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Abbreviation : ST
Long Form : scala tympani
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Atlas-based segmentation of cochlear microstructures in cone beam CT. AVG HD, CBCT, Mid-Mod, MOD, OE, RW, SV
2021 Atraumatic Insertion of a Cochlear Implant Pre-Curved Electrode Array by a Robot-Automated Alignment with the Coiling Direction of the Scala Tympani. MS
2021 High-Molecular-Weight Hyaluronic Acid Vehicle Can Deliver Gadolinium Into the Cochlea at a Higher Concentration for a Longer Duration: A 9.4-T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. EH, Gd, HA, HMW, IT, MRI, SIs, SV
2021 Intraoperative Correction of Cochlear Implant Electrode Translocation. AID, CI
2021 Radiological and Audiological Outcomes of the LISTENT LCI-20PI Cochlear Implant Device. EA, SRS, SV
2021 Scala vestibuli cochlear implant supported by 3D modeling of the inner ear. ABR, CT, PTA
2021 The Use of Clinically Measurable Cochlear Parameters in Cochlear Implant Surgery as Indicators for Size, Shape, and Orientation of the Scala Tympani. CI, muCT
2020 Anatomy of the Round Window Region With Relation to Selection of Entry Site Into the Scala Tympani. OSL, RW, RWM
2020 Deep Volumetric Segmentation of Murine Cochlear Compartments from Micro-Computed Tomography Images. CNN, CT, MR, SM, SV
10  2020 Effect of Scala Tympani Height on Insertion Depth of Straight Cochlear Implant Electrodes. AID, CNC, IQR, LW, PTD
11  2020 Otopathologic Analysis of Patterns of Postmeningitis Labyrinthitis Ossificans. LO, ML, RWM, SV
12  2020 Radiological evaluation of a new straight electrode array compared to its precursors. SV
13  2020 Slim, Modiolar Cochlear Implant Electrode: Melbourne Experience and Comparison With the Contour Perimodiolar Electrode. ---
14  2019 Assessment of cochlear trauma and telemetry measures after cochlear implantation: A comparative study between Nucleus CI512 and CI532 electrode arrays. NRT, PTA, RH
15  2019 Further Evidence of the Relationship Between Cochlear Implant Electrode Positioning and Hearing Outcomes. BKB-SIN, CI, CNC, GLM
16  2019 Intracochlear Electrocochleography: Influence of Scalar Position of the Cochlear Implant Electrode on Postinsertion Results. CI, ECochG, SV
17  2019 Intraoperative Evaluation of Cochlear Implant Electrodes Using Mobile Cone-Beam Computed Tomography. CI, ERW, mCBCT, RW
18  2019 Musical Sound Quality as a Function of the Number of Channels in Modern Cochlear Implant Recipients. CI, SQ
19  2019 Speech recognition as a function of the number of channels in perimodiolar electrode recipients. CI, CIS
20  2019 Variations in Cochlear Size of Cochlear Implant Candidates. CDL, CI, HRCT, SD
21  2018 Atraumatic Scala Tympani Cochleostomy; Resolution of the Dilemma. CA, CI, ICV, RWM, SV
22  2018 Intra-Cochlear Electrocochleography During Cochear Implant Electrode Insertion Is Predictive of Final Scalar Location. CI, CT, ECochG, SV
23  2018 The secondary spiral lamina and its relevance in cochlear implant surgery. BC, BM, IHC, LW, OSL, RM, RW, RWM, SL, SR-PCI, SSL
24  2017 An overview of cochlear implant electrode array designs. LW, MH, MS
25  2017 Automated analysis of human cochlea shape variability from segmented muCT images. SV
26  2017 Intra- and Postoperative Electrocochleography May Be Predictive of Final Electrode Position and Postoperative Hearing Preservation. CI, CM, CT, ECochG, LFPTA
27  2017 Mechanisms of electrode fold-over in cochlear implant surgery when using a flexible and slim perimodiolar electrode array. ---
28  2017 Systematic review: Radiological and histological evidence of cochlear implant insertion trauma in adult patients. CI
29  2016 Aminoglycoside Increases Permeability of Osseous Spiral Laminae of Cochlea by Interrupting MMP-2 and MMP-9 Balance. MMPs, OSL, SGNs
30  2016 Assessing the Electrode-Neuron Interface with the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential, Electrode Position, and Behavioral Thresholds. CIF, CT, ECAP, SV
31  2016 Differential Intracochlear Sound Pressure Measurements in Human Temporal Bones with an Off-the-Shelf Sensor. SV, TBs
32  2016 Electrode Location and Angular Insertion Depth Are Predictors of Audiologic Outcomes in Cochlear Implantation. CI, CNC, ERW, LW, MS, PM, RW, SV
33  2016 Electrode Location and Audiologic Performance After Cochlear Implantation: A Comparative Study Between Nucleus CI422 and CI512 Electrode Arrays. CI, CNC
34  2016 Evaluation of Rigid Cochlear Models for Measuring Cochlear Implant Electrode Position. CI, CT, SD, SV
35  2016 Flat-Panel CT for Cochlear Implant Electrode Imaging: Comparison to Multi-Detector CT. CI, CT, FPCT, MDCT, SM, SV
36  2016 Morphological changes in the round window membrane associated with Haemophilus influenzae-induced acute otitis media in the chinchilla. AOM, RWM
37  2016 Pressure in the Cochlea During Infrared Irradiation. EC
38  2015 Diverse patterns of perilymphatic space enhancement in the rat inner ear after intratympanic injection of two different types of gadolinium: a 9.4-tesla magnetic resonance study. IT, SIs, SV
39  2015 Impact of Intrascalar Electrode Location, Electrode Type, and Angular Insertion Depth on Residual Hearing in Cochlear Implant Patients: Preliminary Results. CI, CNC, ERW, RW, SV
40  2015 Intracochlear Scala Media Pressure Measurement: Implications for Models of Cochlear Mechanics. SM
41  2015 Perilymph Kinetics of FITC-Dextran Reveals Homeostasis Dominated by the Cochlear Aqueduct and Cerebrospinal Fluid. CSF, SCC
42  2014 Characterization of intracochlear rupture forces in fresh human cadaveric cochleae. SV
43  2014 Impact of electrode design and surgical approach on scalar location and cochlear implant outcomes. ERW, LW, PM, RW
44  2014 Semiautomatic cochleostomy target and insertion trajectory planning for minimally invasive cochlear implantation. DCA
45  2014 The importance of the hook region of the cochlea for bone-conduction hearing. BC, BM, SV
46  2014 The new mid-scala electrode array: a radiologic and histologic study in human temporal bones. MS, RT, RW, TB
47  2014 Variations in microanatomy of the human cochlea. CI, CSD, muCT, RC
48  2013 Cochlear pharmacokinetics of cisplatin: an in vivo study in the guinea pig. CSF, OHCs
49  2013 Gentamicin concentration gradients in scala tympani perilymph following systemic applications. BW, RWM
50  2013 Influence of cochleostomy and cochlear implant insertion on drug gradients following intratympanic application in Guinea pigs. TMPA
51  2013 Optical cochlear implant: evaluation of insertion forces of optical fibres in a cochlear model and of traumata in human temporal bones. CI
52  2012 Comparison of forward (ear-canal) and reverse (round-window) sound stimulation of the cochlea. RW, SV
53  2012 Dexamethasone levels and base-to-apex concentration gradients in the scala tympani perilymph after intracochlear delivery in the guinea pig. RW
54  2012 Perilymph pharmacokinetics of markers and dexamethasone applied and sampled at the lateral semi-circular canal. CSF, DEX, LSCC, SV, TMPA
55  2012 Round window electrode insertion potentiates retention in the scala tympani. BC, CT, RWM
56  2012 The effect of superior semicircular canal dehiscence on intracochlear sound pressures. SCD, SV
57  2011 Assessment of electrode placement and audiological outcomes in bilateral cochlear implantation. CI
58  2011 Direct entry of gadolinium into the vestibule following intratympanic applications in Guinea pigs and the influence of cochlear implantation. Gd, Gd-DTPA, IT, MRI, SV
59  2011 Dynamic enhancement of the rat inner ear after ultra-small-volume administration of Gd-DOTA to the medial wall of the middle ear cavity. Gd-DOTA
60  2011 Marker entry into vestibular perilymph via the stapes following applications to the round window niche of guinea pigs. RW, SV, TMPA
61  2009 Gene transfer using bovine adeno-associated virus in the guinea pig cochlea. BAAV, SM
62  2009 Middle-ear pressure gain and cochlear partition differential pressure in chinchilla. CP, CP, MEP, SV, TM
63  2008 Dexamethasone concentration gradients along scala tympani after application to the round window membrane. Dex-P, RW
64  2008 Surgical access to the mammalian cochlea for cell-based therapies. SGNs, TL
65  2007 Marker retention in the cochlea following injections through the round window membrane. RWM, TMPA
66  2006 Cochlear microdialysis for quantification of dexamethasone and fluorescein entry into scala tympani during round window administration. RWM
67  2006 Demonstration of a longitudinal concentration gradient along scala tympani by sequential sampling of perilymph from the cochlear apex. CSF, TMPA
68  2006 Hydrophilic interpenetrating polymer networks of poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) as biomaterial for cochlear implants. IPNs, PAAc, PDMS
69  2005 Perilymph sampling from the cochlear apex: a reliable method to obtain higher purity perilymph samples from scala tympani. CSF, RWM, TMPA
70  2005 Predicting the effect of post-implant cochlear fibrosis on residual hearing. CP, SV
71  2003 Primary afferent and cochlear nucleus contributions to extracellular potentials during tone-bursts. CN, SV
72  2001 Intracochlear pressure measurements related to cochlear tuning. BM, SV
73  2001 Magnetic resonance imaging of the membranous labyrinth during in vivo gadolinium (Gd-DTPA-BMA) uptake in the normal and lesioned cochlea. GdDTPA-BMA, SM, SV
74  2001 Quantification of solute entry into cochlear perilymph through the round window membrane. SD, TMPA
75  2000 [Multi-frequency tympanometry in experimentally-induced cochlear lesions in chinchillas and guinea pigs]. AL, AT, RWM
76  1998 Longitudinal endolymph movements induced by perilymphatic injections. EP, SV
77  1996 The scala vestibuli for cochlear implantation. An anatomic study. SV
78  1993 Accumulation of potassium in scala vestibuli perilymph of the mammalian cochlea. SV
79  1993 Involvement of Cl- transport in forskolin-induced elevation of endocochlear potential. aPL, EP, SM, SV
80  1992 Fine structure of the intracochlear potential field. II. Tone-evoked waveforms and cochlear microphonics. CAPs, CM, SM, SV
81  1992 Permeability changes of the blood-labyrinth barrier measured in vivo during experimental treatments. CSF, SV, TMPA
82  1992 [Solute movement across the round window membrane in comparison with that across the blood-labyrinth barrier]. TMPA
83  1991 Evaluation of procedures to reduce fluid flow in the fistulized guinea-pig cochlea. CSF, RW
84  1991 Radial communication between the perilymphatic scalae of the cochlea. I: Estimation by tracer perfusion. SV, TMPA
85  1990 The effect of adenylate cyclase stimulation on endocochlear potential in the guinea pig. EP, SV
86  1987 Effect of glycerol on inner ear fluid electrolytes and osmolalities in guinea pigs. SM, SV
87  1987 Frequency-dependent self-induced bias of the basilar membrane and its potential for controlling sensitivity and tuning in the mammalian cochlea. CF, SV
88  1984 Comparison of electrode sites in electrical stimulation of the cochlea. EABR, RW
89  1982 Perilymphatic and endolymphatic PO2. Variations during anoxia, hyperoxia, and hypercapnia. SM, SV
90  1979 The effect of raising the scala tympani potassium concentration on the tone-induced cochlear responses of the guinea pig. CM, SP
91  1970 The characteristics of the cochlear after-potential studied in the guinea-pig by perfusion and stimulation. SP