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Abbreviation : QTL
Long Form : quantitative trait loci
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Single Nucleotide Deletion in the Third Exon of FT-D1 Increases the Spikelet Number and Delays Heading Date in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). HD, RILs, TSN
2022 Allelic variation for alpha-Glucan Water Dikinase is associated with starch phosphate content in tetraploid potato. IBD
2022 Association analysis and functional annotation of imputed sequence data within genomic regions influencing resistance to gastro-intestinal parasites detected by an LDLA approach in a nucleus flock of Sarda dairy sheep. FEC, GIN, LD, LDLA, OAR, QTLR
2022 Characterization of non-specific lipid transfer protein (nsLtp) gene families in the Brassica napus pangenome reveals abundance variation. nsLTP, nsLTPs
2022 Evaluation of the phenotypic and genomic background of variability based on litter size of Large White pigs. DHGLM, GWAS, LnVar, SSC, vQTL
2022 Genetic Diversity, QTL Mapping, and Marker-Assisted Selection Technology in Cotton (Gossypium spp.). MAS
2022 Identification of quantitative trait loci underlying five major agronomic traits of soybean in three biparental populations by specific length amplified fragment sequencing (SLAF-seq). BR, PH, SLAF-seq
2022 Spike Density Quantitative Trait Loci Detection and Analysis in Tetraploid and Hexaploid Wheat Recombinant Inbred Line Populations. KL, RIL, SD, SL, SNS
2022 Variability in an effector gene promoter of a necrotrophic fungal pathogen dictates epistasis and effector-triggered susceptibility in wheat. NEs, SNB
10  2021 A 24,482-bp deletion is associated with increased seed weight in Brassica napus L. TSW
11  2021 A chromosome-level genome of Astyanax mexicanus surface fish for comparing population-specific genetic differences contributing to trait evolution. ---
12  2021 A combined BSA-Seq and linkage mapping approach identifies genomic regions associated with Phytophthora root and crown rot resistance in squash. BSA-Seq
13  2021 A conditional multi-trait sequence GWAS discovers pleiotropic candidate genes and variants for sheep wool, skin wrinkle and breech cover traits. CM-GWAS, GWAS, WGS
14  2021 A cryptic variation in a member of the Ovate Family Proteins is underlying the melon fruit shape QTL fsqs8.1. OFP
15  2021 A genetic analysis of the resistance in barley to Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus. SBWMV
16  2021 A genome-wide association study reveals that the cytochrome b5 involved in seed reserve mobilization during seed germination in rice. WT
17  2021 A genomics resource for genetics, physiology, and breeding of West African sorghum. DFLo, GBS, GDP, GWAS, LD, PH, SNPs, WA, WASAP
18  2021 A global analysis of CNVs in Chinese indigenous fine-wool sheep populations using whole-genome resequencing. CNV, CNVR, RXFP2
19  2021 A global survey of the gene network and key genes for oil accumulation in cultivated tetraploid cottons. ILs, SOC
20  2021 A GWAS to identify the cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera filipjevi) resistance loci in diverse wheat prebreeding lines. PBLs
21  2021 A high-density linkage map of finger millet provides QTL for blast resistance and other agronomic traits. GBS, NBS-LRR
22  2021 A Major and Stable Quantitative Trait Locus qSS2 for Seed Size and Shape Traits in a Soybean RIL Population. GRAS-Di, RIL
23  2021 A major QTL at the LHCGR/FSHR locus for multiple birth in Holstein cattle. SNPs
24  2021 A Major QTL for Resistance to Vibrio anguillarum in Rainbow Trout. dpe, SNP
25  2021 A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for average daily gain and lean meat percentage in two Duroc pig populations. ADG, GWAS, LMP, SSC1
26  2021 A Missense Mutation in the MYBPH Gene Is Associated With Abdominal Fat Traits in Meat-Type Chickens. GWAS, SNPs
27  2021 A Multi-Locus Association Model Framework for Nested Association Mapping With Discriminating QTL Effects in Various Subpopulations. NAM
28  2021 A Neuroprotective Locus Modulates Ischemic Stroke Infarction Independent of Collateral Vessel Anatomy. C3H, Chr 8, WSB
29  2021 A novel compound heterozygous leptin receptor mutation causes more severe obesity than in Leprdb/db mice. LEPR
30  2021 A Novel QTL and a Candidate Gene Are Associated with the Progressive Motility of Franches-Montagnes Stallion Spermatozoa after Thaw. FM, GWAS, SNPs
31  2021 A Novel QTL for Resistance to Phytophthora Crown Rot in Squash. KASP, MAS, SNP
32  2021 A QTL for conformation of back and croup influences lateral gait quality in Icelandic horses. ECA
33  2021 A quantitative trait variant in Gabra2 underlies increased methamphetamine stimulant sensitivity. QTV
34  2021 A ROR2 coding variant is associated with craniofacial variation in domestic pigeons. OGO, RH
35  2021 A single QTL with large effect is associated with female functional virginity in an asexual parasitoid wasp. ---
36  2021 A stable QTL qSalt-A04-1 contributes to salt tolerance in the cotton seed germination stage. GA, PA, RGR
37  2021 A statistical framework for QTL hotspot detection. ---
38  2021 A systems genetics approach to deciphering the effect of dosage variation on leaf morphology in Populus. ---
39  2021 A variance component estimation approach to infer associations between Mendelian polledness and quantitative production and female fertility traits in German Simmental cattle. ---
40  2021 A worldwide maize panel revealed new genetic variation for cold tolerance. SNPs
41  2021 Accuracy of genotype imputation based on reference population size and marker density in Hanwoo cattle. SNP
42  2021 Advances in Cereal Crop Genomics for Resilience under Climate Change. GWAS
43  2021 Advances in Multi-Omics Approaches for Molecular Breeding of Black Rot Resistance in Brassica oleracea L. GSLs, JA, Xcc
44  2021 Alternative exon splicing and differential expression in pancreatic islets reveals candidate genes and pathways implicated in early diabetes development. AS, DE, T2D
45  2021 An Asymmetric Genetic Signal Associated with Mechanosensory Expansion in Cave-Adapted Fish. ---
46  2021 An evaluation of the predictive performance and mapping power of the BayesR model for genomic prediction. LD
47  2021 An IBD-based mixed model approach for QTL mapping in multiparental populations. IBD, MAGIC, MPP, MPPs, NAM, RABBIT
48  2021 An Integrated Approach of QTL Mapping and Genome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Candidate Genes for Phytophthora Blight Resistance in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). GWAS, PB
49  2021 An LRR-only protein promotes NLP-triggered cell death and disease susceptibility by facilitating oligomerization of NLP in Arabidopsis. LRR, Nep1
50  2021 Analysis of long intergenic non-coding RNAs transcriptomic profiling in skeletal muscle growth during porcine embryonicdevelopment. DE lincRNAs, lincRNAs
51  2021 Angular Leaf Spot Resistance Loci Associated With Different Plant Growth Stages in Common Bean. ALS, CDP, GBS, GWAS, MIM, PGS
52  2021 Applying HPLC to Screening QTLs for BLB Resistance in Rice. BLB, CNDH, HPLC
53  2021 Association Mapping and Functional Analysis of Rice Cold Tolerance QTLs at the Bud Burst Stage. CTB, GWAS, qCTBs, RDP II
54  2021 Association Mapping of Verticillium Wilt Disease in a Worldwide Collection of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). DSI, MAS, SNP
55  2021 Associations of Genetic Variants Contributing to Gut Microbiota Composition in Immunoglobin A Nephropathy. Gd-IgA1, GWAS, IgAN
56  2021 Average semivariance yields accurate estimates of the fraction of marker-associated genetic variance and heritability in complex trait analyses. ---
57  2021 BADH1 is associated with fragrance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) cultivar 'Ambemohor'. 2AP, BADH1, BADH2, CDS, SNPs
58  2021 Bin mapping-based QTL analyses using three genetic populations derived from indica-japonica crosses uncover multiple grain shape heterosis-related loci in rice. GL, GLWR, GW, RIL
59  2021 Biological and molecular characterization of linalool-mediated field resistance against Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri in citrus trees. Xcc
60  2021 Breeding and characterization of the world's first practical rice variety with resistance to brown spot (Bipolaris oryzae) bred using marker-assisted selection. BS
61  2021 Candidate Genes and Quantitative Trait Loci for Grain Yield and Seed Size in Durum Wheat. GL, GW, HT, PH, RIL, SNP, TKW, YLD
62  2021 Cardiac performance in heat-stressed flies of heat-susceptible and heat-resistant Drosophila melanogaster. HR, HS, RIL
63  2021 Cell-type-specific effects of genetic variation on chromatin accessibility during human neuronal differentiation. ATAC-seq
64  2021 Characterization of QTL and Environmental Interactions Controlling Flowering Time in Andean Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). DTF, GDD, LD, QE, SD
65  2021 Characterization of synthetic wheat line Largo for resistance to stem rust. Pgt, Sr
66  2021 Characterization of the Genetic Architecture for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Durum Wheat: The Complex Association of Resistance, Flowering Time, and Height Genes. AM, FHB, GWAS
67  2021 Characterizing modifier genes of cardiac fibrosis phenotype in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. CCVF, Chr, HCM
68  2021 Characterizing the genetic basis of copper toxicity in Drosophila reveals a complex pattern of allelic, regulatory, and behavioral variation. ---
69  2021 Characterizing Winter Wheat Germplasm for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance Under Accelerated Growth Conditions. FHB
70  2021 Chilling tolerance in rice: Past and present. ---
71  2021 Chromosomal fusions facilitate adaptation to divergent environments in threespine stickleback. ---
72  2021 Chromosome Level Assembly of Homozygous Inbred Line 'Wongyo 3115' Facilitates the Construction of a High-Density Linkage Map and Identification of QTLs Associated With Fruit Firmness in Octoploid Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa). ---
73  2021 Clustering of loci controlling species differences in male chemical bouquets of sympatric Heliconius butterflies. ---
74  2021 Combination of genetic analysis and ancient literature survey reveals the divergence of traditional Brassica rapa varieties from Kyoto, Japan. ---
75  2021 Combining QTL-seq and linkage mapping to uncover the genetic basis of single vs. paired spikelets in the advanced populations of two-ranked maize×teosinte. NILs, PEDS, PVE
76  2021 Comparative Dynamic Transcriptome Reveals the Delayed Secondary-Cell-Wall Thickening Results in Altered Lint Percentage and Fiber Elongation in a Chromosomal Segment Substitution Line of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). LP, SCW, SL15
77  2021 Comparing Early Transcriptomic Responses of 18 Soybean (Glycine max) Genotypes to Iron Stress. GWAS, IDC
78  2021 Comprehensive Genome-Wide Association Analysis Reveals the Genetic Basis of Root System Architecture in Soybean. RSA, SNPs
79  2021 Comprehensive genotyping of a Brazilian cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) germplasm bank: insights into diversification and domestication. CGB, GBS, LD, MAF, PIC, SNPs
80  2021 Conditional Mapping Identified Quantitative Trait Loci for Grain Protein Concentration Expressing Independently of Grain Yield in Canadian Durum Wheat. DH, GPC, GY
81  2021 Construction of a high density genetic map for hexaploid kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa) using genotyping by sequencing. GBS, MAS
82  2021 Construction of a high-density genetic linkage map and QTL analysis of morphological traits in an F1 Malusdomestica  Malus baccata hybrid. LG, SLAF
83  2021 Construction of Consensus Genetic Map With Applications in Gene Mapping of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Using 90K SNP Array. PH, RILs, SL, SNP, TKW
84  2021 Construction of ddRADseq-Based High-Density Genetic Map and Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Trans-resveratrol Content in Peanut Seeds. CIM, ddRADseq, HPLC, PVE, RIL, SNPs
85  2021 Construction of Three High-Density Genetic Linkage Maps and Dynamic QTL Mapping of Growth Traits in Yellow River Carp (Cyprinus carpio haematopterus). ---
86  2021 Continuous Mapping Identifies Loci Associated With Weevil Resistance [Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar)] in a Triploid Banana Population. DArTSeq, PD, SNPs
87  2021 Correlation and co-localization of QTL for stomatal density, canopy temperature, and productivity with and without drought stress in Setaria. RILs, WUE
88  2021 Cryptic introgressions contribute to transgressive segregation for early blight resistance in tomato. ---
89  2021 Deep scoping: a breeding strategy to preserve, reintroduce and exploit genetic variation. ---
90  2021 Detecting context-dependent gene regulation. ---
91  2021 Detecting quantitative trait loci and exploring chromosomal pairing in autopolyploids using polyqtlR. CRAN, IBD
92  2021 Detection of candidate gene networks involved in resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in soybean. 4-SNP, Dvl, GO, GWAS, KEGG, MAPK
93  2021 Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling the Content of Phenolic Compounds in an Asian Plum (Prunus salicina L.) F1 Population. MQM
94  2021 Developing Climate-Resilient, Direct-Seeded, Adapted Multiple-Stress-Tolerant Rice Applying Genomics-Assisted Breeding. ---
95  2021 Developing Novel Rice Genotypes Harboring Specific QTL Alleles Associated with High Grain Yield under Water Shortage Stress. GY, MAS, rTGMS
96  2021 Development of an Aus-Derived Nested Association Mapping (Aus-NAM) Population in Rice. aus-NAM, Aus-NAM, GWAS
97  2021 Development of genic KASP SNP markers from RNA-Seq data for map-based cloning and marker-assisted selection in maize. GO, KASP, MAS, PIC
98  2021 Development of KASP Markers and Identification of a QTL Underlying Powdery Mildew Resistance in Melon (Cucumis melo L.) by Bulked Segregant Analysis and RNA-Seq. BSA, KASP, MAS, NGS, PM, Px
99  2021 Discovery of a major QTL for root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) resistance in cultivated sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas). RKN, RKN
100  2021 Discovery of DNA polymorphisms via whole genome resequencing and their functional relevance in salinity stress response in chickpea. ---