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Abbreviation : QY
Long Form : quantum yield
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A facile "off-on" fluorescence sensor for pentachlorophenol detection based on natural N and S co-doped carbon dots from crawfish shells. HRP, N,S-CDs, PCP
2022 A gold-silver bimetallic nanocluster-based fluorescent probe for cysteine detection in milk and apple. Cys, MTAS
2022 Albumin-Consolidated AIEgens for Boosting Glioma and Cerebrovascular NIR-II Fluorescence Imaging. AIE, AIEgens, FL
2022 Anion-Directed Regulation of Structures and Luminescence of Heterometallic Clusters. ---
2022 Applications of waste-derived visibly active Fe-TiO2 composite incorporating the hybrid process of photocatalysis and photo-Fenton for the inactivation of E. coli. ---
2022 Bioinspired fluorescent molecules realize super bright blue luminescence under sunlight. CTE
2022 Bis-Schiff base linkage-triggered highly bright luminescence of gold nanoclusters in aqueous solution at the single-cluster level. NCs, PDA
2022 Boosting efficiency of luminescent solar concentrators using ultra-bright carbon dots with large Stokes shift. CDs, LSCs
2022 Controlling the Energy-Transfer Processes in a Nanosized Molecular Upconverter to Tap into Luminescence Thermometry Application. MCA, UC
10  2022 Cu+ → Mn2+ Energy Transfer in Cu, Mn Coalloyed Cs3ZnCl5 Colloidal Nanocrystals. ET, NCs, PL
11  2022 Cyan color-emitting nitrogen-functionalized carbon nanodots (NFCNDs) from Indigofera tinctoria and their catalytic reduction of organic dyes and fluorescent ink applications. MB, MO, NFCNDs
12  2022 Development of Highly Luminescent Water-Insoluble Carbon Dots by Using Calix[4]pyrrole as the Carbon Precursor and Their Potential Application in Organic Solar Cells. CDs, OSC
13  2022 Ecofriendly adsorption and sensitive detection of Hg (II) by biomass-derived nitrogen-doped carbon dots: process modelling using central composite design. CMC, N-CDs
14  2022 Effect of microstructure-scale features on lignin fluorescence for preparation of high fluorescence efficiency lignin-based nanomaterials. ---
15  2022 Effect of the surface coverage of an alkyl carboxylic acid monolayer on waterborne and cellular uptake behaviors for silicon quantum dots. PL, SiQDs, UA
16  2022 Electron-Hole Binding Governs Carrier Transport in Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal Thin Films. NC, NCs, NPLs, RT
17  2022 Engineering Er3+-sensitized nanocrystals to enhance NIR II-responsive upconversion luminescence. IET
18  2022 Engineering Exciton Recombination Pathways in Bilayer WSe2 for Bright Luminescence. EEA, PL, TMDCs
19  2022 Environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and large stokes shift-emitting ZnSe:Mn2+/ZnS core/shell quantum dots for luminescent solar concentrators. AM, PL, PLMA, QDs
20  2022 Exciton-dominant photoluminescence of MoS2 by a functionalized substrate. PL, TMDs
21  2022 Fibrous Nanoreactors from Microfluidic Blow Spinning for Mass Production of Highly Stable Ligand-Free Perovskite Quantum Dots. FSC, LED, MBS, PAN, PL, PQDs
22  2022 Fluorescent Carbon Dots an Effective Nano-Thermometer in Vitro Applications. CDs, PL, RT
23  2022 Fluorescent N-functionalized carbon nanodots from carboxymethylcellulose for sensing of high-valence metal ions and cell imaging. CDs, N-CDs
24  2022 Fluorination enhances NIR-II emission and photothermal conversion efficiency of phototheranostic agents for imaging-guided cancer therapy. NPs, PCE, PTAs, PTT
25  2022 Gold nanoclusters encapsulated into zinc-glutamate metal organic frameworks for efficient detection of H2O2. ---
26  2022 High Spatial and Temporal Resolution NIR-IIb Gastrointestinal Imaging in Mice. GI
27  2022 High Water Resistance and Luminescent Thermal Stability of LiyNa(2-y)SiF6: Mn4+ Red-Emitting Phosphor Induced by Codoping of Li. CT, NTQ, WLEDs
28  2022 High-quantum yield alloy-typed core/shell CdSeZnS/ZnS quantum dots for bio-applications. alloy QDs, FA, MQDs, QDs
29  2022 Highly Bright Silica-Coated InP/ZnS Quantum Dot-Embedded Silica Nanoparticles as Biocompatible Nanoprobes. Cd, FWHM, PL, QDs
30  2022 Highly efficient green up-conversion emission from fluoroindate glass nanoparticles functionalized with a biocompatible polymer. ---
31  2022 Hyperbranched Polyborate: A Non-conjugated Fluorescent Polymer with Unanticipated High Quantum Yield and Multicolor Emission. DFT, NBO
32  2022 Impact of the thermal properties of the environment on the hot-band absorption-assisted single-photon upconversion. ASPL
33  2022 Improve Quantum Yield of Poly(Maleic Anhydride-Alt-Vinyl Acetate) via Good Solvents. PMV, rPMV, SAXS, sPMV, Tg, WLEDs
34  2022 Indocyanine green assembled free oxygen-nanobubbles towards enhanced near-infrared induced photodynamic therapy. ICG, NIR, PDT
35  2022 Influence of Light-Matter Interaction on Efficiency of Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes. EQE, QDs
36  2022 Inkjet printed patterned bank structure with encapsulated perovskite colour filters for modern display. HPA, LCM, NCs, OLA, PL
37  2022 Investigation of Triangle Terthiophene and Hydroxyphenylbenzothiazole Configured Fluorescent Dye with a Triple Bond Bridge. ---
38  2022 Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles with Controllable Hydrophobic Interactions. ABC
39  2022 Machine learning guided microwave-assisted quantum dot synthesis and an indication of residual H2O2 in human teeth. CDs, ML
40  2022 Manipulating the Assembly of Au Nanoclusters for Luminescence Enhancement and Circularly Polarized Luminescence. AuNCs, CA, CPL, TA
41  2022 Molecular Crystal Engineering of Organic Chromophores for NIR-II Fluorescence Quantification of Cerebrovascular Function. NIR-II
42  2022 Multi-variable compensated quantum yield measurements of upconverting nanoparticles with high dynamic range: a systematic approach. UCNPs
43  2022 Multiplex heteroatoms doped carbon nano dots with enhanced catalytic reduction of ionic dyes and QR code security label for anti-spurious applications. QR
44  2022 N-doped carbon dots as robust fluorescent probes for the rapid detection of hypochlorite. CD, DFT, ET, FL, imine-NCDs, N-CDs
45  2022 Near-Infrared Dual Emission from the Au42(SR)32 Nanocluster and Tailoring of Intersystem Crossing. NC
46  2022 One-step preparation of N-doped grapheme quantum dots with high quantum yield for bioimaging and highly sensitive electrochemical detection of isoniazid. DPV, INZ, N-GQDs
47  2022 One-step synthesis of blue emission copper nanoclusters for the detection of furaltadone and temperature. IFE, PVP
48  2022 One-step synthesis of ultrabright amphiphilic carbon dots for rapid and precise tracking lipid droplets dynamics in biosystems. CDs, LDs
49  2022 Phosphorus and Nitrogen Codoped Carbonized Polymer Dots with Multicolor Room Temperature Phosphorescence for Anticounterfeiting Painting. CPDs, RTP
50  2022 Photocatalytic degradation of gaseous benzene using metal oxide nanocomposites. FOM, MOF, NPs, STY, VOCs
51  2022 Photoluminescence of Lanthanide-Titanium-Oxo Clusters Eu9Ti2 and Tb9Ti2 Based on a β-Diketone Ligand. LTOCs, PL
52  2022 Polarity-sensitive and lipid droplet-specific red emission fluorophore for identifying fatty liver of living mice through in vivo imaging. D-pi-A, LDs, NAFLD
53  2022 Providing theoretical insight into the role of symmetry in the photoisomerization mechanism of a non-symmetric dithienylethene photoswitch. DTE, SF-TDDFT
54  2022 Response surface methodology optimization for the synthesis of N, S-codoped carbon dots and its application for tetracyclines detection. CA, DPA, IEE, NSCDs, PET, RSM, TC
55  2022 Screening of multifunctional fruit carbon dots for fluorescent labeling and sensing in living immune cells and zebrafishes. CDs, LOD
56  2022 Sensitive and selective determination of tetracycline in milk based on sulfur quantum dot probes. IFE, LOD, RSD, SQDs, SQE, TC
57  2022 Sensitive detection of trace level Cd (II) triggered by chelation enhanced fluorescence (CHEF) "turn on": Nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (N-GQDs) as fluorometric paper-based sensor. CA, CHEF, EDA, LODs, N-GQDs, WHO
58  2022 Simulation and analysis of the relaxation dynamics of a photochromic furylfulgide. ---
59  2022 Solid-state nitrogen-doped carbon nanoparticles with tunable emission prepared by a microwave-assisted method. CNPs, TDDFT
60  2022 Spectrally tunable humic acid-based carbon dots: a simple platform for metronidazole and ornidazole sensing in multiple real samples. HACDs, IFE, LOD, MNZ, ONZ
61  2022 Steady State Photoisomerization Quantum Yield of Model Rhodopsin: Insights from Wavepacket Dynamics? ---
62  2022 Strategy for Engineering High Photolysis Efficiency of Photocleavable Protecting Groups through Cation Stabilization. PPGs
63  2022 Structural and spectroscopic characterization of pyrene derived carbon nano dots: a single-particle level analysis. CNDs
64  2022 Structural, morphological, and optical properties of carbon nanoparticles unsheathed from date palm fronds. CNPs, PL, SEM, TEM, XPS, XRD
65  2022 Sulfuric-acid-mediated synthesis strategy for multi-colour aggregation-induced emission fluorescent carbon dots: Application in anti-counterfeiting, information encryption, and rapid cytoplasmic imaging. AIE-CDs
66  2022 Surface state modulation of blue-emitting carbon dots with high quantum yield and high product yield. CDs, PY
67  2022 Switching from Oxygen Quenching Resistance to Linear Response by Smart Luminescent Iridium(III)-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks. ---
68  2022 Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Mesoionic N-Heterocyclic Imines. ---
69  2022 Tannin-Mn coordination polymer coated carbon quantum dots nanocomposite for fluorescence and magnetic resonance bimodal imaging. ---
70  2022 Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Boric Acid-Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots: Tunable and Superior Optical Properties for Efficient Eco-Friendly Luminescent Solar Concentrators. B-GQDs, PL, QDs
71  2022 Ultra-bright carbon quantum dots for rapid cell staining. G-CDs
72  2022 Unveiling Local Electronic Structure of Lanthanide-Doped Cs2 NaInCl6 Double Perovskites for Realizing Efficient Near-Infrared Luminescence. DPs, NIR, PL
73  2022 Using bimetallic Au/Cu nanoplatelets for construction of facile and label-free inner filter effect-based photoluminescence sensing platform for sarcosine detection. AuCu NPs, HRP, IFE, PL, PPD, SOX
74  2022 Water-Stable Carborane-Based Eu3+/Tb3+ Metal-Organic Frameworks for Tunable Time-Dependent Emission Color and Their Application in Anticounterfeiting Bar-Coding. CPs, ET, Ln-MOFs
75  2022 Zn-assisted modification of the chemical structure of N-doped carbon dots and their enhanced quantum yield and photostability. CDs, N-CDs
76  2021 A Luminescent Guest@MOF Nanoconfined Composite System for Solid-State Lighting. RhB, WLEDs
77  2021 A new application of terahertz time-domain absorption spectra in luminescent complexes: characterization of the C-Hpi weak interactions in Cu(I) complexes. LLCT, MLCT, PLQYs, TDDFT, THz, THz-TDS
78  2021 A Photoluminescent Cd(II) Coordination Polymer with Potential Active Sites Exhibiting Multiresponsive Fluorescence Sensing for Trace Amounts of NACs and Fe3+ and Al3+ Ions. 2-NP, 3-NP, 4-NP, LOD, NACs
79  2021 Alkynyl-Stabilized Superatomic Silver Clusters Showing Circularly Polarized Luminescence. CPL, NIR
80  2021 Altering Chain Flexibility of Aliphatic Polyesters for Yellow-Green Clusteroluminescence in 38 % Quantum Yield. CL
81  2021 Amphiphilic Au Nanoclusters Modulated by Magnetic Gemini Surfactants as a Cysteine Chemosensor and an MRI Contrast Agent. AIE, DL, mag-G-surfs, MR, NCs
82  2021 Anthracene-Triphenylamine-Based Platinum(II) Metallacages as Synthetic Light-Harvesting Assembly. LHSs, NR
83  2021 Boron, and nitrogen co-doped carbon dots as a multiplexing probe for sensing of p-nitrophenol, Fe (III), and temperature. B, N-CDs, p-NP
84  2021 Brightly luminescent (NH4)xCs1-xPbBr3 quantum dots for in vitro imaging and efficient photothermal ablation therapy. PL, QDs
85  2021 Cinnamal Sensing and Luminescence Color Tuning in a Series of Rare-Earth Metal-Organic Frameworks with Trans-1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylate. ---
86  2021 Comparison of the effects of synthesis methods of B, N, S, and P-doped carbon dots with high photoluminescence properties on HeLa tumor cells. ---
87  2021 Continuous response fluorescence sensor for three small molecules based on nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots from prunus lannesiana and their logic gate operation. AA, IFE, N-CQDs, RSD
88  2021 Cu2+ enhanced fluorescent Ag nanoclusters with tunable emission from red to yellow and the application for Ag+ sensing. AIEE, DPA, Eg, LOD
89  2021 Eco-Friendly and Efficient Luminescent Solar Concentrators Based on a Copper(I)-Halide Composite. LSCs, PEA, QDs
90  2021 Effect of Solvent on Fluorescence Emission from Polyethylene Glycol-Coated Graphene Quantum Dots under Blue Light Illumination. AIE, GQD, PEG, PGMEA
91  2021 Effects of Conventional and Bokashi Hydroponics on Vegetative Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes of Bell Peppers. NDVI, SOD, SPAD
92  2021 Electrochemiluminescence of water-dispersed nitrogen and sulfur doped carbon dots synthesized from amino acids. ECL, N,S-CDs
93  2021 Engineering Brightness Matched Indium Phosphide Quantum Dots. QDs
94  2021 Enhancing the cooling potential of photoluminescent materials through evaluation of thermal and transmission loss mechanisms. NIR
95  2021 Excellent color rendering index single system white light emitting carbon dots for next generation lighting devices. CDs, CRI, QDs, WLEDs
96  2021 Facile synthesis of multifunctional carbon dots with 54.4% orange emission for label-free detection of morin and endogenous/exogenous hypochlorite. SQ
97  2021 Fluorescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots for high selective detecting p-nitrophenol through FRET mechanism. FRET, N-CDs, PNP
98  2021 Fluorescent Orthopalladated Complexes of 4-Aryliden-5(4H)-oxazolones from the Kaede Protein: Synthesis and Characterization. ---
99  2021 Free Trions with Near-Unity Quantum Yield in Monolayer MoSe2. PL, TMD
100  2021 Gadolinium-doped carbon dots with high-performance in dual-modal molecular imaging. CDs, FL, Gd-CDs, MR, PL