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Abbreviation : ST
Long Form : short-term
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Analysis of infection rates and duration of short and long-term hemodialysis catheters in a teaching hospital. CVCH, LTT
2021 Cones and sleeves present good survival and clinical outcome in revision total knee arthroplasty: a meta-analysis. CG, LT, PJI, rTKA, SG
2021 Effects of metformin withdrawal after long and short term treatment in PCOS: observational longitudinal study. LT, PCOS
2021 Hoxb5 defines the heterogeneity of self-renewal capacity in the hematopoietic stem cell compartment. HSCs, LT
2021 Racial/ethnic disparities in the use of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and their effects on residential drug treatment outcomes in the US. LT, MOUD, TEDS-D
2021 The influence of inter-dialect contact on the Korean three-way laryngeal distinction: An acoustic comparison among Seoul Korean speakers and Gyeongsang speakers with limited and extended residence in Seoul. GK, LT, SK, VOT
2021 Two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials and one open-label, long-term trial of brexpiprazole for the acute treatment of bipolar mania. OL, YMRS
2020 Dynamics of the bacterial gut microbiota in preterm and term infants after intravenous amoxicillin/ceftazidime treatment. LT
2020 HIST1H2BB and MAGI2 Methylation and Somatic Mutations as Precision Medicine Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis of High-grade Serous Ovarian Cancer. HGSC, LT
10  2020 NaCl-altered oxygen flux profiles and H+-ATPase activity in roots of two contrasting poplar species. LT
11  2020 Sustainable recovery of waste vegetable cooking oil and aged bitumen: Optimized modification for short and long term aging cases. LT, PRI, WVCO
12  2020 The effect of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) on residential treatment completion and retention in the US. LT, MOUD, TEDS-D
13  2019 Diagnostic yield of high-density versus low-density EEG: The effect of spatial sampling, timing and duration of recording. HD, IEDs, LD, LT
14  2019 Exercise Frequency Determines Heart Rate Variability Gains in Older People: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression. HF, HRV, RMSSD, SDNN
15  2019 Long-term Methimazole Therapy in Juvenile Graves' Disease: A Randomized Trial. LT
16  2019 Next-Generation Sequencing May Discriminate Extreme Long-term versus Short-term Survival in Patients with Metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC). BRCA1, EGFR, EP300, LT, NGS, SCLC
17  2019 Primary glioblastoma transcriptome data analysis for screening survival-related genes. DEGs, GBM, GEO, IM, LT, OS, PPI
18  2019 Testosterone-dependent facial and body traits predict men's sociosexual attitudes and behaviors. fWHR, LT, SMM
19  2018 Clinical outcomes of a stepped care program for borderline personality disorder. BPD, EC
20  2018 Effects of suspended drill cuttings on the coral Lophelia pertusa using pulsed and continuous exposure scenarios. DC, LT
21  2018 Landscape of genomic alterations in high-grade serous ovarian cancer from exceptional long- and short-term survivors. HGSOC, LT
22  2017 Long-Term Responders on Olaparib Maintenance in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer: Clinical and Molecular Characterization. HGSOC, HRD, LT
23  2017 Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide induces long-term, transcription-dependent plasticity and remodeling at autonomic synapses. AC, cAMP, LT, mEPSC, nAChRs, NO, PACAP, PKA, sEPSCs
24  2017 Within-Winter Flexibility in Muscle Masses, Myostatin, and Cellular Aerobic Metabolic Intensity in Passerine Birds. CS, LT, MT
25  2016 Effects of high-intensity interval training on cardiometabolic health: a systematic review and meta-analysis of intervention studies. DBP, HIIT, LT, SMD
26  2016 Epigenetic regulation of redox state mediates persistent cardiorespiratory abnormalities after long-term intermittent hypoxia. AM, AOEs, BP, CB, IH, LT, OSA, ROS
27  2016 Exercises for mechanical neck disorders: A Cochrane review update. CGH, GPE, GRADE, IP, IT, LT, NP, QoL, RCTs, UE
28  2016 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Activity Is Regulated by Pten Phosphorylation Through a Niche-Dependent Mechanism. HRC, HSCs, LT, MPPs, non-p-Pten, p-Pten
29  2016 Psychological therapies for panic disorder with or without agoraphobia in adults: a network meta-analysis. APP, BT, CBT, CT, LT, NMA, PD, PE, PT, RCTs, SP, SSE, WL
30  2016 Sulfasalazine, a therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis, inhibits the growth of CD44v9(+) cancer stem cells in ulcerative colitis-related cancer. CRCs, LT, LT, UC
31  2016 Tri-comparison of Laparoscopic Nissen, Hill, and Nissen-Hill Hybrid Repairs for Uncomplicated Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. HYB, LNF, MT, RCT
32  2015 A multilevel dyadic study of the impact of retirement on self-rated health: does retirement predict worse health in married couples? SRH
33  2015 Brain metabolism and autoantibody titres predict functional impairment in systemic lupus erythematosus. FDG-PET, LT, NP, SLE
34  2015 CDK6 levels regulate quiescence exit in human hematopoietic stem cells. HSC, LT
35  2015 Chinese undergraduates' preferences for altruistic traits in mate selection and personal advertisement: Evidence from Q-sort technique. LT
36  2015 Fertility after implementation of long- and short-term progesterone-based ovulation synchronization protocols for fixed-time artificial insemination in beef heifers. CIDR, FTAI, GnRH, LT, RTS
37  2015 Optimal beam focusing through turbulence. LT, PSF
38  2015 PTPN13 and beta-Catenin Regulate the Quiescence of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Their Interaction with the Bone Marrow Niche. HSCs, LT
39  2015 Results of an open posterior bone block procedure for recurrent posterior shoulder instability after a short- and long-time follow-up. ---
40  2015 Single-cell RNA-seq reveals changes in cell cycle and differentiation programs upon aging of hematopoietic stem cells. HSC
41  2014 Development of acquired von Willebrand syndrome during short-term micro axial pump support: implications for bleeding in a patient bridged to a long-term continuous-flow left ventricular assist device. AVWS, CF, CF-LVAD, LT
42  2014 Efficacy of rehabilitation programs for improving muscle strength in people with hip or knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review with meta-analysis. CI, GRADE, IT, LT, OA, RCTs, SMD
43  2014 High-risk Prostate Cancer Treated With Dose-escalated RT: An Analysis of Hormonal Therapy Use and Duration, and Prognostic Implications of PSA Nadir ≤0.2 to Select Men for Short-term Hormonal Therapy. ADT, CSS, FFDM, GS, LTADT, PSA, RT
44  2014 Long-term hearing loss after chemoradiation in patients with head and neck cancer. CCRT, LT, PTA
45  2014 Sub-daily periodic radon signals in a confined radon system. DR
46  2014 Temporal dynamics of pore water concentrations of Cd, Co, Cu, Ni, and Zn and their controlling factors in a contaminated floodplain soil assessed by undisturbed groundwater lysimeters. LT
47  2013 Differences of salivary cortisol levels between long-term and short-term wearers of dento-maxillary prosthesis due to head and neck cancer resection. CAR, HNC, LT, QoL, UW-QOL
48  2013 Long-term repopulating hematopoietic stem cells and "side population" in human steady state peripheral blood. HSCs, LRFs, LT, SP
49  2013 Loss of continuity in the thin epicardial layer because of endomysial fibrosis increases the complexity of atrial fibrillatory conduction. AF, LT
50  2013 Magnesium deficiency upregulates sphingomyelinases in cardiovascular tissues and cells: cross-talk among proto-oncogenes, Mg(2+), NF-kappaB and ceramide and their potential relationships to resistant hypertension, atherogenesis and cardiac failure. VSMCs
51  2013 Seawater inundation from the 2011 Tohoku tsunami continues to strongly affect soil bacterial communities 1 year later. LT, NOB, SOB, UF
52  2013 Significant decline in Galactomannan Signal during storage of clinical serum samples. BAL, EDTA, GM, LT
53  2012 Immunogenicity, safety, and efficacy of abatacept administered subcutaneously with or without background methotrexate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: results from a phase III, international, multicenter, parallel-arm, open-label study. LTE, MTX, s.c, SAEs
54  2012 Intra- and inter-individual variability in urinary nicotine excretion and plasma cotinine in adult cigarette smokers. CV, LT, NE, RMS
55  2012 Phenotypic analysis and isolation of murine hematopoietic stem cells and lineage-committed progenitors. LT
56  2012 Sleep quality, short-term and long-term CPAP adherence. LT, OSAHS, SDB
57  2012 Stress hematopoiesis reveals abnormal control of self-renewal, lineage bias, and myeloid differentiation in Mll partial tandem duplication (Mll-PTD) hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells. AML, HSPC, MDS, Mll-PTD
58  2011 Differences in regional brain activation patterns assessed by functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus stratified by disease duration. BBB, fMRI, LT, SLE, SLICC
59  2011 Musashi 2 is a regulator of the HSC compartment identified by a retroviral insertion screen and knockout mice. LMPPs, LT, Msi2
60  2010 Salt-induced expression of genes related to Na(+)/K(+) and ROS homeostasis in leaves of salt-resistant and salt-sensitive poplar species. LT, ROS
61  2009 Epidemiological and genetic analyses of Hepatitis C virus transmission among young/short- and long-term injecting drug users from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. HCV, IDU, LT
62  2009 Long-term clopidogrel administration following severe coronary injury reduces proliferation and inflammation via inhibition of nuclear factor-kappaB and activator protein 1 activation in pigs. AP-1, LT, NF-kappaB, PCI, PTCA
63  2009 Phosphorylation of FADD (Fas-associated death domain protein) at serine 194 is increased in the prefrontal cortex of opiate abusers: relation to mitogen activated protein kinase, phosphoprotein enriched in astrocytes of 15 kDa, and Akt signaling pathways involved in neuroplasticity. ERK, FADD, LT, MAPK, PEA-15
64  2009 Reproducibility of airway responsiveness in horses using flowmetric plethysmography and histamine bronchoprovocation. BL, FP/HBP, LT
65  2009 Stem cell traits in long-term co-culture revealed by time-lapse imaging. CAFC, CAs, COS, HPCs, HSCs, LT, LTC
66  2008 Iodine prophylaxis using iodized salt and risk of maternal thyroid failure in conditions of mild iodine deficiency. LT, MTF
67  2008 Orthodontic loading of titanium miniplates in dogs: microradiographic and histological evaluation. BIC, BV/TV, LT
68  2007 Heterozygous kit mutants with little or no apparent anemia exhibit large defects in overall hematopoietic stem cell function. CMP, HSC, LT
69  2007 Prognostic value of p16 in locally advanced prostate cancer: a study based on Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Protocol 9202. AD, IHC, LT, PCS, Rb, RT
70  2006 Validating MOSPA questionnaire for measuring physical activity in Pakistani women. AKU, EE, LT, MONICA
71  2005 Aortic tissue properties in porcine models: A comparison of ex vivo mechanical test results after simulated aortic arch reconstructions. E/E, GGI, GPGA, MT
72  2004 Predicting neonatal outcomes: birthweight, body mass index or ponderal index? BMI, BW, NB, NICU, PH, PI, ROC
73  2004 Risk factors for smoking abuse after heart transplantation. LT, MMPI
74  2003 Effect of Crotalaria juncea Amendment on Nematode Communities in Soil with Different Agricultural Histories. LT
75  2003 Long-term survival after falls among the elderly in institutional care. LT
76  2003 Phase III trial of long-term adjuvant androgen deprivation after neoadjuvant hormonal cytoreduction and radiotherapy in locally advanced carcinoma of the prostate: the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Protocol 92-02. AD, LT, OS, PC, RT, RTOG
77  2003 Timing of oral glutamine on DMBA-induced tumorigenesis. DMBA, Gln, LT
78  2001 Flk-2 is a marker in hematopoietic stem cell differentiation: a simple method to isolate long-term stem cells. HSCs, LT
79  2001 Spontaneous reduction in Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) DNA copy number in EBV-infected epithelial cell lines. EBV, LT
80  2000 Characteristics of the response of ovine granulocytes (PMNs) to zymosan-activated serum (ZAS) and to recombinant human interleukin-8 (IL-8). IL-8, LT, PMNs, ZAS
81  1998 Minimal residual disease in acute myelogenous leukemia with PML/RAR alpha or AML1/ETO mRNA and phenotypic analysis of possible T and natural killer cells in bone marrow. AML, BM, LT, MRD, PB, RT
82  1997 Short-term vs. sustained inhibition of proximal tubule Na,K-ATPase activity by dopamine: cellular mechanisms. DA, NKA, PKA, PKC, Sd
83  1989 Adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy in resectable gastric cancer. A randomized trial of the gastro-intestinal tract cancer cooperative group of the EORTC. LT
84  1987 Age differences in the rating of life-stress events: does contextual detail make a difference? LT
85  1987 Surgical treatment of renovascular hypertension caused by arteriosclerosis. I. Influence of preoperative factors on blood pressure control early and late after reconstructive surgery. ERA, LT
86  1982 Trenbolone, estradiol-17 beta and estrone levels in plasma and tissues and live weight gains of heifers implanted with trenbolone acetate. LT, TBA