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Abbreviation : SMM
Long Form : sexual minority men
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 "Let's Be a Person to Person and Have a Genuine Conversation": Comparing Perspectives on PrEP and Sexual Health Communication Between Black Sexual Minority Men and Healthcare Providers. PrEP
2022 Acceptability of and Preferences for Long-Acting Injectable HIV PrEP and Other PrEP Modalities among Sexual Minority Men in Nigeria, Africa. PrEP
2022 AWARENESS: A cognitive behavioral intervention to reduce intersectional minority stress among sexual minority men living with HIV who use substances. ---
2022 Biopsychosocial Health Outcomes and Experienced Intersectional Stigma in a Mixed HIV Serostatus Longitudinal Cohort of Aging Sexual Minority Men, United States, 2008‒2019. EIS
2022 Body Image Concerns, Correlates, and Community Connection Among Black and Latinx Sexual Minority Cisgender Men and Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Young Adults. TGNC
2022 Chronic pain and substance use disorders among older sexual minority men living with HIV: Implications for HIV disease management across the HIV care continuum. SUDs
2022 Comparing the Efficiency of Online and Field-Based Outreach for the Recruitment of Black and Latino Sexual Minority Men into an HIV Prevention Implementation Trial. CBOs
2022 Correlates of HIV Testing across the lifespan - adolescence through later adulthood - among sexual minority men in the US who are not on PrEP. ---
2022 COVID-19 stressors and symptoms of depression and anxiety among Black cisgender sexual minority men and Black transgender women during the initial peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. ---
10  2022 Dismantling Barriers and Transforming the Future of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Uptake in Young Black and Latinx Sexual Minority Men and Transgender Women. ART, PrEP, TW
11  2022 Gay Community Involvement and Condomless Anal Sex Among Sexual Minority Men in the USA. CAS
12  2022 Grit is associated with psychological health among older sexual minority men. CFA, LPA, MACS
13  2022 HIV-related drivers of sexual compulsivity and sexuality in sexual minority men who use methamphetamine. K/T, METH, P/T
14  2022 Internalized Homophobia, Body Dissatisfaction, Psychological Distress, and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among Young Sexual Minority Men in China. NSSI
15  2022 Intersecting Structural Oppression and Suicidality Among Black Sexual Minority Male Adolescents and Emerging Adults. ---
16  2022 Leveraging Resilience-supportive Strategies to Enhance Protective Factors in Young Sexual Minority Men: A Scoping Review of HIV Behavioral Interventions Implemented in High-income Countries. ---
17  2022 Objective and Subjective Neighborhood Crime Associated with Poor Sleep among Young Sexual Minority Men: a GPS Study. ---
18  2022 Physical Violence and Psychological Distress Among Asian and Pacific Islander Sexual Minority Men in the United States Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic. AAPI, AMIS
19  2022 Polysubstance use in a community sample of Black cisgender sexual minority men and transgender women in Chicago during initial COVID-19 pandemic peak. ---
20  2022 Post-Exposure Prophylaxis and Methamphetamine Use among Young Sexual Minority Men: The P18 Cohort Study. PEP
21  2022 Predictors of Anal High-Risk HPV Infection Across Time in a Cohort of Young Adult Sexual Minority Men and Transgender Women in New York City, 2015-2020. HR-HPV
22  2022 Psychometric Testing of the Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale (DSES) Among Black Gay, Bisexual, and Other Sexual Minority Men (SMM) and Black Transwomen in the Deep South: The MARI Study. DSES, TW
23  2022 Psychosocial and Culturally-Specific Factors Related to Intimate Partner Violence Victimization among a Sample of Latino Sexual Minority Cis Men in the U.S. IPV
24  2022 Running with Scissors: a Systematic Review of Substance Use and the Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Care Continuum Among Sexual Minority Men. PrEP
25  2022 Social networks, high-risk anal HPV and coinfection with HIV in young sexual minority men. HR-HPV, SDOHs
26  2022 Spirituality, self-compassion, and anxiety among sexual minority men: a longitudinal mediation analysis. ---
27  2022 Talking to My Partners About PrEP: Factors Associated with PrEP-Related Communication in a Longitudinal US Study of Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV. PrEP
28  2022 The Impact of Ingroup and Outgroup Exclusion on HIV-Risk Cognitions in Sexual Minority Men. ---
29  2022 Using the Implementation Research Logic Model as a Lens to View Experiences of Implementing HIV Prevention and Care Interventions with Adolescent Sexual Minority Men-A Global Perspective. ---
30  2021 Appearance-ideal internalization, body dissatisfaction, and suicidality among sexual minority men. ---
31  2021 Characterizing substance use typologies and their association with HIV viral load outcomes: A latent class analysis among sexual minority men living with HIV. LCA, TWM
32  2021 Countering the rise of syphilis: A role for doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis? ABM, PEP
33  2021 Day-level associations between drug use and sexual behavior in male couples: Actor partner interdependence modeling of timeline follow-back data. CAS
34  2021 Differences in HIV Risk and Prevention Among Cisgender Latino Sexual Minority Men by Language of Online Survey Completion: Analysis of National and Washington State Data. UNITE, WHSPP
35  2021 Event-level patterns of methamphetamine and poly-drug use among millennial sexual minority men: The P18 Cohort Study. ---
36  2021 Examining HIV Stigma, Depression, Stress, and Recent Stimulant Use in a Sample of Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV: An Application of the Stigma and Substance Use Process Model. ---
37  2021 Examining inequities in rates of undiagnosed HIV and rectal STIs in a large nationwide cohort study of sexual minority men. bSTIs
38  2021 Factors associated with barriers to engagement in HIV-prevention care among sexual minority men. CAS, SSVS
39  2021 Family Support and Sociocultural Factors on Depression among Black and Latinx Sexual Minority Men. ---
40  2021 Geographic Density and Uptake of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Young Gay, Bisexual and Other Sexual Minority Men: A Global Positioning System (GPS) Study. GPS, PrEP
41  2021 Geosocial Networking Apps Use Among Sexual Minority Men in Ecuador: An Exploratory Study. GSN apps
42  2021 Intimate partner violence and muscularity-building behavior in latino sexual minority men. IPV
43  2021 Marijuana and illicit drugs: Correlates of condomless anal sex among adolescent and emerging adult sexual minority men. CAS
44  2021 Mental Health Challenges and Needs among Sexual and Gender Minority People in Western Kenya. CSO, GMI, IPV, PTSD, SGM, SGMV, SMW, SOGI
45  2021 Neighborhood social cohesion, religious participation and sexual risk behaviors among cisgender black sexual minority men in the southern United States. ---
46  2021 Partners' Consensus About Joint Effort and COVID-19 Prevention Among Sexual Minority Men. ---
47  2021 Perceived Risk, Optimistic Bias, and United Action: A socio-ecological examination of COVID-19 prevention behaviors among sexual minority men. ---
48  2021 Religiosity and Conversion Therapy is Associated with Psychosocial Health Problems among Sexual Minority Men (SMM) in Nigeria. ---
49  2021 Risk and protective factors for the development of gambling-related harms and problems among Australian sexual minority men. ---
50  2021 Sexual Behaviors and HIV/STI Prevention Strategies Among Sexual Minority Men in Ecuador Who Use Geosocial Networking Apps. ---
51  2021 Sexual Shame and Emotion Dysregulation: Key Roles in the Association between Internalized Homonegativity and Sexual Compulsivity. IH
52  2021 The Changes and the Predictors of Suicidal Ideation Among HIV-positive Sexual Minority Men: A Five-year Longitudinal Study from China. ---
53  2021 Tina's ParTy line: Polysubstance use patterns in sexual minority men living with HIV who use methamphetamine. ---
54  2021 To Disclose, Not Disclose, or Conceal: A Qualitative Study of HIV-Positive Men with Multiple Concealable Stigmatized Identities. CSIs, PLHW
55  2021 Top, Bottom, and Versatile Orientations among Adolescent Sexual Minority Men. ASMM
56  2021 Using the Patient Portal Sexual Health Instrument in Surveys and Patient Questionnaires Among Sexual Minority Men in the United States: Cross-sectional Psychometric Validation Study. AMIS-PPSHI, CFA, EFA, PCA, STI
57  2021 Who Aren't We Reaching? Young Sexual Minority Men's Non-participation in an HIV-Prevention and Mental Health Clinical Trial. CART
58  2020 A Pilot Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Intervention to Address Coping with Discrimination Among HIV-Positive Latino Immigrant Sexual Minority Men. SE
59  2020 A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Combination Behavioral Interventions Co-Targeting Psychosocial Syndemics and HIV-Related Health Behaviors for Sexual Minority Men. ---
60  2020 Appearance discrimination and binge eating among sexual minority men. ---
61  2020 Behavioral Intentions to Use Patient Portals to Disclose HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Histories with Sexual Partners Among U.S. Sexual Minority Men. EDC, HIV/STI, PP
62  2020 Drink goal difficulty effect on outcomes in moderation-based alcohol treatment for sexual minority men. AUD
63  2020 Evidence for the Confluence of Cigarette Smoking, Other Substance Use, and Psychosocial and Mental Health in a Sample of Urban Sexual Minority Young Adults: The P18 Cohort Study. TW
64  2020 Increasing Opportunities for Spiritual and Religious Supports to Improve HIV-Related Outcomes for Black Sexual Minority Men. ---
65  2020 Intersectional discrimination, positive feelings, and health indicators among Black sexual minority men. ---
66  2020 Medical Mistrust and the PrEP Cascade Among Latino Sexual Minority Men. PrEP
67  2020 Perspectives on Pain, Engagement in HIV Care, and Behavioral Interventions for Chronic Pain Among Older Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV and Chronic Pain: A Qualitative Analysis. PLWH
68  2020 Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Improve Coping with Intersectional Stigma and Medication Adherence Among HIV-Positive Latinx Sexual Minority Men. ---
69  2020 PrEP Demonstration Project Showed Superior Adherence with Tenofovir Alafenamide/Emtricitabine Compared to Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate/Emtricitabine in a Sample of Partnered Sexual Minority Men. PrEP, TAF/FTC, TDF/FTC
70  2020 Racial Discrimination, Sexual Partner Race/Ethnicity, and Depressive Symptoms Among Black Sexual Minority Men. ---
71  2020 Reducing the Discussion Divide by Digital Questionnaires in Health Care Settings: Disruptive Innovation for HIV Testing and PrEP Screening. PrEP
72  2020 Testing the drug use and condomless anal sex link among sexual minority men: The predictive utility of marijuana and interactions with relationship status. CAS
73  2020 Traditional Machismo, Caballerismo, and the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Cascade Among a Sample of Latino Sexual Minority Men. PrEP
74  2020 Willingness to Distribute HIV Self-Testing Kits to Recent Sex Partners Among HIV-Negative Gay and Bisexual Men and an Examination of Free-Response Data from Young Men Participating in the Nationwide Cohort. HIVST
75  2019 Acceptability of smartphone applications for global positioning system (GPS) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) research among sexual minority men. EMA, GPS
76  2019 Biomedical HIV Prevention among Gay Male Couples: A Qualitative Study of Motivations and Concerns. PEP, PrEP
77  2019 Growing Acceptability of Undetectable = Untransmittable but Widespread Misunderstanding of Transmission Risk: Findings From a Very Large Sample of Sexual Minority Men in the United States. ---
78  2019 Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Infection in Young Sexual Minority Men: The P18 Cohort Study. aOR, HPV
79  2019 Machismo and anabolic steroid misuse among young Latino sexual minority men. AAS
80  2019 Mental health, social support, and HIV-related sexual risk behaviors among HIV-negative adolescent sexual minority males: three U.S. cities, 2015. CAI
81  2019 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Victimization Among Young Adults in the New York City Metropolitan Area: The P18 Cohort Study. SGV
82  2018 A daily diary study of stressful and positive events, alcohol use, and addiction severity among heavy drinking sexual minority men. IVR
83  2018 Body image and condomless anal sex among Young Latino sexual minority men. CAS
84  2018 Prevalence and Correlates of Prescription Drug Misuse Among a Racially Diverse Sample of Young Sexual Minority Men. ---
85  2018 Prevalence of Obesity, Prediabetes, and Diabetes in Sexual Minority Men: Results From the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. ---
86  2018 Stress levels are associated with poor sleep health among sexual minority men in Paris, France. aRRs, CIs
87  2018 The associations between subdimensions of religiosity and illicit substance use among latino sexual minority men. DUREL, IR, NORA, ORA
88  2017 Evaluating a novel intervention to reduce trauma symptoms and sexual risk taking: qualitative exit interviews with sexual minority men with childhood sexual abuse. CBT-TSH, CSA
89  2017 High Human Immunodeficiency Virus Incidence and Prevalence and Associated Factors Among Adolescent Sexual Minority Males-3 Cities, 2015. HIV, PY
90  2017 Partner Abuse Among HIV-Positive Sexual Minority Men: "That Was All I Deserved . . ." PA
91  2017 Psychometric analysis of the Life Worries Scale for a new generation of sexual minority men: The P18 Cohort Study. CFA, EFA, ESEM, LWS
92  2017 Sexual orientation differences in HIV testing motivation among college men. HM
93  2016 Can community consciousness be a bad thing? A moderated mediation analysis of heterosexism, mental health and body appreciation in sexual minority men. ---
94  2013 CVD risk among men participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from 2001 to 2010: differences by sexual minority status. CVD, NHANES
95  2010 Determinants of body weight among men of different sexual orientation. ---