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Abbreviation : SPF
Long Form : specific pathogen-free
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 An unusual case of haemorrhagic bursa in a pullet flock associated with a genogroup 2 infectious bursal disease virus. IBD
2021 Animal models of cough. ---
2021 AQP2 as a target of lycopene protects against atrazine-induced renal ionic homeostasis disturbance. AQPs, ATR, LYC
2021 Avenanthramide Metabotype from Whole-Grain Oat Intake is Influenced by Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in Healthy Adults. AVAs, DH-AVAs, GF, WG
2021 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B10 can alleviate liver apoptosis and oxidative stress induced by aflatoxin B1. AFB1
2021 Bacteria induce skin regeneration via IL-1β signaling. GF, WIHN
2021 Berberine ameliorates ovariectomy-induced anxiety-like behaviors by enrichment in equol generating gut microbiota. BBR, GF, LC/MS
2021 Comparison of Marek's disease virus challenge strains and bird types for vaccine licensing. MDV
2021 Deer antler extract potentially facilitates xiphoid cartilage growth and regeneration and prevents inflammatory susceptibility by regulating multiple functional genes. DAE, qRT-PCR, SD, XC
10  2021 Design and Characterization of a DNA Vaccine Based on Spike with Consensus Nucleotide Sequence against Infectious Bronchitis Virus. IBV
11  2021 Development of a Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) assay for acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) detection in Pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei). AHPND, RPA
12  2021 Dietary Bacillus subtilis C-3102 Supplementation Enhances the Exclusion of Salmonella enterica from Chickens. ---
13  2021 Dietary Inulin Supplementation Modulates Short-Chain Fatty Acid Levels and Cecum Microbiota Composition and Function in Chickens Infected With Salmonella. CON, SCFAs, SE
14  2021 Dynamic Changes in the Expression of Interferon-Stimulated Genes in Joints of SPF Chickens Infected With Avian Reovirus. ARV, DDIT4, IFI6, IFIT5, IFITM3, IFNs, ISG12, ISGs, Mx, OAS, PKR, VIPERIN, ZFP313
15  2021 Effect of Pethidine Hydrochloride on the Development of Neural Tube: A Genetic Analysis Study in a Chick Embryo Model. ---
16  2021 Effect of Psoralen on the Intestinal Barrier and Alveolar Bone Loss in Rats With Chronic Periodontitis. ABL, ELISA, IL, OPG, Pso, RANKL, SD, TNF
17  2021 Elicitation of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 M2e and HA2-Specific Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Response in Chicken Following Immunization With Recombinant M2e-HA2 Fusion Protein. HPAI, M2e, SI, TLR
18  2021 Evaluation of a Point-of-Care Test for Pre-Vaccination Testing to Detect Antibodies against Canine Adenoviruses in Dogs. CAVs, NPV, OA, POC, PPV, VN
19  2021 Evaluation of classical swine fever E2 (CSF-E2) subunit vaccine efficacy in the prevention of virus transmission and impact of maternal derived antibody interference in field farm applications. CSF, CSF-E2, MDA, NA
20  2021 Evaluation of swine protection with foot-and-mouth disease O1/Campos and O/Primorsky/2014 vaccines against the O Mya-98 lineage virus from East Asia. FMD, MDAs, VNT
21  2021 Experimental co-infection of variant infectious bursal disease virus and fowl adenovirus serotype 4 increases mortality and reduces immune response in chickens. FAdV-4, IBD, IBDV, IL
22  2021 Genetic and Antigenic Characterization of Avian Avulavirus Type 6 (AAvV-6) Circulating in Canadian Wild Birds (2005-2017). AAvV-6, AAvV-6
23  2021 Helicobacter hepaticus is required for immune targeting of bacterial heat shock protein 60 and fatal colitis in mice. DCs, Hh, IBD, iTreg
24  2021 Hematologic and biochemical reference intervals for 1-month-old specific-pathogen-free Landrace pigs. RIs
25  2021 High-Resolution Metabolomics of 50 Neurotransmitters and Tryptophan Metabolites in Feces, Serum, and Brain Tissues Using UHPLC-ESI-Q Exactive Mass Spectrometry. ---
26  2021 In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of a Pigeon Paramyxovirus Type 1 Isolated from Domestic Pigeons in Victoria, Australia 2011. CEF, HI, MDT, NDV, PPMV-1
27  2021 Inter-vendor variance of enteric eukaryotic DNA viruses in specific pathogen free C57BL/6N mice. EDVs, HFD, LFD
28  2021 Isolation and molecular detection of pigeon pox virus in Assiut and New Valley governorates. CAM, FPV, PPV, Tm
29  2021 Managing the Bacterial Contamination Risk in an Axenic Mice Animal Facility. NAR
30  2021 Measurement of the Intestinal pH in Mice under Various Conditions Reveals Alkalization Induced by Antibiotics. PPI
31  2021 Microbiota-derived short chain fatty acids modulate microglia and promote Aβ plaque deposition. AD, GF, SCFA
32  2021 MiR-29c-3p reduces bone loss in rats with diabetic osteoporosis via targeted regulation of Dvl2 expression. ALP, BMD, BTMs, Ca, DM, DOP, Dvl2, ELISA, miR, mRNA, OC, qRT-PCR
33  2021 Model for Murine Gut Colonization by Bifidobacteria. GIT
34  2021 Molecular characterization and pathogenicity of a fowl adenovirus serotype 4 isolated from peacocks associated with hydropericardium hepatitis syndrome. FAdV-4, HHS
35  2021 Molecular Characterization of Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus (Sub-Genotype VII.1.1) from Wild Birds, with Assessment of Its Pathogenicity in Susceptible Chickens. GVII, ND, NDV, rRT-PCR, RT-PCR
36  2021 Polarization of avian macrophages upon avian flavivirus infection. NO, TMUV
37  2021 Presence or absence of microbiome modulates the response of mice organism to administered drug nabumetone. DMEs, GF
38  2021 Recovery of Recombinant Avian Paramyxovirus Type-3 Strain Wisconsin by Reverse Genetics and Its Evaluation as a Vaccine Vector for Chickens. APMV-3, GFP
39  2021 Regulation of Gut Microbiota Disrupts the Glucocorticoid Receptor Pathway and Inflammation-related Pathways in the Mouse Hippocampus. GF, iTRAQ
40  2021 Replacing Animal Protein with Soy-Pea Protein in an "American Diet" Controls Murine Crohn Disease-Like Ileitis Regardless of Firmicutes: Bacteroidetes Ratio. AD, CD, IBD
41  2021 Systemic RNA oxidation can be used as a biomarker of infection in challenged with Vibrio parahaemolyticus. 8-oxo-dGsn, 8-oxo-Gsn, PBS, V. parahaemolyticus, WBCs
42  2021 The effect of salinity on enterocytozoon hepatopenaei infection in Penaeus vannamei under experimental conditions. EHP, ppt
43  2021 The inactivated vaccine of reassortant H3N2 canine influenza virus based on internal gene cassette from PR8 is safe and effective. CI, MDCK
44  2021 The microbiota plays a critical role in the reactivity of lung immune components to innate ligands. AM, GF, LPS, RSV, TLR4
45  2021 Untargeted lipidomics analysis of Mori Fructus polysaccharide on acute alcoholic liver injury in mice using ultra performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole-orbitrap-high resolution mass spectrometry. ALT, AST, KM, MDA, MF, MFP, SOD, TG
46  2020 A highly pathogenic GI-19 lineage infectious bronchitis virus originated from multiple recombination events with broad tissue tropism. ---
47  2020 A Mutant of Vibrio parahaemolyticus pirABVP (+) That Carries Binary Toxin Genes but Does Not Cause Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease. AHPND
48  2020 A Plant-Produced Recombinant Fusion Protein-Based Newcastle Disease Subunit Vaccine and Rapid Differential Diagnosis Platform. DIVA, HN, ND
49  2020 A reassortment vaccine candidate of the novel variant infectious bursal disease virus. IBD, IBDV
50  2020 A single dose of inactivated oil-emulsion bivalent H5N8/H5N1 vaccine protects chickens against the lethal challenge of both highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses. HI, HPAI
51  2020 A transient increase in MHC-IIlow monocytes after experimental infection with Avibacterium paragallinarum (serovar B-1) in SPF chickens. IC, MHC-II
52  2020 Adeno-associated virus-binding antibodies detected in cats living in the Northeastern United States lack neutralizing activity. AAV
53  2020 Antibiotics Disturb Dentin Formation and Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells: The Role of Microbiota in Cellular Turnover of Mouse Incisor. AbT, ConvD, DPSCs, SCFAs
54  2020 Ascorbic acid deficiency induces hepatic and intestinal expression of inflammation-related genes irrespective of the presence or absence of gut microbiota in ODS rats. APPs, AsA, GF, IL, ODS
55  2020 Assessment of the Microbiome Role in Skin Protection Against UV Irradiation Via Network Analysis. DEGs, GF, PPI
56  2020 Attenuation of a recombinant Marek's disease virus lacking the meq oncogene and evaluation on its immune efficacy against Marek's disease virus. BTA, CEF, FFE, MDV
57  2020 Attenuation of immune-mediated bone marrow damage in conventionally housed mice. BM
58  2020 Bacteria-Induced Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Stomach Provide Immune Protection through Induction of IgA. IL-7
59  2020 Bacteriological and molecular study of Salmonella species associated with central nervous system manifestation in chicken flocks. CNS
60  2020 Changes in intestinal flora in preeclampsia rats and effects of probiotics on their inflammation and blood pressure. DTPA, ET-1, hs-CRP, NO
61  2020 Changes in oxidation-antioxidation function on the thymus of chickens infected with reticuloendotheliosis virus. REV
62  2020 Characteristics of Gastric Microbiota in GK Rats with Spontaneous Diabetes: A Comparative Study. BG, GK, LEfSe, T2DM
63  2020 Characterization and anti-uterine tumor effect of extract from Prunella vulgaris L. IHC, UM
64  2020 Characterization of S1 gene sequence variations of attenuated QX-like and variant infectious bronchitis virus strains and the pathogenicity of the viruses in specific-pathogen-free chickens. HVRs, MV
65  2020 Clostridium butyricum Ameliorates Salmonella Enteritis Induced Inflammation by Enhancing and Improving Immunity of the Intestinal Epithelial Barrier at the Intestinal Mucosal Level. C. butyricum, IEC, S. enteritidis
66  2020 Commensal Microbiota Regulation of Metabolic Networks During Olfactory Dysfunction in Mice. BFPT, GF, OBs, TCA
67  2020 Comparative Protective Efficacies of Novel Avian Paramyxovirus-Vectored Vaccines against Virulent Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Chickens. IBV, rNDV
68  2020 Comparison of Four Commercially Available Point-of-Care Tests to Detect Antibodies against Canine Parvovirus in Dogs. CPV, OA, POC
69  2020 Component Identification and Functional Analysis of Outer Membrane Vesicles Released by Avibacterium paragallinarum. IgG, IL, iNOS, OMVs
70  2020 Conventional Co-Housing Modulates Murine Gut Microbiota and Hematopoietic Gene Expression. CVT
71  2020 Coronavirus: proteomics analysis of chicken kidney tissue infected with variant 2 (IS-1494)-like avian infectious bronchitis virus. PPI
72  2020 Correlations between inflammatory response, oxidative stress, intestinal pathological damage and intestinal flora variation in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus. hs-CRP, MDA, SD, SOD, T2DM, TNF-alpha
73  2020 Cystatin C promotes cognitive dysfunction in rats with cerebral microbleeds by inhibiting the ERK/synapsin Ia/Ib pathway. CysC, LTP, sham, SHRs
74  2020 Detection of Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) and Carp Oedema Virus (CEV) in Invasive Round Goby, Neogobius Melanostomus Pallas, 1814, from Poland and Germany. CEV, KHV
75  2020 Development of a DIVA ELISA for diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease using recombinant gE fused to thioredoxin as antigen. AD, DIVA, OIE
76  2020 Development of a live attenuated duck hepatitis A virus type 3 vaccine (strain SD70). DHAV-3
77  2020 Development of a Recombinant Thermostable Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) Vaccine Express Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) Multiple Epitopes for Protecting against IBV and NDV Challenges. HA, IB, IBV, ND, NDV
78  2020 Duration of protective immunity induced by Mycoplasma gallisepticum strain ts-304 vaccine in chickens. MG
79  2020 Effect of the cagW-based gene vaccine on the immunologic properties of BALB/c mouse: an efficient candidate for Helicobacter pylori DNA vaccine. H. pylori
80  2020 Effect of TLR agonist on infections bronchitis virus replication and cytokine expression in embryonated chicken eggs. CAM, ECEs, IB, IBV, TLRs
81  2020 Effects of gut microbiota on in vivo metabolism and tissue accumulation of cytochrome P450 3A metabolized drug: Midazolam. GF, PK
82  2020 Effects of inulin supplementation on intestinal barrier function and immunity in specific pathogen-free chickens with Salmonella infection. CD, CON, dpi, IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, IL-6, JAK1, LITAF, MUC2, PBS, pSTAT3, SE, sIgA, SOCS3, TLR4, VH
83  2020 Efficacy of Infectious Bronchitis GI-13 (793B) Vaccine Candidate Tested According to the Current European Union Requirements and for Cross-Protection Against Heterologous QX-Like Challenge. IB, IBV, MDA
84  2020 Erythroid differentiation regulator-1 induced by microbiota in early life drives intestinal stem cell proliferation and regeneration. DSS, Erdr1, GF, TA
85  2020 Evaluation of a modified method of extraction, purification, and characterization of lipopolysaccharide (O antigen) from Salmonella Typhimurium. HPLC, IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, LPS, PCR
86  2020 Evaluation of the efficacy of chlorogenic acid in reducing small intestine injury, oxidative stress, and inflammation in chickens challenged with Clostridium perfringens type A. CA, CP
87  2020 Evaluation of the reproductive system development and egg-laying performance of hens infected with TW I-type infectious bronchitis virus. IBV
88  2020 Evidence for GTKO/β4GalNT2KO Pigs as the Preferred Organ-source for Old World Nonhuman Primates as a Preclinical Model of Xenotransplantation. CDC, GTKO, PBMCs, TKO
89  2020 Fecal microbiota transplantation from warthog to pig confirms the influence of the gut microbiota on African swine fever susceptibility. ASF, ASFV, FMT
90  2020 Full-length genome sequences of the first H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in the Northeast of Algeria. AIV, HA, NA, NS1, PL
91  2020 Genotype-associated differences in bursal recovery after infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) inoculation. BF, DT, IBDV, IL, MDA, PI, TGF
92  2020 Gompertz tracking of the growth trajectories of the human-liver-cancer xenograft-tumors in nude mice. ---
93  2020 Gut commensals suppress interleukin-2 production through microRNA-200/BCL11B and microRNA-200/ETS-1 axes in lamina propria leukocytes of murine large intestine. GF, IL, LPL, miRNAs, qRT-PCR
94  2020 Gut Microbiome Alters the Activity of Liver Cytochromes P450 in Mice With Sex-Dependent Differences. GF
95  2020 Gut microbiota regulate cognitive deficits and amyloid deposition in a model of Alzheimer's disease. 16S rRNA Seq, AD, DEGs, GEO, GF, qRT-PCR, WB, WT
96  2020 Gut microbiota regulate tumor metastasis via circRNA/miRNA networks. circRNA, EMT, FMT, miRNA
97  2020 Heterogeneity of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg TCR beta CDR3 Repertoire Based on the Differences of Symbiotic Microorganisms in the Gut of Mice. CL, GF
98  2020 Host microbiota dictates the proinflammatory impact of LPS in the murine liver. GF, LPS, PCLS
99  2020 Housing condition-associated changes in gut microbiota further affect the host response to diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver. CONV, HFD, NAFLD, STD
100  2020 Human resident gut microbe Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron regulates colonic neuronal innervation and neurogenic function. Bt, Bt-CONV, CMMCs, ENS, GF, TLR