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Abbreviation : PTGS
Long Form : post-transcriptional gene silencing
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 AC5 protein encoded by squash leaf curl China virus is an RNA silencing suppressor and a virulence determinant. aa, PVX, RSS, SLCCNV
2022 Computational study and design of effective siRNAs to silence structural proteins associated genes of Indian SARS-CoV-2 strains. RNAi, siRNAs, WHO
2022 Development and application of ribonucleic acid therapy strategies against COVID-19. ASO, COVID-19, RNAi, SARS-CoV-2
2022 Dicer dependent tRNA derived small RNAs promote nascent RNA silencing. mRNA, NRS, RNAi, sncRNAs, TGS, tRNAs, tsRNAs
2022 Discovery and Characterization of a Novel Umbravirus from Paederia scandens Plants Showing Leaf Chlorosis and Yellowing Symptoms. MP, ORFs, PSCYV, TGS
2022 Foliar Infiltration of Virus-Derived Small Hairpin RNAs Triggers the RNAi Mechanism against the Cucumber Mosaic Virus. PCR, shRNAs
2022 Functional Characterization of Replication-Associated Proteins Encoded by Alphasatellites Identified in Yunnan Province, China. TGS
2022 NtAGO1 positively regulates the generation and viral resistance of dark green islands in Nicotiana tabacum. CMV, DGIs
2022 P25 and P37 proteins encoded by firespike leafroll-associated virus are viral suppressors of RNA silencing. FLRaV, GFP, IR-PTGS, S-PTGS, TGS
10  2022 VIGS Goes Viral: How VIGS Transforms Our Understanding of Plant Science. HIGS, VIGE, VIGS, VOX
11  2022 Visible gland constantly traces virus-induced gene silencing in cotton. GoPGF, VIGS
12  2021 Comprehensive Mechanism of Gene Silencing and Its Role in Plant Growth and Development. 5'UTR, TGS
13  2021 Contrasting epigenetic control of transgenes and endogenous genes promotes post-transcriptional transgene silencing in Arabidopsis. ---
14  2021 Designing an effective therapeutic siRNA to silence RdRp gene of SARS-CoV-2. RdRp, RNAi, siRNA
15  2021 Differential miRNA profiles in South African cassava mosaic virus-infected cassava landraces reveal clues to susceptibility and tolerance to cassava mosaic disease. CMD, dpi
16  2021 Genome-wide identification of DCL, AGO and RDR gene families and their associated functional regulatory elements analyses in banana (Musa acuminata). AGO, DCL, GO, HR, LR, OT, RDR, RNAi, SR, TFs
17  2021 Investigation of P1/HC-Pro-Mediated ABA/Calcium Signaling Responses via Gene Silencing through High- and Low-Throughput RNA-seq Approaches. ABA, HTP, LTP, TuMV
18  2021 Key Amino Acids for Pepper Vein Yellows Virus P0 Protein Pathogenicity, Gene Silencing, and Subcellular Localization. PeVYV
19  2021 NtRBP45, a nuclear RNA-binding protein of Nicotiana tabacum, facilitates post-transcriptional gene silencing. RBP
20  2021 Post-transcriptional gene silencing of CYP76AD controls betalain biosynthesis in bracts of bougainvillea. ---
21  2021 Post-transcriptional gene silencing of the chalcone synthase gene CHS causes corolla lobe-specific whiting of Japanese gentian. CHS, GORV
22  2021 Research progress on plant noncoding RNAs in response to low-temperature stress. lncRNAs, LT, mncRNAs, ncRNAs, sncRNAs, TGS
23  2021 Role of viral suppressors governing asymmetric synergism between tomato-infecting begomoviruses. ToLCGuV, ToLCNDV
24  2021 Small RNA Profiling of Susceptible and Resistant Ty-1 Encoding Tomato Plants Upon Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Infection. MM, nts, RDR, TGS, TYLCV, vsi
25  2021 The epigenetic factor FVE orchestrates cytoplasmic SGS3-DRB4-DCL4 activities to promote transgene silencing in Arabidopsis. DRB4, dsRNA, FVE, SGS3, siRNAs
26  2021 Transient Expression-Mediated Gene Silencing in Plants and Suppression of Gene Silencing with Viral Suppressors. VSR
27  2021 Trigger and Suppression of Antiviral Defenses by Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus (GPGV): Novel Insights into Virus-Host Interaction. GLMD, GPGV
28  2021 Viroids as a Tool to Study RNA-Directed DNA Methylation in Plants. dsRNA, RdDM, RNAi, ssRNAs, TGS
29  2021 Virus and Viroid-Derived Small RNAs as Modulators of Host Gene Expression: Molecular Insights Into Pathogenesis. sRNAs, TGS, vsiRNAs, VSRs
30  2020 A new method for functional analysis of plastid EMBRYO-DEFECTIVE PPR genes by efficiently constructing cosuppression lines in Arabidopsis. CDS, PPRs, RDR6, WT
31  2020 C4, the Pathogenic Determinant of Tomato Leaf Curl Guangdong Virus, May Suppress Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing by Interacting With BAM1 Protein. BAM1, PVX, RLK, TGS, ToLCGdV, TYLCD
32  2020 Carbon nanocarriers deliver siRNA to intact plant cells for efficient gene knockdown. siRNA
33  2020 Characterization of Curtovirus V2 Protein, a Functional Homolog of Begomovirus V2. BCTV, HR-like, ORF
34  2020 Disturbance of floral colour pattern by activation of an endogenous pararetrovirus, petunia vein clearing virus, in aged petunia plants. PVCV, VSR
35  2020 Dynamic distribution of ARGONAUTE1 (AGO1) and ARGONAUTE4 (AGO4) in Hyacinthus orientalis L. pollen grains and pollen tubes growing in vitro. AGO1, AGO4, RdDM, RISC
36  2020 Functional characterization of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE 3 in reproductive tissues. AGO, nt, sRNAs
37  2020 Investigation of the effects of P1 on HC-pro-mediated gene silencing suppression through genetics and omics approaches. miRNA, siRNA, TuMV
38  2020 Post-transcriptional gene silencing: Basic concepts and applications. dsRNA, siRNA
39  2020 RNA2-encoded VP37 protein of Broad bean wilt virus 1 is a determinant of pathogenicity, host susceptibility, and a suppressor of post-transcriptional gene silencing. MPs, PVX
40  2020 The diversity of post-transcriptional gene silencing mediated by small silencing RNAs in plants. DCL1, miRNA, nt, siRNA, sRNAs
41  2020 Tobacco RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 1 affects the expression of defence-related genes in Nicotiana benthamiana upon Tomato leaf curl Gujarat virus infection. ARF18, COP9, GPX1, HSTF-B4, NGS, nt, PPRP, RDR1, siRNAs, sRNA, TGS, ToLCGV, USP, vsiRNAs
42  2020 Unexpected variations in posttranscriptional gene silencing induced by differentially produced dsRNAs in tobacco cells. AS, IR, sRNAs, UT
43  2020 Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) in Cannabis sativa L. ChlI, CLCrV, PDS, siRNAs, VIGS
44  2020 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in Chili Pepper (Capsicum spp.). TRV, VIGS
45  2020 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Olive Tree (Oleaceae). GOI, TRV, VIGS
46  2019 A genetics screen highlights emerging roles for CPL3, RST1 and URT1 in RNA metabolism and silencing. CPL3, ERF6, RST1, URT1
47  2019 An H3K27me3 demethylase-HSFA2 regulatory loop orchestrates transgenerational thermomemory in Arabidopsis. HSFA2, HTT5, REF6, SGS3, ta-siRNA
48  2019 Chemical enhancers of posttranscriptional gene silencing in Arabidopsis. DCL3, DFPM, DRB4, siRNAs
49  2019 Extensive profiling in Arabidopsis reveals abundant polysome-associated 24-nt small RNAs including AGO5-dependent pseudogene-derived siRNAs. mi, TGS, TR
50  2019 Inhibition of post-transcriptional gene silencing of chalcone synthase genes in petunia picotee petals by fluacrypyrim. ChsA, siRNA
51  2019 Proteasome subunit RPT2a promotes PTGS through repressing RNA quality control in Arabidopsis. RQC
52  2019 RST1 and RIPR connect the cytosolic RNA exosome to the Ski complex in Arabidopsis. rqc-siRNAs, RST1
53  2019 siRNA-Finder (si-Fi) Software for RNAi-Target Design and Off-Target Prediction. RNAi, si-Fi
54  2019 Systematic Screening, Rational Development, and Initial Optimization of Efficacious RNA Silencing Agents for Human Rod Opsin Therapeutics. HHRz, RNAi, RT-PCR, shRNA
55  2019 The Diversity of Plant Small RNAs Silencing Mechanisms. TGS
56  2019 The viral F-box protein P0 induces an ER-derived autophagy degradation pathway for the clearance of membrane-bound AGO1. AGO1, ATI1 and ATI2, ER, TuYV, VSRs
57  2019 Using RNA Interference for Purinoceptor Knockdown In Vivo. dsRNA, RNAi
58  2018 A Genetic Network for Systemic RNA Silencing in Plants. DCL2, siRNAs
59  2018 Actions of plant Argonautes: predictable or unpredictable? AGO, nt, RISC, sRNAs, TGS
60  2018 Cotton Leaf Curl Multan virus C4 protein suppresses both transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene silencing by interacting with SAM synthetase. CLCuMuV, SAMS, TGS
61  2018 Crosstalk between PTGS and TGS pathways in natural antiviral immunity and disease recovery. ORMV, TGS, VSR
62  2018 Enhancement of Recombinant Protein Production in Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana Plant Cell Suspension Cultures with Co-Cultivation of Agrobacterium Containing Silencing Suppressors. CaMV, rAAT
63  2018 Functional Scanning of Apple Geminivirus Proteins as Symptom Determinants and Suppressors of Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing. AGV
64  2018 Innate Immunity Activation and RNAi Interplay in Citrus Exocortis Viroid-Tomato Pathosystem. CEVd, DCL, RISC, SAR
65  2018 Nuclear functions of mammalian MicroRNAs in gene regulation, immunity and cancer. miRNAs, RISC, TGA, TGS
66  2018 Respective Contributions of URT1 and HESO1 to the Uridylation of 5' Fragments Produced From RISC-Cleaved mRNAs. AGO1, miRNA, RISC, siRNA, TUTases
67  2018 Strategies for improving the specificity of siRNAs for enhanced therapeutic potential. siRNA
68  2018 Sugarcane Mosaic Virus-Based Gene Silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana. SCMV, TRV, VIGS
69  2018 The V2 protein encoded by a monopartite begomovirus is a suppressor of both post-transcriptional and transcriptional gene silencing activity. GFP, PaLCuV, PV2, TGS
70  2017 A Genetic Screen for Impaired Systemic RNAi Highlights the Crucial Role of DICER-LIKE 2. dsRNA, RDR6, siRNAs
71  2017 DCL2- and RDR6-dependent transitive silencing of SMXL4 and SMXL5 in Arabidopsis dcl4 mutants causes defective phloem transport and carbohydrate over-accumulation. DCL, RDR6, SMXL4
72  2017 Elucidating the role of highly homologous Nicotiana benthamiana ubiquitin E2 gene family members in plant immunity through an improved virus-induced gene silencing approach. bp, PCD, ROS, VIGS
73  2017 Induction of Transcriptional Gene Silencing by Expression of shRNA Directed to c-Myc P2 Promoter in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Tissue-Specific Virosomal Delivery. HCC, TGS
74  2017 MiR-1254 suppresses HO-1 expression through seed region-dependent silencing and non-seed interaction with TFAP2A transcript to attenuate NSCLC growth. HO-1, miRNAs, NSCLC, TFAP2A
75  2017 Post-transcriptional silencing of chalcone synthase is involved in phenotypic lability in petals and leaves of bicolor dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) 'Yuino'. CHS
76  2017 sgs1: a neomorphic nac52 allele impairing post-transcriptional gene silencing through SGS3 downregulation. ---
77  2017 The poly(A) tail blocks RDR6 from converting self mRNAs into substrates for gene silencing. mRNAs, RDR6
78  2016 A cellular high-throughput screening approach for therapeutic trans-cleaving ribozymes and RNAi against arbitrary mRNA disease targets. HHRz, HTS, RNAi, SEAP
79  2016 Comparative analysis of virus-derived small RNAs within cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) infected with cassava brown streak viruses. AGO, CBSD, CBSV, sRNAs, UCBSV, vsRNAs
80  2016 DNA Methylation Influences the Expression of DICER-LIKE4 Isoforms, Which Encode Proteins of Alternative Localization and Function. AGO1, DCL, dsRNA, RdDM, siRNAs, TEs
81  2016 Effects of a petunia scaffold/matrix attachment region on copy number dependency and stability of transgene expression in Nicotiana tabacum. P35S-gus, TGS
82  2016 Intracellular and extracellular microRNA: An update on localization and biological role. AGO, ER, miRNA, RISC
83  2016 Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants: a double-edged sword. siRNA
84  2016 RNA-seq-based evaluation of bicolor tepal pigmentation in Asiatic hybrid lilies (Lilium spp.). CHS
85  2016 Small RNA and methylation responses in susceptible and tolerant landraces of cassava infected with South African cassava mosaic virus. IR, SACMV, sRNAs, TGS, vsRNAs
86  2016 SUPERKILLER Complex Components Are Required for the RNA Exosome-Mediated Control of Cuticular Wax Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Inflorescence Stems. siRNAs, war1
87  2016 Synonymous mutation gene design to overexpress ACCase in creeping bentgrass to obtain resistance to ACCase-inhibiting herbicides. ACCase, WT
88  2016 The "putative" role of transcription factors from HlWRKY family in the regulation of the final steps of prenylflavonid and bitter acids biosynthesis in hop (Humulus lupulus L.). ---
89  2016 The 35-amino acid C2 protein of Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus, Burewala, implicated in resistance breaking in cotton, retains some activities of the full-length protein. aa, miRNA
90  2016 The N-terminal fragment of the tomato torrado virus RNA1-encoded polyprotein induces a hypersensitive response (HR)-like reaction in Nicotiana benthamiana. GFP, HR, ProCo, PVX
91  2016 The Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein SmD1 Interplays with Splicing, RNA Quality Control, and Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing in Arabidopsis. RQC, siRNAs, Sm
92  2016 Tight regulation of the interaction between Brassica napus and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum at the microRNA level. miRNAs, NBS-LRR
93  2016 TMV induces RNA decay pathways to modulate gene silencing and disease symptoms. CP
94  2016 Two Populations of Viral Minichromosomes Are Present in a Geminivirus-Infected Plant Showing Symptom Remission (Recovery). dsDNA, PepGMV, ssDNA, TGS
95  2016 Use of Posttranscription Gene Silencing in Squash to Induce Resistance against the Egyptian Isolate of the Squash Leaf Curl Virus. Rep, SqLCV
96  2015 Biogenesis, Function, and Applications of Virus-Derived Small RNAs in Plants. AGO, DCL, RDR, sRNAs, TGS, vsiRNAs
97  2015 Construction of mismatched inverted repeat (IR) silencing vectors for maximizing IR stability and effective gene silencing in plants. IR
98  2015 Epigenetic silencing in transgenic plants. ---
99  2015 Functional Analysis of Cotton Leaf Curl Kokhran Virus/Cotton Leaf Curl Multan Betasatellite RNA Silencing Suppressors. CLCuD, CLCuKoV, CLCuMuB, ds, ss, TrAP
100  2015 Geminivirus Activates ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 2 to Accelerate Cytoplasmic DCP2-Mediated mRNA Turnover and Weakens RNA Silencing in Arabidopsis. AS2, siRNA