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Abbreviation : SHRs
Long Form : steroid hormone receptors
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Steroid Hormone Receptors: Links With Cell Cycle Machinery and Breast Cancer Progression. ---
2020 Discovery of potential asthma targets based on the clinical efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas. ASMCs, CFs, CM, DAVID, GO, GPCRs, HITD, MMPs, PPI, STRING, TCDMD, TCM, TCMDB, TCMID, TRP, TTD
2018 Activation of steroid hormone receptors: Shed light on the in silico evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals. EDCs
2016 Steroid Hormone Receptor Coregulators in Endocrine Cancers. ---
2016 Steroid hormone receptors and prostate cancer: role of structural dynamics in therapeutic targeting. AR's, ID, LBD, NTD, SRM
2015 The Role of Steroid Hormone Receptors in the Establishment of Pregnancy in Rodents. AR, ER, GR, PR
2013 Phosphorylation: a fundamental regulator of steroid receptor action. ---
2012 Steroid hormone receptors, matrix metalloproteinases, insulin-like growth factor, and dystroglycans interactions in prostatic diseases in the elderly men. AR, BPH, DGs, ERbeta, HGPIN, LAM, MMPs, PC, UNICAMP
2011 Binding-folding induced regulation of AF1 transactivation domain of the glucocorticoid receptor by a cofactor that binds to its DNA binding domain. DBD, GR, ID, JDP2, NTD
10  2011 Intracellular colocalization of HAP1/STBs with steroid hormone receptors and its enhancement by a proteasome inhibitor. AR, GR, HAP1, STB
11  2011 Structural dynamics, intrinsic disorder, and allostery in nuclear receptors as transcription factors. DBD, ID, LBD, NRs
12  2011 TBP binding-induced folding of the glucocorticoid receptor AF1 domain facilitates its interaction with steroid receptor coactivator-1. GR, ID, SRC-1, TBP
13  2010 Modulation of steroid hormone receptor activity. NR, SHs
14  2010 Steroid hormone receptors in cancer development: a target for cancer therapeutics. ---
15  2010 Steroid receptors and microRNAs: relationships revealed. miRNAs, mRNA, UTRs
16  2009 Molecular chaperones, essential partners of steroid hormone receptors for activity and mobility. Hsp90
17  2007 Geldanamycin, an inhibitor of Hsp90, blocks cytoplasmic retention of progesterone receptors and glucocorticoid receptors via their respective ligand binding domains. GA, GR, LBD, PR
18  2007 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor does not modulate co-activation of androgen receptor by Jab1/CSN5. Jab1, MIF
19  2007 Steroid hormone rapid signaling: the pivotal role of S-palmitoylation. NRs
20  2007 Visualizing the action of steroid hormone receptors in living cells. ---
21  2004 Striatin assembles a membrane signaling complex necessary for rapid, nongenomic activation of endothelial NO synthase by estrogen receptor alpha. eNOS, ER
22  2004 Targeting steroid hormone receptor pathways in the treatment of hormone dependent cancers. AR, SERMs
23  2003 Efficient Hsp90-independent in vitro activation by Hsc70 and Hsp40 of duck hepatitis B virus reverse transcriptase, an assumed Hsp90 client protein. RT
24  2003 Homology modelling of the nuclear receptors: human oestrogen receptorbeta (hERbeta), the human pregnane-X-receptor (PXR), the Ah receptor (AhR) and the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) ligand binding domains from the human oestrogen receptor alpha (hERalpha) crystal structure, and the human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) ligand binding domain from the human PPARgamma crystal structure. AhR, CAR, hERalpha, hERbeta, hPPARgamma, LBD, PPARalpha, PXR
25  2003 Stat3 enhances transactivation of steroid hormone receptors. AR, ER, GR, PR, PSA
26  2002 Inhibition of the dihydrotestosterone-activated androgen receptor by nuclear receptor corepressor. AR, CoRNR, NCoR
27  2001 Accurate chromatin organization of the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter determines the nature of the synergism between transcription factors. HREs, MMTV, NF1, PRD
28  2000 Steroid hormone receptors: an update. HREs, Hsp90, SHs
29  1998 Localization and functions of steroid hormone receptors. ER, Hsp90, NLSs, NM
30  1992 A model for the determination of the 3D-spatial distribution of the functions of the hormone-binding domain of receptors that bind 3-keto-4-ene steroids. HBD, SERPIN