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Abbreviation : ST
Long Form : subtypes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 ITS, WASH
2021 Blastocystis and Clostridioides difficile: Evidence for a Synergistic Role in Colonization Among IBD Patients with Emphasis on Ulcerative Colitis. IBD
2021 Epidemiological and Molecular Characterization of Blastocystis Infection in Children Attending Daycare Centers in Medellín, Colombia. ---
2021 First identification and molecular subtyping of Blastocystis sp. in zoo animals in southwestern China. ---
2021 Genetic characterization of Blastocystis from poultry, livestock animals and humans in the southwest region of Iran-Zoonotic implications. ---
2021 Molecular Characterization of Blastocystis in Captive and Free-Ranging New World Primates, Platyrrhini. SSU rDNA
2021 Prevalence and molecular subtyping of Blastocystis in patients with Clostridium difficile infection, Singapore. C. difficile, CDI, GDH, PCR
2020 Blastocystis isolates from a dog and their owners presenting with chronic diarrhoea. Dogs as reservoirs of Blastocystis: research in Poland and worldwide ---
2020 Blastocystis spp. subtype 10 infected beef cattle in Kamal and Socah, Bangkalan, Madura, Indonesia. ---
10  2020 Characterization of prevalence and genetic subtypes of Blastocystis sp. in wild and domestic Suidae of central Italy aided by amplicon NGS. NGS
11  2020 Cockroach as a Vector of Blastocystis sp. is Risk for Golden Monkeys in Zoo. ---
12  2020 Comparative genotyping of Blastocystis infecting cattle and human in the south of Iran. ---
13  2020 Occurrence and genetic identifications of porcine Entamoeba, E. suis and E. polecki, at Tangerang in West Java, Indonesia. ---
14  2020 Prevalence and Subtype Distribution of Blastocystis sp. in Senegalese School Children. ---
15  2020 Prevalence and subtype diversity of Blastocystis in human and nonhuman primates in North China. NHPs
16  2020 Subtype Distribution of Blastocystis in Pregnant Women and Analysis of Possible Risk Factors. ---
17  2019 Determination the Subtypes of Blastocystis sp. and Evaluate the Effect of These Subtypes on Pathogenicity. ---
18  2019 Growth-promoting effects of the hydrogen-sulfide compounds produced by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans subsp. desulfuricans co-cultured with Escherichia coli (DH5alpha) on the growth of Entamoeba and Endolimax species isolates from swine. ---
19  2019 Higher prevalence of Blastocystis hominis in healthy individuals than patients with gastrointestinal symptoms from Ahvaz, southwestern Iran. GI
20  2019 Human Transmission of Blastocystis by Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Without Development of Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Recipients. FMT, PCRs, rCDI
21  2019 Lower prevalence of Blastocystis sp. infections in HIV positive compared to HIV negative adults in Ghana. BMI, PLHIV
22  2019 Metagenomics for broad and improved parasite detection: a proof-of-concept study using swine faecal samples. ---
23  2019 Subtypes of Blastocystis sp. isolated in fecal samples from transplant candidates in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ---
24  2019 [Subtype Distribution of Blastocystis spp. with DNA Barcoding and Evaluation of Diagnostic Methods]. SSU rRNA, STS-PCR
25  2018 Can the pyruvate: ferredoxin oxidoreductase (PFOR) gene be used as an additional marker to discriminate among Blastocystis strains or subtypes? PFOR
26  2018 High diversity of Blastocystis subtypes isolated from asymptomatic adults living in Chiang Rai, Thailand. ---
27  2018 Molecular identification of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in water samples collected from Black sea, Turkey. PCR, SSU
28  2018 Occurrence of Blastocystis sp. and Pentatrichomonas hominis in sheep and goats in China. ---
29  2018 The Distribution of Blastocystis Subtypes among School-aged Children in Mugla, Turkey. XIVC
30  2018 Utility of the Abbott RealTime HCV Genotype Plus RUO assay used in combination with the Abbott RealTime HCV Genotype II assay. DAA, GT, HCV, HCVGT II, HCVGT Plus
31  2017 Blastocystis and irritable bowel syndrome: Frequency and subtypes from Iranian patients. IBS
32  2017 Blastocystis subtypes isolated from irritable bowel syndrome patients and co-infection with Helicobacter pylori. IBS
33  2017 Blastocystis subtyping and its association with intestinal parasites in children from different geographical regions of Colombia. ---
34  2017 Clarifying the Cryptic Host Specificity of Blastocystis spp. Isolates from Alouatta palliata and A. pigra Howler Monkeys. NHP, SSU rDNA
35  2017 Development of molecular diagnostic protocols for detecting three types of Entamoeba from diarrheal and asymptomatic pigs and environmental moist soils. ---
36  2017 Distribution and phylogenetic analysis of Blastocystis sp. subtypes isolated from IBD patients and healthy individuals in Iran. CD, IBD, UC
37  2017 Extreme genome diversity in the hyper-prevalent parasitic eukaryote Blastocystis. ER, GC, MRO
38  2017 Inter- and intra-subtype variation of Blastocystis subtypes isolated from diarrheic and non-diarrheic patients in Iran. ---
39  2017 Race, Age, and Geography Impact Hepatitis C Genotype Distribution in the United States. GT, HCV
40  2017 Subtype distribution and genetic characterizations of Blastocystis in pigs, cattle, sheep and goats in northeastern China's Heilongjiang Province. ---
41  2016 Blastocystis in ulcerative colitis patients: Genetic diversity and analysis of laboratory findings. CRP, UC
42  2016 Comparison of the genetic variability of Blastocystis subtypes between human carriers from two contrasting climatic regions of Mexico. SSU rDNA
43  2016 Identification of Entamoeba polecki with Unique 18S rRNA Gene Sequences from Celebes Crested Macaques and Pigs in Tangkoko Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. ---
44  2016 Predominance of Blastocystis sp. Infection among School Children in Peninsular Malaysia. ---
45  2016 Prevalence and Subtype Identification of Blastocystis sp. in Healthy Individuals in the Tunis Area, Tunisia. ---
46  2016 Subtype analysis of Blastocystis sp. isolates from human and canine hosts in an urban community in the Philippines. PCR, STS
47  2016 Subtype distribution of Blastocystis spp. isolated from children in Eskisehir, Turkey. STS
48  2015 Blastocystis Isolates from Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and from Asymptomatic Carriers Exhibit Similar Parasitological Loads, but Significantly Different Generation Times and Genetic Variability across Multiple Subtypes. IBS
49  2015 Development and Application of a Blastocystis Subtype-Specific PCR Assay Reveals that Mixed-Subtype Infections Are Common in a Healthy Human Population. ---
50  2015 Genetic diversity of human blastocystis isolates in khorramabad, central iran. ---
51  2015 Prevalence and genetic diversity of the intestinal parasites Blastocystis sp. and Cryptosporidium spp. in household dogs in France and evaluation of zoonotic transmission risk. SSU
52  2015 Prevalence and Genotype Characterization of Blastocystis hominis Among the Baghmalek People in Southwestern Iran in 2013 - 2014. ---
53  2015 Prevalence and subtype analysis of Blastocystis in healthy Indian individuals. SSU
54  2015 Prevalence and subtype distribution of Blastocystis in healthy individuals in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. UAE
55  2015 Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia): a possible therapeutic candidate against Blastocystis sp. MTZ, TMP-SMX
56  2015 [Subtype distribution of Blastocystis isolates and evaluation of clinical symptoms detected in Aydin province, Turkey]. PCR
57  2014 Characterization of the Blastocystis-specific faecal IgA immune response in pigs. ---
58  2014 Location and pathogenic potential of Blastocystis in the porcine intestine. ---
59  2014 Molecular epidemiology of Blastocystis in pigs and their in-contact humans in Southeast Queensland, Australia, and Cambodia. SEQ
60  2014 Subtype distribution of Blastocystis isolates in Sebha, Libya. ---
61  2013 Blastocystis subtypes detected in humans and animals from Colombia. IBS
62  2013 Diversity and distribution of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in non-human primates. NHPs, OW and NW
63  2013 Diversity of Blastocystis subtypes in dogs in different geographical settings. SSU rRNA
64  2011 Blastocystis infection is associated with irritable bowel syndrome in a Mexican patient population. IBS, IL-6, TNF-alpha
65  2011 Blastocystis subtypes in symptomatic and asymptomatic family members and pets and response to therapy. SSU
66  2011 Detection and subtype identification of Blastocystis isolates from wastewater samples in the Philippines. SSU rRNA
67  2011 Diversity and host specificity of Blastocystis in syntopic primates on Rubondo Island, Tanzania. ---
68  2010 Development and evaluation of a real-time PCR assay for detection and quantification of blastocystis parasites in human stool samples: prospective study of patients with hematological malignancies. qPCR
69  2009 Blastocystis: unravelling potential risk factors and clinical significance of a common but neglected parasite. FU
70  2009 High prevalence of subtype 4 among isolates of Blastocystis hominis from symptomatic patients of a health district of Valencia (Spain). PCR, RFLP, SSU rDNA
71  2009 Molecular characterization of Blastocystis isolates from children and rhesus monkeys in Kathmandu, Nepal. SSU rRNA, STS
72  2009 Subtype analysis of Blastocystis isolates from Blastocystis cyst excreting patients. FECT, PCR, XIVC
73  2008 Subtype distribution of Blastocystis isolates from synanthropic and zoo animals and identification of a new subtype. UK
74  1998 Multivariate analysis of laminar patterns of neurodegeneration in posterior cingulate cortex in Alzheimer's disease. AD, APOE, NFT, SP