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Abbreviation : ST
Long Form : single-task
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A feasibility study of dual-task strategy training to improve gait performance in patients with Parkinson's disease. DT, FOG, PD
2021 AweGNN: Auto-parametrized weighted element-specific graph neural networks for molecules. MT, NEAR
2021 Caffeine consumption improves motor and cognitive performances during dual tasking in middle-aged women. CC, DT, DTC
2021 Cognitive and motor task performance under single- and dual-task conditions: effects of consecutive versus concurrent practice. CON, DT
2021 Computerized Dual-Task Testing of Gait Visuomotor and Cognitive Functions in Parkinson's Disease: Test-Retest Reliability and Validity. COV, DT, DT, DTI, GRP, ICC, PD, PD-2
2021 Dual-task walking and automaticity after Stroke: Insights from a secondary analysis and imaging sub-study of a randomised controlled trial. DT
2021 Multitask prediction of organ dysfunction in the intensive care unit using sequential subnetwork routing. MTL, SeqSNR
2021 Noon is the best time to perform a dual task while cognitive performance may be boosted by concurrent performance of a physical task. 10MWT, DT
2021 Tai Chi practitioners have lower fall risks under dual-task conditions during stair descending. COM-COP IA, DT, NE, TC
10  2021 Tai Chi training's effect on lower extremity muscle co-contraction during single- and dual-task gait: Cross-sectional and randomized trial studies. CCI, DT, TC
11  2021 Virtual reality-based assessment of cognitive-locomotor interference in healthy young adults. DT, DTC, VR
12  2020 Effects of a dual task and different levels of divided attention on motor-related cortical potential. C-DT, MRCP
13  2020 Effects of Motor Versus Cognitive Task Prioritization During Dual-Task Practice on Dual-Task Performance in Young Adults. DT, RMSE
14  2020 Gait Performance Is Associated with Subsequent Lower Extremity Injury following Concussion. DT, LEMSK
15  2020 Interference of functional dual-tasks on gait in untrained people with Parkinson's disease and healthy controls: a cross-sectional study. DT, PD, PDG
16  2020 Investigation of the effects of cognitive tasks on balance performance in young adults. AAT, ADT, SOT, VAT, VR
17  2020 Neural Correlates of Stepping in Healthy Elderly: Parietal and Prefrontal Cortex Activation Reflects Cognitive-Motor Interference Effects. DT, fMRI, ROI, SMA, SPL/IPS
18  2020 Neurophysiological Differences Between Women With Fibromyalgia and Healthy Controls During Dual Task: A Pilot Study. DT, EEG
19  2020 No differences in tandem gait performance between male and female athletes acutely post-concussion. DT
20  2020 Reliability of gait and dual-task measures in multiple sclerosis. CV, DT, DTC, ICC, KCC, MDC, MS
21  2020 The association between dual-task walking and counting responses and cognitive function and disability after severe head injury: A preliminary study. CCRs, DT, SHI, STMBT
22  2020 The effects of dual-task cognitive interference on gait and turning in Huntington's disease. DT, DTC, FAP, HD, UHDRS-TMS
23  2019 A taxonomy of cognitive tasks to evaluate cognitive-motor interference on spatiotemoporal gait parameters in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CMI, CoF, DT
24  2019 Aging effects on prefrontal cortex oxygenation in a posture-cognition dual-task: an fNIRS pilot study. DLPFC, DT, fNIRS
25  2019 Differences in Cognitive-Motor Interference in Older Adults While Walking and Performing a Visual-Verbal Stroop Task. ANOVA, CMI, CoF, DT, DTCs, FES-I, MMSE, SF-12
26  2019 How Older Adults Cope with Cognitive Complexity and Environmental Constraints during Dual-Task Walking: The Role of Executive Function Involvement. DT, PA
27  2019 Prefrontal Cortex Activation During Dual Task With Increasing Cognitive Load in Subacute Stroke Patients: A Pilot Study. DT, fNIRS, PFC
28  2019 The Association between Prefrontal Cortex Activity and Turning Behavior in People with and without Freezing of Gait. DT, fNIRS, FOG, PD, PFC
29  2019 The effect of prioritization over cognitive-motor interference in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and healthy controls. CMI, DT, DTC, HC, PwMS
30  2019 The Effects of Dual-Task Cognitive Interference and Environmental Challenges on Balance in Huntington's Disease. DT, HD
31  2018 Dual-Task Elderly Gait of Prospective Fallers and Non-Fallers: A Wearable-Sensor Based Analysis. COP, DT, FFT
32  2018 Effects of Dual-Task Management and Resistance Training on Gait Performance in Older Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial. DT
33  2018 Effects of Single Compared to Dual Task Practice on Learning a Dynamic Balance Task in Young Adults. DT, RMSE
34  2018 Long-term Tai Chi practitioners have superior body stability under dual task condition during stair ascent. COM-COP, DT, TC
35  2018 Repetitive Head Impacts in Football Do Not Impair Dynamic Postural Control. DT
36  2018 Single- and Dual-Task Balance Training Are Equally Effective in Youth. DT
37  2018 The role of gender in the association between personality and task priority in older adults' dual-tasking while walking. DT, DTCs
38  2017 Dual-Task Performance in GBA Parkinson's Disease. DT, IPD
39  2017 Dual-task training in older adults: The effect of additional motor tasks on mobility performance. 6MTW, DT, FSST, TUG
40  2017 Dual-Task Walking Performance in Older Persons With Hearing Impairment: Implications for Interventions From a Preliminary Observational Study. DT, TT
41  2017 Effect of Yoga practice on reducing cognitive-motor interference for improving dynamic balance control in healthy adults. CC, CMI, COP, EQ, MC, MV, RT, WS
42  2017 Effects of Physical-Cognitive Dual Task Training on Executive Function and Gait Performance in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. DT
43  2017 Gait and Cognition in Parkinson's Disease: Cognitive Impairment Is Inadequately Reflected by Gait Performance during Dual Task. DTs, MoCA, PD
44  2017 Lesion symptom map of cognitive-postural interference in multiple sclerosis. CPI, DT, DTC, FDR, MRI, MS, NBV, VLSM
45  2017 Observing prioritization effects on cognition and gait: The effect of increased cognitive load on cognitively healthy older adults' dual-task performance. CCR, DT, DTB, DTC, PC, PW
46  2017 Overload From Anxiety: A Non-Motor Cause for Gait Impairments in Parkinson's Disease. DT, HA-PD, HC, LA-PD, PD
47  2016 Analysis of dual-task elderly gait in fallers and non-fallers using wearable sensors. COP, DT, FFT, SD
48  2016 Development of gait motor control: what happens after a sudden increase in height during adolescence? DT
49  2016 Examining interference of different cognitive tasks on voluntary balance control in aging and stroke. CB, CMI, DT, DT, WLG
50  2016 Functional brain imaging of walking while talking - An fNIRS study. DT, fMRI, fNIRS, VFT
51  2016 Influence of a visual-verbal Stroop test on standing and walking performance of older adults. DT, SW
52  2016 Influence of age, gender and test conditions on the reproducibility of Dual-Task walking performance. DT
53  2016 Limited Effect of Dopaminergic Medication on Straight Walking and Turning in Early-to-Moderate Parkinson's Disease during Single and Dual Tasking. PD
54  2016 Reliability and Concurrent Validity of the Narrow Path Walking Test in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis. 2MWT, DT, FSST, ICCs, NPWT, PwMS, SEM, SRD
55  2016 Sleep quality is associated with walking under dual-task, but not single-task performance. DT, SE, SL
56  2015 Application of the clinical version of the narrow path walking test to identify elderly fallers. DT, MMSE, NPWT, POMA
57  2015 Association of dual-task walking performance and leg muscle quality in healthy children. ---
58  2015 Erratum. ---
59  2015 Feasibility study of dual-task-managing training to improve gait performance of older adults. DT
60  2015 Prefrontal Cortex Activation While Walking Under Dual-Task Conditions in Stroke: A Multimodal Imaging Study. DT, fMRI, NIRS
61  2014 A cognitive-balance control training paradigm using wii fit to reduce fall risk in chronic stroke survivors. DT
62  2014 Cognitive motor interference during walking in multiple sclerosis using an alternate-letter alphabet task. CMI, DT, DTC, MS
63  2014 EEG measures reveal dual-task interference in postural performance in young adults. DT, EEG, ERP, GRFs, VWM
64  2014 Effect of attentional interference on balance recovery in older adults. DT, OAs, VWMC, WM, YAs
65  2014 Effect of dual tasking on intentional vs. reactive balance control in people with hemiparetic stroke. DT, PwHS
66  2014 Exergaming with additional postural demands improves balance and gait in patients with multiple sclerosis as much as conventional balance training and leads to high adherence to home-based balance training. DT, MS
67  2013 Impaired implicit sequence learning in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait. DT, FOG, FRs, HCs, nFRs, PD, RTs, SRT
68  2013 Relative and absolute reliability of the clinical version of the Narrow Path Walking Test (NPWT) under single and dual task conditions. DT, ICCs, NPWT, POMA, SPPB, SRD
69  2013 The effect of rhythmic musical training on healthy older adults' gait and cognitive function. DT
70  2013 Validity of simple gait-related dual-task tests in predicting falls in community-dwelling older adults. DT, TT, TUG
71  2012 Postural control among children with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in single and dual conditions. ADHD, DT, SDA
72  2012 Tasks matter: a cross-sectional study of the relationship of cognition and dual-task performance in older adults. CI, DT, DTC, MMSE, SSWS, TUG
73  2010 Fallers choose an early transfer gaze strategy during obstacle avoidance in dual-task condition. DT
74  2010 Seated stepping exercise in a dual-task condition improves ambulatory function with a secondary task: a randomized controlled trial. CT, DT, MT, RCT
75  2009 Training-related changes in dual-task walking performance of elderly persons with balance impairment: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial. FP, VP