP, RPT, RPTCs
11  2022 Cancerous Inhibitor of Protein Phosphatase 2A (CIP2A): Could It Be a Promising Biomarker and Therapeutic Target in Parkinson's Disease? CIP2A, CIP2A, PD
12  2022 Catalytic Subunit of Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2Ac) Influences the Meiosis Initiation During Spermatocyte Meiosis Prophase I. cKO, DSB
13  2022 cGMP signaling pathway that modulates NF-κB activation in innate immune responses. cGK, cGMP, NF-kappaB
14  2022 Characterization of Early Alzheimer's Disease-Like Pathological Alterations in Non-Human Primates with Aging: A Pilot Study. AMPK, LOAD, NHPs
15  2022 Chemogenetic profiling reveals PP2A-independent cytotoxicity of proposed PP2A activators iHAP1 and DT-061. ER
16  2022 Chk1 Inhibition Ameliorates Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis and Cognitive Dysfunction Through CIP2A/PP2A Signaling. AD, Chk1
17  2022 Clinical, neuroimaging and molecular characteristics of PPP2R5D-related neurodevelopmental disorders: an expanded series with functional characterisation and genotype-phenotype analysis. VUS
18  2022 Combination of dasatinib and okadaic acid induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest by targeting protein phosphatase PP2A in chronic myeloid leukemia cells. CML, OA
19  2022 Coupling to short linear motifs creates versatile PME-1 activities in PP2A holoenzyme demethylation and inhibition. PME-1
20  2022 Deletion of Protein Phosphatase 2A Accelerates Retinal Degeneration in GRK1- and Arr1-Deficient Mice. GRK1
21  2022 Deletion of Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene Ulk4 Leads to Abnormal Cognitive Behaviors via Akt-GSK-3 Signaling Pathway in Mice. cKO, SCZ, ULK4
22  2022 Determining the Anticancer Activity of Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors Containing Heteroatoms in Their Tail Structure. S1P, S1PR1-5, SK
23  2022 Development of actionable targets of multi-kinase inhibitors (AToMI) screening platform to dissect kinase targets of staurosporines in glioblastoma cells. AToMI
24  2022 DNA-Damage-Response-Targeting Mitochondria-Activated Multifunctional Prodrug Strategy for Self-Defensive Tumor Therapy. 5-FU, FUDR
25  2022 Effects of resveratrol and its derivative pterostilbene on hepatic injury and immunological stress of weaned piglets challenged with lipopolysaccharide. LPS, MPO, NF-kappaB, NLRP3, PT, RSV
26  2022 Endocytosis Pathway Self-Regulation for Precise Image-Guided Therapy through an Enzyme-Responsive Modular Peptide Probe. CME, CvME, MMP-2
27  2022 Epigallocatechine-3-gallate Inhibits the Adipogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells via the Regulation of Protein Phosphatase-2A and Myosin Phosphatase. EGCG, MP, PKA, PPARgamma
28  2022 Genomic Analysis of Soybean PP2A-B ' ' Family and Its Effects on Drought and Salt Tolerance. qPCR, ROS
29  2022 Growth arrest of PPP2R5C and PPP2R5D double knockout mice indicates a genetic interaction and conserved function for these PP2A B subunits. ---
30  2022 GSK3β is a critical, druggable component of the network regulating the active NOTCH1 protein and cell viability in CLL. CLL, N1ICD
31  2022 High fructose induces dysfunctional vasodilatation via PP2A-mediated eNOS Ser1177 dephosphorylation. ACh, eNOS, NO, PP2A cKO, PP2Ac, Ser, SNP, Tyr, WT
32  2022 Impaired myocellular Ca2+ cycling in protein phosphatase PP2A-B56α KO mice is normalized by β-adrenergic stimulation. ---
33  2022 Inhibition of PP2A by LB100 sensitizes bladder cancer cells to chemotherapy by inducing p21 degradation. BLCA, DDR, MS
34  2022 Inhibitory role of TRIP-Br1 oncoprotein in anticancer drug-mediated programmed cell death via mitophagy activation. PCD, STS
35  2022 Intracellular antibody targeting HBx suppresses invasion and metastasis in hepatitis B virus-related hepatocarcinogenesis via protein phosphatase 2A-B56γ-mediated dephosphorylation of protein kinase B. HBx, HBx-Tg, MMP-2
36  2022 Is Nucleoredoxin a Master Regulator of Cellular Redox Homeostasis? Its Implication in Different Pathologies. DVL, FLII, MYD88, NXN, PFK-1, SEC63
37  2022 LCK-Mediated RIPK3 Activation Controls Double-Positive Thymocyte Proliferation and Restrains Thymic Lymphoma by Regulating the PP2A-ERK Axis. DP, ENU, ERK, LCK, RIPK3
38  2022 Liver PP2A-Cα Protects From Parenteral Nutrition-associated Hepatic Steatosis. AMPK, PN, PNAHS, TPN
39  2022 Molecular Pharmacology and Novel Potential Therapeutic Applications of Fingolimod. AD, cPLA2alpha, LPA, PD, S1PRs, TRMP7
40  2022 NNMT contributes to high metastasis of triple negative breast cancer by enhancing PP2A/MEK/ERK/c-Jun/ABCA1 pathway mediated membrane fluidity. EMT, NNMT, TNBC
41  2022 Oct4 facilitates chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by mediating CIP2A expression. CD, CIP2A, MSCs, OCT4
42  2022 Overexpression of cancerous inhibitor ofPP2A (CIP2A) in acute myeloid leukemia. AML, CIP2A, DFS, OS
43  2022 Paliperidone alleviates MK-801-induced damage to prefrontal cortical neurons via the PP2A/PTEN pathway. PTEN
44  2022 Peptide PDHPS1 Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Growth through Disrupting YAP Signaling. ---
45  2022 Phosphatase protector alpha4 (α4) is involved in adipocyte maintenance and mitochondrial homeostasis through regulation of insulin signaling. PTP1B, Ybx1
46  2022 Potential of phenothiazines to synergistically block calmodulin and reactivate PP2A in cancer cells. CaM, FLU, PTZ
47  2022 PP2A and cancer epigenetics: a therapeutic opportunity waiting to happen. ---
48  2022 PP2A and Its Inhibitors in Helper T-Cell Differentiation and Autoimmunity. ---
49  2022 PP2A is activated by cytochrome c upon formation of a diffuse encounter complex with SET/TAF-Iβ. Cc, DDR
50  2022 PP2A promotes apoptosis and facilitates docetaxel sensitivity via the PP2A/p-eIF4B/XIAP signaling pathway in prostate cancer. CRPC, eIF4B, si, XIAP
51  2022 PP2A regulates metastasis and vasculogenic mimicry formation via PI3K/AKT/ZEB1 axis in non-small cell lung cancers. NSCLC, OA, VM
52  2022 PP2A-associated tau hyperphosphorylation was involved in sevoflurane induced neonatal neurotoxicity. CNS
53  2022 PP2A-B55 and its adapter proteins IER2 and IER5 regulate the activity of RB family proteins and the expression of cell cycle-related genes. IER, Rb
54  2022 PP2A-dependent TFEB activation is blocked by PIKfyve-induced mTORC1 activity. mTORC1, TFEB
55  2022 PP2Acα regulates epidermal cell proliferation via the EGFR/AKT/mTOR pathway in psoriasis-like skin lesions caused by PPP2CA deficiency. EGFR
56  2022 PPP2CA Is a Novel Therapeutic Target in Neuroblastoma Cells That Can Be Activated by the SET Inhibitor OP449. NB
57  2022 PPP2R1A neurodevelopmental disorder is associated with congenital heart defects. CHD
58  2022 Pre-Clinical Study Evaluating Novel Protein Phosphatase 2A Activators as Therapeutics for Neuroblastoma. PDX
59  2022 Preclinical Validation of Tumor-Penetrating and Interfering Peptides against Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. CLL, IP
60  2022 Protein phosphatase 2A catalytic subunit β suppresses PMA/ionomycin-induced T-cell activation by negatively regulating PI3K/Akt signaling. PMA, TCR
61  2022 Protein Phosphatase 2A Deficiency in Macrophages Increases Foam Cell Formation and Accelerates Atherosclerotic Lesion Development. ---
62  2022 Protein Phosphatase 2A Improves Cardiac Functional Response to Ischemia and Sepsis. LPS, WT
63  2022 Protein phosphatase 2A regulated by USP7 is polyubiquitinated and polyneddylated. UPS, USP7
64  2022 Protein phosphatase 2A regulates cytotoxicity and drug resistance by dephosphorylating AHR and MDR1. ---
65  2022 Protein Phosphatase 2A with B' specificity subunits regulates the Hippo-Yorkie signaling axis in the Drosophila eye disc. Hpo-Yki, PE
66  2022 Protein phosphatase 2A-B56γ-Drp1-Rab7 signaling axis regulates mitochondria-lysosome crosstalk to sensitize the anti-cancer therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma. Drp1, HCC, MCSs, MQC, Rab7
67  2022 PTBP1 knockdown promotes neural differentiation of glioblastoma cells through UNC5B receptor. ICF, IHF, PTBP1
68  2022 PTEN/AKT signaling pathway related to hTERT downregulation and telomere shortening induced in Toxoplasma GRA16-expressing colorectal cancer cells. gamma-H2AX, GRA16, PTEN, T. gondii
69  2022 PTPA variants and impaired PP2A activity in early-onset parkinsonism with intellectual disability. ---
70  2022 Recombinant Human Proteoglycan 4 Regulates Phagocytic Activation of Monocytes and Reduces IL-1β Secretion by Urate Crystal Stimulated Gout PBMCs. IL-1ra, MSU, PBMCs, rhPRG4, ROS
71  2022 Refractory Epilepsy in a Toddler With PPP2R1A Gene Mutation and Congenital Hydrocephalus. ---
72  2022 Research progress on the relationship between the TOR signaling pathway regulator, epigenetics, and tumor development. HCC, NSCLC, TIPRL, TOR
73  2022 Role of protein phosphatases in the regulation of nitrogen nutrition in plants. AMTs, CBL9, CIPK23, NR, NUE
74  2022 Sensitization of FOLFOX-resistant colorectal cancer cells via the modulation of a novel pathway involving protein phosphatase 2A. CRC
75  2022 Serine/Threonine Protein Phosphatase 2A Regulates the Transport of Axonal Mitochondria. ---
76  2022 SET improved oocyte maturation by serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A and inhibited oocyte apoptosis in mouse oocytes. BMP15, GDF9, GV, OA, PCOS
77  2022 SHARPIN S146 phosphorylation mediates ARP2/3 interaction, cancer cell invasion and metastasis. ---
78  2022 Synaptotagmin 1-mediated cell membrane penetration and dopamine release enhancement by latroeggtoxin-VI. LETX-VI, Syt1
79  2022 Synergistic antitumor effects of compound-composed optimal formula from Aidi injection on hepatocellular carcinoma and colorectal cancer. CAG, CAN, CCMF, COF, CRC, DARTS, FSC, HCC, MMP, TCMF, UPS
80  2022 Synthesis of PP2A-Activating PF-543 Derivatives and Investigation of Their Inhibitory Effects on Pancreatic Cancer Cells. MS, SK
81  2022 Systematic screening and validation of reliable reference genes for qRT-PCR analysis in Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.). eIF4A, qRT-PCR
82  2022 The Asparaginyl Endopeptidase Legumain: An Emerging Therapeutic Target and Potential Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease. AD, AEP, APP
83  2022 The Mechanism of TNF-α-Mediated Accumulation of Phosphorylated Tau Protein and Its Modulation by Propofol in Primary Mouse Hippocampal Neurons: Role of Mitophagy, NLRP3, and p62/Keap1/Nrf2 Pathway. GSK-3beta, HO-1, NLRP3, p-Tau, ROS, SOD, TNF-alpha
84  2022 The protein phosphatase 2A catalytic subunit StPP2Ac2b enhances susceptibility to Phytophthora infestans and senescence in potato. StPP2Ac
85  2022 The protein phosphatase 2A catalytic subunit StPP2Ac2b is involved in the control of potato tuber sprouting and source-sink balance in tubers and sprouts. PP2Ac
86  2022 The Reduction of Tau Hyperphosphorylation by Cornel Iridoid Glycosides Is Mediated by Their Influence on Calpain Activity. AD, CIG, GSK-3beta, NFTs
87  2022 The role of PP2A /NLRP3 signaling pathway in ambient particulate matter 2.5 induced lung injury. FA, PM2.5, UA, WT
88  2022 TRIM29 regulates the SETBP1/SET/PP2A axis via transcription factor VEZF1 to promote progression of ovarian cancer. CSC, OC, SETBP1, TRIM29
89  2022 Valproic acid decreases vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation via protein phosphatase 2A-mediated p70 S6 kinase inhibition. HDAC, p70S6K, PDGF, VPA, VSMCs
90  2021 1HN, 13C, and 15N backbone resonance assignments of the SET/TAF-1β/I2PP2A oncoprotein (residues 23-225). NAP1
91  2021 A study on the mechanism of PP2A in the recovery of SCI in rats through downregulation of MMP-9 via MAPK signaling pathway. BBB, ELISA, IL-1beta, MAPK, MMP-9, mRNA, qPCR, SCI, TNF-alpha, TUNEL, WB
92  2021 Aging and high-fat diet feeding lead to peripheral insulin resistance and sex-dependent changes in brain of mouse model of tau pathology THY-Tau22. DAB, GFAP, HF, Iba1, IR
93  2021 AGSE: A Novel Grape Seed Extract Enriched for PP2A Activating Flavonoids That Combats Oxidative Stress and Promotes Skin Health. AGSE, GSE, NHDFs, ROS
94  2021 Allosteric activation of PP2A inhibits experimental abdominal aortic aneurysm. AA, AAA
95  2021 Analysis of total microcystins and nodularins by oxidative cleavage of their ADMAdda, DMAdda, and Adda moieties. ADMAdda, DMAdda, ELISA, MCs, MMPB, NODs
96  2021 Betulinic Acid Hydroxamate is Neuroprotective and Induces Protein Phosphatase 2A-Dependent HIF-1α Stabilization and Post-transcriptional Dephosphorylation of Prolyl Hydrolase 2. BAH, HD, HIF, PHDs
97  2021 Carboxyl group-modified α-lactalbumin induces TNF-α-mediated apoptosis in leukemia and breast cancer cells through the NOX4/p38 MAPK/PP2A axis. SEM-LA, TTP
98  2021 Causes and consequences of impaired methionine synthase activity in acquired and inherited disorders of vitamin B12 metabolism. Cbl, IECM, MS, PGC-1alpha, SAM
99  2021 CBP Bromodomain Inhibition Rescues Mice From Lethal Sepsis Through Blocking HMGB1-Mediated Inflammatory Responses. CBP, HMGB1, MKP-1
100  2021 CDC25B partners with PP2A to induce AMPK activation and tumor suppression in triple negative breast cancer. AMPK, CDC25