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Abbreviation : ST
Long Form : semitendinosus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Aponeurotic release of semimembranosus: A technical note to increase correction gained with hamstring lengthening surgery in cerebral palsy. CP, GMFCS, PA, SM
2021 Biceps Femoris Compensates for Semitendinosus After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With a Hamstring Autograft: A Muscle Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study in Male Soccer Players. ACLR, BF, RTP, SM
2021 Biceps Femoris Muscle is Activated by Performing Nordic Hamstring Exercise at a Shallow Knee Flexion Angle. BFlh, EMG, NHE
2021 Comparative analysis of core muscle activation according to the use of props and the different knee angle during the modified Pilates Hundred. BF, EMG, EO, RA, RF
2021 Comparison of Countermovement and Squat Jumps Performance in Recreationally Trained Males. EMG, MG, SJ, VL, VM
2021 Comparison of Electromyographic Activity During Hip Extension Exercises Under Gravitational or Inertial Loading Conditions. BF, EMG, GC, GM, HE, SDL, SKB
2021 Determinants of regeneration and strength of hamstrings after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction-fate of hamstring tendon. ACL, CSA
2021 Differences in Muscle Activities and Kinematics between Forefoot Strike and Rearfoot Strike in the Lower Limb during 180° Turns. ACL, BF, FFS, GL, GM, GRF, RF, RFS, TA, VL, VM
2021 Differences in Muscle Activity and Kinetics Between the Goblet Squat and Landmine Squat in Men and Women. BF, EMG, GBS, LMS, VL, VM
10  2021 Effect of biomechanical footwear on upper and lower leg muscle activity in comparison with knee brace and normal walking. BF, LG, sEMG, TA, VM
11  2021 Effect of Different Slopes of the Lower Leg during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Electromyography Activity. BFlh, BPA
12  2021 Effect of sous vide cooking and ageing on tenderness and water-holding capacity of low-value beef muscles from young and older animals. BF, WBSF
13  2021 Effects of abdominal drawing-in maneuver with or without prior iliopsoas stretching on gluteus maximus activity during prone hip extension. ADIM, BF, ES, GM, PHE
14  2021 Effects of hip rotation on the electromyographic activity of the medial and lateral hamstrings and muscle force. BF, EMG
15  2021 Electromechanical delay of the hamstrings following semitendinosus tendon autografts in return to competition athletes. ACL, ACLR, BF, EMD
16  2021 Frozen/thawed meat quality associated with muscle fiber characteristics of porcine longissimus thoracis et lumborum, psoas major, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus muscles. LTL, PM, SM
17  2021 Hamstring and gluteal activation during high-speed overground running: Impact of prior strain injury. BFlh, BFSH, GMax, SM
18  2021 Hamstrings load bearing in different contraction types and intensities: A shear-wave and B-mode ultrasonographic study. ACSA, BFlh, CON, ECC, ISO, SM, SWE, SWV
19  2021 Individual differences in the distribution of activation among the hamstring muscle heads during stiff-leg Deadlift and Nordic hamstring exercises. BF, EMG, SM
20  2021 Minimal graft site morbidity using autogenous semitendinosus graft from the uninjured leg: a randomised controlled trial. ACL
21  2021 Muscle Length of the Hamstrings Using Ultrasonography Versus Musculoskeletal Modelling. BFlh, EFOV-US, MODEL, SM, US
22  2021 Post-mortem pH decline in lamb semitendinosus muscle and its relationship to the pH decline parameters of the longissimus lumborum muscle: A pilot study. LL
23  2021 Postural adjustments impairments in elderly people with chronic low back pain. APAs, CLBP, COP, CPAs, Del, RT, SOL
24  2021 Reliability of Distal Hamstring Tendon Length and Cross-sectional Area Using 3-D Freehand Ultrasound. CSA, EI, MDC, SM, US
25  2021 Semitendinosus and biceps femoris long head active stiffness response until failure in professional footballers with vs. without previous hamstring injury. BFlh
26  2021 Snapping Hamstring Tendons Case Report: Tenotomy and Tendon Transposition. SM
27  2021 Superimposing hip extension on knee flexion evokes higher activation in biceps femoris than knee flexion alone. BFlh, EMG, HE-KF, KF, MVIC
28  2021 Technique for Fixation of Semitendinosus to the Patella in Patellar Tendon Reconstruction. ---
29  2021 The effects of whole-body vibration on EMG activity of the lower body muscles in supine static bridge position. BF, GMax, MF, WBV
30  2021 The role of load-dependent sensory input in the control of balance during gait in rats. COM, HU, SOL, TA
31  2021 The task dependent differences in electromyography activity of hamstring muscles during leg curls and hip extensions. BFlh, EMG, HE, LC, LC30, MVIC, NEMG, RMS
32  2021 Use of Gracile and semi-tendinosus tendons (GRAST) for the reconstruction of irreparable rotator cuff tears. GR, GRAST, IS, SS
33  2021 Utilizing a contralateral hamstring autograft facilitates earlier isokinetic and isometric strength recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a randomised controlled trial. CL, IL
34  2021 Variation of skeletal muscle ultrasound imaging intensity in horses after treadmill exercise: a proof of concept for glycogen content estimation. GL, US
35  2020 ACL reconstruction using a quadruple semitendinosus graft with cortical fixations gives suitable isokinetic and clinical outcomes after 2 years. ACLR, IKDC, ST/G
36  2020 Application of the neuromuscular fatigue threshold treadmill test to muscles of the quadriceps and hamstrings. BF, PWCFT, VL, VM
37  2020 Changes in Muscle Activity Patterns and Joint Kinematics During Gait in Hemophilic Arthropathy. BF, EMG, GMax, GMed, LG, MG, PWHA, RF, SOL, TA, VL, VM
38  2020 Changes in Physical Meat Traits, Protein Solubility, and the Microstructure of Different Beef Muscles during Post-Mortem Aging. BF, GN, IN, LT, MFI, MPS, PM, RH, SPS, TPS
39  2020 Chemical Composition of Wild Fallow Deer (Dama Dama) Meat from South Africa: A Preliminary Evaluation. BF, IS, LTL, SM, SS
40  2020 Continuous Estimation of Knee Joint Angle Based on Surface Electromyography Using a Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network and Time-Advanced Feature. BF, BPNN, GC, LSTM, MG, RF, RMS, RMSE, sEMG, SM, SR, TA
41  2020 Effect of Hip Joint Position on Electromyographic Activity of the Individual Hamstring Muscles During Stiff-Leg Deadlift. ABD, ADD, BFlh, EMG, EX20, IN20, NT, RMS-EMG, SM
42  2020 Effects of compression garments on surface EMG and physiological responses during and after distance running. CG, EMG, GAS, GM, RF, RPE, TA
43  2020 Effects of knee flexor submaximal isometric contraction until exhaustion on semitendinosus and biceps femoris long head shear modulus in healthy individuals. BFlh
44  2020 Effects of quality grade and intramuscular location on beef semitendinosus muscle fiber characteristics, NADH content, and color stability. DOD, LOC, MMb, MRA, OC, OMb
45  2020 Evolution of contractile properties of the lower limb muscles throughout a season in elite futsal players. AL, BF, Dm, GM, RT, Tc, Td, TMG
46  2020 Factors that Predicts the Size of Autologous Hamstring Tendon Graft for Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction. CCC, GR
47  2020 Feeding, Muscle and Packaging Effects on Meat Quality and Consumer Acceptability of Avilena-Negra Iberica Beef. CON, LT, MAP, PUFA, SIL, VAC
48  2020 Five- and six-strand hamstring grafts consistently produce appropriate graft diameters for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, HT
49  2020 Inertial flywheel knee- and hip-dominant hamstring strength exercises in professional soccer players: Muscle use and velocity-based (mechanical) eccentric overload. BFl, CON, ECC, SM
50  2020 Intraoperative testing of passive and active state mechanics of spastic semitendinosus in conditions involving intermuscular mechanical interactions and gait relevant joint positions. CP, HA, KA
51  2020 Kinetic and Electromyographic Responses to Traditional and Assisted Nordic Hamstring Exercise. BF, NHE, RPE, sEMG
52  2020 Knee joint kinematics and neuromuscular responses in female athletes during and after multi-directional perturbations. BF, LG, MD, VL, VM
53  2020 Muscle Activation Differences During Eccentric Hamstring Exercises. BF, BLC, NHE, SLDL, SM, USLDL
54  2020 Non-uniform distribution of passive muscle stiffness within hamstring. BFlh, SM
55  2020 Pre-operative MRI measurements versus anthropometric data: Which is more accurate in predicting 4-stranded hamstring graft size in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? ACL, BMI, CSA
56  2020 Preoperative prediction of autologous hamstring graft diameter in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, BMI, CCI, CSA, MRI
57  2020 Quadrupled Semitendinosus ACL Reconstruction Combining Cortical Button in Femur and Interference Screw in Tibia. ACL
58  2020 Relationship between meat quality and intramuscular collagen characteristics of muscles from calf-fed, yearling-fed and mature crossbred beef cattle. EC, GM, IMCT, Pyr, WBSF
59  2020 Smaller cross-sectional areas of the hamstring tendon measured from preoperative ultrasonography are likely to need additional gracilis harvesting for double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions. CSA, DB-ACLR, STG
60  2020 Targeted Walking in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: Role of Corticospinal Control. EMGs, iSCI
61  2020 The novel arthroscopic subscapular quadriceps tendon-bone sling procedure provides increased stability in shoulder cadavers with severe glenoid bone loss. QTB
62  2019 Application of proteomic to investigate the post-mortem tenderization rate of different horse muscles. LL, SM
64  2019 Autologous Patellar Tendon Reconstruction after Total Knee Arthroplasty Infection with Skin Loss: Anatomical Study and Case Report. ATT, SAP, TKA
65  2019 Biomechanical Testing of Three Alternative Quadrupled Tendon Graft Constructs With Adjustable Loop Suspensory Fixation for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Compared With Four-Strand Grafts Fixed With Screws and Femoral Fixed Loop Devices. ACL
66  2019 Cellular development in muscle differs between Angus steers from low and high muscle score selection lines1. CSA, LL
67  2019 Clinical and muscle magnetic resonance image findings in patients with late-onset multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. BFL, GA, MADD, MRI, SO
68  2019 Comparison of Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscle Activity during an Isometric Squat between Strength-Matched Men and Women. BF, IKE, IS, VL
69  2019 Denervation Edema of Hamstring Muscles Following Acute Strain Injury. BFlh, HSI
70  2019 Effects of corn supplementation on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Dorper lambs fed PKC-Urea treated rice straw. LL, PKC, SS
71  2019 Evaluation of Performance, Nitrogen Metabolism and Tissue Composition in Barrows Fed an n-3 PUFA-Rich Diet. AA, ALA, FA, LD
72  2019 Graft Choice for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With a Concomitant Non-surgically Treated Medial Collateral Ligament Injury Does Not Influence the Risk of Revision. ACL, CI, HR, KOOS, MCL, PASS, PT, SD, STG
73  2019 Hamstring muscle activation and morphology are significantly altered 1-6 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with semitendinosus graft. ACLR, ACSAs, MRI, NHE
74  2019 Hamstring muscle elasticity differs in specialized high-performance athletes. BF, SM
75  2019 Impact of Hip Flexion Angle on Unilateral and Bilateral Nordic Hamstring Exercise Torque and High-Density Electromyography Activity. BFlh, EMG, NHE
76  2019 Individual Region- and Muscle-specific Hamstring Activity at Different Running Speeds. BFlh
77  2019 Interventions of two-stage thermal sous-vide cooking on the toughness of beef semitendinosus. ---
78  2019 Lipid oxidation, pre-slaughter animal stress and meat packaging: Can dietary supplementation of vitamin E and plant extracts come to the rescue? LT, MDA, PUFA
79  2019 Meat production characteristics of Turkish native breeds: II. meat quality, fatty acid, and cholesterol profile of lambs. KR, KV, LD, MAM
80  2019 Meta-proteomics for the discovery of protein biomarkers of beef tenderness: An overview of integrated studies. LT, MS, PVALB, WBSF
81  2019 Muscle Activation Patterns During Variable Resistance Deadlift Training With and Without Elastic Bands. GM, MG, VL
82  2019 Muscle Activity Pattern with A Shifted Center of Pressure during the Squat Exercise. COP, FSP, GL, NSP, TA, VM
83  2019 Muscle shear wave elastography in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: a case-control study with MRI correlation. BB, BF, IIM, RF, SM, SWE, SWV, VL, VM
84  2019 Neuromuscular activity during stair descent in ACL reconstructed patients: A pilot study. ACL, ACLR, BF, PO, PRE, VM, WA
85  2019 Physicochemical and sensory properties of beef muscles after Pulsed Electric Field processing. BF, PEF
86  2019 Physicochemical, thermal and mechanical characterization study of perimysial collagen of two bovine muscles. IMCT, PP, Tp
87  2019 Preoperative Ultrasound Evaluation of the Semitendinosus Tendon for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. CSA, US
88  2019 Reliability and Validity of Ultrasonography for Measurement of Hamstring Muscle and Tendon Cross-Sectional Area. ACSA, CSA
89  2019 Reliability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Prediction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Autograft Size and Comparison of Radiologist and Orthopaedic Surgeon Predictions. ACL, CSA, GR, ICC, MFC, MRI
90  2019 Sex influence on muscle yield and physiochemical characteristics of common eland (Taurotragus oryx) meat. BF, IS, LTL, SM, SS
91  2019 Surface Electromyography Analysis of Three Squat Exercises. BF, DLS, DLSB, SLSB, VL, VM
92  2019 The medial epicondyle of the distal femur is the optimal location for MRI measurement of semitendinosus and gracilis tendon cross-sectional area. ALCR, ME, ROC, TJL, TPS
93  2019 Transcript profile of skeletal muscle lipid metabolism genes affected by diet in a piglet model of low birth weight. DSMM, LD
94  2018 A comparison of lower limb muscle activation pattern using voluntary response index between pronated and normal foot structures during forward jump landing. GM, Mag, MG, SI, VL, VM, VRI
95  2018 Ankle perturbation generates bilateral alteration of knee muscle onset times after unilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, EMG, VM
96  2018 Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Meta-Analysis Comparing Semitendinosus Alone and Semitendinosus with Gracilis Tendon Autografts. ACL, MOOSE, PRISMA
97  2018 Assessment of postural stability in patients after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with LARS and autogenous graft. ACL, COP, Gr, LARS
98  2018 Beef tenderness and intramuscular fat proteomic biomarkers: muscle type effect. ALDH1A1, ALDOA, CRYAB, ENO3, FHL1, LT, MyHC-IIX, RA, RPPA, SM, TB, TPI1
99  2018 Biomechanical analysis of medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction: FiberTape with knotless anchors versus a semitendinosus tendon autograft with soft anchors. FT, MPFL
100  2018 Change in skeletal muscle stiffness after running competition is dependent on both running distance and recovery time: a pilot study. BF, DOMS, F-CUSE, LG, MG, RF, SWE, VL, VM