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Abbreviation : SFMCs
Long Form : synovial fluid mononuclear cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 CD14+ monocytes and soluble CD14 of synovial fluid are associated with osteoarthritis progression. CD14, FLSs, IL-6, LPS, OA
2023 Increased Galectin-9 Levels Correlate with Disease Activity in Patients with DMARD-Naïve Rheumatoid Arthritis and Modulate the Secretion of MCP-1 and IL-6 from Synovial Fibroblasts. DAS28-CRP, ECM, FLSs, Gal-9, HC, OA, PBMCs, RA, SF-FLSs
2022 MAPK activated kinase 2 inhibition shifts the chemokine signature in arthritis synovial fluid mononuclear cells from CXCR3 to CXCR2. CXCR3, HGF, IL-12B, IMIA, LAP, MAPK, MCP-3, MK2, PsA, RA, SpA, TGF-alpha, TWEAK
2021 Circular RNA circHIPK3 Activates Macrophage NLRP3 Inflammasome and TLR4 Pathway in Gouty Arthritis via Sponging miR-561 and miR-192. circRNAs, IL, MSU, NF-kappaB, TNF
2021 Clonorchis sinensis-Derived Protein Attenuates Inflammation and New Bone Formation in Ankylosing Spondylitis. AS, CSp, CT, ELISA, PBMCs, PET
2021 Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: lymphocyte activation gene-3 is a central immune receptor in children with oligoarticular subtypes. FLSs, IRs, LAG-3, MCP-1, MHC, o-JIA, SF, Tim-3
2021 Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR knockdown alleviates gouty arthritis through miR-20b upregulation and NLRP3 downregulation. DNMT1, HOTAIR, IL, lncRNA, MSU
2021 Neutrophil extracellular trap clearance by synovial macrophages in gout. MPO, MSU, NE, NETs
2021 Nitro-fatty acids decrease type I interferons and monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 in ex vivo models of inflammatory arthritis. 10-NO2-OA, FLSs, MCP-1, MMP-3, PBMCs, RA, SpA, TNF-alpha, TRAP
10  2020 Responses to Cytokine Inhibitors Associated with Cellular Composition in Models of Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Arthritis. DMARDs, FLSs, IMIA, MCP, PBMCs, PsA, RA, SpA, TNF-alpha
11  2020 Selective targeting of PI3Kdelta suppresses human IL-17-producing T cells and innate-like lymphocytes and may be therapeutic for IL-17-mediated diseases. FLS, HDF, PBMCs, SpA, Th17
12  2020 Synovial fluid CD69+CD8+ T cells with tissue-resident phenotype mediate perforin-dependent citrullination in rheumatoid arthritis. ACPA, NET, RA, TRM
13  2019 Data on arsenic trioxide modulates Treg/Th17/Th1/Th2 cells in treatment-naive rheumatoid arthritis patients and collagen-induced arthritis model mice. PBMCs, RA
14  2019 IL-12/IL-23p40 identified as a downstream target of apremilast in ex vivo models of arthritis. FLSs, IL, PDE4, PsA, RA
15  2019 Increased intra-articular granzyme M may trigger local IFN-lamda1/IL-29 response in rheumatoid arthritis. PBMCs, RA
16  2019 Prominent Inflammatory Features of Monocytes/Macrophages in Acute Calcium Pyrophosphate Crystal Arthritis: a Comparison with Acute Gouty Arthritis. CPP, MRP
17  2018 Epigenetic modification of mesenchymal stromal cells enhances their suppressive effects on the Th17 responses of cells from rheumatoid arthritis patients. ELISAs, epi-hMSCs, hMSCs, IFN, IL, RA
18  2017 CD14+ Cells with the Phenotype of Infiltrated Monocytes Consist of Distinct Populations Characterized by Anti-inflammatory as well as Pro-inflammatory Activity in Gouty Arthritis. RA
19  2017 Extracellular Vesicles Transfer the Receptor Programmed Death-1 in Rheumatoid Arthritis. EM, EVs, HC, miRNAs, PBMCs, PD-1, RA
20  2017 The RORgammat-CCR6-CCL20 axis augments Th17 cells invasion into the synovia of rheumatoid arthritis patients. PBMCs, RA
21  2016 Changes in Soluble CD18 in Murine Autoimmune Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Reflect Disease Establishment and Treatment Response. PBMCs, RA, sCD18
22  2016 Diagnostic Value of T-cell Interferon-gamma Release Assays on Synovial Fluid for Articular Tuberculosis: A Pilot Study. NPV, PBMCs, PPV, TB
23  2016 Recombinant Salmonella typhimurium outer membrane protein A is recognized by synovial fluid CD8 cells and stimulates synovial fluid mononuclear cells to produce interleukin (IL)-17/IL-23 in patients with reactive arthritis and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. ELISPOT, IFN, IL, LMWF, OMP, ReA, uSpA
24  2015 (5R)-5-Hydroxytriptolide (LLDT-8) inhibits osteoclastogenesis via RANKL/RANK/OPG signaling pathway. IL, OPG, PBMCs, RA, RANK, RANKL, TRAP
25  2015 Spontaneous generation of functional osteoclasts from synovial fluid mononuclear cells as a model of inflammatory osteoclastogenesis. M-CSF, MMP-9, RA, RANKL, SpA, TRAP
26  2015 The metastatic tumor antigen 1-transglutaminase-2 pathway is involved in self-limitation of monosodium urate crystal-induced inflammation by upregulating TGF-beta1. ELISA, IL-1beta, JAK2, MEFs, MSU, MTA1, RT-PCR, si, TG2, TGF-beta1, TNF-alpha
27  2015 Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 induced interleukin-19 dampens immune reactions and associates inversely with spondyloarthritis disease activity. HCs, IL, PBMCs, SpA, TLR
28  2014 Correlation of low CD73 expression on synovial lymphocytes with reduced adenosine generation and higher disease severity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. JIA, PBMCs, TLR
29  2014 MicroRNA-155 as a proinflammatory regulator via SHIP-1 down-regulation in acute gouty arthritis. HCs, IL, MSU, PBMCs, TNF-alpha
30  2013 Anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha targets protein kinase B/c-Akt-induced resistance of effector cells to suppression in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. IL-6, JIA, PKB, TNF-alpha
31  2013 FMS-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand (Flt3L)/CD135 axis in rheumatoid arthritis. DCs, ELISA, FACS, FLS, Flt3L, HI, moDCs, PBMCs, qPCR, RA, SF, STs
32  2012 Inhibiting HLA-B27 homodimer-driven immune cell inflammation in spondylarthritis. AS, ELISA, FACS, KIR-3DL2, NK, PBMCs, SpA, SPR
33  2011 Blockade of Toll-like receptor 2 prevents spontaneous cytokine release from rheumatoid arthritis ex vivo synovial explant cultures. IFN, IgG, IL, PBMCs, RA, TLR2, TNF-alpha
34  2011 Bone destruction by receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB ligand-expressing T cells in chronic gouty arthritis. IL, MSU, OPG, PBMCs, RANKL, TNF, TRAP
35  2008 Enhanced osteoclastogenesis in patients with tophaceous gout: urate crystals promote osteoclast development through interactions with stromal cells. M-CSF, MSU, PBMCs, TRAP
36  2008 Leishmanial lipid suppresses tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-1beta, and nitric oxide production by adherent synovial fluid mononuclear cells in rheumatoid arthritis patients and induces apoptosis through the mitochondrial-mediated pathway. NO, RA
37  2007 Differential recognition of heat-shock protein dnaJ-derived epitopes by effector and Treg cells leads to modulation of inflammation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. FOXP3, HSP, IL-10, JIA
38  2006 Selective tyrosine kinase inhibition by imatinib mesylate for the treatment of autoimmune arthritis. CIA, FLSs
39  2005 Effects of antirheumatic treatments on the prostaglandin E2 biosynthetic pathway. COX, mPGES-1, RA, TNF
40  2005 Expression of IL-17 homologs and their receptors in the synovial cells of rheumatoid arthritis patients. FLSs, PBMCs, RA
41  2003 The spontaneous remission of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is characterized by CD30+ T cells directed to human heat-shock protein 60 capable of producing the regulatory cytokine interleukin-10. HSP60, IL-10, JIA, PBMCs
42  2002 High levels of osteoprotegerin and soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand in serum of rheumatoid arthritis patients and their normalization after anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha treatment. anti-TNFalpha, FLS, OPG, PBMCs, RA, sRANKL
43  2000 Specificity of T cells in synovial fluid: high frequencies of CD8(+) T cells that are specific for certain viral epitopes. CMV, EBV, HLA, PBMCs, RA, TNF
44  1995 Discrepancy in T cell clonal expansions in synovial fluid and peripheral blood from rheumatoid arthritis patients. PBMCs, RA, TCR